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Common Law First Nations Case & Oil Sell Out! Oct 18/12 Print E-mail
Wednesday, 17 October 2012 14:32

Common Law First Nations Case & Oil Sell Out! Oct 18/12

Posted on October 15, 2012 by itccs

Hello. My name is Kevin Annett – Eagle Strong Voice, and I am the chief consultant for the Prosecutor’s Office of the International Common Law Court of Justice.

Today is Monday, October 15, 2012, and marks the formal online convening of the five sworn judges of our Court, from Canada, the United States and Belgium. They are joined by fifty eight sworn citizen jurors from Canada, the USA, Ireland, England, Holland, Italy and Australia, who have been prepared to receive the evidence in the first of five cases in the Docket of our Court.

This first case involves the evidence that the government and churches of Canada entered into a criminal conspiracy to commit genocide and other crimes against indigenous people and their children for over a century; and that such crimes were committed by the defendants and their organizations, and continue today.

Thirty two officers of church and state have been issued Public Summonses by our Court to reply to these charges, and only one of them, John Milloy, has replied. Neither Mr. Milloy nor any of the other summoned parties have contested or denied the charges made against them, including Pope Benedict, Queen Elizabeth and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Our Prosecutor’s Office has therefore filed a motion with the Court that a guilty plea be entered on behalf of all of the defendants named in our Summonses, in their absence, since they do not contest or deny the charges made against them.

The aim of our Prosecutor`s Office is to achieve a final verdict of guilty against all of the persons and organizations named in our Public Summons of September 21, which is posted online.

For the record, our Office will demand the strongest sentences against these parties, including extensive prison terms, the expropriation of their property and assets, the citizens’ arrest of their accomplices and others engaged in these ongoing crimes, the occupation and seizure of catholic and protestant church property, and the legal and practical dis-establishment of the criminal church bodies named in the main indictment. These sentences will be duly enforced by our own sworn Common Law Peace Officers and regular law enforcement officers deputized by our Court.

The defendants will not buy their way out of responsibility for the deaths of children and these other crimes against humanity, as they have up until now. Nor will they and their organizations be allowed to terrorize the innocent any longer.

The volume of evidence gathered against the defendants is considerable, comprising nearly two hundred exhibits that will be presented as primary evidence by our Prosecutor`s office in the course of our argument. For this reason, it is necessary to present the evidence as a single package, and not in piecemeal form, so that the citizen jurors and the public can receive the most accurate and truthful presentation of the evidence of genocide in Canada.

Accordingly, and for the sake of the judicial and historical record, it has been decided by the Court’s Panel of Judges to allow our Prosecutor’s Office until Thursday, November 1 at 5 pm Greenwich Mean Time to compile all of our exhibits and evidence in a condensed, viewable form, and to commence their complete presentation to the Court at that day and hour. This presentation will be posted that same day on You Tube, google video and this site.

I am therefore authorized to announce that the Prosecutor’s Office of the International Common Law Court of Justice will commence our opening argument and presentation in the first case in our Docket, The People and Kevin Annett v. the officers of the government of Canada, the crown of England, the Vatican and other church corporations, on Thursday, November 1, 2012 at 9 am pacific time, 12 noon central, and 5 pm Greenwich mean time.

The duly sworn citizen jurors will hold themselves ready to convene on that day and hour. And you, the public, are invited to join us that day and view the online evidence in this historic court of justice.

Thank you

An Open Letter to the “Aboriginal Peoples” Television Network

Posted on October 16, 2012

Posted on October 15, 2012 by itccs

from Kevin D. Annett

Dear APTN, and assorted minions,

I was going to write to your lawyers about all this, but you know how humorless those guys tend to be. And this involves what’s ultimately a laughing matter, despite the seriousness of the garbage you’ve been up to.

This week, as part of a grossly misrepresentative smear piece you’ve been running on me, you’ve been broadcasting my image on your network after I expressly denied you permission to do so. Somewhere, I read, that’s against the law.

