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Multicultural Anti-Christ Agenda & Sovereignty # 1 April 28/11 Print E-mail
Thursday, 28 April 2011 11:17

Multiculturalism Anti-Christ Agenda & Sovereignty Feb 16/11

Folks the Dark Cabal One world order boys and girls have used immigration as a major tool in there arsenal for global domination. One must keep the people separated and unable to truly integrate in order to keep true sovereignty and solidarity from manifesting. This is there biggest fear realized in Egypt recently. This is also why mind control has been so utilized against North Americans in so many insidious ways. Canadians have been indoctrinated in the program of give to others outside of Canada  for service in brotherhood sisterhood friendship while at the same time being betrayed by there own government ,citizens with laws, education, policies and media spin that destroy the sovereign values heritage ,spiritual beliefs  and ideals of a progressive nation.  I worked with a women from Mexico in the past who shared that she was taught in the University of Victoria that Canadians were afraid to have relationships. Can you imagine how her superiority disrespectful behaviour towards me was received after hearing this?

We in North America are beacons for spiritual growth and positive progressive change. So the governments have been swamping us with war criminals, Satanists, corruption and limiting religious dogma from immigrants who are not hear for the same values as Canadian citizens. I recently saw a segment by the media spin on behalf of Muslim women called the Canadian Council of Muslim women. The government encourages immigrant groups and funds many over the needs of Canadian initiatives. This  women used the racist accusation because our regional governance asked them to show there faces when voting in Canada to ensure identity. They cried fowl and use the word racist which is insulting   at least and treasonous at best. Folks generations of Canadian women fought to get rights such as voting in this country to be dishonoured and disrespected like this over a piece of cloth. This is not about religion or race it is about law and sovereignty. They might as well spit on our face the way they think and act in this country.  Women have fought for equality in Canada but servitude to a man in marriage or family is common place within eastern and Middle eastern religious sects.  Servitude to religious attire, head dress or weapons does nothing to honour our progressive society ideals!  Sure they have the right to think and act like this in there country! Does this honour our past, heritage or aspirations of generations of women across Canada at this time? If they do not want to honour our values, lifestyle dress codes, laws etc do not come here!  Government officials who support immigrant disrespect should be fired and charged with treason against the sovereign rights of Canadians.  I ask all Canadians to monitor all government officials and or individual or groups who favour disrespect of our sovereignty take names so we can charge them at the right time. Immigrant minority votes over the sovereignty of Canadians do you want this disgusting behaviour to continue?

The Government has used the desperation of war torn countries to create discord in our country as well. Many criminals and un-evolved people come hear with only self serving ideals guiding there path due to the conditioning they have been programmed with.  Does this serve a higher Ideals population moving towards spiritual enlightenment progress not based in external material things like head dress or weapons. At one job a Muslim man interrupted our whole staff and shift so he could go down on the ground and pray in the middle of a very busy shift. This pissed off everyone else who had to burden the work load during this time. Folks  multiculturism is not about freedom of religion or human rights as they decree. It   is about suffocation of a sovereign country and its citizens in so many ways.  They disrespect us by refusing to learn our language well enough to operate in our society so as not to impose upon our ability to live our lives in an unencumbered manner. Some misguided souls see our request for respect in this manner as racist as well and put out commercials to this effect through a group called Safehaven Canada.  There commercials have stirred up a hornets nests of irate Canadians who are fed up with this government sponsored treason against the sovereignty and values of Canada and Canadians. A sovereignty movement is building in Canada so get involved. Start you own group where you live. Take notes of infractions in your community and demand change from local and provincial leaders. I am all for helping people but that hosting benevolence has been taken for granted, abused and dishonored by a majority of immigrants and it is time for them to stop and go. Immigrants who integrate and learn to speak and write our language are encouraged to work with us to release all Canadians from the One world order agenda against Canada. Canadians after full disclosure of this immigrant scam should have the right to vote on who comes to this country and who doesn’t. Also, immigration that was deliberately done to undermine our sovereignty and economic stability of our citizens lives should be voided and sent back to where they came from. In order to have a sovereign Galactic society justice must prevail and constructive actions taken. Yes we can come together after all this takes place for the highest good for all involved.

