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Classaction Common Wealth & Harper Queen Guilty! # 1 Jan 23/14 Print E-mail
Thursday, 23 January 2014 16:19

Legal Action at Can Gov Common Wealth Welcome! Aug 17/13

Perfect Canadian Swindle Servant King  15 minutes 15 seconds More videos press programs at

Our Legal Action       All Common Wealth Countries Citizens are welcome to join us!

It is not yet entirely clear to us, exactly how many civil litigations may be required in order for us to accomplish our objectives. For example, we know that Action(s) will be required against the Federal government respecting the offence of private money ownership via the Bank Act, and the offence of privatizing of national assets via another Act or Acts, all or some of which may enjoin various Ministries.

We also know we will be required in each province and territory to take Actions regarding the offence of denying private property ownership and protection of subsisting Crown Grants via the Land Titles Acts, and of course, Actions against the various Ministries, probably both provincial and federal, regarding the offence of the fraudulent creation and attachment of the registered names.

All of the above institutions or agencies serve in one way or another to enact and enforce statutes and by-laws that abrogate our fundamental natural human rights, contrary to the superior laws of the nation and the international treaties.

Now concurrent with all of the above, we will be taking action against each of the various provincial and federal law societies, the BAR associations and the appropriate Ministries of Justice, as the members of these organizations are complicit with the activities of the aforementioned institutions and agencies.

These court actions are designed to utilize the tools built into the system itself, to actually cause foundational and permanent change to that system, as it was originally designed to be. The result will be our freedom from the enslavement of the banker dominated money system, and to have a government that will be our servant and not our master, taking instructions from us, and not from the bankers.

As Canadians, we are being [criminally] deprived of our Patrimonial Entitlements, that being our right to freely enjoy our fair share of the natural wealth and resources of our nation, and therefore we are not only entitled, but we are morally obligated to take action aimed at stopping that deprivation. That is what our process is all about.

Our objective therefore, as you will find set out within all our information, is based on the unique premise that we believe we have finally come to understand the root cause of the legal and financial problems we all face, and how to fix it. So we intend to take action specifically aimed at eliminating that root cause, thereby permanently preventing any such future problems for everyone.

We are not attempting to cure or remedy an individual’s current legal or financial problems that often result from that root cause, as so many other remedies and processes have tried in the past, and are pointlessly continuing to try. This is what we hope our information will help you come to understand, and this is the goal we need people like you to be informed about and become involved in, and why we need you to help support us attain the objective of permanent changes to the root cause of all our problems.

We have a lawyer who has agreed to hand in his bar card(s) and help us take the legal action necessary to accomplish our objective which he understands to a degree that very few, if any, in the legal profession do.

In conclusion, let us quote from a recent e-mail from this lawyer,

“I need every single one of you on board to justify my stepping away from my practice and making such a potentially explosive application to the superior courts. And all of you certainly need me (or another competent lawyer willing to sacrifice his “legal” career) to properly handle this action…. We can [and will] win this, but to win a case of this scope and nature will not be easy, fast, or inexpensive.  Even as the sizable group we are, this will still be very much a ‘David & Goliath’ battle.”

Join us!

1 hour webinar below


“Human rights defender” is a term used to describe people who, individually or with others, act to promote or protect human rights. Human rights defenders are identified above all by what they do and it is through a description of their actions (section A below) and of some of the contexts in which they work (section B below) that the term can best be explained.  The examples given of the activities of human rights defenders are not an exhaustive list.

A. What do human rights defenders do?

1. All human rights for all

To be a human rights defender, a person can act to address any human right (or rights) on behalf of individuals or groups. Human rights defenders seek the promotion and protection of civil and political rights as well as the promotion, protection and realization of economic, social and cultural rights.

Human rights defenders address any human rights concerns, which can be as varied as, for example, summary executions, torture, arbitrary arrest and detention, female genital mutilation, discrimination, employment issues, forced evictions, access to health care, and toxic waste and its impact on the environment. Defenders are active in support of human rights as diverse as the rights to life, to food and water, to the highest attainable standard of health, to adequate housing, to a name and a nationality, to education, to freedom of movement and to non-discrimination.  They sometimes address the rights of categories of persons, for example women’s rights, children’s rights, the rights of indigenous persons, tthe rights of refugees and internally displaced persons, and the rights of national, linguistic or sexual minorities.