You’ve also publicly lied about the work I’ve been doing at the Brantford Indian residential school in our search for the mass graves of the children who died there.

Let me say, first off, that I’ve tried unsuccessfully for several years to interest your station in our campaign to open these graves and bring the murdered children home for a proper burial. Ever since the farcical “apology” for genocide issued in June 2008 by your paymaster, the Prime Minister of Canada, you’ve ignored the whole issue, including the list of 28 mass graves near former Indian residential schools that I sent to your head office in April, 2010.

Even last year, when ten Mohawk elders gave me written authorization to commence surveys and digs at the Brantford “Mush hole” residential school, and when we actually uncovered evidence of buried children there, APTN refused to broadcast this historic news.

So it’s quite odd, and humorous, that APTN is now trumpeting itself as providing the “real story” about the missing residential school children in Canada. Exactly how you’d know anything about the issue is beyond me, considering how steadfastly you’ve shunned it.

But the heat is on you now, obviously, with the guilty government and churches’ need for a new big spin on the matter of mass murder of Indian children. Or is it coincidental that you guys are suddenly interested in missing Indian kids, now that the whitewash those killers call “canada’s truth and reconciliation commission” is about to issue its final report? A report, incidentally, that’s a $68 million version of the Warren Commission Report, except that it does the Americans one better: there wasn’t even a lone gunman responsible for the crime up here,  apparently, since nobody was responsible for the deaths of those 50,000 Indian kids, considering that nobody is standing trial for the death of even one child – especially not the churches responsible.

So I understand. But in your zeal to suddenly look credible on the issue and help discredit me and the only independent inquiry into the mass graves, your bits of journalistic integrity have vanished quicker than death records into a church shredding machine. Because you’re openly lying about me, on the public airwaves.

One of your recent inflammatory pieces, for instance, claimed that our survey team at the Brantford Mush hole school relied only on “psychics” to identify the spot where childen were buried.

I guess you guys don’t watch youtube. In early October, 2011, images of our scanning the grounds of the school with a Ground Penetrating Radar machine were posted all over the internet. I can send you the link, again, if you like.

You also claim that our digging up a small two foot deep, five foot square patch of earth near the school has “irretrievably damaged the site”, which is an odd thing to say, considering that the site encompassses more than three hundred acres.

What you convientally don’t mention on the air is the significance of the evidence we dug up at the Mush Hole: namely, buttons from children’s uniforms at the school, entangled in tree roots. Eyewitnesses say that when kids were buried on the grounds, trees were always planted on top of the remains.

Newsworthy? Apparently not to APTN. What you do consider important is to spread lots of gossip, innuendo and unsubstantiated nastiness about me personally, and pass that off as objective coverage of murdered children.

Which brings us to those bones we uncovered.

What you claim is that I, a white guy, went it like a gangbuster at the Mush Hole and dug up some animal bones and then passed them off as human, and thereby so angered the Mohawk elders they asked me to leave. That’s also what the government and church spin doctors are saying about me, but I guess that’s another coincidence, eh?

What actually happened is that with full permission, I conducted two small digs in the presence of authorizing Mohawk elders and uncovered many bones close to and mixed with the school uniform buttons I mentioned. That same week, an archeaologist named Kris Nahrgang and an Ontario fire marshal called Greg Olson sat with me and the Mohawk elders and studied the bones we unearthed. After a half hour of examining one small bone, Olson said, with Nahrgang agreeing,

“I’m 90 pecent cetain this is human, probably a small child’s knee socket. But we’ll need a forensic examination to be sure.”

On the basis of his remark, I subsequently showed that bone on a youtube broadcast and a Toronto TV program, and repeated Olson’s words: that it was “probably human”, but we weren’t sure yet.

