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White Knight Alan Greenspan? April 26/12 Print E-mail
Wednesday, 25 April 2012 11:30

White Knight Alan Greenspan? April 26/12

CHAIRMAN: Dr. Greenspan, please raise your right hand. Do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God?


COMMISSIONER ROOTA: Thank you for testifying. It will be nice to hear the truth come from your lips after all these years, and I'm sure you feel relieved that you will finally be able to speak freely.

GREENSPAN: I have very much looked forward to this.

COMMISSIONER ROOTA: I'm going to get right to the guts of this hearing if you don't mind. Throughout the first part of your life you were the most avid gold bug on the planet but in the early 70's you sold out to the banking cabal and became gold's biggest enemy...why did you do it?

GREENSPAN: I didn't. I have always been a die hard advocate of using gold as money and I continue to be so today.

COMMISSIONER ROOTA: But you worked for the evil Federal Reserve Bank. You were the king of fiat money which is the opposite of gold...the only real money.

GREENSPAN: Yes. I did work for the Federal Reserve bank but only at the calling of my country. You see, back in the 1960's and 1970's the United States of America was in the throws of a secret take over by a cabal of banking and industrial interests...and they were winning the battle. I was tasked with taking back the monetary system of our nation.

COMMISSIONER ROOTA: That's about as far fetched a claim as I have ever heard.

GREENSPAN: Is it really? Ask yourself a question: Who is the person most responsible for the crisis we are in today? If you are thinking it's me... YOU ARE RIGHT! And what do you think will be the final outcome of the monetary crisis? I'll tell you what the outcome is...the total destruction of all electronic and paper based monetary assets. Everyone will lose everything in a blink of an eye and we will return to our Constitutional Gold Standard. How's that for a gold bug!

COMMISSIONER ROOTA: What?! You think this is a good thing?

GREENSPAN: Remember where we started. Our country was on the brink of losing everything to the "Bad Guys". They had just taken down Kennedy, they had control of the media, the military, the intelligence agencies and they had control of the gold and silver. Everyone was scared to death of the Bad Guys then I came along with a plan to better the world at the same time as I took down the Bad Guys.

COMMISSIONER ROOTA: What plan was this?

GREENSPAN: It was based off two Nobel Prize winning economic theories developed in the 1960's called "The Golden Rule" theory and "On The Road to The Golden Age" theory which basically said that the best way to return to the gold standard was to squeeze out all the benefits of a fiat money system while people still accepted it.

The way I got involved was that I devised a way to control the prices of commodities by using computer trading programs that I wrote in the 1960's. Yep, I was the biggest computer geek in the world before computer geeks turned cool. That was my plan. Use my computer programs to rig the markets far longer than anyone thought possible controlling the prices of almost everything to disguise the fact that we were running the printing presses at full speed the whole time.

My childhood friend John Kemeny, the inventor of the computer language BASIC, helped me write the early programs. My mentor and friend, the ex Fed Chairman Arthur Burns, saw the potential of my plan and helped get me get appointed as the head of the Council of Economic Advisers for President Ford.

COMMISSIONER ROOTA: But wait. Aren't we worse off today than we've ever been? Just look around you...everything is falling apart!

GREENSPAN: Well, that's true but that was always the end game. We'd abuse the currency, run up massive debt, get the whole world to buy into the concept of "free money" and then pull the plug on it all making people face the hard, cold reality that there is no free lunch. A gold standard is the ONLY monetary system that will survive in an open and free market. How fast we forget that famous quote from the dark lord who attacked our young nation:

"Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes its laws." - Mayer Amschel Rothschild

COMMISSIONER ROOTA: So we are at that point where we pull the plug on the fiat money system? Is this what you had planned all along?

GREENSPAN: Well, it didn't go exactly as planned. Things got sticky when President Reagan left office. The Bad Guys run by Bush Sr. were given full control of the market rigging operations and we all had to go into hiding. Clinton, Bush II and Obama were all controlled by the same powerful demons that stole my rigging programs. Luckily, I figured out a way to gain control back. I just had to give them plenty of rope to hang themselves by their own greed...hence the deregulation of derivatives and removal of almost all regulatory control.