2. Human rights everywhere

Human rights defenders are active in every part of the world: in States that are divided by internal armed conflict as well as States that are stable; in States that are non-democratic as well as those that have a strong democratic practice; in States that are developing economically as well as those that are classified as developed. They seek to promote and protect human rights in the context of a variety of challenges, including HIV/AIDS, development, migration, structural adjustment policies and political transition.


Last Updated on Saturday, 08 February 2014 21:15
Spying Tech Disclosed Jan 23/14 Print E-mail
Wednesday, 22 January 2014 21:41

Spying Tech Disclosed Jan 23/14

Subject: FW: update 2014-01-20 Spying through technology, and lots of good letters.

Subject: update 2014-01-20 Spying through technology, and lots of good letters.

Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2014 00:15:42 -0800

1)   Not smeter -- A member sent this youtube about microchips, and how they are already being used to spy on us.

2)   The National Post speaks to the intrusion of having “dumb” appliances capturing data – why? When? Who wants it? What is happening to it?

As does CBC. Really interesting 2 min. video about computer technology in 1981 when 2000-3000 people in The Bay Area (San. Fran.) had home computers.


From a members re. fees in emails to me:

1)   I had mentioned before that I had intended to pay for my usage and only $1 of the extortion fee.  I will pay each by separate cheques and on the $1 cheque I will write the memo "paid under duress".  I want to force them to send a collection agency after me, just to make things difficult for them.  When I get notice from the collection agency, then I will pay the rest by cheque, again "under duress".  I am not afraid to do this at all, as I think there is very little chance (if at all) my power will be interrupted.  I hope more people will force hydro into a billing nightmare.

2)   I know you are in a difficult position regarding what to tell people, but I am not.  I will not pay any fee additional amount other than that owed

for the electrical energy I used.

My bill was over twice what my usage suggests.

I have a "digital" not smeter, not an "analog" one. I used to teach my students how to read the analog meters, both with 4 dials

and with 5 dials.  Most understood quickly.  Some did not.

I understand that some of the meter readers hired by Hydro are having some

difficulty reading the meters.  This brings up two questions.


1.  Are these meter readers "new" and receiving a much smaller wage than the

previous employees?


2.  What do the meter readers do with the readings?  That is, how do they communicate

with "gestapo" headquarters regarding the bimonthly usage?  Is it phoned in?  Sent by iPad?


I will be drafting a letter tomorrow and sending it with my own "updated" and "accurate"

meter readings.

I hope everyone understands NOT to use automatic payments of any kind!

From members in emails to me, re. almost being off the grid:


1)    I am willing to go without their service if they  continue this theft. I do thank them subconsciously  often as I have changed my lifestyle in a huge way and feel so much better for doing so. I have felt like a recovering addict as I have slowly removed almost all electrical devices from my life (several computers, large flat screen tv, microwave, cordless phones, fans, heat pump, fridge, stove, dryer and other devices. I am a computer technician and web designer so it has been a big change. I purchased a small freezer that uses only 1.8 amps and freeze a couple gallon jugs for my fridge and it  keeps it as cool as when it was plugged in. My friends are always commenting on how quiet my house is. Didn't really notice the noise until it was gone. I run it on solar panels I installed on my carport last summer. I am still using less than $10/month of power although they keep estimating my bill using prices from a year ago. I see the end in sight.
If you are in the Comox Valley you are welcome to come by and see my self sustaining home and yard. (1200 sq ft home on just under 1/4 acre in a very nice neighbourhood)


2)   Hi,  just wanted to let you know that I have received the first Hydro bill with the surcharge.   My total for one month is $34.52.   This represents a months use of hydro at an average of 7 kw hours per day and the pro-rated legacy meter charge for 11 days.   However, I have since reduced my power consumption even more and am currently averaging 3.5 to 3.7 kw hours per day so my next bill for one month should be:  basic charge $4.58 plus usage 3.6 x $.0690= $7.45 plus the legacy charge of $35 = a total of $47.03 for one month.   This is manageable for me at the moment, although I'm not planning to pay the legacy meter charge for the time being.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 22 January 2014 21:44
IRS Mafia Tactics & Master Card Visa Fraud! Jan 22/14 Print E-mail
Tuesday, 21 January 2014 21:33

IRS Mafia Tactics & Master Card Visa Fraud! Jan 22/14

Thought these were great!!

