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Ben Fulford # 3 Report RV & USA Police Crimes! Sept 29/14 Print E-mail
Monday, 29 September 2014 13:14

Ben Fulford  Report, RV & USA Police Crimes! Sept 29/14

I will be posting RV Bank training for Canadians shortly. USA RV Bank updates Bank training

Comments from Judge Dale...

Friday, September 26, 2014 3:46   (Before It’s News)

"From what I have been able to deduce and conclude regarding the RV / GCR and this is purely an educated opinion:

The London financial district is part and parcel of a world conglomeration involving the Federal Reserve System; the Bank of International Settlements; IMF, CBI’s, World Bank, and Vatican Bank and they have been manipulating the price of “gold and silver” for many years now by keeping its actual value very low.

The reason for manipulating the value of gold and silver was to keep the value of the US Dollar and petrodollar high, in that the conglomeration controls the dollar, which has been the Worlds International Currency since WWII.

China and Russia initiated the formation of the BRICS Alliance around 2008 which now includes roughly 185 Nations, with one motive in mind and that was to create a new transparent and incorruptible world financial system to replace the “dollar and petrodollar” and the totally corrupt Federal Reserve Bank and Bank of International Settlement conglomeration.

China recently established a new gold and silver trading platform in direct competition with London.  Their reason for doing this I will explain next.

The BRICS have been capitalizing on London’s price fixing platform by buying up gold at the corrupted low fixed value rate.

China has been buying the lions share and when China accumulates 5,000 metric tons of gold, their new gold and silver trading platform will revalue the Worlds gold and silver at its true market value.

This true market value will probably be (5X) five times higher than the London market and will be the knockout punch that will bury the US Dollar; the US Military Industrial Complex (Wall Street); the Corporate USG; the FED, BIS, CBI, Vatican and World Banks.

I believe that China is about to revalue gold and silver on or about September 30, which will place the BRICS Alliance in control of the Worlds monetary system.

This is a good thing because the BRICS will force an RV and GCR.

I have three reliable independent sources who are predicting a major change come October 1, 2014 (So I guess we shall see)."

Anonymous: FOR ALL YOUR EARS ONLY ; The strain of poetic war games is now taking a nose dive and will eventually disappear, especially after the close doors meetings between all parties of interest on getting the world back on its economical feet. The three rates were handed over by the PM to the UN president and the final key to sovereignty was handed over. The release shall go live internationally and the whole world should be back on its economic feet within the next couple of weeks. All help packages and Resets of Global Indications will simultaneously appear with no more morbid stalling from anyone. The plan has now been executed reaching what was expected, all the players are now pleased and all the objectives have been covered. Rates are still excellent for all. All 204 countries will be participating, all 20 choosen countries will be revaluing. Sanctions that were impose to four countries will be let me just say it in a nice way, these sanctions will just be unnoticed until the revaluation is fully executed and officially sealed. The timing for all is finally here folks and when it arrives into your lives please embrace it and give thanks to our Creator God for His perfect timing. (God is not a he Tami) The world is hunting down all the power players, they have two choices either desist to the harm or be ridden off. The final curtain is now coming down hope that you enjoyed the show.

" THE DATE (Timing) "


* * * * * Kurds will get 2 months worth of back pay before EID. The amount of back pay covers 8 months  of which the rest will come after EID

- Final ministers will be announced in emergency session of parliament before EID

- Major announcements after feast end Tuesday next

- Budget due tomorrow

- Kurds have agreed to work with the federal government

- Will begin immediately after EID

- Article 140 HCL agreed on

- Budget agreed to

- Basket of laws finished visa law in gazette

- Full unified gov As of today

- Salaries of Kurds on the way

- 8 month deadlock over ... Wayne - could they have STRETCHED THIS to the first of Oct 1 ... the beginning of their Physical year ???????????????????????  Hmmmmmmm

- This is real

- The end of the tunnel approaches

- Abadi and Barzanis place in history is made

- Kurds agree in full with Abadi gov


Benjamin Fulford Update-Monday, September 29, 2014

BIS wishes to keep global central banking system intact after revolution


The Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, is angling to keep its central role in world power, even if the Federal Reserve Board secret government of the United States in overthrown, according to BIS and MI5 sources. The Swiss claim, with some justification, that they have always been a neutral place for nations to deal with each other, even in times of war. They wish to keep this role as a neutral financial arbiter. The Russians are also trying to position themselves as the conduit between East and West in the event of the fall of the secret government of the West, Russian agents in Japan say.