COMMISSIONER ROOTA: So you did it all on purpose knowing the Bad Guys would indulge to the point where it all collapsed?

GREENSPAN: Yep, and I almost got them in 2008 but they were able to delay their final destruction but we are now at the point Humpty Dumpty sings "Ashes to Ashes we all fall down!" This will end the 100 year battle at last.

COMMISSIONER ROOTA: I can't see the Bad Guys losing anything. They never lose.

GREENSPAN: THEY ALREADY HAVE! Can't you see it? The derivative bubble has blown and the losses are floating around in the back rooms and attics hidden by shady accounting. What will transpire is the same thing that has happened to over 2,000 fiat currencies in our past...they will implode. This does not only include paper money but EVERYTHING WE THINK HAS VALUE BUT ACTUALLY IS NOT REAL. Everything means checking, savings, 401k's, IRA's, Gov't Bonds, money market funds, stocks, bonds, pensions...EVERYTHING MADE OF PAPER OR ELECTRONIC BITS!

COMMISSIONER ROOTA: And you think this is a good thing?

GREENSPAN: You tell me. Look around at what is killing our countries, our citizens, our businesses...IT'S DEBT! Fiat Debt created out of thin air by the banking cabal for so long that we don't remember what it's like to have money that has intrinsic value...THAT IS NOT SOMEBODY'S DEBT BUT YOUR ASSET!

The coming crash will not only erase all paper/electronic wealth but it will also erase all debt. more problems!

COMMISSIONER ROOTA: But where does that leave us...we'll have nothing!

GREENSPAN: Aaah... but that's where you are blinded by years of fiat monetary abuse. Wealth is all around us. It is in the soil of our bountiful country, it is in the work ethic of our strong people, it is in the brilliance of our esteemed professors and it is in the wonderful spirit of the human soul. We are a wealthy nation it's just that the wealth has been stolen by the few at the expense of the many. Once fiat wealth disappears it will correct that great wrong of disproportionate wealth distribution.

COMMISSIONER ROOTA: But we'll still have no money. Are you suggesting we re-allocate money to everyone in the country? How is that possible?

GREENSPAN: I have already thought of that. We are going to need to start again with a new money. We will allocate the new money by how much you have invested into the system up to this point. Your hard work has been carefully tracked over the years through your SOCIAL SECURITY TAXES! And you thought those measly Social Security payments wouldn't matter. It was always the plan to reallocate through what you've paid into social security. That solution will also fix one of my first challenges when I began this journey back in the early 1970' FIX Social Security! TAA-DAA...fixed!

COMMISSIONER ROOTA: Is that why Social Security taxes are so low for the rich? So there won't be any more ultra rich folks after the crash?

GREENSPAN: Yes. It's time to start fresh. We will begin with a nation full of rich people because no one will have too much and no one will have too least to start with. The free markets will take over in time and those who are smarter, faster, better than others will surely begin to accumulate more of the wealth over time. It is the nature of Liberty.

COMMISSIONER ROOTA: I am truly blown away and yet it really makes me feel like there might be a way out of our mess! How can I be sure this is the TRUTH as you claim.

GREENSPAN: You will see in time. But if you want some hints into the reality of what is going on follow the folks over at GATA. They are on the front lines of the gold wars and they are working with us.

COMMISSIONER ROOTA: I LOVE GATA! But why should I believe that YOU were on our side all along?

GREENSPAN: Well, I guess it won't hurt to let you peak behind the curtain a bit. Follow this link and read what has been discovered so far:

It's the story of you Roota! I hope I did you proud and in the end you can forgive me for lying to you all these years.

COMMISSIONER ROOTA: I hope so too, Alan. I hope so too.

Follow all the dialog as the battle rages down the "Road to Roota" or the "Road to the Golden Age" at

May the Road you choose be the Right Road!