Disclosure: Check out the IRS’s stunning admission of its own mafia tactics (1-15-14)

January 13, 2014
Santiago, Chile

In the 3rd century AD, Emperor Caracalla famously remarked of Rome’s tax policy:

“For as long as we have this,” pointing to his sword, “we shall not run out of money.” (Of course, Rome did run out of money. )

At the time, Roman taxation was so extractive that it drove people into poverty and desperation. Yet the government continued to forcibly plunder wealth at the point of a sword.

Not much has changed.

The Taxpayer Advocate Service, which is an independent office within the IRS, has just released a two-volume report describing the mafia tactics that are being employed by the tax collectors in the Land of the Free.

The Executive Summary alone is 76 pages. And believe it or not, it’s a real page turner.

On page 37, for example, the report states that the IRS largely assesses tax penalties improperly.

Specifically, the Office of the Chief Counsel admonished the IRS that it was not legally authorized to impose accuracy related penalties on certain taxpayers, and that the service should abate those penalties already imposed.

Yet the IRS declined to follow its own Chief Counsel’s legal advice, and it has refused to abate penalties for nearly 90,000 taxpayers.

In the words of the agency’s own Taxpayer Advocate Service, “The IRS’s failure to abate inapplicable penalties signals disrespect for the law and a disregard for taxpayer rights.”

Page 34 discusses how the IRS has abandoned its own checks and balances.

When a taxpayer is deemed to owe the US government money, the IRS is supposed to have a “collection due process (CDP) hearing” to verify that the IRS agent followed the law and consider whether the intrusion on the taxpayer was warranted.

Yet the report states that this has become nothing more than a rubber stamp formality, and that current practices “do not provide the taxpayer a fair and impartial hearing.”

In fact, among the most litigated issues at the IRS, the report states that “taxpayers fully prevailed only about two percent of the time.”

Two percent. If you go up against the IRS, you have a 2% chance of winning. Give me a break. You have more than a 2% chance fighting against the mafia.

Moreover, the byzantine US income tax code, which runs to an incredible 72,000+ pages, “disproportionately burdens those who [make] honest mistakes”, especially as it relates to offshore disclosures.

In fact, the report acknowledges that “tax requirements have become so confusing and the compliance burden so great that taxpayers are giving up their U.S. citizenship in record numbers.”

It’s not exactly Emperor Caracalla pointing to his sword… but IRS’s policies and tactics are not so far off from a police agency.

They disregard the law and the advice of their own counsel. They disproportionately burden honest individuals. They flout due process. And they push people to abandon their citizenship.

These are mafia tactics, plain and simple. And like the Romans, Ottoman Empire, and French monarchy before, the tax system in the Land of the Free has become a desperate farce marked by fear and intimidation.

This is one of history’s obvious marks of a nation that has reached its terminal decline. We cannot seriously expect this time to be any different.


Transparency: IRS has Rules.... Do YOU know them?

Big Thank You to Justin for bringing this to my attention- more and more transparency being brought forward and made public!

Visa / MasterCard FRAUD

Verified with Snopes:

This is a heads up for everyone regarding the latest in Visa fraud. Royal Bank received this communication about the newest scam. This is happening in the Midwest right now and moving across the country.

NSA Radio Spying & USA Freedom Act! Jan 20/14 Print E-mail
Monday, 20 January 2014 01:41

NSA Radio Spying & USA Freedom Act! Jan 20/14

N.S.A. Devises Radio Pathway Into Computers

WASHINGTON — The National Security Agency has implanted software in nearly 100,000 computers around the world that allows the United States to conduct surveillance on those machines and can also create a digital highway for launching cyberattacks.

While most of the software is inserted by gaining access to computer networks, the N.S.A. has increasingly made use of a secret technology that enables it to enter and alter data in computers even if they are not connected to the Internet, according to N.S.A. documents, computer experts and American officials.

The technology, which the agency has used since at least 2008, relies on a covert channel of radio waves that can be transmitted from tiny circuit boards and USB cards inserted surreptitiously into the computers. In some cases, they are sent to a briefcase-size relay station that intelligence agencies can set up miles away from the target.

Related Coverage

Video: The N.S.A.’s Evolution

The radio frequency technology has helped solve one of the biggest problems facing American intelligence agencies for years: getting into computers that adversaries, and some American partners, have tried to make impervious to spying or cyberattack. In most cases, the radio frequency hardware must be physically inserted by a spy, a manufacturer or an unwitting user.

The N.S.A. calls its efforts more an act of “active defense” against foreign cyberattacks than a tool to go on the offensive. But when Chinese attackers place similar software on the computer systems of American companies or government agencies, American officials have protested, often at the presidential level.