Folks Immigrants are quick to fundraise for Haiti, or Pakistan and go out into the streets to protest tyranny in there home lands. Yet Canada is being raped of our sovereignty, resources, businesses and freedoms and they are mute on that point. See how the system is working for the dark Cabal?

Religious Immigrant groups have been able to open private schools teaching potentially misguided limiting doctrine which further limits the mind energy of where they reside encumbering the group mind in that region. The Galactic’s and Masters will be revealing the truth to these statements very soon. This also burdens our educational system with declining enrollment in different sectors all allowed by our treasonous government under the guise of freedom of religion.  Religion Freedom of what?  Separating from your countries society in an elitist manner demanding special treatment and disrespect of the values and Christ spiritual focus of country of residence? One could say Christ loves and shows all compassion. Yet it is also true do unto others as you would have done onto you. If they want the privilege of living here integrate and respect our lifestyle, values and spiritual focus or do not come here. This is self love and respect for Canadians. What would happen if I went to the middle east, or Asia refusing to respect there language, laws, religion or customs perhaps I would be attacked and raped like the media women who did not where cloth over her head in Egypt? If I am incorrect about this issue let me know.

Folks I have witnessed East Indians monopolizing polling stations to make sure there candidate gets in. I have witnessed immigrant criminal activities within the electorial process as well as discriminations towards Anglo Saxon whites in favour of there ethnic group while given permission to operate within our government system.  Our local media should all know what I am talking about. When I heard that Muslim women say that despicable racist treasonous accusation I am know determined to request that no immigrant have the ability to vote in any political election in this country. Further I state that no immigrant can participate in any government capacity unless they and there parents have been born here. They cannot vote until 19 years of age showing no criminal propensities. NO MORE IMMIGRANT ELECTORATE to be wooed by our treasonous government representatives as they operate currently. All Candidates should be nominated by the people not parties. They should be regionally represented fairly provincially, territorially and federally.

No Canadian can be extradited for crimes to another country without clear factual honest evidence to our common law magistrate. Full disclosure must be made to secure person for arrest. NO foreign country especially USA shall dictate legal matters over our citizens and our police forces should protect the rights and sovereignty of our citizens and legal jurisdiction.

No foreign company, group or person shall operate or reside in Canada any further. All foreign property ownership shall be either rescinded or limited do to unethical mode of operandi of our own citizens or immigrants there as well. Our health safety and sovereignty have been undermined long enough. Economic hitmen video spells out the reasons why clearly. Made in Canada is what we should see to support our entrepreneurs and not the global corporate elite.



No offshore or on shore drilling allowed by any company in Canadian waters or land. This includes area all the way up to the North pole. Mother earth has asked us for help protecting her and this is our responsibility as guardians. Any current industries can be replaced with alternative technologies and employment transferred there. (see employment link) The Galactic’s will help us patrol our entire coastline! Galactic Space Command training will replace Nasa associations in Canada.

The USA must get out of our land on the west coast of our province all the way up to the Alaska border. Canadians and mother earth did not give permission for this transgression into our land for control greed, surveillance and skullduggery.

Canadians should not have to pay for any foreign dignitary or monarch visit to our country without honest informed vote on that expenditure. This ratified after Nesara and history announcements of elitist truths of treachery and murder by said individuals and groups. Example monarch murder of Princess Diana

It is no longer acceptable for any group, business or person to betray the sovereignty of Canadians by supporting the immigrations scam language & hiring, training fiasco. Money spent in Canada should go to support Canadian heritage laws and culture. Immigration has hurt Canadians financially in so many ways so to further support immigrants do to this treachery is not acceptable. The Hockey Canada folks should be ashamed of themselves not reaching out to other Canadians in English and French.  We get respect when we mandate it. This should be unlawful to undermine our heritage and language in this fashion, Quebec is correct in this regard. See next update Multicultural Scam Program coming soon.

The USA should pay redress for decades of economic terror upon our citizens by there manipulated dollar doing damage to our society and citizens along with mind control, weather control and chem. Trails. Further oppression with so called Free trade and financial penalties for being neighbours such as the travel  $ 5.50 head tax will be met with 11.00 dollar cost for Americans.