Bix Weir

Alan Greenspan -- First Line Back Cover of "The Age Of Turbulence"

No truer words have been spoken when examining this book or the rhyme and reason behind the life and career of Alan Greenspan. He is a "mystery wrapped in an enigma"…or is he? A life long admirer, student and follower of Ayn Rand, Greenspan spent his early years as an economist trumpeting the virtues of sound money and value of a gold standard.

Midway through his career, though, Greenspan abruptly pulls a 180 degree philosophical change of conviction to embrace the fiat money, welfare system that he so vehemently despised in earlier writings. Not only did he embrace fiat money, but he used and abused it to a degree which steered us down the path of irreversible self destruction. What came over him? How does such an intelligent and seemingly honest human being become so corrupt as to use and abuse the monetary system of the entire world further enriching the wealthy and abusing the poor? Or should I ask a deeper question… Could he have done it all on purpose?

I contend in this article that Alan Greenspan learned from ex Federal Reserve Chairman and mentor Arthur Burns how the banking cartel stole the global monetary system from the people. This knowledge has been his lifelong obsession and he has finally devised a way back to the Gold Standard by orchestrating the pending destruction of the fiat money system.


First, in order to fully understand what I am proposing you must fully understand the concepts in my first article: "The Original Road to Roota or The Implementation of the Gold Standard" that can be found here: .

This article explores the meaning behind a very cryptic cartoon released by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston in 1981 and then again in 2007. This articles shows how a small group of very influential insiders in the early 1970's devised a way to secretly return to a gold standard by running the printing presses of the fiat monetary system at full speed ultimately destroying the US Dollar.

In this Federal Reserve cartoon "Wishes and Rainbows", there is a very important frame on page 5 that I believe sheds light on Alan Greenspan and his mission in life:

Since I wrote this article I have discovered a few of the lingering questions that were posed at the end of Part I. I won't get into exactly how I came to these conclusions but it all fits with what I am about to examine in Part II. Here is the new information:

1) Roota is Alan Greenspan (Due to timing & position as head of the CEA in the 70's)

2) The mayor is Gerald Ford (based on Greenspan's description of him in his book)

3) Grandma is Arthur Burns (Greenspan's mentor & Fed Chairman in 60's & 70's)

4) The characters in the original comic are Asian because Japan/China had the lowest per capita GNP in the world in the 1970's and an altruistic decision was made to help them out of poverty.

5) The Characters in the new comic are Hispanic and of (as I learned from a closely involved artist) "muddled ethnicity" to represent people from South America and Africa where resources have been systematically stolen by the Western banking cartel.

6) The colored flowers "behind the rock" in Cobblestone Canyon, is referring to the gigantic secret gold deposits hidden in the Grand Canyon and awaiting the US return to the Gold Standard.

Golden Secrets

and the most shocking of all….


Now before all you gold bugs start jumping up and down about how Greenspan rigs the gold markets and panders to the rich and has sold his soul to the devil, lets take a look at where he came from, what he's done and where it will lead us. We can start with his lifelong devotion to free markets, Objectivism and close connection to Ayn Rand and Arthur Burns.

There is a very important page in his Greenspan's book that has pictures of Authur Burns, Ayn Rand, Adam Smith, John Locke and Joseph Schumpeter. These people shaped the mind of Alan Greenspan and this page alone can help decipher the "mystery" we are trying to solve here.

Arthur Burns - Gold Standard advocate and a "disdain for unscientific data"

Ayn Rand - Novelist and philosopher, known for creating "Objectivism"

Adam Smith -- Major contributor to the concept of free markets economics

John Locke --Had a profound influence on philosophy and politics of US founding fathers

Joseph Schumpeter - Credited with creating the economic theory of "creative destruction"


Ayn Rand once said Atlas Shrugged is a mystery story, "not about the murder of man's body, but about the murder--and rebirth--of man's spirit." Atlas Shrugged was her magnum opus and embodied her philosophic theory of Objectivism. She described Objectivism this way: "My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute." Although I could spend days talking about the book and the philosophy, I want to focus on the hero of the novel, John Galt, and why I think Alan Greenspan modeled himself, quite successfully, after this character.