Among the most frequent targets of the N.S.A. and its Pentagon partner, United States Cyber Command, have been units of the Chinese Army, which the United States has accused of launching regular digital probes and attacks on American industrial and military targets, usually to steal secrets or intellectual property. But the program, code-named Quantum, has also been successful in inserting software into Russian military networks and systems used by the Mexican police and drug cartels, trade institutions inside the European Union, and sometime partners against terrorism like Saudi Arabia, India and Pakistan, according to officials and an N.S.A. map that indicates sites of what the agency calls “computer network exploitation.”

“What’s new here is the scale and the sophistication of the intelligence agency’s ability to get into computers and networks to which no one has ever had access before,” said James Andrew Lewis, the cybersecurity expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. “Some of these capabilities have been around for a while, but the combination of learning how to penetrate systems to insert software and learning how to do that using radio frequencies has given the U.S. a window it’s never had before.”

How the N.S.A. Uses Radio Frequencies to Penetrate Computers

The N.S.A. and the Pentagon’s Cyber Command have implanted nearly 100,000 “computer network exploits” around the world, but the hardest problem is getting inside machines isolated from outside communications.

No Domestic Use Seen

There is no evidence that the N.S.A. has implanted its software or used its radio frequency technology inside the United States. While refusing to comment on the scope of the Quantum program, the N.S.A. said its actions were not comparable to China’s.

“N.S.A.'s activities are focused and specifically deployed against — and only against — valid foreign intelligence targets in response to intelligence requirements,” Vanee Vines, an agency spokeswoman, said in a statement. “We do not use foreign intelligence capabilities to steal the trade secrets of foreign companies on behalf of — or give intelligence we collect to — U.S. companies to enhance their international competitiveness or increase their bottom line.”

Over the past two months, parts of the program have been disclosed in documents from the trove leaked by Edward J. Snowden, the former N.S.A. contractor. A Dutch newspaper published the map of areas where the United States has inserted spy software, sometimes in cooperation with local authorities, often covertly. Der Spiegel, a German newsmagazine, published the N.S.A.'s catalog of hardware products that can secretly transmit and receive digital signals from computers, a program called ANT. The New York Times withheld some of those details, at the request of American intelligence officials, when it reported, in the summer of 2012, on American cyberattacks on Iran.

President Obama is scheduled to announce on Friday what recommendations he is accepting from an advisory panel on changing N.S.A. practices. The panel agreed with Silicon Valley executives that some of the techniques developed by the agency to find flaws in computer systems undermine global confidence in a range of American-made information products like laptop computers and cloud services.

Embracing Silicon Valley’s critique of the N.S.A., the panel has recommended banning, except in extreme cases, the N.S.A. practice of exploiting flaws in common software to aid in American surveillance and cyberattacks. It also called for an end to government efforts to weaken publicly available encryption systems, and said the government should never develop secret ways into computer systems to exploit them, which sometimes include software implants.

Richard A. Clarke, an official in the Clinton and Bush administrations who served as one of the five members of the advisory panel, explained the group’s reasoning in an email last week, saying that “it is more important that we defend ourselves than that we attack others.”

Featured Comment

“Holes in encryption software would be more of a risk to us than a benefit,” he said, adding: “If we can find the vulnerability, so can others. It’s more important that we protect our power grid than that we get into China’s.”

From the earliest days of the Internet, the N.S.A. had little trouble monitoring traffic because a vast majority of messages and searches were moved through servers on American soil. As the Internet expanded, so did the N.S.A.'s efforts to understand its geography. A program named Treasure Map tried to identify nearly every node and corner of the web, so that any computer or mobile device that touched it could be located.

A 2008 map, part of the Snowden trove, notes 20 programs to gain access to big fiber-optic cables — it calls them “covert, clandestine or cooperative large accesses” — not only in the United States but also in places like Hong Kong, Indonesia and the Middle East. The same map indicates that the United States had already conducted “more than 50,000 worldwide implants,” and a more recent budget document said that by the end of last year that figure would rise to about 85,000. A senior official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said the actual figure was most likely closer to 100,000.

That map suggests how the United States was able to speed ahead with implanting malicious software on the computers around the world that it most wanted to monitor — or disable before they could be used to launch a cyberattack.