The real question though, is about who is going to control the secret “trading platforms” that are used by the current rulers of the global financial system to funnel “money” into the world economy. These are now controlled by George Bush Sr. and his Nazi cronies and are what keep the US military industrial complex financed.  Here is what MI5 had to say about the situation:

“The central role of trading platforms in the growth of Nazi corporations and institutions (including CIA One Frankfurt) cannot be understated. It has been the core of world industrial growth for the chosen few. This system is so embedded that institutions such as the Pentagon will not survive without it. There must be some attempt to understand and plan the evolution of this mechanism within the system.”

China is clearly angling to take over from the Federal Reserve Board as the controller of the world’s reserve currency. The BIS want to support China and the BRICS alliance in order to keep much of its financial power intact. As MI5 put it “there is nothing to stop the trading platforms from continuing in operation even after Bush 41 is gone. The printing presses (computer screens) will deal in any currency.”

In other words, the BIS, and the esoterically placed trillionaires behind it, are offering to allow the Chinese yuan to take over from the Fed debt notes (US “dollars”) in exchange for being allowed to keep some control.  The MI5 source said this “transition will be difficult as the trading platforms are the main conduit for channeling debt onto the masses and cash to the chosen ones.”

By “difficult” the source was no doubt referring to the so-called ISIS and Khorasan crisis being pumped up in by the Western propaganda apparatus. This is a veiled threat by the military industrial complex to cut off the world’s oil if they are treated harshly by the incoming regime. The name Khorasan means son of ISIS, that is to say is Horus, whose symbol is the eye on top of the pyramid. In other words, Khorasan represents the owners of the petrodollar system that charges the world high prices for Middle Eastern oil and then deposits that money into cabal controlled banks.

These owners have good reason to be scared into making threats. There is an unstoppable groundswell of discontent in the US at their rule. Although it is not reported much in either the corporate or the alternative media, the legal sharks are getting ready for a feeding frenzy during which they plan to tear apart the big banks. According to the P2 lodge, the Vatican is using its pull to make sure the Supreme Court and the legal system allow these lawsuits to proceed according to the law. Here is a partial list of some of the lawsuits I was able to find just for the state of Illinois:

Cases filed in Illinois matching "UBS AG"








Cases filed in Illinois matching "UBS AG"

Defendant: International Swaps and Derivatives Association, HSBC Holdings PLC, Goldman Sachs & Co. ...

View on

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The lawyers who made billions suing big tobacco, and many others, are joining this feeding frenzy.  Federal Reserve Board inspector Carmen Segarra, who recorded 45 hours of insider collusion between the New York Fed and Goldman Sachs is part of this ongoing attack by the legal profession against the feds. The resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder has also removed a major obstacle to legal action against the Feds and their Washington D.C. puppets.

Then of course, this week brings the September 30th end of the US corporate governments’ fiscal year so, once again everybody is wondering if the Chinese will finally get the cohones to stop rolling over their debt. This is all the official Chinese Xinhua News Service had to say about it:

“BEIJING Sept. 28 (Xinhua) – Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang on Sunday held a phone conversation with U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew. They exchanged views on China-U.S. economic relations, the international economic and financial situation and other issues.”

Chinese vice premier, U.S. treasury secretary discuss economic ties - Xinhua |








Chinese vice premier, U.S. treasury secretary discuss ec...

Chinese vice premier, U.S. treasury secretary discuss economic ties---

View on

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It is time for countries like Russia, Canada and Japan, that have been historical bridges between East and West, to make sure we do not trade Fed tyranny for Chinese tyranny. Instead, we must negotiate a fair, meritocratic, multi-polar world system.

