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Ben Fulford, Keiser & Fed Reserve Takedown Feb 9/12 Print E-mail
Wednesday, 08 February 2012 15:50

Benjamin Fulford Satanic & Fed Reserve Takedown Feb 9/12

The takedown of the satanic cabal is proceeding smoothly

Despite widespread pessimism on the part of many truth seekers about the situation in the G5 terrorist states, behind the scenes the satanic cabalists in control of the Western central banks are in a state of extreme fear. One reason is that US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told a White Dragon Society representative last week that the Pentagon and the US agencies were in no mood to let off the cabalists with a truth and reconciliation committee. “We have been watching these guys for a long time” he said and the conclusion reached was that Federal Reserve Board needs to be dismantled and the cabalists jailed.

The 65% drop in the Baltic Dry Index (the price of shipping) this year is one visible sign of the dismantling. This is related to a growing global boycott of the G5 terrorist states as seen in the growing number of countries refusing to use US dollars or Euros for trade. Another sign was the stoppage on February 3rd of the Federal Reserve Board owned Clearing House Interbank Payments System [CHIPS]. Under the surface much more radical events are being planned.

[C]complete revamping of all the institutions set up after World War 2, including the BIS, the World Bank, the IMF, the International Court of Justice and the UN will mean the wholesale removal of agents for the Satan-worshipping Zionists who have been in control of these institutions from behind the scenes.

The hysterical efforts by the Satanists to start World War 3 by via a war between Israel and Iran, and the offering up of millions of Israeli lives in a holocaust or sacrifice to Lucifer, is going to be stopped. Once again, this writer, who is of Jewish descent, wishes to warn all Jews that the symbol on the Israeli flag is the star of Lucifer and that Israeli citizens were earmarked for mass sacrifice by Nazis (National Socialist Zionism) in honor of their New World Order. The Ayatollahs in Iran are working with Benjamin Netanhayu and his fellow Nazis to trigger this artificial holocaust and fake Armageddon. This is a radical claim but one that is factual. The symbol of the Jews is the Menorah, they worship Yahweh the creator.

(Folks the six pointed star is a merkaba sacred geometry symbol representing an individuals light body. It was never meant to be associated with one person, tribe or nation. Once again Ben is incorrect with his statements. The symbol of the Satanists Is an upside down five pointed star just like the one hidden but in plain sight inside the emblem of the Vancouver Police Department which I know from experience are directed by Satanists who arrested and harassed me. Tami)

In any case, the Israeli government has received clear warnings from the Pentagon, the Chinese and the Russians that their fanatical attempts to artificially trigger end-times will not be allowed to proceed. None of the world’s armed forces, with the possible exception of those in Iran and Israel, are going to allow World War 3 to be set off by these religious fanatics.

Despite the ongoing war-mongering, the dismantling of the Satanist (Zionist) financial control grid is becoming impossible to hide. Another example of this was seen last week when Germany, France, Italy and Greece begged Iran not to stop selling oil to them.

The Satanist controlled corporate propaganda media made itself look ridiculous by trying to describe this as a “boycott of Iran.”

Another example of the increasingly hysterical lies being put out by the Satanists and their brain-washed slaves was the attempt to pretend the latest US unemployment rate had improved from 8.5% to 8.3% when in fact the amount of unemployed people rose by 1.2 million bringing the real unemployment rate to depression levels of 23%.



The banking system failures are also multiplying. In Japan Monday SMBC Nikko Securities announced their systems had failed and they were now resorting to paper transactions. Similar events will proliferate so that only the part of the financial system backed by paper receipts and genuine physical assets will remain after the electronic fraud perpetrated by the Satanists is dismantled.

In the US, meanwhile a takedown of cabal candidate Mitt Romney is being readied. Preparations are also being made to place many of the Satanists into the FEMA camps they had prepared for US Christians and other civilians guilty of knowing truth.

In Europe as well, the Greeks have told the bankers to take their debt and put it where the sun never shines. German Chancellor Angela Merkel returned empty-handed from a begging mission in China last week. She immediately called a summit meeting between Germany, Finland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, the only European states with AAA ratings. France was not invited so the best bet is that the rump of the Euro will become a four-nation super Deutschemark. The other nations will issue their own devalued currencies meaning a one-time only European bargain hunting opportunity for international investors.

In Asia, meanwhile, top secret negotiations continue. One key element is the proposed merger of North and South Korea with Japan. A dragon family representative will be flying to South Korea next week to discuss this with Korean President Lee Myung-bak.

The South Koreans will meet the Dragon family representative at the airport with a water powered car and will also later drive him around in an electric car to show how advanced the preparations to use previously suppressed technology have become.

It is also interesting to note that the head of the Nazi Odessa group, Fuhrer George Bush Sr. will also arrive in South Korea at the same time. North Korea and Northern Japan have been controlled by remnants of the Japanese imperial army allied with Odessa since the end of WW2. So, it is a pretty good guess that Bush Senior is trying to accomplish what Nazi foreign minister Henry (Heinz) Kissinger failed to in his recent visit and get Asian support for the New World Order.

In Japan, meanwhile, many right-wing groups expressed opposition to placing the capital of a planned merger between the Korean peninsula and Japan South of Osaka. There simply too much vested interest in keeping Tokyo as the capital, according to these groups.

The White Dragon Society view is that the new economic planning agency or LIFE (Long-term Investments for Everybody) be set up South of Osaka and that existing power centers in the Korean peninsula and Japan can remain as they are. The reason for choosing the area around Nara and Tenri city is simply because there is a lot of undeveloped flat land near the ocean there and because the rest of Japan feels that over-concentration of economic and political power in Tokyo is not good for development.