In short: Galt designed a revolutionary new motor powered by ambient static electricity with the potential to change the world. When the company owners decided to run the factory by the collectivist maxim, 'By each according to his ability, to each according to his need', Galt organized a successful labor strike, proclaiming his promise to stop the motor of the world. Galt gathers all the best thinkers in the world and begins his own society as the world crumbles under the weight of collectivism.


No, Greenspan didn't invent a motor that ran off static electricity BUT he was instrumental in inventing something much more powerful in the world of monetary policy…THE FINANCIAL COMPUTER! Alan Greenspan was what they call an "early adapter" in computers in the 1960's and 70's and actually was writing economic modeling programs in the early days on computer punch cards. (He even partially blamed himself for the Y2K issue, A.G. p204-205) Pierre André Rinfret said of Greenspan's company "they specialized in what is known as an econometric model system of forecasting which is forecasting by mathematical equations (modeling)….I have a mental picture of Alan at forums poring over his computer runs to evaluate whatever someone said and flipping the pages looking up numbers. I also remember him droning on reading the numbers off the spread sheets."

Not only that but a childhood friend of Greenspan's was John Kemeny...the INVENTOR of one of the very first computer programing language called BASIC.

Here's what Greenspan had to say about Kemeny in his book (pg 24)

"I remember sitting in math class with John Kemeny, a Hungarian refugee who would one day become Albert Einstein's mathematical assistant who would coinvent the BASIC computer language with Thomas Kurtz(and still later became president of Dartmouth College). John hadn't been in America long and spoke with a heavy accent, but he was brilliant at math. I wondered if this might be at least in part a result of superior schooling he'd received in Hungry. So I asked, "Is that because you're from Europe?" I hoped he'd say yes because that would mean his advantage wasn't innate and I could possibly catch him by studying hard. But the question just seemed to bemuse him. He shrugged and said, "Everybody is."

It has been proven by Mike Bolser ( that the gold market is run off a computer program using the Dollar Index Value of Gold or "DIVG". GATA has shown this proof to the US authorities and no action has been taken so it can be assumed that the US regulators are protecting this illegal activity under the auspice of national security. It has also been suspected that many other markets such as oil, currencies, bonds, silver, natural gas, and the stock markets are also rigged by computer programs.

I postulate that Alan Greenspan, Arthur Burns, Stephen Devaux and "The Group" discussed in Part I discovered that computers have the power to rig financial markets from both the buy and sell sides creating an artificial supply/demand dynamic that could be steered in any direction given enough volume to drive out real traders. This computer market rigging power was Greenspan's electric motor. Just as John Galt attempted to change the world with his invention, Greenspan tried to change the world with his. Of course we know the computer HAS changed the financial world as we know it…but was it for the better or worse?


Let's look at where we left off in part 1 with the Federal Reserve Bank Boston cartoons. The other cartoon that was re-released on January 1, 2007 (a bank holiday by the way) was an educational booklet called "Banking Basics". This booklet was originally released in 1987, the same year Alan Greenspan was sworn in as Federal Reserve Bank Chairman. The first edition had no illustrations in it BUT the new one is full of very interesting cartoons FILLED WITH GOLD!

Here are the two booklets:

See anything interesting in the update?

Why in the world would a booklet from the Federal Reserve Bank have a picture of a person putting a GOLD coin into a piggy bank? Isn't that the opposite of where our banking system is today? So I opened the new booklet and look what the next full page was!

Coincidence…maybe….but keep turning the pages and something else emerges. Look at the girl trading in gold for cash at a bank! Look at the picture on the wall of the bank. Looks a little like a gold chart with its ebbs and flows. Hugo Salinas Price would LOVE that! ( Also, look at the woman standing in back of the line at an ATM with GOLD in her hand. Can they make it more obvious? Get ready for the Gold Standard!

Now this one is my favorites. I have been associated with the Gold Anti Trust Action Committee for 6 years and never have I fought harder for a cause in my life. It started as a hobby, it turned into an obsession and it is now a fight for the freedom of my country. ( If you aren't involved in fighting the gold cabal you should take up the fight today!

