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Skype & Internet Spying Aug 9/12 Print E-mail
Wednesday, 08 August 2012 15:13

Skype & Internet Spying Aug  9/12

I’m concerned by the opening paragraph of a Washington Post article covering Skype’s recent policy changes regarding how they share their user data with the government.  Until now Skype has been considered an extremely secure and private method of internet communication.

From the Washington Post:

‘Skype, the online phone service long favored by political dissidents, criminals and others eager to communicate beyond the reach of governments, has expanded its cooperation with law enforcement authorities to make online chats and other user information available to police, said industry and government officials familiar with the changes.’

Some questions should be raised.

First, why only make the reader aware that some who seek privacy are “dissidents” (whatever that means) and criminals, without mentioning that hundreds of millions of everyday people with political opinions and zero criminal intent also seek privacy?  It’s wrong to slant privacy as something that is only used by nefarious persons for illegitimate purposes.

Second, what’s wrong with wanting to communicate outside the reach of the Federal Government? We do it every day when we talk to one another in our homes and in public places.  If the government claims it needs to have recordings of all of our phone calls and internet communications on hand because they might one day need to subpoena them as evidence, what is to stop them from saying  they need to record ALL our private communications for the same reason?  Are you willing to start recording everything you say and then hand over the tapes to the government in order to assist them in providing us with this wonderful service they seem so intent on giving to us? No?  Then why would you let them record your phone calls?

If we are going to be a society that believes because the government CAN record us THEY SHOULD, we are in for a very dangerous ride.

The only impression I can conclude the Washington Post is trying to convey in their article is that those who value privacy are among the criminal element, and I can’t help but wonder why they would want to do that.

There are plenty of things in each of our lives that we would rather keep private, and that doesn’t make us criminals.  Never forget that.

Internet Spying Aug 9/12

If You See This Google Warning, Act Fast: Big Brother is Watching

August 05 2012  By Dr. Mercola

Big Brother is watching. No kidding. And the warning is coming from none other than Google, which says government spies may be spying on you. Some believe the Google announcement may be related  to the recent discovery of the data-mining virus named "Flame." In a June 3 New York Times article, Andrew Kramer and Nicole Perlroth write1:

"When Eugene Kaspersky, the founder of Europe's largest antivirus company, discovered the Flame virus that is afflicting computers in Iran and the Middle East, he recognized it as a technologically sophisticated virus that only a government could create.

He also recognized that the virus, which he compares to the Stuxnet virus built by programmers employed by the United States and Israel, adds weight to his warnings of the grave dangers posed by governments that manufacture and release viruses on the internet.

"Cyberweapons are the most dangerous innovation of this century," he told a gathering of technology company executives... While the United States and Israel are using the weapons to slow the nuclear bomb-making abilities of Iran, they could also be used to disrupt power grids and financial systems or even wreak havoc with military defenses."

Mr. Kaspersky claims he was called in to investigate the new virus on behalf of the International Telecommunication Union, an agency of the United Nations. The virus was allegedly erasing files on computers belonging to the Iranian oil ministry.

What makes the Flame virus a major potential concern for common citizens of the world is the fact that it's the first virus found with the ability to spread wirelessly by attaching itself to Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Once there, it can not only trace and steal information stored on those devices; according to Kramer and Perlroth the program also contains a "microbe" command that can activate any microphone within the device, record whatever is going on at the time—presumably whether you're actually using the device or not—and transmit audio files back to the attacker. This, clearly, has huge privacy implications were it to be deployed against civilian populations.

New Revelations about the Links Between Flame and Stuxnet

While cybersecurity experts initially claimed there were no links between the earlier Stuxnet worm and the Flame virus, a recent article on The Verge now reports that the two are undoubtedly related2. Joshua Kopstein writes:

"[I]n examining an earlier version of Stuxnet, the lab's researchers now find that they were wrong: a previously overlooked module within the virus is now providing the "missing link" between the two pieces of malware. The module in question... matches very closely with a module used by an early version Flame. "It was actually so similar, that it made our automatic system classify it as Stuxnet," wrote Alexander Gostev... indicating that the module was likely the seed of both viruses. "We think it's actually possible to talk about a 'Flame' platform, and that this particular module was created based on its source code."

The new evidence suggests that Stuxnet and Flame are two sides of the same coin, with the former built for sabotage and the latter for surveillance. But researchers also say that the Flame platform pre-dated Stuxnet and its sister, Duqu, and was likely built in the Summer of 2008."

InformationWeek Security recently offered the following advice3:"... Microsoft has been working quickly to patch the certificate bug exploited by Flame. Notably, Microsoft released an update Friday [June 8] for Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) 3.0 Service Pack 2 (SP2), which according to the release notes "strengthens the WSUS communication channels ... [by] trusting only files that are issued by the Microsoft Update certification authority."

Microsoft is also set to issue an update Tuesday--as part of its monthly Patch Tuesday--that will further update all supported versions of Windows to block Flame. Security experts are recommending that all users install the update as soon as possible, since attackers will likely attempt to use the certificate vulnerability before it becomes widely patched. "Apply the certificate patch released a week ago today if you haven't done so already," said SANS Institute chief research officer Johannes B. Ullrich in a blog post. "This way, no patch signed by the bad certificate should be accepted tomorrow. Patch Tuesday is one of the best dates to launch such an attack, as you do expect patches anyway."