Once the Khazarian Satanic cabal is removed from power there will be so much money and so many investment opportunities that all areas will experience a boom.

For example, the old plan to turn the Philippines into a fully modern nation with large nature preserves is being dusted off. There will be similar development projects taking place all over the world so no area is going to feel left out or left behind.

USA Fema Concentration Camp Exposed Jesse Ventura 43 minutes


Federal Reserve Takedown Feb 8/12

only remedy

All change on the Great Game board. Under-the-radar geopolitical plan merges US Pentagon with Russian and Chinese Military to form global peace-keeping force. Satanist clique at Vatican Bank and Roman Curia to be cleared out. Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) and Western corporate media organisations to be fragmented and reformed into multiple smaller units under new management. High-status public arrests imminent.

In coordination with Pandora's Suitcase disclosures concerning the above reforms, it is set to be announced that the G5 Western banking cartel and its US Federal Reserve Board nexus have been concealing vast amounts of accrued debt from shareholder and public scrutiny in covert accounting books.

This giga-debt disclosure will end the present management of four or five major American banks and will replace the principal personnel in control. Exactly how far the cull goes down the food chain below the top carnivores and the detritus feeders in the boardrooms, will be determined by how middle-management, the auditors and the ICT contractors cooperate with law enforcement.

The hidden debt books at the banks are separate from, and additional to, the White Spiritual Boy and Spiritual Wonder Boy accounts referenced on other blog pages here and here

In London, where the US Fed's funny money accounts are managed and milked, the rats are fighting in the sack. For example, there is a boardroom battle-royal going on at the giant London-listed coal mining and plantation conglomerate, Bumi Resources (Jakarta, Indonesia), where a coordinated coup against Rothschild influence has been launched.

Indonesia's Bakrie family and Samin Tan are in the process of kicking Nathaniel Rothschild, Ari Hudiya, Andrew Beckham and James Campbell out of the company. The Bakries and Tan own a 30% voting stake in Bumi; Rothschild has just 12%. More here (04.02.12).

There is a geopolitical significance to this City spat. The Rothschild syndicate is said to have covert control of the US Federal Reserve Board cashflows. And the Rothschilds control the UK Government for major City of London banking interests. At top shadow government levels, the UK and Indonesia are at opposing ends of the Monaco Colloquium process.

The London line management of the Money-out-of-Nothing Rothschild syndicate is understood to be Jacob RothschildNathaniel Rothschild (N.M.Rothschild & Sons Limited, New Court, St Swithin's Lane, London EC4P 4DU) ► Oliver Letwin (UK Minister of State at the Cabinet Office) ► George Osborne (British Chancellor of the Exchequer). The 1992 Oxford University Bullingdon Club photograph featuring Osborne and Rothschild can be seen here.

The milking of the US Fed's funny money accounts by London and Europe is not insubstantial. Reports vary, but in the week beginning Monday 30th January 2012, it appears that a total of $4.7 trillion in fiat fumes was laundered from the Fed's money printing screens in DC through US commercial banks to European commercial banks.

Out East, the reunification of North Korea with South Korea now has the active support of Kim Jong-un and his new régime in the North, and the financial and political union of Japan with the new Korean peninsula government is being planned in detail.

Meanwhile, in mainland Europe, Germany continues its methodical sabotage of the Euro currency in order to pave the way for a publicly acceptable reintroduction of the Deutschmark.

The modus operandi here is to place such intolerable financial and austerity demands on the political classes in Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy that they each, in turn, "do an Iceland" and choose a hard sovereign default rather than risk élite-led and irresistible popular revolutions on their streets.

At the same time, and in parallel with this calculated Europolitical vandalism, Germany is quietly pursuing an Ostpolitik with Russia which will result in a Russian/German-led Eurasian Union being slipped into place by 2015.

More background here (05.02.12), here (04.02.12), here (04.02.12), here (02.02.12), here (31.01.12), here (27.01.12), here (23.01.12), here (28.10.11) and here (29.08.11).

USA Fema Concentration Camp Exposed Jesse Ventura 43 minutes


Revealing Kaiser Report - 26 minutes

This is a revealing report from Max Kaiser with an excellent interview after.

1. Banks are preparing negative interest rates and bonds. You will be charged for holding cash/liquid assets.

2. Europe will not fall or fail just the small countries. Small countries get austerity, large countries get stimulus, all people get austerity.

3. Printing tons of money will not cause huge inflation and deflation - yet. It pays for the next huge write-off and zeroes itself out. Cash will therefore remain scarce and debt will increase.

4. We already have martial law and have had it for a while.
Only it's exercise will increase. Too late to change.

5. America is in worse shape than Europe.

6. Events will continue to unfold as they are currently going. No revolutions are expected as the education system has done its job. The propaganda system is working fine and the population is too dumb to see it.

7. Safe places to move might exist in the southern hemisphere. (Just try being an anglo-saxon in South America). Aus/NZ will probably be no different than NA/Eur.

Despite claims to the contrary, the take down of the Cabal does NOT seem to be proceeding smoothly. Cash will be history in a few years. You will be forced to Debit. I think even Max is giving up.

My prediction: TOAST Like the proverbial frog, things will slowly and continually get worse and the 97% will accept it. 1% will be rich and 2% will be locked up.

Doug B

Last Updated on Wednesday, 08 February 2012 17:07