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Benjamin Fulford Asia Report & 911 Truth clip! Jan 16/14 Print E-mail
Wednesday, 15 January 2014 23:10

Benjamin Fulford Asia Report & 911 Truth clip! Jan 16/14

Subject: 9/11 Video Clips Dan Rather Would Rather Not Show You - YouTube

Benjamin Fulford - January 14, 2013: Japan’s Abe may be arrested at Davos, Switzerland for role in Aum terrorist attacks

During the last week various intelligence agencies have forwarded evidence to the White Dragon Society showing that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan was deeply involved in the Aum Shinrikyo subway sarin gas attack terror cult. For this reason, the possibility is growing that Abe will be arrested on terror charges when he goes to Davos, Switzerland for the Cabal meeting starting there on January 21, the sources in Chinese, British, Japanese and American intelligence agencies say.

The Aum doomsday cult was set up by a right wing extremist group including former Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara and Abe’s father Shintaro Abe who worked closely with the Bush/Scherff Nazi faction in the West developing and spreading weapons of mass destruction.

If Abe not arrested in Switzerland, investigations in Japan are also aimed at arresting him on charges of election fraud as well as for involvement in the 311 nuclear and tsunami terror attack, a senior Japanese police agency official said.

Even if Abe is not immediately arrested, the take down of his cabal bosses in Europe and the US is continuing. For example, German Chancellor Angela Merkel had a “skiing accident” last week in Switzerland that was actually a beating by certain agency personnel who suspected her of being head of the German fourth Reich, according to an intelligence agency source who just returned from Germany. Immediately after her “accident” US President Barack Obama called her and said “we have to meet,” the source said. This may have been a response to her attempts to get back the 300 tons of gold Germany had deposited with the Federal Reserve Board, one observer speculated.

Also last week, the International Criminal Court received a dossier outlining systemic use of torture by the UK military that was condoned by Senior Politicians, according to various news agencies.

The Nazi faction including former Prime Minister Tony Blair is frantically trying to silence their opposition with trumped up criminal charges now that their murders (David Kelly, Christopher Story etc.) are becoming too recognizable by a growing number of politicians and agency officials.

For example, anti-Nazi lawyer and writer Michael Shrimpton is being tried next month on charges of making fake claims that the 2012 London Olympics were a target of a nuclear terror attack and, in a clear indication he is being framed, the police also claim he had a memory stick with child pornography on it. The police unit involved in this investigation reports to a Sarah Thornton, who presided over the obvious cover up of the murder of weapon’s expert David Kelly.

The officers directly in charge of the investigation are typical brainwashed types with whose minds are kept within highly compartmentalized parameters. For example, these investigators do not look at evidence Japan was the victim of a nuclear terror, on March 11, 2011, one year before the London Olympics.

In any case, even if the Shrimpton show trial takes place, war criminal Tony Blair and his murderous Nazi cohorts are going to be taken down. If the International Criminal Court does not do it, then they will be taken down too.

In the US, meanwhile, the Zionist acting troupe known as the US Senate is still desperately clinging to their old play script by trying to vote for new moves against Iran even though an accord to end the “Iran nuclear crisis,” will be signed on January 20th. People who keep wondering why the military has not moved in and arrested all these traitors need to at least comfort themselves with the assurance that no major armed group is now obeying the Zionists. The whores in the Senate and Congress can scream all they want but it will lead to nothing.

The Zionists are now isolated and are being systematically removed in many countries in a process that is supposed to eventually lead to public arrests of top Zionist government leaders and days of televised truth on all major world news networks, according to multiple sources.

To that end, the White Dragon Society was contacted last week by military officials at an underground base in Virginia saying they were ready to move in on Washington D.C. at a moment’s notice. The Japan Society, a cabal group overseeing US rule of Japan, also sent a person to meet this writer who confirmed the people in Washington D.C. are aware the underground bases have been taken over and that all the politicians were very scared about their future.