When installing the update, however, do so preferably only if using a trusted environment. "Avoid patches while 'on the road.' Apply them in your home [or] work network whenever possible," said Ullrich. "This doesn't eliminate the chance of a 'man in the middle' (MitM) attack, but it reduces the likelihood."

For users who must update while on the road, perhaps because they travel frequently, always use a VPN connection back to the corporate network, said Ullrich, since hotel networks can be malware and attack hotbeds. "Hotel networks and public hotspots frequently use badly configured HTTP proxies that can be compromised and many users expect bad SSL certificates--because of ongoing MitM attacks," he said."

Spy Central: Utah

In related news, Wired Magazine recently reported that the US government is building a massive spy center, right in the heart of Mormon country, in Bluffdale, Utah4--so massive, in fact, that once finished, the facility will be five times larger than the US Capitol.

According to Wired Magazine:

"Under construction by contractors with top-secret clearances, the blandly named Utah Data Center is being built for the National Security Agency. A project of immense secrecy, it is the final piece in a complex puzzle assembled over the past decade. Its purpose: to intercept, decipher, analyze, and store vast swaths of the world's communications as they zap down from satellites and zip through the underground and undersea cables of international, foreign, and domestic networks. The heavily fortified $2 billion center should be up and running in September 2013.

Flowing through its servers and routers and stored in near-bottomless databases will be all forms of communication, including the complete contents of private emails, cell phone calls, and Google searches, as well as all sorts of personal data trails—parking receipts, travel itineraries, bookstore purchases, and other digital "pocket litter." It is, in some measure, the realization of the "total information awareness" program created during the first term of the Bush administration—an effort that was killed by Congress in 2003 after it caused an outcry over its potential for invading Americans' privacy.

But "this is more than just a data center," says one senior intelligence official who until recently was involved with the program. The mammoth Bluffdale center will have another important and far more secret role that until now has gone unrevealed. It is also critical, he says, for breaking codes.

And code-breaking is crucial, because much of the data that the center will handle—financial information, stock transactions, business deals, foreign military and diplomatic secrets, legal documents, confidential personal communications—will be heavily encrypted. According to another top official also involved with the program, the NSA made an enormous breakthrough several years ago in its ability to cryptanalyze, or break, unfathomably complex encryption systems employed by not only governments around the world but also many average computer users in the US.

The upshot, according to this official: "Everybody's a target; everybody with communication is a target."[Emphasis mine]

CIA Implicated as Drug Lords Aug 2/12 Print E-mail
Wednesday, 01 August 2012 17:41

CIA Implicated as Drug Lords Aug 2/12

The CIA refused to comment directly on the allegations of complicity made by a low-level Mexican official [Reuters]

Juarez, Mexico - The US Central Intelligence Agency and other international security forces "don't fight drug traffickers", a spokesman for the Chihuahua state government in northern Mexico has told Al Jazeera, instead "they try to manage the drug trade".

Allegations about official complicity in the drug business are nothing new when they come from activists, professors, campaigners or even former officials. However, an official spokesman for the authorities in one of Mexico's most violent states - one which directly borders Texas - going on the record with such accusations is unique.

"It's like pest control companies, they only control," Guillermo Terrazas Villanueva, the Chihuahua spokesman, told Al Jazeera last month at his office in Juarez. "If you finish off the pests, you are out of a job. If they finish the drug business, they finish their jobs."

A spokesman for the CIA in Washington wouldn't comment on the accusations directly, instead he referred Al Jazeera to an official website.

Accusations are 'baloney' ( CIA Drug lords was confirmed with me by ex FBI Agent Tami)

Villanueva is not a high ranking official and his views do not represent Mexico's foreign policy establishment. Other more senior officials in Chihuahua State, including the mayor of Juarez, dismissed the claims as "baloney".

"I think the CIA and DEA [US Drug Enforcement Agency] are on the same side as us in fighting drug gangs," Hector Murguia, the mayor of Juarez, told Al Jazeera during an interview inside his SUV. "We have excellent collaboration with the US."

Under the Merida Initiative, the US Congress has approved more than $1.4bn in drug war aid for Mexico, providing attack helicopters, weapons and training for police and judges.

More than 55,000 people have died in drug related violence in Mexico since December 2006. Privately, residents and officials across Mexico's political spectrum often blame the lethal cocktail of US drug consumption and the flow of high-powered weapons smuggled south of the border for causing much of the carnage.

Drug war 'illusions'

"The war on drugs is an illusion," Hugo Almada Mireles, professor at the Autonomous University of Juarez and author of several books, told Al Jazeera. "It's a reason to intervene in Latin America."

"The CIA wants to control the population; they don't want to stop arms trafficking to Mexico, look at [Operation] Fast and Furious,” he said, referencing a botched US exercise where automatic weapons were sold to criminals in the hope that security forces could trace where the guns ended up.

The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms lost track of 1,700 guns as part of the operation, including an AK-47 used in 2010 the murder of Brian Terry, a Customs and Border Protection Agent.