The booklet has a section called "Why Do Banks Fail" and has the story of 2 banks that fail. Here is the first one on page 31.

Gusher National Bank Slips on Falling Oil Prices

"Falling energy prices mean cheaper gasoline and lower home heating bills. So, falling oil prices must be good, right?"

"Not for everyone! Take the case of Gusher National Bank. Gusher was very aggressive in making loans to oil and natural gas companies that had no problem repaying their loans when energy prices were high. The loans spelled big profits for Gusher, and everyone agreed that Gusher's executives were smart business people who really knew how to make money. Then the economy slowed down, and the demand for energy fell. Factories burned less oil and natural gas. Truck drivers, commuters, and vacationers drove fewer miles and burned less fuel."

"As a result, energy prices dropped sharply, and many energy companies fell behind on their loan payments. Some even stopped making payments altogether. Months passed, oil prices remained low, and more energy companies fell behind on their payments. Finally, Gusher lost so much money to bad loans that government regulators had to step in and close the bank. Gusher had fallen victim to changing economic conditions--falling energy prices and a high concentration of loans to energy companies."

This story falls right in line with my article entitled "The Oil Con" in which I point out the banking cartel needs high priced oil to rig the US Dollar as well as fill their pool of market manipulation money!

The falling oil price in this example will happen overnight if the US were to abandon the Dollar "Oil Standard" by finally tapping their hidden oil fields…especially the Gull Island Oil Field in Alaska.

Here is the second example on page 33 which is happening as we speak:

Or take the case of Bedrock Bank . .

Bedrock Bank Gets Too Big Too Fast

"Bedrock Bank's new president was determined to turn his bank into the region's biggest lender. Bedrock's loan officers got the message and started making as many loans as they could for condominium developments, shopping centers, office buildings, and high-priced suburban housing developments. Loan applications were not always checked as closely as they had been in the past, and some of the loans were approved more quickly than they had been in the old days. But nobody seemed concerned because the local economy was strong and real estate values were rising rapidly."

"Everything seemed fine; everyone was making money. But then the economy slowed down, and things took a turn for the worse. The weak economy forced many businesses to close, leaving lots of vacant office space. Real estate values plummeted, and many developers fell behind on their loan payments."

"In the end, Bedrock Bank was losing so much money on bad real estate loans that government regulators were forced to step in and close it. The regulators tried to find a buyer for Bedrock, but no other bank wanted to get stuck with all the loans that had gone bad. Eventually, another bank agreed to buy Bedrock if the federal government would agree to keep many of the problem loans."

Sound familiar? Does this sound like an exact description of what is happening today to the banks? This is no coincidence. As a matter of fact LOOK AT THE ILLUSTRATION OPPOSITE THE STORY! …HELLO GATA!

Doesn't this look like the GATA painting? Look at the sun FULLY shining on the Federal Reserve building. LOOK AT THE OPEN DOOR! If I were Alain Despert I would think about suing the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston for copying his painting concept without his permission!

As Jim Sinclair once proclaimed….WE ARE THERE!


In his book Greenspan supports the theory that "creative destruction" is good for a society. "Creative destruction, introduced in 1942 by the economist Joseph Schumpeter (see above picture) describes the process of transformation that accompanies radical innovation. In Schumpeter's vision of capitalism, innovative entry by entrepreneurs was the force that sustained long-term economic growth, even as it destroyed the value of established companies that enjoyed some degree of monopoly power."

It is no coincidence that the Fall 2007 edition of the Federal Reserve Bank Boston's magazine "The Ledger" is all about creative destruction and mapping out the progress during the Road to Roota implementation plan.

In "Wishes and Rainbows" Roota (Greenspan) claims not to be afraid of the "big people" (Rothschilds, Military Industrial Complex, etc.) and states that she will find a way to Colorland (Gold Standard). Knowing that Greenspan and friends now control the financial markets via computers, how could he achieve his ultimate goal of eliminating the fiat money system that was the dream of so many people who he looked up to? (Ayn Rand, Arthur Burns, etc).