Also, last week a representative of the Clinton family (trying to be the friendly face of the cabal) contacted the White Dragon Society asking for the name of a “106 year old Chinese gentleman” who might have access to trillions of dollars. They were told this lead was sure to be a dead end.

Also, in another hint that things are not quite normal, The Hindustan Times, a leading Indian newspaper, said that China and India had not bothered to attend the emergency “climate summit” called by the Western powers last week for various reasons including the fact that:

“Neither the American president, nor the European leaders have the mandate to offer
money at the summit.”

India, China ignore UN climate change summit - Hindustan Times








India, China ignore UN climate change summit - Hindust...

Five years after over 150 heads of state cobbled up a rickety climate deal that fell through, the one-day UN Climate Summit is another attempt of rich nations to pu...

View on www.hindustantimes...

Preview by Yahoo



In other words, all this speech by US Corporate government spokesman Obama at the UN last week did was contribute hot air to so-called global warming:

Obama Announces Executive Actions to Fight Climate Change at UN








Obama Announces Executive Actions to Fight Climate C...

President Obama announced a series of executive actions to fight climate change on Tuesday, during a speech to the United Nations Climate Summit in New York City.

View on

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Nonetheless, it is best not to get fixated on dates because many September 30th deadlines have come and gone without incident. Even if the payments are missed, the corporate government will have until October 17th to scrounge up the money. CIA sources say the Iranians and Middle Eastern countries will keep the US corporate government going past September in exchange for help in re-establishing a caliphate in the Middle East. In any case, we will soon find out.

It is also clear from Russian and EU news reports that some sort of deal has been struck between the EU, Russia and the Ukraine because Russia has now promised to keep the Ukraine supplied with enough gas to get it over the winter.

However, the Russians are demanding criminal investigations into the various mass murder incidents carried out by cabal mercenaries in the Ukraine. This will lead, no doubt, to senior cabal leaders in the US, Israel and Europe. Personally, I would not like to be in Zbigniew “it is easier to kill a million people than to convince them” Brzezinski’s shoes right now.

In Asia too, there are signs of change. Japanese slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe suddenly pretended his Davos speech calling for a world war against China never happened when he talked peace at the UN last week. Also, Japan’s government has decided to postpone its unpopular moves to revise defense guidelines with the US until 2015. It appears the Japanese government has seen the writing on the wall and expects the current US regime might not last until then. There is also the fact that many very dangerous people in Japan are upset that Abe reads from scripts provided to him by Nazis like Richard Armitage and Michael Green instead of acting in the interests of his people.

The Japanese are also waking up to what really happened in Fukushima on March 11th, 2011. An official at Japan’s Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry (Meti), who was in the department in charge of energy policy at the time of the nuclear and tsunami terror attack, says he visited Fukushima recently and “found nothing there.” He said much touted plans to build a giant “ice wall” to stop radioactive water from flowing into the ocean were just a scam by a large construction company to make money. Whatever radioactivity there was in the region appears to have been washed into the ocean, he says. Japan has also decided to ignore the cabal radiation fear campaign and restart its nuclear reactors in order to reduce its dependence on cabal controlled Middle Eastern oil, the source said.

The sudden deadly eruption of Japan’s second largest volcano last week may have been cabal payback. Time will tell. Even if it was, however, the cabalists know that use of such weapons is a two-way street and invites retaliation.

The North Korean regime is also going off the old “Asian boogeyman” script with a representative saying his government will allow UN human rights inspectors into his country provided they do not come from hostile regimes. North Korea has also called for a “one country, two-systems” type of reunification with South Korea.

The big question mark in Asia, though, remains China. The Chinese, with good historical reasons, hate chaos and anarchy and want a smooth transition. This will require compromise with the Western powers. The communist Chinese government also needs to shed its remaining xenophobia and reconcile itself with the Chinese diaspora.

Mountain Goat RV Update please also listen to TNT updates Monday, Wed & Friday @

Mnt Goat RV Monday Morning Update - "What Lays Ahead in the Coming Weeks" -
Part 2 of 2

Last Updated on Wednesday, 08 October 2014 14:06
Cafr Fraud Explained, Poll & Wanta Funds Issues !Sept 23/14 Print E-mail
Tuesday, 23 September 2014 18:57

Cafr Fraud Explained, Poll & Wanta Funds Issues !Sept 23/14

Smart Meter Poll below!