Blaming the gringos for Mexico's problems has been a popular sport south of the Rio Grande ever since the Mexican-American war of the 1840s, when the US conquered most of present day California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico from its southern neighbour. But operations such as Fast and Furious show that reality can be stranger than fiction when it comes to the drug war and relations between the US and Mexico. If the case hadn't been proven, the idea that US agents were actively putting weapons into the hands of Mexican gangsters would sound absurd to many.

'Conspiracy theories'

"I think it's easy to become cynical about American and other countries' involvement in Latin America around drugs," Kevin Sabet, a former senior adviser to the White House on drug control policy, told Al Jazeera. "Statements [accusing the CIA of managing the drug trade] should be backed up with evidence… I don’t put much stake in it."

50 Company Global Controllers July 26/12 Print E-mail
Wednesday, 25 July 2012 12:52

50 Company Global Controllers July 26/12

The Great Revealing: US Marshals Expose Biggest Scandal in History

Written by David Wilcock Friday, 20 July 2012 12:12

The Department of Justice -- home of the US Marshals -- has now blown the lid off of the biggest financial scandal in human history... after a highly covert three-year investigation.

The LIBOR scandal has started the Great Revealing of Financial Tyranny. Mass arrests must begin with mass charges, and mass court cases -- and that has now arrived. Disclosure of many great hidden truths will follow.


Every person on Earth is increasingly aware that our world is ruled by corrupt forces -- to an almost Biblical degree.

The astonishing events that have unfolded since June 27, 2012 have made that much more obvious -- even for those who have been in the greatest denial.

This process has been fascinating to watch -- not to mention remarkably rewarding.

After many years of hard work to expose the truth, we are finally seeing results -- on a worldwide level. The knowledge will spread much, much more with each passing day.

In this new investigation, I will do my best to provide you with a blow-by-blow compendium of what has actually happened.

Furthermore, we are now seeing a precise fulfillment of the justice we've been promising on this site since at least last November.

Critical information was leaked to us from highly classified insider sources, working for the good of humanity. Current events have proven that their plan is still very much in effect.


Every word of this investigation has been released for free. The bulk of our original findings are in the Financial Tyranny series.

The first and largest portion of our extensive investigation was released on Friday, January 13th, 2012.

The remaining elements took almost another month to finish, and were published on Thursday, February 9th.

You can begin by reading Sections One through Seven of Financial Tyranny here. Then go here to complete Sections Eight through Ten.

This truth is admittedly painful to accept. You will probably have to go through a grief process once you understand the full scope of what is going on.

Nonetheless, it is absolutely essential for everyone, as a planet, to end the denial and face the truth of our world -- as it actually exists today.


The Great Revealing has not yet become the one thing everyone is talking about.

The arrests and resignations have only just begun -- and the mainstream Western media is equally as culpable as those controlling the financial system.

After all, it's the same people.

This is one of many popular notions that are proven in Financial Tyranny. It is no longer a "conspiracy theory."

Vast psyops have been used -- including tens of thousands of professional online hit-men, paid to look like normal people sharing their opinion.

Shame has been a very powerful weapon to stop people from learning the truth. No one wants to be "crazy" or hated for their beliefs.

You are about to see a variety of article links where the writers express surprise that the American media isn't covering this story yet.

As you are well aware, this has nothing to do with the press being "shy." They are simply staring into the face of their own destruction.


On June 27, 2012, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, or CFTC, filed a surprise legal order against Barclays Bank -- in a move that has shocked the world.

A wealth of emails were presented, giving irrefutable evidence that Barclays was manipulating their own credit score -- to generate almost unthinkably vast profits.

Here is the link where you can download the legal order yourself -- and a photograph of the top page of this historic document.

This may not seem like a big deal at first -- but in order for Barclays to have rigged their own credit score, they had to be conspiring with all the other biggest banks in the world.

These are the banks they are supposedly in competition with.

This story has taken off with unprecedented, explosive force in the UK -- but is almost non-existent in the US, except on Huffington Post and alternative news sites.

This legal action required extraordinary secrecy to perform. Had the Cabal gotten wind of it, they would have killed everyone involved.


Indeed, the world just found out that all the biggest banks are in bed together.

They are all implicated in a vast conspiracy to lie to the public, and create artificial investor confidence that benefits no one but themselves.

Mass criminal charges are already being prepared -- by labor unions, local banks, local governments, state governments and federal governments -- as a result of this move by the Department of Justice.

All the evidence is now freely available, as we will see -- and the story is nearly moving faster than we can keep up with at this point, with new developments on a day-by-day basis.


Some people are so war-weary that they refuse to believe anyone in government, military, finance, intelligence or the judiciary could be a trustworthy human being -- or want to do the right thing.

As I have said before, this is ultimately a genocidal belief system that seeks to paint the world in black and white, reinforce victim consciousness, and create an "us" versus "them."

Everyone in the "us" category is universally good... and everyone in the "them" category is diabolically evil.

The evil ones must be utterly tortured and destroyed -- with prejudice. If even one of them survives, it will all grow back again.

If this sounds like the teachings of a fundamentalist cult, you are absolutely correct.

Hitler was only one of many who put these types of thoughts into practice.

The reality is that humans are complex creatures. No one is "all good" or "all bad."

Each person is quite capable of thinking for themselves -- regardless of where they work.