I am also asking that all computer software monopolies be made illegal in Canada. I would like to see proper English on our computers for Canada and the rest of the world rather then incorrect dictatorial  oppression against our sovereignty that way as well. I should be able to buy a computer with what ever software I choose not Microsoft!!!

The Galactics will make available technology that can scan and eliminate mind control programming of our video games, dvd and cds to enjoy the authentic creative intention rather then the state one world order agenda. All mind control made illegal with harsh penalties to phone, music, film, media and internet companies aligned with such treachery.

This mindless slaughter of seals in this country must stop. All industry revenue shifted to alternative energy options in the areas of concern. Alternative product options presented by our Galactic Friends! The killing of any animals in Canada for Chinese medicine etc applications will cease and harsh charges laid. Mother earth has every cure needed for humanity!

I move onto the insidious acts of foreign economic regions sprouting up all over USA from Asia. I propose that any issue similar to this in Canada be made illegal with forfeit of citizenship and all benefits for self and family for any participants and complicit Canadian Citizens. Also loss of assets, business license to operate in Canada and or jail time. This also covers the treachery with all non sanctioned economic agreements with USA, Mexico, European and any other foreign country, person, corporation or group. All economic agreements should be truthfully presented to be voted on by all Canadians. We should know who financially benefits in all our government business decisions. This should be implemented after Canadians know the whole truth about the one world order and immigrations lies fed all of us by generations of government illuminati Satanic puppets!

Property owners in Canada renting to our citizens should take care of the need of the property up keep and citizens rights to health safety and quiet enjoyment. These owners be they individual, corporate, association, foundation and or non profits will all treat there tenants with the respect they disserve. All buildings should have proper water sprinkler, fire alarm safety, heat, ventilation, light and sound proofing to enable quiet enjoyment.  No smokers should be allowed to reside with non smokers.  If they do air purifiers should be supplied by property owner and or smoker. People should be able to run water, bath, close cupboard doors and walk and talk in there suites without disturbing other tenants. If this is the case then obvious sound proofing should be mandated and enforced correction to the owner. They should not be able to purchase other properties for shear greed while allowing present tenants to languish in situations that do not serve there highest good.

Folks the dark side will try to get away with all kinds of dishonourable treachery until we stand up and say enough of the nonsense. I was discriminated against at my local community center due to the limiting belief of Asians who felt they could influence how the class was taught designed to deliberately breach my rights to participate. Our community center folks agreed to breach my rights on behalf of treachery from all involved.  Our human rights commission is designed by Satanist of our Justice department to support the immigrants over our citizens and there department heads need to be arrested and reformed. I hope these other law suggestions get implemented to embrace Canadian sovereignty!

I am asking researchers out there to check and see since even 1960 how many privileges have been given to immigrants over Canadians in the areas of property ownership & financing, Human rights, renting & housing for poor, educational training, social service and refugee financial support, business operation incentives, dual passport benefits, war criminal and criminal tax payer paid legal support ,government financial support for groups and non profit agencies and employment insurance support. The most comprehensive report will win awards in our Sovereignty Whistleblower awards posted on our employment link, Spiritual oversight said much will be exposed for all to see but hard copy proof by Canadians will win the awards.

I am asking all readers to share this update with your local MLA, mayor, Canadian Citizen Sovereignty groups you are aware of. Folks all the truth work I do is for all our children. They are relying on us to stand up against all forms of tyranny so stop fearing what can be defeated with solidarity. Here is a video of the Indigo. Crystal, Rainbow and Star Children Enjoy!   8 minutes 8 seconds There is full length Economic Hitmen video added along with David Icke Insights both linked on our whistleblower link!