1) Destruction of the banking establishment -- $800 Trillion of worthless derivatives has put the banking establishment into insolvency… they just haven't declared it yet. Greenspan was a big supporter of derivatives and non-regulation. He let them sow the seeds of their own destruction. Greenspan promoted unregulated derivatives and risky mortgages knowing the greed of the "big people" would destabilize their financial world.

2) Destruction of the fiat money system -- In order to "save the banks" the Federal Reserve has fired up the helicopters to flood the system to the point that the US dollar will become worthless. You didn't think the US would allow Japan, China, Russia and all to cash in all those worthless dollars for real goods and resources did you? The US will default through the abuse of the printing presses. This is part of the plan. They will make it look like nobody had any control over the global destruction of the financial system.

3) Complete buy-in by the public -- A new monetary system requires a complete buy-in by the people of the world. A collapse of the banking system where the rich and the poor lose their entire fortunes would surely accomplish a change in attitude towards our monetary system. Again…creative destruction.

4) Warn the banking cabal to stand down or else -- 911, Kennedy, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam…you name it and it all comes back to the "big people". I believe this was their warning . I don't know whether or not this is real but I do know one thing…the truth is coming out faster than they can control it and those big secrets are getting very hard to hide. Recently Mr. Fulford posted an interview that he conducted with David Rockefeller that is almost comical until you think about it…. Mr. Rockefeller NEVER gives interviews. Especially with some hokey reporter in a cheap hotel room with a big orange microphone shoved in his face asking questions about his plan to take over the world!

5) Remove cartel henchmen from the Government -- It's hard to count how many in the Bush Administration have been shown the door but one of most important was Alberto Gonzales being the head of the US Justice System. The CFTC board changes were also very telling removing ex Goldman Sachs man Reuben Jeffery III as Chairman. The most obvious culprits…Bush, Cheney and Rice will be the last to go when the final cards are played

6) Prepare for a new currency -- Look at all the new colored flowers:

And what about that NEW $100 BILL?!

The Hidden Meanings in the New $100 Bill

Can they make it more obvious?!

Everyone should find it very interesting that the US $1 Bill with all its Illuminati references on the back is the only bill not to be changed…there is now a $1 gold colored coin!$1coin/index.cfm. The US is also spending $90M to "renovate" the US mint in San Francisco which was the largest gold and silver mint in the world prior to closing. You may recognize these two…

Looks like some pretty high tech coining machines for the "historical renovation" of the Old Mint. Maybe Congress HAS been busy after all!

Diane Feinstein (D-California) and Nancy Pelosi (D- California) are leading the charge back to the gold standard along with many senior members of both parties.

The CFTC held meetings on International Manipulation on October 16, 2007.

I was especially intrigued by the page 13 statement by the new Commissioner Chilton:

"I was in Senator Feinstein's office not too long ago talking with her about this issue, and I have got to commend her for really having foresight on this issue years and years ago. The rest of us are merely trying to sort of catch up and get to where she's been."

7) New law to change the current system -- I believe the there is a very sound law ready to be enacted overnight. Although this may not be what's on the table, it sure would be a good one!

8) The new monetary system -- Of course a gold and silver based monetary system would be acceptable but there are others that the Fed Boston has researched. Here is a land-backed system proposed by none other than our founding father Benjamin Franklin.

It is interesting that this concept fits perfectly with Greenspan's proclamation that everyone should buy a house with an ARM. Was he trying to help in the redistribution of wealth?

9) The Great Equalizer -- Greenspan states that the biggest problem of any monetary system on the back cover of his book is "the chronic concern over the justice of the distribution of its rewards". This is the core to the entire issue of an honest economic system. Why do the rich get more of the resources than the poor? Who made the bankers the deciders of how our global treasures get distributed? Fortunes will be lost but the destruction of the monetary system will bring a much more just playing field and will wipe away decades of misallocation.

There must be more but you get the idea.