Plenty of people now realize that the goals and aspirations of this cabal could literally destroy our entire planet.

We cannot simply stand back and watch it happen. Actions must be taken.


Between 70 to 75 percent of the United States military community is now aligned against the cabal as of this past week.

This is according to top Pentagon sources I am in contact with, by one degree of separation -- as a result of years of building up insider contacts as a public investigator.

Critical steps have been taken to remove powerful opposing forces that were loyal to the cabal -- who would have sabotaged this planetary healing process.

Many brave men and women have put their lives on the line to uphold their Oath of Enlistment -- and defend our freedom.

They deserve our respect and support.

There is nothing more dangerous on Earth than to take on the ruling cabal. This also makes it a uniquely powerful act of valor.

As a result of these heroic efforts -- including criminal investigations -- we are now seeing a Point of No Return for the global bankers.

If you don't grasp that yet, the wealth of excerpts you are about to read may well change your mind.


In truth, these financial institutions have been much weaker than they led us to believe for years now -- since at least 2007.

They have played around with their own credit reports to convince everyone that they are still a worthwhile investment.

If they had told us the truth about how much trouble they were in, they would probably have already been exposed and defeated.

A vast international alliance has been financially choking off the Cabal for years now -- knowing that their collapse is inevitable. They are still too powerful to be exposed until a collapse becomes visible to all.

Their fraud is so vast that it encompasses every single type of financial investment there is -- stocks, bonds, commodities, currency, mutual funds, derivatives, mortages, loans, you name it.

All the money there is in the world -- either real money or fake numbers in a computer -- has been manipulated to create the largest financial fraud in recorded history... so far.

Many experts now estimate the amount of investments that are affected could be as much as 800 trillion ( ! ) dollars.


Last September, an incredible scientific paper was released that proved, irrefutably, that the world is being controlled by a vastly interconnected cabal.

It is rather ironic that these scientists are based in Switzerland -- the world capital of secretive, off-the-books banking.

I am going to re-quote some of the first section of Financial Tyranny at this point, and add new material as well.


Three scientists from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich -- Vitali, Glattfelder and Battiston -- recently found conclusive proof that the world is being run by a vast interlocking directorate.

The computer power, database and networking capabilities necessary to prove this point were not available until recently.

Their results were published in New Scientist, a respected science magazine.


Glattfelder’s team unleashed an impressive armada of supercomputers on Orbis 2007 -- a very elaborate database of the top 37 million corporations and individual investors worldwide.

The results were absolutely stunning.

If you don't mind "getting your hands dirty" with scientific lingo, this excerpt from page 3 of their study explains more about the database and what they found. I have added emphasis where appropriate.

We start from a list of 43060 TNCs [Trans-National Corporations] identified according to the OECD [Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development] definition, taken from a sample of about 30 million economic actors contained in the Orbis 2007 database (see IS Appendix, Sec. 2).

We then apply a recursive search (Fig. S1 and SI Appendix, Sec. 2) which singles out, for the first time to our knowledge, the network of all the ownership pathways originating from and pointing to TNCs [Trans-National Corporations] (Fig. S2).

The resulting TNC network includes 600508 nodes and 1006987 ownership ties….


It may not seem possible that one database could generate the findings you are about to see.

Therefore, for those who are interested, I want to point out additional information that appears on page 12, regarding the Orbis database and how it was used.

The Orbis 2007 marketing database comprises about 37 million economic actors, both physical persons and firms located in 194 countries, and roughly 13 million directed and weighted ownership links (equity relations).

[Orbis 2007: ]

Among many others, information on the industrial classification, geographical position and operating revenue of the actors are provided.

This data set is intended to track control relationships rather than patrimonial relationships.

Whenever available, the percentage of ownership refers to shares associated with voting rights….


As you just read, the Swiss scientists identified a total of 43,060 trans-national corporations in the Orbis 2007 database.

They were quite surprised to discover a "bow-tie" structure when they analyzed how these corporations were related to one another.

The "bow-tie" is a visual metaphor of what their data actually looked like once they had everything mapped out. A bow-tie has a small central knot with two loops coming off of it.

The equivalent of the bow-tie, in ther computer data, was a very small central knot of corporations with branches that extended out to a surprising majority of the entire system.

In this case, it looks more like a circle with a bunch of red dots in the middle -- but notice how the dots are all clustered in the center.

This brief explanation helps us understand some of the wording in the abstract of the paper, which summarized their findings at the beginning:

We find that transnational corporations form a giant bow-tie structure -- and that a large portion of control flows to a small, tightly-knit core of financial institutions.

This core can be seen as an economic “super-entity” that raises new important issues both for researchers and policy makers….


The Swiss team revealed that a very small ‘core’ of 1,318 companies was in direct control of many more corporations. In total, these corporations earned 20 percent of the world’s wealth, as we will see.

This 'core' is the first level of the "bow-tie" structure they discovered. The 1,318 companies were the "knot" of the bow-tie, which extended out and entangled many other corporations.

This excerpt from page 5 is where they first mention the core:

Thus, similar to the WWW [the Internet], the TNC [trans-national corporation] network has a bow-tie structure [21] (see Fig. 2 A and SI Appendix, Sec. 6).