The bones were then sent off to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington for analysis. Their chief forensic specialist took three weeks to examine them and then told me on the phone,

“They could be human but I think they’re animal. I’ll need more samples to be sure.”

Frankly, his ambiguous comments seemed strange to me, and I believe he was influenced to say what he did and to be vague. It wouldn’t be the first time a government scientist has responded thus when faced with the remains of possibly murdered Indian kids.

Meanwhile, back in Brantford, a woman name Jan Longboat, who admitted she receives government money, had been smearing me in the comunity from top to bottom and paying a man named Frank Miller to join the “Trash Kevin Annett” campaign. The two of them created enough confusion to put any further digs on hold – and again, I guess coincidentally eh? – Miller is the first and primary Mohawk that APTN went to for “the real story” about Kevin Annett and the Mush hole dig.

Of course, I’m not the issue at all: all those dead Mokawk children are, as is those who put them under the ground – namely, the Anglican Church of Canada and the feds. And Anglican Bishop Bob Bennett in London, Ontario has been sitting on hard evidence – including an 1870 Crown document outlining a plan to wipe out the Mohawks – that reveals that the church knew about the deaths at the Mush Hole and did nothing.

Funny that none of that made it into your programs, especially since, once again, I shared all of that information with you as I learned it from former Anglican researcher Leona Moses, who asked me to make it public. You are still getting my updates, aren’t you?

I know the pressure you guys are under. Last January, Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Cantebury, told top Canadian Anglican Fred Hiltz that not one church record about the Brantford school is to be made public. Back in law school, they called that obstructing justice. But I guess he can do that sort of thing, being an Archbishop.

The Archbishop didn’t call you guys too, did he?

Well, don’t worry. All of this stuff is being documented and will be broadcast soon all over the world, through the online common law court I am involved in that is publishing hundreds of exhibits detailing the crime and coverup of genocide in Canada … something else you’ve never mentioned over your airwaves.

So get the story straight, guys, and stop lying about me and what’s going on. But of course, engaging in such journalistic integrity, so unusual in Canada, will cost you your jobs, your reputations, and perhaps a lot more. That’s the price of truth.


Kevin D. Annett

Oil Sell Out In Canada Oct 18/12


E. Peter Lougheed: The Destruction of Canada.

The Collapse of the Mainstream Press and Media.

By Robin Mathews

Monday, October 1, 2012

This column is about the sell-out of Canada, the organized, structured sell-out of Canada, the intended betrayal of Canadians. It begins with the Mainstream Press and Media, a major instrument of sell-out.

Global Good News & GMO Movie! Sept 20/12 Print E-mail
Wednesday, 19 September 2012 12:34

Global Good News & GMO Movie Must See!  Sept 20/12

Here is a sampling from their posts today:

Positive Trends

Myanmar frees prisoners in amnesty, dissidents included
17 September 2012 - Myanmar pardoned more than 500 prisoners on Monday in an amnesty that included political detainees, according to the opposition party, a step that could strengthen the former military state's growing bonds with Washington. 'We're optimistic that these are the remaining political prisoners,' said Naing Naing, an official of Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy (NLD) party and himself a former political prisoner. ( more)

Norway court upholds ban on tobacco store displays
17 September 2012 - A Norwegian court has upheld a ban on the display of tobacco products in stores. Norway, which has had a ban on cigarette and alcohol advertising since 1975, in 2010 banned even the display of tobacco products at their point of sale. Shops must keep cigarettes in unmarked cabinets or special vending machines with no visible logos. ( more)

India: Trade association encourages organic farming for job creation
17 September 2012 - The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham), an apex body of trade association, on Wednesday said that adoption of organic farming in Odisha can generate about eight million jobs in the next five years. According to the Assocham study titled -- 'Organic Odisha: Inching towards organic farming', promotion of this farming process will generate six million jobs directly and two million jobs in packaging and processing, etc. The Assocham official said the state government should set up a model village in each district for encouraging the usage of organic fertilisers for protecting the land from residual effect of chemical fertilizers. Assocham has submitted the study report to the Chief Minister. ( more)