To: David Sirota:

Want to rock the world and every corner of New Jersey with a "basic" disclosure that has been intentionally held back from the constituents of New Jersey and every other local government constituent due to the money and wealth involved?

The disclosure starts off with a hypothetical question that has a definitive answer.

The question is: If New Jersey government was a public corporation and every resident, man, woman, and child was an equal shareholder, what would be the value of their shares strictly based on liquid investment assets held by "all" local governments and their operations in the state of New Jersey?

The answer to that question would floor anyone and everyone.

No liquid investment assets in the equation would be excluded. Every local government and local government enterprise operation each has their own holdings separate from each other. So, here we would be looking at all cities, counties, school districts, and enterprise operations. Examples of local; government enterprise operations in NJ would be: NJ Turnpike, Parkway, State Universities, Community Colleges, ports (sea and air), recycling, dumps, water treatment, etc. Pension funds either system or local government individually operated. NJ on the State level has about 11 massive system funds and on the local government level individually operated funds totaling several hundred separate funds.

Being that there are several thousand individual local government operations in NJ, the best method is to first start on the county level with one county say like Middlesex County, NJ. Identify all county operations in the county, then the cities, township, school districts, enterprise, pension fund participation with system funds from each and separately managed funds from local governments in the county.

Being that local governments like to promote debt and rarely if ever discus total income and investment assets held, the task can be daunting. I note in this exercise debt should be excluded being that most local governments over the decades have promoted debt at the front door while at the same time they have utilized their own investment assets to fund that same debt through the back door. (gives them a parking zone for their wealth held and a return on the same paid for by the taxpayer) You may have the city funding the county's debt and the county funding the city's debt or a plethora of inter-exchange between the enterprise operations and their parent local government. If a true connect the dots comparison was done of all local government debt, I would be very confident that over 65% of that debt was self funded in one way or another with cross-matched local government investment assets.

One thing that can be done to make this task much easier to accomplish is using the accepted method of "factoring" to get totals. An example of factoring as used by cattle ranchers who have say 40,000 acres and an unknown number of cattle, what they do is take a sample count of set acreage blocks. Some level grasslands, some hilly, some rocky. They then take the count per sample area as noted, then account for the total acreage that is hilly, flat, and rocky to determine a factored total of cattle on their complete ranch.

For local governments in NJ, the parameters per blocks can be population, medium income, residential, or industrial etc. to establish the sampling data to compile totals. This would work out well in general per legered totals per small, average, and large local governments in NJ inclusive with the enterprise operations held by each. If doing a single county as mentioned like Middlesex, the look and compiling of all can be more precise. When doing for all local governments in the state, factoring needs to be applied or the effort would be too massive.

I did this for LA County in California a few years back. The county had collectively from all county investments held about 325 billion dollars and when all local governments and their enterprise operations from "within" the county were included, the total came out to be about 1.8 trillion dollars.

Back in 1990, I did a review of New Jersey utilizing factoring based on a selected demographic model applied for the entire state, and the per resident total came out to be about $575,000 per man, woman, and child in the state, or a family of five, the value of the family's shares "if" all local governments in New Jersey totals were considered, would have been $2,875,000

Like I asked you earlier: "Want to rock the world and every corner of New Jersey with "basic" disclosure" ? If your answer is yes, than hit the Google search engine using quotes on the search line to retrieve your target grouping of local government CAFRs (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report); AFRs (Annual Financial Report) ; AFS (Annual Financial Statement); or Audit Report. ** Depending on the size of a local government, they will produce one of the before-mentioned each year. I note for each, the enterprise operations will have their own separate report.


Middlesex County College -

County of Middlesex NJ -

Google searches can be refined using quotes on key phrases in the search line to find most local government annual financial reports or audits in Middlesex County.