Its peculiarity is that the strongly connected component, or core, is very small compared to the other sections of the bow-tie…

The core is also very densely connected, with members having, on average, ties to 20 other members (Fig. 2 C, D).

As a result, about 3/4 of the ownership of firms in the core remains in the hands of firms of the core itself.

In other words, this is a tightly-knit group of corporations that cumulatively hold the majority share of each other….


It is very, very strange that all these corporations, theoretically in competition with each other, all actually own each other's companies.

The scientists were shocked, because the ownership was far more entangled and interrelated than anyone could ever have imagined -- even for those with the unsavory label of a "conspiracy theorist."

These were not crackpots.

Credible scientists explored virgin territory, using supercomputers and a vast database -- and discovered an astonishing "ghost in the machine."


In this diagram, taken from the Swiss study, we see a better illustration of the core -- including some of the top players within it, and their relationships.

Look closely. Some of these names should already be quite familiar to you:

Names that immediately jump out include Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, UBS, Deutsche Bank and Barclays.

These are almost all financial institutions. They are supposed to be in competition with each other. Most of their employees certainly think they are.

What the hell are they doing by all owning each other's companies?


It's almost like a magic show. The magician uses mis-direction to get his audience to look away from the stage, at just the right time, to create compelling illusions.

In this case, the illusion would be that if you invest in one of these financial institutions, you are hoping that you will earn more profits than if you went with one of the others.

No one knew that they were all actually working together.

No matter which one of these companies you invest in, all your money is going to the same players.

It's like a casino that is rigged to insure the "house always wins."


This is still just the beginning. It gets much more outrageous from here.

This "core" of 1,318 companies owns other corporations that, in total, are earning 20 percent of all the money there is to make in the world.

The quotes to prove this will appear in just a minute.

This fact alone reveals that there is an astonishing monopoly at play in the world.

Any interconnected matrix of control like this should be subject to vast, sweeping anti-trust legislation.

Otherwise, there are all sorts of insider moves that can be made to financially exploit the people.


However, in addition to their own 20 percent share, the "core" also appeared to own and control the stock in a majority of all the largest companies in the world.

These companies' profits add up to an additional 60 percent of global revenues.

The results of our investigation just got much worse. This is nothing short of staggering:

Although they represented 20 per cent of global operating revenues, the 1318 [corporations] appeared to collectively own, through their shares, the majority of the world's large blue chip and manufacturing firms -- the "real" economy -- representing a further 60 per cent of global revenues….

[This] core of 1318 companies [had] interlocking ownerships. Each of the 1318 had ties to two or more other companies, and on average they were connected to 20 [other corporations].


This kind of discovery can actually make your brain hurt.

When we find out that 80 percent of all the money being earned in the world is all going into a centralized network, that's another way of saying "Everything is Under Control."

The remaining 20 percent of "hold-outs" are probably in foreign nations who somehow managed to resist this vast Cabal.

The 80-percent majority includes pharmaceutical companies, clothing manufacturers, agriculture providers, gadget-makers, mining consortiums, telecommunications companies, defense contractors, food manufacturers and the media complex.

It's what we eat, what we drink, what we wear, what we drive, what we use, what we learn and what we are informed by.

This is a stupefying and very humbling discovery.

Once the average person steps back, absorbs this information and then passes out from intellectual fatigue, they are likely to wake up with nightmares.


The magic trick isn't over. This is all still just the set-up, as the elusive magician draws us more and more into the realm of the fantastic -- and the impossible.

Believe it or not, only 737 corporations control this network that directly earns 80 percent of all the world's profits.

The smoke rises -- and the audience gasps in awe at how the magician could have ever pulled off a stunt like this.

This next excerpt from page 6 of the paper reveals the truth -- in stark, black and white words on this screen.

Don't let the technical jargon fool you. This single sentence has earth-shaking implications -- and everyone needs to know about it.

In contrast, we find that only 737 top holders accumulate 80% of the control over the value of all TNCs [trans-national corporations] (see also the list of the top 50 holders in Tbl. S1 of SI Appendix, Sec. 8.3).


And that's still not all.

The "top actors" within this group of 737 corporations have ten times more control than they should -- if the control was only based on how much money they are earning.


In particular, the top ranked actors hold a control ten times bigger than what could be expected based on their wealth.

The results are robust with respect to the models used to estimate control.


Now we tumble even deeper into the realm of the bizarre -- and the inexplicable. Just when you thought the magic trick was over, it gets even more outrageous.

The Swiss team was astonished by this discovery of 737 corporations earning 80 percent of all the world's wealth -- in a closed, central network.

No one talks about this. No one knew this. The Swiss were the very first, in human history, to discover this -- scientifically. It jumped right out of the data -- and was absolutely undeniable.

Here, again, is what they said in the opening summary:

So far, only small national samples were studied -- and there was no appropriate methodology to assess control globally.

We present the first investigation of the architecture of the international ownership network, along with the computation of the control held by each global player.

Remember -- their discovery grew out of a complex analysis of 600,508 nodes, with 1,006,987 different connections between them.

The computers are correlating vast amounts of information provided for each individual node -- and mapping how it all fits together.


Emboldened and mystified by this seemingly impossible discovery, the Swiss team then crunched the numbers even harder -- consuming what must have been months of computer processing time.