Canada: British Columbia to install over 450 electric vehicle charging stations
17 September 2012 - The Government of British Columbia is partially funding 454 new electrical vehicle charging stations, which will be built by businesses, community groups, and local governments across the province by March 2013. The charging stations will go up at key locations like city halls, shopping centres, and hotels, explained Environment Minister Terry Lake from the Brentwood Town Centre parking lot on Wednesday -- one of 71 groups that have been approved for 75 per cent funding to install 286 electric fuelling stations. ( more)

Somalia: President's inauguration marks 'new era', says UN envoy
17 September 2012 - The top United Nations envoy in Somalia on Sunday hailed the inauguration of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud as a 'new era' for the war-scarred nation and pledged the world body's continued support to help it move forward. The election marked the culmination of a series of landmark steps to bring an end to the country's eight-year political transition that also included the adoption of Somalia's provisional constitution, the establishment of the New Federal Parliament, and the appointment of that body's Speaker. ( more)

Chile aims to make Torres del Paine National Park a global research centre
17 September 2012 - The granite 'towers' of Torres del Paine National Park -- already splashed across outdoor magazines around the world -- may soon become a regular feature of international academic journals, thanks to a concerted effort by the park's administrators and Chile's National Forestry Corporation (CONAF). The Patagonian biosphere reserve is the site of 14 major research projects authorized by CONAF Magallanes. Regional Director Jose Fernández Dübrock has emphasized that the institution is doing all it can to facilitate further academic studies. 'The results of these studies, on many occasions, contribute towards knowledge that permits us to better protect the flora and fauna of the Park,' he said. ( more)

India: Shares hit 14-month closing high after big bang reforms
17 September 2012 - India's main BSE index rose for a ninth consecutive session to its highest close since July 2011, as retailers such as Pantaloon and airlines such as SpiceJet surged after the government opened up the sectors to foreign direct investment. Lenders such as ICICI Bank also rallied after the Reserve Bank of India cut the cash reserve ratio, or the amount of deposits the sector must keep with the central bank. ( more)

Canada: Ontario Food Terminal has first public event with Fresh Fest
17 September 2012 - You can't see all the fruits and vegetables from the expressway as you fly past the Ontario Food Terminal, but 5.3 million pounds of them pass through it daily. The sprawling, industrial fortress in Toronto is a secret world where grocers and restaurateurs strike deals with farmers and wholesalers. Now, for the first time in its 58-year history, the terminal is opening to the public on 22 September for an event called Fresh Fest. Proceeds from ticket sales goes to FoodShare. 'I'm convinced that we're healthier in Toronto because of this place,' says Debbie Field, executive director of FoodShare Toronto, a non-profit community food organization. 'It's a public health jewel.' ( more)

China's imports of Chilean fruit on the rise as ties deepen between countries
17 September 2012 - As ties deepen between China and Chile, the South American country's food exports to China saw a strong increase of 35 per cent year-on-year to $438 million in 2011, according to the latest Chilean official data. The figures underline the South American country's position as one of the major fruit suppliers to China. Global Good News feels this is a positive trend provided the fruit is not genetically modified. ( more)

India: Mahindra Reva to launch five electric cars in four years
17 September 2012 - Two months ahead of the much-awaited next-generation electric car, Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt Ltd is finalizing an aggressive product roadmap to expand its electric car business in India and overseas markets. The company, which is likely to launch its new electric car, the four-seater Reva NXR during Diwali festival, has lined up five new models that includes three from Mahindra platforms and two from Reva for the launch till 2016. Meanwhile, the company is also finalizing a plan to develop infrastructure across the key markets for its electric car under a public private partnership model. ( more)


Last Updated on Wednesday, 19 September 2012 18:01
BC SM HR Class Action & Car Benzene Poisons! Sept 6/12 Print E-mail
Wednesday, 05 September 2012 13:02

BC Human Rights Class Action & Car Benzene Poisons Sept 6/12

BC Human Rights Tribunal approves smart meter class action

On August 28, 2012, the BC Human Rights Tribunal (BCHRT) issued a decision approving a representative complaint (akin to a class action) against BC Hydro on behalf of "those persons allegedly diagnosed with electromagnetic hypersensitivity and who have been advised to avoid exposure to wireless technology."