The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not...
-- Thomas Jefferson  ( immigrants lie and say Canadians don’t want the jobs they have but refuse to hire us once they are there from experience Tami)

Sincerely Tami Dickson   indigosoul

Zionism and The House of Rothschilds Immigration Legislation Scam 4 minutes 25 seconds

Economic Hitmen One World Order Explained 2 minutes 7 seconds

Economic Hit Man Educates about Global One World Order how it works   53 minutes  35 seconds

Health Freedom: Teetering on the Brink Feb 16/11

(All government officials who voted for the implementation of this one world order breach of our sovereignty should be arrested and loss of citizenship all benefits , loss of assets and funds attained for the disloyalty with jail time for them and all family members. Tami)

The state of health freedom in present-day Canada could probably best be described by how a dart board feels on league night, as multiple threats converge on what remains of our ability to choose our own medicine.

With the passage of Bill C-36, a door was opened for the Ministry of Health to take direction from foreign authorities, revealed to include other nations, or groups of nations, such as the UN, or trade groups.  That open door leads to harmonization with natural health product regulations that will restrict our access and cut more deeply into our freedom to make choices in our own lives.  And it is an open announcement that our government does not care one whit about what we think, because it has signed over our sovereignty to trade groups, one after the other, for years.

A lot of water has passed under that bridge, and now it needs damming up.

Our first concern needs to be the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, or CETA, with the 27-nation European Union; this is an incredibly far-reaching agreement, which opens up our resources, including our municipal water utilities, to privatization with foreign ownership. We only have one vote at that table.  Smuggled into Canada via stealth maneuvers by several governments, CETA demands deep integration of regulations over vast sectors of Canadian life, from agriculture to, yes, health products.  These plans have been in place for decades.

Then we have the new Perimeter Security Agreement Harper is so hot to finalize.  This one harmonizes our regulations with those of the USA, now being knitted together by the new "Regulatory Cooperation Committee".  But wait!  Didn't we just say we were harmonizing with the EU in CETA?  How does that work?

Simple.  Make all the regulations match up!  And with Canada's 10 signed agreements, and 12 more under negotiation, gosh... can you spot the global platform being forged here?  We are shakily standing on the brink of losing our freedom to choose just about anything.

We don't have time to waste.  If Canadians do not start standing up for Canadian sovereignty, there will be none for our children. No pesky constitutional rights.  No vote of any consequence.  No right to make our own laws.  We will be ruled by foreign committee.

It's not just about natural health products any more:  it's about our rights, our freedoms, and our ability to self-governAnd none of us can afford to lose that.

by Dee Nicholson, National Health Federation of Canada

Canada Passes Bill C-36 To Finalize The Destruction of Health Freedom in North America

What is Canada becoming? Canada 's tolerance misplaced?

By Mahfooz Kanwar,

for The Calgary Herald,

March 30, 2009
Copyright (c) The Calgary Herald

Canada 's Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is getting flak from the usual
suspects, but he deserves praise instead.

Recently, Kenney pointed that out while at a meeting in Toronto, Members
of Canada 's Pakistani community called on him to make Punjabi one of
Canada's official languages. It makes me angry that such an idea would
enter the minds of my fellow and former countrymen, let alone express them
to a Minister of the Crown.

A few months ago, I was dismayed to learn that Erik Millett, the
principal of Belleisle School in Springfield , NB, limited playing our
national anthem because the families of a couple of his students objected
to it.

As a social scientist, I oppose this kind of political correctness,
lack of assimilation of new immigrants to mainstream Canada,
hyphenated-Canadian identity, and the lack of patriotism in our great
nation. Increasingly, Canadians feel restricted in doing things the
Canadian way lest we offend minorities. We cannot even say Merry Christmas
without fear of causing offence. It is amazing that 77 per cent of the
Canadian majority are scared of offending 23 per cent of minorities. We
have become so timid that the majority cannot assert its own freedom of
expression. We cannot publicly question certain foreign social customs,
traditions and values that do not fit into the Canadian ethos of equality.

Rather than encouraging new immigrants to adjust to Canada, we
tolerate peculiar ways of doing things. We do not remind them that they
are in Canada, not in their original homelands.

In a multicultural society, it is the responsibility of
minorities to adjust to the majority. It does not mean that minorities
have to totally amalgamate with the majority. They can practice some of
their cultural traditions within their homes -- their backstage behavior.