A Focus on Defense

Last Updated on Monday, 20 January 2014 01:58
RV Drama Criminality Bankers & Money Mgrs! Jan 19/14 Print E-mail
Saturday, 18 January 2014 21:58

RV Drama Criminality Bankers & Money Mgrs! Jan 19/14

Tony webinar posted to listen too Jan 18/14 about Malfeasant regarding RV to screw the little guy. Folks Bankers inviting Money managers to get greed contract rate over the light workers who have already purchased RV who have been tasked to help humanity with this money. All who are complicit with this breach of agreement are guilty of Malfeasan, breach of trust, Breach of agreement and conspiracy to commit murder due to lack of funds deliberately with held in North America and around the world. This includes all Canadians involved with this arrogant criminality. This needs to go public so where are you CBC. Contact Tony this same criminality has gone on since 911 regarding the prosperity programs.

Now that we have had our "official no rv for you" word, its going to happen.... good possibility today/tonight ...

Last night jackd1955 posted:  Just in - ENCOURAGING..10th Floor our inside overseas trader..

To TNT Family, This is the first time have public posted Intel on our site. Since SEPT my group leader texts directly to Ray/Tony

But I thought we could use some  hopeful news regarding our HIGH RATE possibility from a man who has been right on with his intel that matched Tonys other sources

FIRST trader said last 2 days exchange frenzy was the same as about first 10 days in December. And Yes..all rates that he was witnessing and talking to other traders ALL IN THE 30s.

QUOTE..private exchange that these people either KNEW somebody..or HIGH invited to a PRIVATE PARTY... PRIVATE PARTY paying patrons $30-38 since DEC 1


Then my partner asked him if he can see rates now dropping...and is there any chance that public might get a chance to start there before floating down?

TRADER said CHINA has put so much money on table for the OIL CREDITS it seeks...That he says YES there will be funds available in the 30s for a while to the public. But must get in first few days before dropping.

Closing TRADER told my partner, that not only He and many of his Fellow Traders..are APPALLED AND ASHAMED as US citizens working abroad at the GREED and ABSOLUTE DISREGARD for any time of MORALS or FAIR PLAY in this DINAR investment.

We have seen Like his level Corporate Level..Rates in 30s since we first met him in September this year

We talk every Mon-Wed-Fri- since Sept  He is from DC country  He is so PISSED off RIGHT NOW LIKE US but in talking with our trader...thought for 6 weeks now PRIVATE INVITATIONs and exchanges took place. Our trader says WE WILL still have a chance starting in 30s..Sees Tens of TRILLIONS China money still available

Our Trader at MAJOR BANK in WORLD..sees How much these people are exchanging for

Again its not WHAT YOU KNOW...BUT WHO

$3.44 rate in IRAQ since Oct...$32-36 CORPORATE LEVEL since October

... JCR said Tony would fill us in later


Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2014 07:52:34 -0800
JAN 18

Ok so now that we have had our "official no rv for you" word, its going to happen.... good possibility today/tonight ... my thoughts, No worries! Perhaps its a good way to shake some off to run to banks for street rate??? There is always a method to their madness... I dont believe anything is overlooked but used to follow "their plan"... so keep your seat belt on and prepare for a sudden stop!

IMF chief Christine Lagarde has confirmed that the head of the Fund's Afghan office Wabel Abdallah was among the dead. Abdallah, 60, a Lebanese had been working as the IMF's representative in the war-torn country since 2008.

Iraqi budget provides citizens oil revenue sharing at $5 for every barrel produced, However GOI make find difficulty in paying

last night jackd1955 posted:  just in ENCOURAGING..10th Floor our inside overseas trader..

Just heard Loechin's daughter is in need of a transplant, heard it was for pancreas? Prayers....

loechin wrote 6:04 am - We all knew there would be different rates, so just accept the fact that we are part of this and then begin to change DC... We The People

fisherman1 wrote 6:22 am - I worded my post incorrectly yesterday should have not said petition because that's not what I was trying to do, I will re word and re post later
(think he meant a plea... petition not as the type you file but share, like already blessed posted)

fisherman1 wrote 6:26 am - I think Tony has put the pressure on and they are listening , today should be very interesting , and it's a good time for movement

Vinterv wrote - ​ ndon-foreign-exchange-traders-1-.html  Anybody see this article?

jetdriver2 wrote 6:39 am - Col. Harry Riley: Everything In DC is Lawless; Enough Is Enough / Jan 18: "The American people have lost confidence in government and in every aspect of the legal system... Everything is lawless. Washington is worthless, useless. The entire federal judiciary is unreliable"

Luckystar wrote 6:41 am - **JCR said last night we won...wait for Tony and relax. Tony said he would update us today...don't watch the clock

Phantom II wrote 6:54 am - I have a very close friend who is a lobbyist. I asked what he knew of the global currency reset. His answer was VERY TELLING! "I Know Nothing"

... JCR said Tony would fill us in later

I agree..... 
Savvy1Sez wrote 7:31 am - There has been a very calculated plan in the works. Stay calm Trust and have faith!