Two things are accomplished by doing this exercise. The scope and size is qualified in which 99.9% of the population are oblivious too (intentionally as such due to the massive money, insider power, and deceptive nature of it all involved). Secondly, it rocks the world of every individual who gets the cognitive thought as to what has been taking place every single day right under their own noses for their entire lifetime. It becomes very obvious to them also that it would not have been possible for this massive deception to take place right under their noses without the full and intentional cooperation, oversight, and intervention of and by the syndicated media, controlled education, and the large political parties to maintain the void of cognitive thinking in and from the population. Again, scope and size is qualified as to the participation of the inside players to masterfully control the whole show DUE TO THE MASSIVE WEALTH AND EASY MONEY INVOLVED.

So let us all rock the world with "the basics" intentionally held back from us our entire lifetimes due to the money involved. The real shaking of the mind is when we all realize that taxation is not necessary to run all local government budget requirements. Those budget requirements can be clearly met without taxation by and through restructuring government to utilize the investment wealth through the fiduciary trust principle to meet and match every single local government budget without taxation. In doing so it also creates an environment that is very productive for a prospering and thriving economy in every one of those local venues. It is time for us all to decide if we are slaves or partners to and with our local governments.

At this end, I have, will, and shall continue to make us all, one and all partners for all time to come with our local governments utilizing the fiduciary trust principle to meet all local government budgetary needs. The TRFA (Tax Retirement Fund Association) is what I am launching to accomplish that beginning. Work on the National headquarters of the TRFA is underway. Operation of the same is forthcoming. Will advise with progress reports within future posts.

Please share and post this communication with your contacts.

Truly yours,

Walter Burien -
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 458-5854

Wanta Funds Issues!

Last Updated on Monday, 29 September 2014 13:17
Notice to Congress & RV, Indigenous Payouts & Nesara! # 1 Sept 21/14 Print E-mail
Sunday, 21 September 2014 14:44

Notice to Congress & RV, Indigenous Payouts & Nesara! Sept 21/14

I will be posting RV Bank training for Canadians shortly. USA RV Bank updates Bank training

Notice to Congress
by David Robinson

Notice to Congress—The Days of Legalizing Theft Are Over

The most recent round of fraud began on March 28, 1861. That was the day the Congress of the united States of America adjourned for lack of
quorum and never reconvened. Ever since, "Congress" has functioned in one of three roles—(1) as a corporate Board of Directors for private,
mostly foreign-owned and deceptively named governmental services corporations operated by banking cartels (the Federal Reserve running the
"United States of America, Inc." and the IMF running the "UNITED STATES") or (2) the government of a legislative democracy calling itself
the United States of America (Minor)—American "states" more often thought of as federal territories and possessions—Guam, Puerto Rico, etc.,
or (3) operating as a plenary oligarchy ruling the Washington DC Municipal Government.

All this time that you thought the members of Congress were representing you and your interests, they’ve been representing other interests
entirely. That explains a lot, doesn’t it?

On March 6, 1933 the "President" of the "United States of America, Inc." Franklin Delano Roosevelt attended a Conference of Governors meeting.
These "Governors" were all "State" franchise managers of the United States of America, Inc., exactly like local franchise owners of Burger King
or Sears. They got together and pledged the assets of their customers—their employers—the American states and people——as "sureties" for their
private corporate debts. And then they bankrupted the "United States of America" and all the "State" franchises.

The "federal" States that were created by the 14th Amendment of their private for-profit corporation’s look-alike, sound-alike "constitution"
published as the "Constitution of the United States of America" are not the same as the actual States of the Union, nor are their "State"
citizens the same as American State Citizens, nor are their "US citizens" the same as Citizens of the united States, but they pretended that
they were and the banks gleefully agreed. To secure the debt owed by the "United States of America, Inc." the banks established maritime
salvage liens against every parcel of land, every business, every man, woman, and child in America, and continued to operate their doppelganger
corporation under Chapter 11 Reorganization. They laid claim to your "good faith and credit" —stole your credit cards— and your identity as
an American State Citizen, and they never bothered to tell the victim.