However, when outside of their homes, their front stage behavior
should resemble mainstream Canadian behavior. Whoever comes to Canada must
learn the limits of our system. We do not kill our daughters or other
female members of our families who refuse to wear hijab, niqab or burka
(which are not mandated by the Qur'an anyway). We do not kill our
daughters if they date the "wrong" men. A 17-year-old Sikh girl should not
have been killed in British Columbia by her father because she was caught
dating a Caucasian man.

We do not practice the dowry system in Canada, and we do not kill
our brides because they did not bring enough dowry. Millions of female
fetuses are aborted every year in India, and millions of female infants
have been killed by their parents in India and China. Thousands of brides
in India are burned to death in their kitchens because they did not bring
enough dowry into a marriage. Some 30,000 Sikhs living abroad took the
dowries but abandoned their brides in India in 2005. This is not accepted
in Canada ....

In some countries, thousands of women are murdered every year for
family or religious honour. We should not hide behind political
correctness and we should expose the cultural and religious background of
these heinous crimes, especially if it happens in Canada. We should also
expose those who bring their cultural baggage containing the social custom
of female circumcision. I was shocked when I learned about two cases of
this barbaric custom practiced in St. Catharines, ON a few years ago. I
have said it on radio and television, have written in my columns in the
Calgary Herald, and I have written in my latest book, "Journey to
Success", that I do not agree with the hyphenated identity in Canada
because it divides our loyalties.

My argument is that people are not forced to come to Canada and
they are not forced to stay here. Those who come here of their own
volition and stay here must be truly patriotic Canadians or go back. I am
a first-generation Canadian from Pakistan. I left Pakistan 45 years ago. I
cannot ignore Pakistan, because it is the homeland of my folks, but my
first loyalty should be and is to Canada. I am, therefore, a proud
Canadian, no longer a Pakistani-Canadian. I am a Canadian Muslim, not a
Muslim Canadian.

I do not agree with those Canadians who engage in their fight
against the system in their original countries on Canadian soil. They
should go back and fight from within. For example, some of the Sikhs,Tamil
Tigers, Armenians and others have disturbed the peace in Canada because of
their problems back home. Recently, a low-level leader of MQM, the Mafia
of Pakistan, came to Canada as a refugee and started to organize public
rallies to collect funds for their cause in Pakistan .. On July 18, 2007,
the Federal Court of Canada ruled that MQM is a terrorist group led by
London-based Altaf Hussain, their godfather. As a member in the coalition
government of Pakistan, this terrorist group is currently collaborating
with the Taliban in Pakistan. That refugee was deported back to Pakistan.
Similarly, I disagree with newcomers who bring their religious baggage
here. For example, Muslims are less than two per cent of the Canadian
population, yet in 2004 and 2005, a fraction of them, the fundamentalists,
wanted to bring Sharia law to Canada. If they really want to live under
Sharia, they should go to the prison-like countries where Sharia is

I once supported multiculturalism in Canada because I believed it
gave us a sense of pluralism and diversity. However, I have observed and
experienced that official multiculturalism has encouraged convolution of
the values that make Canada the kind of place people want to immigrate to
in the first place.

Here, we stand on guard for Canada, not for countries we came
from. Like it or not, take it or leave it, standing on guard only for
Canada is our national maxim. Remember, O Canada is our national anthem
which must not be disregarded by anybody, including the teacher in
Springfield, N. B.

Mahfooz Kanwar, PHD, Is A Sociologist And An Instructor Emeritus at
Mount Royal College .

Copyright (c) The Calgary Herald

1907 PHOTO This one needs to circulate
I think this is one email that needs to be forwarded until every

Canadian with a computer receives it.
The year is 1907, one hundred and 3+ years ago.

Wilfrid Laurier ideas on Immigrants and being a Canadian in 1907.

'In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith

becomes a Canadian and assimilates himself to us,
he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else,
for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed,
or birthplace, or origin.
But this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet a Canadian, and nothing but a Canadian...
There can be no divided allegiance here.
Any man who says he is a Canadian, but something else also, isn't a Canadian at all.
We have room for but one flag, the Canadian flag...
And we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the Canadian people.'
Wilfrid Laurier 1907

Every Canadian citizen needs to read this!