A copy of the Tribunal's decision is available at:

A copy of the Tribunal's decision is available at: The Tribunal approved the representation of that class by the Citizens for Safe Technology Society, which it found to have authority to bring the representative complaint.  The Society may be contacted at by any person wishing to join the complaint.

The Tribunal found that the complaint brought by the Citizens for Safe Technology Society properly alleges a breach of the Human Rights Code in that it alleges a disability, adverse treatment in respect of a service customarily available to the public, and a nexus or connection between the disability and the adverse treatment.

By way of the Complaint, the Citizens for Safe Technology seeks:

A declaration that BC Hydro has discriminated against each person in the Class by failing to provide each person in the Class with an unconditional written commitment that BC Hydro will refrain from installing and/or operating a wireless smart meter at the individual's place of residence and/or residential complex.

An order that BC Hydro cease and desist forthwith from the said discrimination by offering to refrain from installing and/or operating a wireless smart meter at the individual's place of residence and/or residential complex.

On May 31, 2011, the World Health Organization recognized that radiofrequency electromagnetic fields are a Class 2B possible human cancer risk. The emissions generated by the Microwave Device fall under this classification of emissions and risk.

The Citizens for Safe Technology Society is currently fund raising to bring a tort action against BC Hydro so as to prohibit the imposition of microwave emitting smart meters on BC residents regardless of whether they have electromagnetic hypersensitivity. 

Citizens for Safe Technology Society,2,2532

Smart Meter Moratorium Motion and / or Opt Out Tally List
Current Tally: 55

Congratulations and welcome, Granisle #55

For links to help organize your own delegation request for a moratorium in your community, begin here.

A growing number of responsive and proactive B.C. Municipal and City Councils are passing motions for moratoriums on mandatory installation of B.C. Hydro's wireless "Smart" Meters as follows:

"According to Bill 23-2008 of the British Columbia Public Health Act, section 83

(1) a municipality must take action when it learns of something that could be harmful to its residents. It must notify the Minister of Health or take immediate action. At its June 27 Council meeting, the City of Colwood, B.C. passed a motion to write to the Minister of Health and, due to the potential for wireless smart meters to cause harm or to compromise security, request a moratorium on mandatory installations of wireless meters. The Council also requested that concerned residents be offered safer alternatives at no cost to them.

B.C. Councils who have considered the above request, and voted in favour of it:

  1. Alert Bay
  2. Burnaby
  3. Central Saanich
  4. Chawathil First Nation
  5. Clearwater
  6. Colwood
  7. Duncan
  8. Enderby
  9. Fernie
  10. Gold River
  11. Granisle
  12. Hagwilget Village First Nation
  13. Highlands District
  14. Hornby Island (appeal to designate as a "smart meter free zone")
  15. Invermere
  16. Islands Trust (Bowen Island)
  17. Kootenay Boundary (RDKB)
  18. Kootenay Central Regional District (RDCK / Nelson /Fortis BC)
  19. Ladysmith
  20. Lake Country / Winfield
  21. Lake Cowichan
  22. Langley Township
  23. Maple Ridge (Moratorium declined, Opt Out Request Submitted)
Last Updated on Wednesday, 05 September 2012 13:09
Notice to Can Police,Military & Gov Agencies ! #1 Aug 30/12 Print E-mail
Wednesday, 29 August 2012 16:16