The last big obstacle in the US now appears to be President Barack Obama. Although Obama has helped purge the Nazis and acted to prevent World War 3, he has still not agreed to end Federal Reserve Board rule of the United States by announcing the issuance of government currency to replace Fed debt slavery notes. The United States Government headed by Obama has also not responded to a formal offer of $700 trillion for use in financing a campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. As such, he is now, along with Japan’s Abe and EU Central Bank Chief Mario Draghi, one of the obvious signs of cabal control and cabal refusal to take action against poverty and environmental destruction.

Returning to Abe, the dossier sent to this writer last week included a report by a person who, to quote from MI5:

“was present during a conference in Moscow (Jan. 1990), when a top Japanese delegation, led by Foreign Minister Shintaro Abe [Prime Minister Abe’s father] met with USSR President Gorbachev and his aide, Politburo Member Alexander Yakovlev. Their intent was to establish “Bilateral Cooperation”. At further meetings in Jan. 1991, Gorbachev via Yakovlev offered the Japanese the USSR’s super-secret intercontinental EM Weapons technology–Capable of producing Earthquakes–for U.S. $900 Million.

Gorbachev also agreed with Japanese Diet member Toshio Yamaguchi to the setting up of a joint Japan-Russia University in Moscow that would be tasked with co-opting the brightest young Nuclear Physicists’ minds of both countries to develop new 2nd and 3rd generation EM superweapons by mating Japanese Microchip and electronics know-how to Russian 1st Generation Weapons Technology!! This University was soon formed and under the cover of “Cultural Studies” was administered by the Aum sect and one Lobov. Lobov became Yeltsin’s Head of the Security Council–after the late 1991 coup that removed Gorbachev. The Aum members first arrived in Moscow in late 1991.”

Also, a report by US Senator (now retired) Sam Nunn, reveals that Aum Shinrikiyo worked closely with Russia and the ‘Yakuza’ [North Korea], in the development of a range of weaponry. These weapons included electromagnetic pulse weapons that can cause earthquakes, according to the Nunn report and other sources.

Researcher Harry Mason was informed by The Australian Federal Police that the Aum’s Science Minister Hideo Murai (A Nuclear Physicist) was regarded as “The Most Intelligent Living Japanese”. Murai had a pre-Aum background in EM technology. He had worked at Kobe Steel, researching microwave and other EM / Ray Wave technology applications for cold moulding of steel, having graduated as an astrophysicist specializing in Cosmic X-Ray Analysis. His Kobe Steel Laboratory was at the epicenter of the 1995 Kobe Earthquake.

So the Swiss now have good legal grounds to arrest Shinzo Abe.




Silencing Science in Canada Jan 13/14 Print E-mail
Monday, 13 January 2014 17:26

Silencing Science in Canada  Jan 13/14

Subject: Update 2014-01-12 The big picture about privacy and our loss of it with these meters
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2014 23:42:50 -0800

1)   On Friday CBC’s 5th Estate addressed the issue of skewed, politicized science. It is a must-see, courageous and revealing. Please encourage your friends and family to watch it to better understand what is happening to corrupt science for the sake of profit. If you missed it or want to see it again it’s at:

(video 45:12) Silence of the Labs - Linden MacIntyre, The Fifth Estate - CBC TV - Season 39, Episode 10 - January 10, 2014:

2)   In Australia (Victoria) people are sensing the lack of democracy that we feel – why are all the govts and utility companies taking the very same route? The same lies, the same threats, the same bullying tactics. It’s almost as if some company has written a playbook with talking points.

3)   A member has gathered several articles about data insecurity and privacy concerns, putting things into perspective. Another member has written to the Privacy Commissioner about Hydro’s failure to provide information about the methods being used to protect our personal data. The letter is below. Given all of this, I think we have a right to be concerned about the potential risk to our private data and personal security, and we should be demanding that these meters be removed and secure ones installed. If Hydro will not install wired meters attached to a secure fiber optic grid, then we must have our analogs back. This system is fraught with risks and no one seems to care except us.

EU Parliamentary Inquiry . . .