They also had you declared legally dead and probated your estate and issued bonds based on the value of your labor and private property. Just
look at "your" Birth Certificate—signed by the County Registrar, an officer of the probate court, issued in the NAME of a "dead person"—you,

numbered as a bond and issued on bond paper. At the same time, they converted all your private bank accounts to the ownership of the ESTATE
trust they created "in your name" and moved the ESTATE offshore to Puerto Rico where you and your assets supposedly came under the foreign
maritime jurisdiction of the United States of America (Minor). Look at the NAME on "your" bank account checks. Look at the signature line
under a high powered magnifier. The IMF claims that it owns all your bank accounts. It claims that your ESTATE was "abandoned", and now all
the spoils belong to the bank. They are pressing "Congress" to pass "laws" to allow them to seize all American bank accounts—your savings,
your retirement accounts, your checking accounts, everything. We’ve seen Dodd-Frank. Now we are seeing "bail-in" proposals. The Big Banks want
"Congress" to front for their greed and criminality—again.

This is all fiduciary trust fraud and fiduciary trust fraud has no statute of limitations. 1862 or 1933 or 2014—it makes no difference.
We suggest that members of Congress assume their public offices acting under full 100% individual commercial liability —or be ousted and tried
as criminals. Next, we suggest that they honor their contract with America and issue debt-free public money— real American Dollars. Next,
liquidate all the "too big to fail" banks, tear up the corporate charters these entities have violated, seize back our purloined assets, and
shut them all down. Meanwhile, the market for financial services will open up for banks operated under actual state charters.

This thing you have thought of as your government is nothing but a multi-national conglomerate run criminally amok. The real government of this
country is vested in each of you. You all hold more civil authority on the land than the entire federal government. Deal with the
"FEDERAL RESERVE" and "IMF" and "CONGRESS" the same way you would deal with "TARGET" or "WALMART" or "ARBY’S" if they grossly endangered,
cheated, enslaved, and defrauded you. Keep calm and get even. You all know what to do.

You have the guaranteed Universal Right of Self-Declaration provided by United Nations Conventions, plus the protections of the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights. You have the Geneva Conventions and the Lieber Code. You have the preserved right to Common Law, guaranteed by
Uniform Commercial Code 1-308 and recourse guaranteed by 1-103.6, which includes the right not to be bound by any contract that is unilateral,
inequitable, involuntary, undisclosed, tainted by fraud, not in-kind, entered in your behalf by others merely claiming to represent you, or
deemed to exist as the result of receiving a compelled benefit or fruit of monopoly inducement. You have the absolute right to Expatriate
from their maritime jurisdiction.

Do so.

When 400 million Americans stand up and clean house, the world will listen and hear the roar.

ASPEN, COLORADO . . . A cool place for a Wealth Manager meeting


As some of you know I am a pilot and fly large corporate jets. Today was like many other days, I flew to a location pick up clients flew them to their destination. I have flown to Aspen, CO many times, very challenging approach even during good weather, even worse under IMC to minimums. Aspen has a large ramp (Place to park Airplanes) to accommodate lots of planes and rarely is it ever crowded, at least I have never seen it. We picked up clients in the central part of the US and flew them to Aspen about a 3.5 hr flight. When we arrived we found the ramp not just full but overflowing with corporate jets, and not just the small 2 or 3 million dollar ones, these were large 30 to 50 million dollar jets parked wing tip to wing tip the full length of the ramp 3 aircraft deep. the ramp goes nearly the entire length of the 9000' Runway (over a mile and a half) the local FBO indicated that there was over a billion and a half dollars worth of aircraft on the ramp the most they have seen EVER!. I commented to our passengers that the ramp is very crowded and the most planes I have ever seen at this airport. Well he indicated the reason it is full is because there is a Wealth Managers conference that was put together at the last minute. I asked why the last minute, again he indicated that there is a global financial event that is expected to happen in the coming days that will affect the entire world and there are many many 1000's of Americans that will become very very VERY! wealthy in the coming days. I asked him how he knew this, he said that he was a part of the meeting going on currently in Aspen. I also asked him does it have anything to do with the GCR, IRAQ and their currency. He smilled and said it has everthing to do with IRAQ. he also asked me if I had some IQN, and he specificly said IQN. I smiled and nodded yes, he said more than 1,000,000 again I nodded yes. then he looked at me and said you will be able to buy one of these jet soon. I asked how soon . . . he indicated he did not know! but soon. He added one more thing . . . VP Joe Biden was expected to be at the event tomorrow and there was a large area north off the ramp sectioned off, I am guessing it was for him! That's my story, hope you enjoyed, my first time ever speaking to anyone who knew about this event on the bankers side. I guess you can call this a bank story!




Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 September 2014 14:09
Dumbing Down of North America Sept 16/14 Print E-mail
Tuesday, 16 September 2014 17:59

Dumbing Down of North America Sept 16/14

The Dumbing down of America - Who Profits?
by Walter Burien - CAFR1

In Reply to Doc Blake's post copied below the WJB reply:

Doc Blake:

Just so you don't get played as was intended by the government boys, the illusion spoon fed us that you parroted below: "We have a rubber stamp government, run by large corporations" Well, it was that way in the 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, and going into the 60's. But a big transition took place going into the beginning of the 50's to the end of the 60's that culminated by the mid 90's and was absolute come 2000.

The corporations, banks, insurance, and brokerage companies from the 30's to 60's were constantly seeking government funds and investment capital. They thought they could influence the same. They got it each year at an ever increasing rate. That old saying of: "Walk into my pallor said the spider to the fly" doomed those companies to takeover by the eager hand of government.

Come the 70's "collective" local and federal government was well on its way to taking over controlling interest in those companies by direct investment and cash funding to the same. Little by little bit collective government would invest each year on average 3% to 5% of their gross income. On a good year 7% to 8%. One of my favorite expressions when it comes down to government's investments for takeover is: "there are only so many nickles to a dollar".

Come the 90's "collective" local and federal government owned the majority of those companies by investment, and was calling the shots as the "primary investor". They called the shots and those holdings were being networked via  "private' associations covertly established by the government players themselves. Private associations like,, council of Mayors - State Managers - Governors - etc. And let's not forget two of the largest private associations: The Democratic and Republican parties. ( Americans forget Canada but all this goes on in our city councils, provinces and federal criminal groups Tami)

The comprehension or even a cognitive thought generated in the public per the reality of the obvious nature of what was taking place in their face and right under their noses was diligently held back from them through massive efforts applied in all relevant communication mediums that were covertly taken over DUE TO THE MONEY and wealth ever growing involved. The public never comprehended the scope and size of the government takeover.

The distractions, misdirections, and irrelevant promotions the public was constantly spoon fed to maintain and create a void as to the obvious was masterfully played out each and every day. For the last 10-years I have wanted to write a book entitled; "The decades of masterful entertainment applied - The road to Government takeover and ruin"

In the 80's and 90's collective US Government doing so well on the domestic front turned their focus on international takeover starting with Mexico in the 80's, moving on to India and the Soviet block countries in the 90's, and as of 2000 the big cherry to pick, China.

To pull this off it was required to keep the population delusional and misdirected to virtually the opposite thinking over the reality of the situation taking place and they pulled it off due to the massive wealth involved. The population parrots almost exactly what they are directed to parrot contrary to the basic glaring them right in the face reality of:

1. Government's increase in their gross income each and every year (almost a 3000% increase on average in 35 years)

2. Collective Governments increase in their domestic "and" International investment holdings (collectively now the primary owner of any relevant large corporation, mortgage, loans, debt instruments and totaling in value as a conservative estimate 110 trillion domestically plus another 45 trillion internationally)

3. Why do these large corporations seem to get a pass-card and policy set to do as they wish reaping in massive profits when in some case those profits generated are seriously in conflict with or in direct conflict with the public's interest and well being? The answer there is realized with another question and answer:

How do you get the full cooperation of government? ANSWER: Give government the largest percentage of the take. (Bank policy; trade policy; market regulatory policy; Insurance / mortgage / loan policy over the last several decades was designed to benefit primarily the largest controlling investor - collective local and federal government)

TREASON: "Treason doth never prosper; what's the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason." Sir John Harrington, 1561-1612

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