Their hard work paid off -- with astonishing precision.

By drilling down even harder, they found that within these 737 companies, there was a very deeply hidden “super-entity” of only 147 corporations.

Together, this super-elite, good-old-boys-club of 147 companies directly earns a whopping 40 percent of all the wealth in the world.

When the team further untangled the web of ownership, it found much of it tracked back to a "super-entity" of 147 even more tightly knit companies -- all of their ownership was held by other members of the super-entity -- that controlled 40 per cent of the total wealth in the network.


Let's not forget that these 147 companies appear to be in complete control of the 737 corporations that we were just talking about.

This was very difficult to find, and could not have been revealed without massive computer power -- which almost borders on artificial intelligence.

Therefore, we now know that this "super-entity" of 147 companies likely controls 80 percent of all the money to be earned in the world.

MSG Aspartame Excitotoxins & Monsanto Protects! July 12/12 Print E-mail
Wednesday, 11 July 2012 15:33

MSG Aspartame Excitotoxins & Monsanto Protections! July 12/12

Interview with Dr. Russell Blaylock on devastating health effects
of MSG aspartame and excitotoxins
Wednesday, September 27, 2006
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, Editor of

Mike: I'm here with Dr. Russell Blaylock, and I'd like to explore some of the more advanced aspects of some of the things you are working on.  Dr. Blaylock, I think readers know the basics of both MSG and aspartame, but can you review what you've already written about excitotoxins?

Dr. Russell Blaylock: I have three books.  The first one is the excitotoxin book, "Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills," and the latest one is "Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life."   The third one is "Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients," which is directed at nutritional treatments for cancer.  It contains some material about aspartame and MSG.

Excitotoxins have been found to dramatically promote cancer growth and metastasis.  In fact, one aspartame researcher noticed that, when cancer cells were exposed to aspartame, they became more mobile, and you see the same effect with MSG.  It also causes a cancer cell to become more mobile, and that enhances metastasis, or spread.  These MSG-exposed cancer cells developed all of these pseudopodians and started moving through tissues, which is one of the earlier observations from cancer.

When you increase the glutamate level, cancer just grows like wildfire, and then when you block glutamate, it dramatically slows the growth of the cancer.  Researchers have done some experiments in which they looked at using glutamate blockers in combination with conventional drugs, like chemotherapy, and it worked very well.  It significantly enhanced the effectiveness of these cancer drugs.

Mike: Wasn't there some research that came out recently that supports all this by establishing a correlation between leukemia and aspartame?

Dr. Blaylock: Yes. This Italian study was very well done.  It was a lifetime study, which is very important with these toxins.  They fed animals aspartame throughout their lives and let them die a natural death.  They found a dramatic and statistically significant increase in the related cancers of lymphoma and leukemia, along with several histological types of lymphomas, which is of interest because H.J. Roberts had written an article saying that there was a significant increase in the primary lymphoma of the brain.

When you look it up in the neurosurgical literature, there is a rather significant rise in the incidents of what used to be a rare tumor.  We're seeing a lot more of the primary lymphoma of the brain, which is a little different than lymphomas you see elsewhere.  When you look back at the original studies done by the G.D. Searle company, they found lymphomas as well as primary brain tumors and tumors of multiple organs.  All of this correlation shows that we've got a powerful carcinogenic substance here.  It is either acting as a co-carcinogen or a primary carcinogen.  Most likely, it's the formaldehyde breakdown product.

What the Italian study found is that if you take these same animals and expose them to formaldehyde in the same doses, they developed the same leukemias and lymphomas.  If you look back at the Troker Study conducted in Spain a couple of years ago, what they found was when they radiolabeled the aspartame, they could actually see formaldehyde binding to the DNA, and it produced both single and double strand DNA breakage.

We know that when formaldehyde binds to DNA, it's very difficult to remove it.  It will stay there for long periods of time.  What that means is if you just drink a single diet cola today, or sweeten something with NutraSweet, you're accumulating damage every day.  Eventually, you're going to produce this necessary pattern of DNA damage to initiate the cancer, and once you develop the cancer, the aspartic acid component of aspartame will make the cancer grow very rapidly.  You've got a double effect; it's causing the cancer, and it's making the cancer move very rapidly.

Mike: Given all this evidence, how has the industry managed to suppress this information and keep this chemical legal in the food supply?

Dr. Blaylock: Donald Rumsfeld was the one who pushed a lot of this through, when he was in the chairmanship of the G.D. Searle company, NutraSweet.  He got it approved through the regulatory process, but once it was approved, the government didn't want to admit that they had made a mistake.  They just continued to cover it up, like the fluoride thing and the milk industry.

You're not going to criticize milk in the media, because they are smart enough to advertise in newspapers, magazines, health magazines and journals.  They have all the media outlets covered.  The only place that they don't have covered is talk radio and the internet.  The health blogs can tell the truth.

No matter how much a newspaper wants to tell the truth, they're not going to do it.  This is the kind of pressure these people are under.  Even if you have a good writer who wants to write the story, his editor is going to override him and prevent it or water it down considerably.  You see this in journals like the Journal of Clinical Nutrition or College Nutrition.  Look at who funds them:  The Monsanto Company, and they used to be sponsored by G.D. Searle.  They're not going to want to put articles in their journal that will infuriate their primary source of income.  Even medical and nutrition journals are controlled by these people.