Civil liberties committee report demands end to indiscriminate collection of personal data by British and US agencies

Mass surveillance programmes used by the US and Britain to spy on people in Europe have been condemned in the "strongest possible terms" by the first parliamentary inquiry into the disclosures, which has demanded an end to the vast, systematic and indiscriminate collection of personal data by intelligence agencies.

Toronto Hydro Smart Meter FAQ

Where will all the meter data be stored?

The Government of Ontario's current plan is to develop an independent (smart) meter data repository. All Local Distribution Companies (like Toronto Hydro-Electric System) would transmit customers' hourly smart meter data to the central meter data repository on a daily basis.

CIA Chief :

We’ll Spy on You Through Your Dishwasher

FBI National Security not Protection!? Jan 11/14 Print E-mail
Friday, 10 January 2014 20:36

FBI National Security not Protection!? Jan 11/14

Kurt Nimmo
January 6, 2014

FBI Fake Terror Plot history  Judge Napolitano 5 minutes

Kel McClanahan, a national security lawyer in Washington, noticed something last month after he filed a Freedom of Information request with the FBI. A fact sheet sent along with a response to his FOIA request contained a revision. It stated that the FBI’s primary mission is no longer law enforcement, but national security.

“I think they’re trying to rebrand,” he told Foreign Policy. “So many good things happen to your agency when you tie it to national security.”

In the past, the FBI portrayed itself as a crime-fighting organization. In fact, since its inception as the Bureau of Investigation in 1908, the FBI has served as a political police force. Movies and cultural lore portray the FBI as dedicated to a fight against the Mafia, bank robbers and kidnappers, but in fact the agency was established as a political section within the Department of Justice. In 1917, Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer created the “Radical Division” and appointed a young J. Edgar Hoover to head it up.

Following the passage of the Espionage Act of 1917, Palmer’s radical division worked closely with the Military Intelligence Bureau to suppress opposition to war. In the mid-1970s, the Church Committee uncovered details on the agency’s long and sordid history of subverting the constitutional rights of American citizens. Beginning in the 1950s, the FBI’s COINTELPRO, short for counterintelligence program was established to “disrupt” political groups and “neutralize” individuals deemed to be threats to national security.

Harper Destruction of Canada! # 1 Jan 9/13 Print E-mail
Thursday, 09 January 2014 14:47

Harper Destruction of Canada! Jan 9/13

What our government allows in Canada the poisoning of our water land and bodies with chem trails think they are not real here is shot inside one of their planes! tami

Click here: inside chemtrail plane - Google Search

Cdsapi’s Added Comment: In Canada, Governmental dictatorial idiocy has morphed into irreversible criminal insanity.

How the Harper Government Committed a Knowledge Massacre

If the science reference libraries, where past and recent science is recorded and archived, are dismantled and destroyed, then the Harper Government can easily (for its ideological propaganda reasons), say “there is no scientific evidence” whenever they insist on implementing insanely irresponsible polices and projects that spell known environmental and health devastation that spells ecological ruin and threatens the survival of life.

Big Money has a loud voice that seems to be drowning out all reason and wisdom.  The repetitive Government chorus has become “To hell with the environment – it’s the economy that matters – we can’t let “environmental considerations” stop policies that make money. We can’t let “concern for the environment” halt “progress and technology”.

The propagation and protection of a TOXIC ECONOMY can only survive when decisions are made IN SECRET, behind closed doors, and dogmatically enforced whilst the records of “Scientific research” in our libraries are obliterated. When, at the same time, the Harper Government fires the scientists in its employ and shuts down research and watchdog departments, it guarantees that no further “unwanted science that exposes unwanted truths” will be able to rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

Once upon a time Canada led the world in authentic and reliable science research.
Today, under the Harper Government, Canada leads the world in insane, inconceivable, irreversible, “knowledge and science-research destruction”.  
Welcome to Harper’s NEW Canada!

Make sure that you watch the Fifth Estate on January 10  - CBC TV

Please pass this on.