I didn't really dwell on the teachers guide, "The Road to Roota" in Part I, but there are some very interesting questions. For example, here are three very important questions posed on page 6:

#6 In what circumstances might the Pebblepeople consider exporting flowers to Gopher Junction and Bolder's Ridge? Will citizens of those towns have as great a demand for colored flowers as Pebblepeople have? Do you think that every resident of Pebbleton will own at least one flower before trade with other towns occurs?

#7 What resources are scarce in the United States today? What happens to the price of scarce resources? What steps have been taken to address such scarcity?

#8 What are some important resources whose introduction helped make our economy what it is today? What would happen if one of these resources (oil, steel, electricity, computers, airplanes, television, fish, cotton, maple syrup) could no longer be produced in this country? What substitutes might be found? What industries would disappear? What would happen to the value of such resources?

Wow, these are some very scary issues if you figure out WHY they are being asked. Sounds to me like the Fed thinks global trade will STOP the moment we go on a gold standard. Where does that leave the multi-national corporations? Where does that leave the foreign mining companies? Could this be why the HUI is doing so poorly with gold above $900/oz? Is this why so many CEO's of major mining companies have left right at the moment gold is about to break above its historical highs?

What about US mining company ownership by US citizens? Interesting to note the HUGE tax change levied on the US miners last year. Is the government preparing for the upside explosion of the price of commodities? I personally believe that US mining company investments will rocket to the upside as long as there is no one between you and your certificates. I believe the US will return to our Constitution and Bill of Rights. It's all explained in the teachers guide. As for foreign mining properties…you better run the scenarios for yourself because mine don't show much of a chance of the exporting of gold or silver out of any country.

The Fed St. Louis put out an argument AGAINST confiscation in their Spring 2007 newsletter and also quotes Milton Freeman on how price controls don't work.

"However, the greater economic costs of government intervention in private markets outweigh presumed immediate and tangible benefits from taking private property for economic development."

"Price control by exhortation and threat and use of extra-legal powers never has worked and never will, except to disrupt the economy,"

Obviously, it is being discussed at the upper levels of government. The Fifth Amendment of the Constitution states that any confiscation must be paid with "just compensation". The very moment confiscation is announced in any country the global price of gold will skyrocket MANY multiples of today's suppressed value...maybe even much higher than the $60,000/oz postulated by those looking at the entire US dollar supply vs. the supposed amount of gold held by the US.

Depending on what would replace the dollar as our currency, confiscation may be a HUGE windfall for holders of physical gold and US mining shares (if you are a US citizen).

I believe that China has made a mistake by investing in foreign mines and resources. If the resources aren't inside your borders, I don't see any chance of getting them out.


Fed Boston released two booklets on banking failures. Read them to get a feel for what is about to happen.

Here are my personal thoughts on what to expect:

1) Bullion will be king. The more… the better. Keep it out of the banking system.

2) Gold may rise above $60,000/oz at the first shot…overnight.

3) Silver may rise much higher and faster due to its industrial and monetary components

4) Banks will print money to buy gold

5) Sellers will disappear at any price

6) Comex, LME, GLD, SLV etc will all default and the metal inventories will stay in the countries they currently reside.

7) Expect to lose everything held by a bank.

8) Expect EVERY country to nationalize their gold and silver mines….NO EXCEPTIONS!

9) Hang onto your house and your mortgage (don't pay it off until after the collapse)

10) Stay close to home over the next few months.

11) Have a plan if there is a system melt down (ask your friends and family to have a plan also)

12) Have enough cash (new bills only) to last a few months

13) Have enough food and water to last a few months

14) Although I hate this one…get a gun to protect your family in case of civil unrest.

I know…sounds like "doom and gloom" but nobody knows how this will all go down and I'd rather be prepared than dazed and confused.


I don't think I can leave you with a conclusion. This will be an amazing transition and the radical changes that are about to be sprung upon us will change the world forever. Hopefully it will be peaceful and fill us full of hope for the future. Ultimately, I believe this "creative destruction" will be for the better.

Personally, I would like to thank Chairman Greenspan. It took a truly brilliant and courageous man to take down the bankers that stole my country, and I believe he has succeeded.


May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

PS - Follow the bread crumbs...