Notice to Canadian Police, Military, Secret Gov Agencies & Security Firms #12 Jan 29/11

NWO Falling     Rosanne Barr   5 min  17 seconds

The time has come to evaluate your position and behaviour in Canada. Our government is not a democracy as they claim but rather a tyrannical Oligarcy bent on a one world order suppression of life liberty and freedom for Canadians. A sovereign nation does not bow to the dictates of a foreign country ,corporation’s or individuals.  First mistake is to swear an allegiance to the Queen the UN and not the Citizens and country of Canada treason charges should be laid just for that infringement. However many Canadians have been duped about the status of Canada not knowing it is a corporation extension of England. As such much tax money goes to the Queen and or Federal Reserve foreign bankers impoverishing Canadian freedoms and liberties. This is treasonous fraud!

Satanist banker eugenicists have over run this great nation instilling illusionary freedoms, and multiculturalism set as the framework for discord and deployment of there insidious plans. Foreigners have no right to dictate laws or decrees that breach our god given rights to life liberty, freedom of expression, free will, clean environment, common law, equality and a government free of corruption solely operating to serve the highest good for all its citizens.

A sovereign country has a police, military, security force that protect common law and universal god given laws serving the highest good for all. These official forces do not abuse, threaten, coerce or attack citizens to protect the illegal actions and decrees from an illegal government that mandate policy or laws not sanctioned for the highest good for all. If you do decide to breach our human rights such as the screeners in our Airports or RCMP or other Police Agencies violating the rights of serve and protect but rather harass abuse, humiliate, kill and damage physically and monetarily then you are treasonous leaches that need to be jailed. Violators need to have your citizenship withdrawn any and all assets and benefits forfeit. It is time for Canadian Citizens to take there country back, therefore any peaceful protest or active protest should be supported by the Police, military like in Egypt and or Agencies and security firms should stand down and stop supporting tyranny in Canada. Here are the reasons why:

Political Corruption in all levels: The Bank of Canada is the only legal bank in writing that should lend any money to Government agencies for infrastructure, Medical, Social Services, Education etc. Yet treason prevails with foreign bankers

Our countries resources, ports and infrastructure are not for sale without the honest informed consent of Canadians this was done deceitfully, illegally without consent via free trade and Nafta. Our Provinical and Federal Governments are guilty of treason in this count.

Bankers deliberately manipulate markets, trends and currencies to impoverish Canadians earnings and lifestyle free wills. They lie to customers using fractional banking methods all supported by our corrupt Government. Breaking Universal laws, common law, preach of trust and treason.

Our Government sanction mind control programs with other USA agencies our own agencies and military violating the divine blueprint universal law, common laws, & criminal laws in so many ways. The governments pretends to be concerned about child abductions while allowing huge underground bases and agencies to operate doing this year after year. Satanic Cults such as Bohemian Grove are common place amongst our public officials.They further sanction animal and human murder, torture, rape and abuse.

Mind Control is sanctioned and allowed through our air Harrp project and chem. trails, water fluoride and other chemical compound to dull the mind and create illness.

Vaccines are bought with our tax dollars designed to injure, infect and kill many for the population control campaign. All of these statements can be backed up in a legal common law court by the people for the people.

The Government sanctions Illegal participation in foreign wars against the wishes of Canadians and lie about repealing illegal taxes like the GST and even introduce more economic slavery with the HST. Where does it stop folks ? It stops when we all stand up and say enough oppression enough lies and enough treason towards everything Canada stands for get involved Canadians!

We have a corrupt justice system filled with misguided Satanists who believe that Admiralty Gold Fringed Flag corporate law will protect there endless illegal statute’s. A Republic with Common Law and God Given Universal laws that serve the highest good for all is what we demand and disserve in this country.