The destruction of Canada’s Science Libraries by Government edit.

The Fifth Estate, "The Silence of the Labs", January 10th. CBC TV

January 6th, 2014, Courtenay, BC
Many of us have known about the willful destruction of our Canadian science libraries for a while, but it's only now becoming public.  The very short 'youtube' on the Fifth Estate website (below)  will give you an idea of what the Federal government has been doing 'behind the backs' of Canadians and it's very sad news.  Andrew Nikiforuk (investigative journalist Calgary) was on CBC radio a few days ago talking about the ongoing Library destruction, calling it a "national tragedy bordering on a criminal act".

Recently the government literally trashed approximately 7 Department of Fisheries and Oceans libraries across Canada, libraries that held years and years of research.  We were aware of this story, but it was when we recently saw photographs (taken secretly) of the devastation that we felt kicked in the stomach - it looked as if a hurricane had ripped through the rooms.. books falling off shelves, many now empty.  They have lied about the 'why' of doing such an act... saying that they were digitalized, but they weren't.  They have done the same to libraries under the Department of Environment, Parks, Immigration and the list goes on. The reason wasn't for cost savings as the government is saving only a small amount - everyone knows the reasons are strictly 'ideological'.

We forwarded the Fifth Estate program information to a Comox Valley social justice website dedicated to this kind of news, and when the editor emailed back to confirm she'd posted it, she added that a similar story is what happened to all of the journals and files from our west coast lighthouses when the government decommissioned them... they were thrown in bins or given away. More than 100 years of lighthouse history gone forever.

Last Updated on Thursday, 09 January 2014 16:28
Opposition to TPP Widens! Jan 7/14 Print E-mail
Monday, 06 January 2014 23:18

Opposition to TPP Widens! Jan 7/14

Opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership explodes on Twitter Special

By Justin King

Dec 27, 2013 in World

Activists from around the world will begin attempting to create a twitterstorm in opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) on Twitter tonight.  The opposition is coming from activists on both the left and right wing of the political spectrum.

The twitterstorm operation is set to begin at 7PM Eastern and will attempt to make the hashtag #StopTheTPP trend on Twitter, in hopes of raising awareness of the secretive trade deal being brokered among a dozen nations.  The nations involved are the US, Japan, Australia, Peru, Malaysia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Chile, Singapore, Canada, Mexico, and Brunei Darussalam.

The Office of the United States Trade Representative hosts a blanket statement about the trade deal on its website stating in part

“For all TPP countries, an ambitious, comprehensive and high-standard agreement that achieves the goals established in Honolulu in 2011 is critical for creating jobs and promoting growth, providing opportunity for our citizens and contributing to regional integration and the strengthening of the multilateral trading system. “

Electronic Frontier Foundation
The Electronic Frontier Foundation's representation of problems with the TPP.

Activists hold a very different opinion of the trade deal, which has only been available for public scrutiny through leaks hosted on the Wikileaks website or other whistleblower pages . It should be noted that none of the disclosures so far have anything to do with job creation.  An activist intimately involved with tonight’s operation, Emily Laincz said

I think it's really important for everyone to realize that this is a corporate bill, benefiting corporations while harming individuals-- There is no benefit in it for us.  It will affect each and every one of us personally.

As far as the worst part of the TPP; it is circumstantial because everyone has their own concerns, be it Internet regulations, lack of food labeling rights, etcetera.

But, I feel the largest issue is that it will replace the citizen’s bill of rights with a corporate bill of rights which will allow corporations to sue an entire nation for not complying with new found laws under the "trade treaty."

The secrecy surrounding the trade deal has raised eyebrows across the globe.  Activists and lawmakers alike have expressed concern over the lack of transparency in what is being advertised as a simple trade deal to bring jobs to nations that agree to the principals of the TPP.  Laincz advised citizens to call their representatives.

What people need to stress is for their representative to call Rep. Miller and insist they sign the DeLauro-Miller letter.