Mike: It's the unholy alliance between the scientific community and big business.

Dr. Blaylock: Right.  Another big scandal concerning the research is something new we found.  We discovered that outside of the brain, there are numerous glutamate receptors in all organs and tissues.  The entire GI tract, from the esophagus to the colon, has numerous glutamate receptors.  The entire electrical conducting system of a heart is replete with all sorts of glutamate receptors.  The lungs, the ovaries, all the reproductive systems and sperm itself, adrenal glands, bones and even calcification are all controlled by glutamate receptors.  They act and operate exactly like the glutamate receptors in the brain.

So, when you're consuming MSG, the level of glutamate in the blood can rise as high as 20-fold.  You get very high glutamate levels in the blood after eating a meal containing MSG.  You're stimulating all of the glutamate receptors.  That's why some people get explosive diarrhea, because it stimulates the receptors in the esophagus and small bowel.  Others may develop irritable bowel, or if they have irritable bowel, it makes it a lot worse.  If they have reflux, it makes that a lot worse.  The thing about the cardiac conduction system glutamate receptors is this may explain the rise in sudden cardiac death.

What you see in almost all these cases is low magnesium.  When the magnesium level is low, the glutamate receptors become hypersensitive, and so people -- athletes in particular, if they are not supplementing with magnesium -- are prone to sudden cardiac death, because of the glutamate receptors.  If they eat a meal or something that contains glutamate or drink a diet cola before practice, it will produce such intense cardiac irritability, they'll die of sudden cardiac death.  We know the sudden cardiac death is due to two things:  Most commonly arrhythmia and cardio artery spasm.  Both of which can be produced by glutamate.

Mike: Of course, that death certificate doesn't say they died from MSG.

Dr. Blaylock: No, and it's not going to, because the admitting physician doesn't know the first thing about any of this research.  They've never heard of it.  In fact, most cardiologists I've spoken with have never heard of this.  They didn't know there were glutamate receptors throughout the electrical conduction system and in the heart muscle itself.  You have a million patients in this country with arrhythmias that are life-threatening, and no one's telling them to avoid MSG and aspartame, yet it's a major source of cardiac irritability.

Mike: It's absolutely astounding.  Now, didn't baby food manufacturers voluntarily remove this ingredient in the '70s?

Dr. Blaylock: They said they would, but they didn't.  What they did is take out pure MSG and substitute it with hydrolyzed protein and caseinate.  If you look at most toddler foods, they all have caseinate hydrolyzed protein broth, a significant source of glutamate.

Mike: We're destroying the nervous systems of these babies.

Dr. Blaylock: Exactly.  Now, one of the things we're hearing a lot about is childhood obesity.  One early observation with exitotoxicity is it makes animals grossly obese.

Mike: If they banned MSG, the drug companies would lose billions.  Think about how much money they make treating all of these symptoms.

Dr. Blaylock: Here the government has all these big plans for controlling carbohydrate intake and controlling cereals and sugar and all that.  Those things add to the problem, because what we find in MSG-exposed animals is that they prefer carbohydrates and sugars over protein-rich foods.  That was one of the characteristics of this type of obesity.  It's very difficult to exercise the weight off and almost impossible to diet it off.  The appetite is out of control, but the metabolism is also out of control.  They have metabolic syndrome on top of obesity, and so then you have a leptin insensitivity. In terms of obesity, they have a leptin insensitivity.  It has been shown that you can produce leptin insensitivity very easily with MSG.

Mike: Is there any hope, in your view, that the world may wake up to this, and some day these ingredients may be banned?

Dr. Blaylock: It's possible, but you know, it's only going to be by public exposure, through the blogs and sites like yours.  Once the public gets wind of it and is convinced that this is real, then there'll be an uproar over it.  There's just a deception. The average consumer looks at it and goes, "Well, it says that it contains no MSG, so it must be okay."

Mike: I find a lot of the vegetarian foods, or so-called health foods, use yeast extracts.

Dr. Blaylock: The worst of the things they're doing are the soy extracts.  Soybeans, naturally, have one of the highest glutamate levels of any of the plant products.  When you hydrolyze it, you release the glutamate, and the soy protein isolates.  The glutamate levels are higher than a lot of what you'll find in MSG products, yet the vegetarians are just eating it like it's the healthiest thing in the world.  There was a 25-year study done, which looked at people who consumed the most soy products, and they followed them for 25 years and did serial CT scans.  They found out that the people who consumed the most soybean products had the greatest incidence of dementia and brain atrophy.

These people are destroying their nervous system, and I talked to a lot of them who complained of severe migraine headaches.  I said, "Get off the soy," and they do, and that migraine headache goes away.  In addition, you have very high manganese levels, which is toxic to the very same part of the brain that produces Parkinson's.  You've got a mixture of toxins with soy products, and the people think they are eating a healthy, nutritious product.  It's destroying their nervous system, as well as other organs.

Mike: In this whole debate of soy versus cow's milk, we find misinformation in both camps.

Dr. Blaylock: I wouldn't recommend either one.  If you're obsessed with milk, use goat's milk.  It's closer to human milk, but I wouldn't recommend cow's milk or soy milk.  I think people ought to avoid soy products as if they were poison.

