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Cloning Tech & Vancouver Child Trafficking Sept 29/11 Print E-mail
Wednesday, 28 September 2011 20:52

Cloning Tech Confirmed & Vancouver Child Trafficking Sept 29/11

Scientists working at the University of Southern California, home of the Department of Homeland Security’s National Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events, have created an artificial memory system that allows thoughts, memories and learned behavior to be transferred from one brain to another.

In a scene right out of a George Orwell novel, a team of scientists working in the fields of “neural engineering” and “Biomimetic MicroElectronic Systems” have successfully created a chip that controls the brain and can be used as a storage device for long-term memories. In studies the scientists have been able to record, download and transfer memories into other hosts with the same chip implanted. The advancement in technology brings the world one step closer to a global police state and the reality of absolute mind control.

More terrifying is the potential for implementation of what was only a science fiction fantasy – the “Thought Police” – where the government reads people’s memories and thoughts and then rehabilitate them through torture before they ever even commit a crime based on a statistical computer analysis showing people with certain types of thoughts are likely to commit a certain type of crime in the future.

We already pre-emptively invade nations and torture alleged terrorist suspects with absolutely no due process of law, so the idea of pre-emptively torturing a terrorist suspect before hand to prevent them from committing an act of terrorism in the future really isn’t that far fetched of an idea.

Perhaps a less sensational example, than those I just depicted out of own of Orwell’s famous dystopian novels would be using the technology as it is depicted the modern day Matrix movies, in which computer programs are uploaded into people’s brains allowing them to instantly learn how to perform a wide variety of tasks.

Accused war criminal former Vice President Dick Cheney is scheduled to speak at the infamous Vancouver Club on Monday, September 26.


Vancouver Club (rear entrance, right, where children are brought for sexual trafficking)

The ITCCS supports the protest being called against Cheney’s appearance for 5:30 pm that day at the Vancouver Club at 915 West Hastings street, and wishes to inform concerned citizens and the press of these facts:

1. Since the spring of 1994, lawyers and journalists have named the Vancouver Club as a site where children are routinely trafficked, exploited sexually and possibly killed. These crimes were documented, including with photographic proof, by Vancouver trial lawyer Jack Cram and his assistant Renate Andres-Auger, during 1994. Both of these lawyers attempted to bring a lawsuit against two Supreme Court judges in Vancouver for their proven complicity in this alleged pedophile ring, in April of 1994. Both of them were disbarred, and Jack Cram was arrested, drugged and jailed, and the evidence he had on the Club and these judges was stolen.

2. Aboriginal children have been a prime target of the Vancouver Club pedophile ring, which involves senior judges, church lawyers, businessmen and politicians. To quote Jack Cram’s statement in the BC Supreme Court on April 26, 1994, “Indian children go into the Vancouver Club and are never seen again.” As recently as the summer of 2009, aboriginal children have been observed being taken against their will into the rear entrance of the Vancouver Club at 915 West Hastings street from the Squamish Indian reserve in North Vancouver, during the hours of 1 and 3 am.

3. An attempt by reporters with the Vancouver Province and the North Shore News to investigate these claims and the Cram evidence was stopped by a threatened lawsuit against these newspapers from the two Supreme Court judges named by Cram, during 1996 and 1997.

4. One of the predecessors to our ITCCS, the U.N.-affiliated IHRAAM Tribunal into Indian Residential Schools, obtained considerable evidence during its June, 1998 hearings in Vancouver concerning the Vancouver Club pedophile ring. This included eyewitness accounts from an employee at the Club and from a retired RCMP officer, who was discouraged by his superiors from investigating the Club, where the RCMP Superintendent is a member. When one of the IHRAAM investigators, Kevin Annett, publicly surfaced this evidence, he became immediately targeted by a COINTELPRO-type “dirty tricks” campaign by the RCMP and its aboriginal agents that continues to the present day.

4. A United Nations conference on child trafficking, held in Vancouver in September, 1999, confirmed in its summary report that Vancouver is one of three cities in the world where “organized child prostitution and trafficking operates with unofficial police and judicial protection … including at the elite Vancouver Club.”

Considering these facts, we urge protesters to continue their actions against the Vancouver Club even after Dick Cheney has gone, and expose the reason why Cheney is appearing at this center where the proven rape, torture and possible murder of children goes on with impunity – and whether Cheney is himself connected to these crimes. (Whistleblower link Transformation of America exposed political pedophile sex slave industry with every government  Vancouver is illuminati Satanist central is why our police, judiciary and government are so corrupt. Tami)

The ITCCS will be pursuing this investigation and will include its findings in its final report in January, 2012, and will seek an indictment against the Vancouver Club and Dick Cheney in international courts of justice.

Issued by ITCCS International – Brussels office
September 23, 2011

Kevin Annett Jailed in England

August 9/11

Dear friends,

As massive riots sweep London, Birmingham and Liverpool tonight, we are witnessing the outcome of years of cutbacks, enforced poverty and state-level corruption in an England tied to the repressive globalist agenda of the European Union.

On May 29, I was jailed, finger printed and deported from London by the UK Border Agency and its private corporate partner, Reliance Ltd., for the “crime” of speaking out publicly about the proven complicity of the British Crown and the Vatican in genocide and child trafficking.

Kevin Annett jailed in England

But the truth cannot be so easily exiled. With your help, I am returning to England in mid September to continue our ITCCS investigation into crimes of church and state.

However, if I am denied entry into England when I arrive in London on September 18, we have gathered a network of people to publicly confront Theresa May, the British Home Secretary in London, the following day. I hope you will join us then.

If I am barred from re-entering England, you will instantly be notified and will be asked to attend a Public Rally and Press Conference outside the Home Office on Monday, September 19 at 12 noon, at 2 Marsham Street, London SW, off Victoria street just west of Westminster Abbey.
(Their phone number is 020 7035 4848)

For those of you outside London, please hold support rallies on the same day outside British consulates in your community to show your moral support for me and our Tribunal, and demand that I be allowed back into England.

Besides this rally, my lawyers are poised to sue the Crown and Theresa May in the European Human Rights court if I am still barred from England.

Our Tribunal is continuing. Many people, media and groups in a dozen nations have flocked to our efforts, which is why the British authorities want me barred: for the Pope, the Queen and other responsible officers have been served a Public Summons to answer charges before our ITCCS concerning their personal collusion in Crimes against Humanity.

More news on this is forthcoming.

I hope to see you all in London on September 19, and beyond. Thank you for helping me win access again to the land of my ancestors, so that I can help all of us take back our country, our rights and our sovereignty from criminals in high places.

In friendship and hope,

Kevin Annett
Contact me during August at 1-386-323-5774 (USA)



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