The Delauro-Miller letter is a letter signed by over 150 Congressional Representatives that expresses their deep concern over the secrecy and methods being used by the executive to push the trade deal through Congress without giving the body the ability to amend the deal.

The Japan Times recently published an Op-Ed by William Pesek advising against Asia’s participation in the TPP.  TPP is also being opposed by US Agricultural associations, as well.  The watchdog group Electronic Frontier Foundation has voiced its opposition to the deal in a detailed summary found here.

Alex Freeman, another activist participating in tonight’s operation had this to say:

There are too many problems with the TPP and TAFTA, or whatever new name they have for it.  I've seen them change it several times since this summer to keep it guarded.  Ultimately, they are egregious corporate power grabs that are eroding constitutional process in their passage and will erode multiple states’ sovereignty in their implementation.  The Constitution sets forth for the Senate to debate and negotiate treaties, yet many senators are unaware of the contents of TPP.

The treaty has been written by corporations and negotiated through a series of clandestine meetings.  Without Wikileaks, we may not have known about them.  What we do know of the contents of TPP shocks the conscience and chills free speech. Where Citizens United redefined money as speech for election purposes, TPP redefines it again to further alienate the voting populace in favor of world trade, corporate greed, and profits over people.

While large portions of the TPP are secret, leaks have given voters a glimpse at a small fraction of the deal.  This draft of the Intellectual Property Rights Chapter is one of those few glimpses.  The 38 page document is summarized below, and lends some credibility to the claims of those in opposition to the deal.

Intellectual Property Rights Chapter Summary:

Article 1: Requires that member nations adhere to a series of previously established copyright treaties, and requires foreign corporations to receive the same copyright privileges as domestic companies in court proceedings.

Article 2: Provides a system for allowing and organizing trademarks of corporations in order to protect their brand name.

Article 3: Eliminates the ability of an individual to maintain privacy while holding ownership of an internet domain.  Requires member nations to maintain a database of owners and contact information.

Article 4: Extends the number of years a work is considered protected by copyright law.  Requires member nations to establish criminal penalties for violating copyrights.

Article 5: Leaves exhibition of copyrighted works at the sole discretion of the copyright holder.

Article 6: Establishes a timeline for when a work is considered copyrighted after exhibition or publication.

Article 7: Bans the production of certain types of decryption equipment.

Article 8: Requires member nations to make patents available for any kind of process or technology, including plants and animals.  Bars member nations from not providing a patent simply because the exploitation of that patent would be against the law.

Article 9: Provides a monopoly for ten years once a chemical agricultural product is approved by stopping a government from approving a similar product.

Article 10: Removes the presumption of innocence from copyright related civil, administrative, or criminal cases.

Article 11: Requires member nations to issue copyright rulings in writing and keep statistical data in order to combat copyright infringement.

Article 12: Establishes procedures for member nations to abide by in the event of civil copyright infringement.

Article 13: Requires except in exceptional circumstances that an injunction within ten days of complaint of alleged copyright infringement.

Article 14: Makes it easier for corporations to stop suspected copyright infringement or use of trademarks that are confusingly similar.

Article 15: Requires member nations to establish minimum criminal codes to combat infringement of copyright infringement.

Article 16: Provides a list of measures to combat digital piracy.

The overall language of the treaty makes it clear that it overrides national law.

Classaction Common Wealth & Harper Queen Guilty! Jan 4/14 Print E-mail
Friday, 03 January 2014 20:39

Legal Action at Can Gov Common Wealth Welcome! Aug 17/13

Perfect Canadian Swindle Servant King  15 minutes 15 seconds More videos press programs at

Our Legal Action       All Common Wealth Countries Citizens are welcome to join us!

It is not yet entirely clear to us, exactly how many civil litigations may be required in order for us to accomplish our objectives. For example, we know that Action(s) will be required against the Federal government respecting the offence of private money ownership via the Bank Act, and the offence of privatizing of national assets via another Act or Acts, all or some of which may enjoin various Ministries.