Mind control frequency through cell towers, cell phones, radio and TV set ‘s is done to condition belief in there lies and manipulating generation after generation and you do nothing to stop this. All the phone companies, cable companies and Media Companies are guilty of crimes against Canadians on so many levels and you do nothing but support this treachery. You should stand down and stop supporting this illegal one world order agenda. We can succeed together. I am asking all Canadians who read this to share this email with your local coast guard, Police chief, military and or security companies!

I applaud the courage of the people of Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen and anywhere else people stand up for liberty, freedom, health and safety for there families communities and countries. I suggest using old ham radios and walkie talkies to stay in touch if they cut communications. Hockey or motorcycle helmets will help against rubber or even real bullets to some degree. Water soaked cotton dish towels or construction, medical face masks that are cheap to buy to help with tear gas. Construction skin tight goggles or clear swim goggles will help with tear gas. Bear pepper spray can work under there face shields and on there necks to defend yourselves. First aid people to wipe sprayed faces and injured people from tyranny would be wise to support freedom.

It is time to do the right thing help us bring sanity liberty and authentic laws and sovereignty back to our glorious nation. Stand down and support truth and real justice ! To continue will get you arrested retroactively! I strongly suggest you watch the informative videos offered below!

Police & Military Against the New World Order

HC  !! Box 357 Kamiah Idaho 83536   208-935-7852   Hours   9 am- 5 pm

Our Associations singular goal is to prevent our brothers and sisters in uniform from being unwittingly used to enslave the people of free nations under the anti-God, anti-Freedom (United Nations Led) world government system.

We understand two most important points concerning the globalists plan:

They intend to gain, through any available means, total dictatorial control over all the peoples of the world!

They cannot realize their goal if their  would- be enforcers (we police and soldiers) refuse to assist them in their treachery.


Walter J Burien Accountant Auditor The Biggest Game in Town ( Government Extortion and fraud) This video is 2 hrs 15 minutes long well worth listening to. He explains clearly how our Government swindle us out of our hard earned money through non disclosure. This clarifies why we need Nesara and how we can operate with little to no taxes and how we have all been lied to regarding budgets and taxes!

The Cafre Swindle 15 minutes  Jerry Day

Economic Hitman Exposed John Perkins sanctioned by all governments!  2 minutes

Dark Immigration Of Shame!



Dangers of Electro Magnectic Radiation Part 1-3


What in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length)Chem Trails exposed!

The Coalition Against Geo-Engineering. /

Canadian Free Trade Whistleblower  Shelley Ann Clark I hour Radio Interview

Catherine Austin Fitts Exposes Government Corruption  56 minutes

Leuren Moret Discusses MKUltra, Tavistock, HAARP & Mind Control  10 min 40 sec

Cathy OBrian Speak of her experience as Mind Control Sex Slave for Gov Officials

Military Officers for 9/11 Truth -Lt.Col. Robert M Bowman PhD. 12 min 20 sec

The Flouride Deception 1 to 4  Mar 12/11

PART 1: 10 min 36 seconds

PART 2: 10 min 31 seconds

PART 3: 10 min 30 seconds

PART 4: 6 Minutes

"Vaccines and autism: a new scientific review"

MSNBC Federal Reserve Bank Fraud

Watch Here:

You can see 30 min Bank Fraud Film here

Banking Criminals Corporation Explained how it is connected!  3 min  38 seconds

Canadian Action Party About the Bank of Canada!

Banking problems explained that affect every country with similar betrayal of sovereignty financing by governments! Folks hospitals, roads, schools and health care would all be taken care off easily if governments still borrowed from themselves without enslaving there citizens to foreign banks to enrich them and themselves. So take them to task people. Cheers Tami

Bill Abrams Banking Scam in Canada Part 1

Part  2

What Kind of Government Do You Want?

Here's little something to look at during this political season. This ought to make a person think one more time before walking into the voting booth. This country is returning to it's constitution, as a part of this money shift.

Respectfully Sovereign Canadian Citizen seeking true freedom and justice Tami Dickson


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