1-18-2014   Newshound/Intel Guru Randy Koonce Non Disclosures are not for the individuals who are buying dinar so they do not matter...They were for major banks and News agencies, which is why the news will not cover the RV and that almost none of the banks talk about it...  The window I gave that went to Sunday has moved because the IMF and UN have no resolve. So it moved to Monday morning...if we pass that date then guys I believe we will be here at least to the Election which starts in April. I do feel strong we are just about done but this thing has made so many turns it looks like a snake around your arm.   Check every day to see if it has changed...Breathe.   [post 2 of 2] [The Official CBI rate is also listed in the Dinar Guru Resource Bar listed on the left of the screen]

1-18-2014   Newshound/Intel Guru Randy Koonce
...the IMF and UN have not been very forceful in making Iraq complete the things they agree upon... After such the IMF in the urgency to get this RV done was to give Maliki more concessions, which creates a spoiled kid effect which Maliki does not need more of...If anyone thinks the RV is not going to happen they need to sell out, I on the other hand will not sell even if it took 5 more years because the currency that you hold will one day go back to its value it has maintained for a long time in the 70s. [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

1-18-2014   Newshound Guru Bondlady
Article:  "Deputy for the Kurdistan Alliance: delay is better than creating a budget crisis"   [its getting hard with so many different opinions in the news over this subject.] yes,  its escalating now but its not a bad thing its pressure and we're likely to see the HCL come out of it so they don't have to go thru this every budget year and complete art 140...always a silver lining somewhere. [See possible “to do list” in the DinarGuru resource bar on the left...#2 & #6]

Read more:


Agent Orange Corn GMO & WIFI dangers! Jan 18/14 Print E-mail
Friday, 17 January 2014 21:19

Agent Orange Corn GMO & WIFI dangers!  Jan 18/14

How the Harper Government Committed a Knowledge Massacre

Urgent!- Help Stop Approval of Agent Orange Corn  -  Please Share

Is The USDA Really Dumb Enough To Approve Agent Orange Corn?

The Obama administration announced last week that it expects to approve corn and soybeans that have been genetically engineered by Dow Chemical company to tolerate the toxic herbicide — 2,4-D.  They are planning this approval despite the fact that use of this herbicide is associated with increased rates of deadly immune system cancers, Parkinson’s disease, endocrine disruption, birth defects, and many other serious kinds of illness and reproductive problems.!submitComment;D=APHIS-2013-0042-0050

cdsapi’s Added Comment: 
Note:  2,4-D is one of the ingredients of Agent Orange that was (and is) responsible for so many children (still) being born with horrific birth defect. 
Our government jumps from polices of idiocy to policies of criminal insanity to accommodate the demands of Corporate vested interests. 
When do we stop blanketing the continent with ever more toxic killer chemicals, racing to the point of biological collapse with no return?

Man is the only species that idiotically engineers and finances its own destruction, and does so in the name of “economic necessity”. i.h.

Please sign the petition on the website

Cdsapi’s Added Comment:

The issue of WiFi, EMFs, Microwave Radiation,  Smart Meters, Cell phones and Cell Tower transmissions is extremely important -  but one to which most people are not paying sufficient attention because electromagnetic frequencies and radiation are so “invisible”, hence out of sight.

In the last 30 years, this Wireless EMF technology has become the very center and essence of “modern communication”, leading to an explosion of Expedient, Convenient Wireless Devices” that almost everyone now considers “essential”.

The fact that this technology threatens the biological functions of our body (especially the neurology of children and prenatal development) looms like a proverbial sword over our heads.

Are we willing to sacrifice our health and the development of future generations for expediency and convenience”?

Are we prepared to sacrifice our children as “acceptable risk” as we continue to embrace an inherently dangerous technology?

Is it irresponsible idiocy or insanity to continue to blindly engage in, and expand, this mass experiment that envelopes and encapsulates everyone in a cocoon of electro-smog -  and then start asking questions of prudence after we are forced to deal with the dire and no-longer-deniable consequences

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