We also know we will be required in each province and territory to take Actions regarding the offence of denying private property ownership and protection of subsisting Crown Grants via the Land Titles Acts, and of course, Actions against the various Ministries, probably both provincial and federal, regarding the offence of the fraudulent creation and attachment of the registered names.

All of the above institutions or agencies serve in one way or another to enact and enforce statutes and by-laws that abrogate our fundamental natural human rights, contrary to the superior laws of the nation and the international treaties.

Now concurrent with all of the above, we will be taking action against each of the various provincial and federal law societies, the BAR associations and the appropriate Ministries of Justice, as the members of these organizations are complicit with the activities of the aforementioned institutions and agencies.

These court actions are designed to utilize the tools built into the system itself, to actually cause foundational and permanent change to that system, as it was originally designed to be. The result will be our freedom from the enslavement of the banker dominated money system, and to have a government that will be our servant and not our master, taking instructions from us, and not from the bankers.

As Canadians, we are being [criminally] deprived of our Patrimonial Entitlements, that being our right to freely enjoy our fair share of the natural wealth and resources of our nation, and therefore we are not only entitled, but we are morally obligated to take action aimed at stopping that deprivation. That is what our process is all about.

Our objective therefore, as you will find set out within all our information, is based on the unique premise that we believe we have finally come to understand the root cause of the legal and financial problems we all face, and how to fix it. So we intend to take action specifically aimed at eliminating that root cause, thereby permanently preventing any such future problems for everyone.

We are not attempting to cure or remedy an individual’s current legal or financial problems that often result from that root cause, as so many other remedies and processes have tried in the past, and are pointlessly continuing to try. This is what we hope our information will help you come to understand, and this is the goal we need people like you to be informed about and become involved in, and why we need you to help support us attain the objective of permanent changes to the root cause of all our problems.

We have a lawyer who has agreed to hand in his bar card(s) and help us take the legal action necessary to accomplish our objective which he understands to a degree that very few, if any, in the legal profession do.

In conclusion, let us quote from a recent e-mail from this lawyer,

“I need every single one of you on board to justify my stepping away from my practice and making such a potentially explosive application to the superior courts. And all of you certainly need me (or another competent lawyer willing to sacrifice his “legal” career) to properly handle this action…. We can [and will] win this, but to win a case of this scope and nature will not be easy, fast, or inexpensive.  Even as the sizable group we are, this will still be very much a ‘David & Goliath’ battle.”

Join us!

1 hour webinar below


“Human rights defender” is a term used to describe people who, individually or with others, act to promote or protect human rights. Human rights defenders are identified above all by what they do and it is through a description of their actions (section A below) and of some of the contexts in which they work (section B below) that the term can best be explained.  The examples given of the activities of human rights defenders are not an exhaustive list.

A. What do human rights defenders do?

1. All human rights for all

To be a human rights defender, a person can act to address any human right (or rights) on behalf of individuals or groups. Human rights defenders seek the promotion and protection of civil and political rights as well as the promotion, protection and realization of economic, social and cultural rights.

Human rights defenders address any human rights concerns, which can be as varied as, for example, summary executions, torture, arbitrary arrest and detention, female genital mutilation, discrimination, employment issues, forced evictions, access to health care, and toxic waste and its impact on the environment. Defenders are active in support of human rights as diverse as the rights to life, to food and water, to the highest attainable standard of health, to adequate housing, to a name and a nationality, to education, to freedom of movement and to non-discrimination.  They sometimes address the rights of categories of persons, for example women’s rights, children’s rights, the rights of indigenous persons, tthe rights of refugees and internally displaced persons, and the rights of national, linguistic or sexual minorities.

2. Human rights everywhere

Human rights defenders are active in every part of the world: in States that are divided by internal armed conflict as well as States that are stable; in States that are non-democratic as well as those that have a strong democratic practice; in States that are developing economically as well as those that are classified as developed. They seek to promote and protect human rights in the context of a variety of challenges, including HIV/AIDS, development, migration, structural adjustment policies and political transition.


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