Mike: Have you taken a lot of heat from NutraSweet or any of these other companies?  I mean, have you been threatened with lawsuits or anything for going public with this information?

Dr. Blaylock: No, they leave me alone.  I know too much.  They've never bothered me.  When I wrote the book, George Schwartz warned me, "Are you sure you want to write this book?  If you do, they're just going to hound you to death."   I said, "Yes, I want to write the book."  So, I wrote it with one thing in mind: that they would not be able to refute it.

I researched every kind of way you can research and proved the toxicity of glutamate.  They know I know that, because I had exchanged this in writing letters to some of their biggest defenders.  They all realized that they couldn't answer my arguments.  So they leave me alone.  They're afraid that if it comes to a big standoff between me and them, they're going to lose.

Mike: They don't want this information going on the public record.

Dr. Blaylock: No, they don't want that.  What they're doing is the old ploy of just ignoring and hoping it will go away.  Of course, they put pressure on magazines, journals and newspapers not to interview me.  They are trying to keep me in the shadows where they hope most people don't hear anything I have to say.  It only works for so long.

Since I first wrote the book in 1995, proof supporting my viewpoint has increased enormously.  The new material on peripheral glutamate receptors absolutely killed these people.  They have no defense against that.  The new information on the dramatic increase in cancer aggressiveness is something that they are terrified of.

Mike: Now you find these receptors outside the brain.

Dr. Blaylock:  Right.  Now, see, I proved it can enter the brain and that all that was a lie.  What they've shown is that there are glutamate receptors on both sides of the blood brain barrier and that when you expose these receptors to glutamate, it opens up the blood brain barrier.  So, the glutamate itself can open the barrier, and I list all these conditions.   For instance, as you get older, your barrier becomes less competent.  Almost all Alzheimer's patients have incompetent barriers.  Heat stroke, seizures, autoimmune disorder and multiple sclerosis all are related with this active blood brain barrier.

You're talking about tens of millions of people, and they are out there gobbling up aspartame, MSG and other excitotoxins, and no one is telling them they are making their neurological conditions infinitely worse.  I don't know how many seizure patients I've gotten off their medicines by just getting them off MSG and giving them magnesium.  They quit having seizures.  They were on maximum dosages of medications and still having seizures.  Most neurologists and neurosurgeons that treat seizures are not aware of this.

Mike: It's not profitable to teach people how to avoid these ingredients.

Dr. Blaylock: If you look at the neuroscience literature, you can't pick up an article that's not about excitotoxicity.  The hottest topic in neurosciences is glutamate receptors and excitotoxins.

Mike: Are they talking about it in the food or just as a chemical?

Dr. Blaylock: They won't mention food, but they talk about the glutamate receptor and what happens when you activate it.

Mike: What about the argument from food companies?   I actually got into a debate with a veggie burger manufacturer, because I wrote an article that said their product had yeast extract in it, and yet the front label said, "100 percent all-natural ingredients."  They said, "Well, glutamate appears naturally in other foods, like tomatoes and seaweed."   What's your answer to that kind of defense?

Dr. Blaylock: Sure, but you see, all of these types of glutamate are bound.  They're in oligosaccharides, polysaccharides.  They are bound in amino acids groupings.  They're not free amino acids.  If you have it as a complex protein, you absorb it in your GI tract.  In the GI tract, there are almost no free amino acids if you eat foods such as tomatoes.  The level of free amino acids is nil; it's almost all absorbed as combined amino acids, and then it's only broken down in the liver, where it's released in very low concentrations that the body can deal with.  It was never meant to have free amino acids in such high concentrations.

Well, when you hydrolyze them -- or you use yeast extract or enzymes to break down these various proteins into their free, released amino acids -- they're not natural any longer.  What you've done is artificially release the amino acids in an unnatural way, and when they enter your GI tract, they are absorbed as free amino acids, then your blood level of that glutamic acid goes up significantly.  As I said, it can go up as high as 20-fold, in some cases 40-fold.  Your blood brain barrier is not constructed to handle such high levels of glutamate, because it doesn't naturally occur that way.  It can handle the lower levels, but it can't handle these very high levels.  So this argument, "Oh, it's natural," is just a lot of nonsense.

Mike: I do find that many manufacturers claim to be natural health companies, or health food companies, as a cover.  They don't really follow that philosophy, because they'll use these ingredients.

Dr. Blaylock: Sure, and they use all kinds of backhanded ways.

Mike: Here's a practical question that's actually been burning in my head for about eight years:  Is there anything that a person can take to block the absorption of MSG or glutamate as a defensive supplement?

Dr. Blaylock: Well, not necessarily to block it.  You have other amino acids that can't compete for glutamic acid absorption.  So that may be one way to help reduce the rate at which it would be absorbed.

Mike: Which aminos would those be?

Dr. Blaylock: Those would include leucine, isoleucine and lysine.  They would compete for the same carrier system, so that would slow down absorption.  There are a lot of things that act as glutamate blockers.  You know, like silimarin, curcumin and ginkgo biloba.  These things are known to directly block glutamate receptors and reduce excitotoxicity.   Curcumin is very potent.  Most of your flavonoids.


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