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GS,White Hat, Ben F & CIATake Back Country! # 2 June 23/11 Print E-mail
Thursday, 23 June 2011 12:21

GS,White Hat, Ben F & CIATake Back Country! June 23/11

Folks I am seeking a website technical volunteer to step forward and support this site. I would like a emotionally mature person who will agree to volunteer without holding that over me while disrespecting my volunteer work I have done for years to make this website available. Please step forward anyone who understand english well and someone I can trust and work harmonisously. email me please thanks Tami

Change is on the Horizon Part 1 all video’s  are close to an hour long Nesara intro!

Part   2    The American Federal Empire

Part   3   The Farmer Claims Program

Keiser Report: Greece Resistance Special (E158)  25 min 55 seconds

But there is a crumb of comfort for Athens. Their financial mess is not as bad as Washington's. The Greek riots may seem exotic down home in the USA, but this revolution is destined to end in the White House rose garden, in London and in Rome. Financial chaos is morphing into social chaos. Austerity fatigue has run its course. The end-time fires of civilisation change are spreading and cannot now be quenched.

The Pentagon and the US intelligence establishment are reported to want a debt jubilee and a new, gold-backed dollar. They are threatening to open their black screens and reveal information which will lead to thousands of élite US and international arrests. If they don't do this soon, LulzSecurity is likely to do it for them. Either way, a lot of Wall Street banksters will be taking a haircut down to their pubes.

The BBC in London has seen privileged documents which indicate that the European Union commissioners have a "profound sense of foreboding" about Greece and the future of the EuroZone. Because of the fissiparous mess in Europe, China is now said to be backing Agustin Carstens (Mexico) for the top job at the IMF.

The attempt by the mainstream media in the US and the UK to bury the Greek news in the business pages will not work. The runes have been cast. Everyone knows that Western fiat paper capitalism is being taken down.

Universal debt forgiveness (a global debt jubilee) and the disbursement of The World Global Settlement Funds have become unavoidable. In the background, the new global, gold-backed financial system is poised to trigger. The vaults are stocked. The precious metals are audited. The new currencies are printed, minted and ready. Even the Zionists cannot delay the international financial reliefs about to break surface.

More emerging global background can be found here, here and here.  June 15, 2011


This former CIA officer describes the circumstance and the horizon.

The Cabal of the  Bogus Bank of Credit Fraud

Subject: CIA officer tells how to take back the country; Must hear

Former CIA officer has very encouraging talk about positive change.  Citizens, like the hundreds of Tea Party groups, are getting organized to take back control of the federal govt.  We can all do our part somehow.  The message below is more understandable after watching the movie on the next link.


Very compelling....I listened to this twice.

Must see movie expose of privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank:

Bankruptcy of the United States from Congressional Record;  must read!  Click on the red PDF File link for easier reading, and to print out:

Toxic currency:  Use private Federal Reserve notes, and the bankers own you and your property

Get DVDs cheap to spread the Freedom message

Website about setting up a new country like the Founder's did to get a ..."More perfect Union."

Must see movie expose of privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank:

Bankruptcy of the United States from Congressional Record;  must read! Click on the red PDF File link for easier reading, and to print out:

Toxic currency:  Use private Federal Reserve Notes, and the bankers own you and your property Ron Paul's affilated site Pray for peaceful solutions for a better America

Benjamin Fulford, June 20,2011

Sources in the BIS and CIA confirm the Bilderberger meeting held starting June 9th in St. Moritz, Switzerland was cancelled halfway through because prominent participants, including Henry (Heinz) Kissinger faced imminent arrest. Following this, two prominent Bilderbergers, Joseph Ackermann CEO of Deutsche bank and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, contacted the White Dragon Society and offered to cooperate in setting up the new financial system. A negotiator for the Chinese communist government also expressed support for the new financial system at a meeting last week in China with a White Dragon Representative. However, a lot of technical work remains to be completed so it is hard to give a precise date for the changes. There is also a strong possibility the new financial system will be introduced quietly and gradually with no major public announcements. ( unlikely too many people involved needed to be under common law Tami)

The collapse of the Bilderberger meeting in St. Mortitz came about because the Swiss government ordered the meeting to be opened to journalists and the public, according to the CIA and BIS sources.

In addition, many participants decided to flee the country before Monday, January the 13th, when Swiss judicial officials, plotting Knights Templar revenge, were planning to arrest many of the Bilderbergers, the sources say. As a result of this fiasco, David Rockefeller, George Soros and their fellow Khazarian Satanists are now more isolated than at any time in modern history.

Following this fiasco, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel personally called Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan and said Israeli linked companies controlled the security at most Japanese nuclear plants and threatened a nuclear holocaust unless the codes to the financial system were handed over to the Khazarians, according to a Japanese military intelligence source. The same blackmail has also been directed at the nuclear power plants along the Mississipi river that are now being flooded. The Israelis were told by both the Pentagon and the Russians that nuclear blackmail was not their monopoly in a clear warning to back off or else.

The meeting in China, for its part, revealed lots of new and important information. First of all, lots of new light was shed on the incident in Chiasso, Italy where two Japanese were illegally detained by Italian customs authorities and had the $134.5 billion worth of bonds they were holding stolen.

According to one of these men, Mitsuyoshi Watanabe, formerly of Merrill Lynch, he was carrying a bunch of Kennedy bonds that were supposed to be cashed in order to finance a tunnel linking South Korea and Japan.

His companion, Akihiko Yamaguchi was carrying bonds given to him by a senior Yakuza. The Yakuza said the bonds were part of a major hoard in Japan. Former US vice-president Dick Cheney recently examined the bonds, pronounced them to be real and took two boxes filled with $500 billion bonds with him. The Yakuza decided that if Cheney said they were real, he would try to cash some of them in Switzerland too.

Instead, the bonds were seized by the Vatican linked P2 Freemason lodge and by the operatives David Sale and Daniele dal Bosco.

The subsequent fight over these bonds revealed the existence of a top secret committee that had illegally seized control over the highest peaks of global finance. That committee is also known as the steering committee of the Bilderberg group. The legitimate and rightful owners of the world’s assets (the people of the planet earth) are now in the process of regaining control over the global financial system.

However, this is easier said than done because we are entering uncharted waters. At the top of the global financial system lies a book of top-secret codes and the controllers of these codes have been able to use them to create trillions of dollars out of thin air and play god.

The code books are now under the control of the White Dragon Society. There was, as we mentioned last week, a fierce 8 minute gun battle involving dozens of men and many types of weaponry as the Khazarians attempted to seize the code books. They were repulsed.

The problem we now face, however, is how to carry out a smooth transition to the new financial system without causing the enormous chaos and suffering that would result if the computers of the global banking system were suddenly shut down. There is also the delicate geopolitical power balance that needs to be handled with extreme care.

One example of how a misstep in this direction could lead to horrific consequences is the plan of a hardline faction in the Chinese military to “get rid of India,” so that the monsoon rains would reach the desert provinces of China. Of course, rational minds have prevailed in China as well as elsewhere and such a plan would never be carried out but it is an example of the sort of power that humans now have their hands on.

Any rash moves could thus literally trigger the destruction of the planet so there is a need to proceed with extreme caution.

The basic philosophy of the new financial system, however, is expected to be as follows: You are sitting across the table from another person. You each have a gun in your hand. If the person on the other side is a beautiful woman (or handsome man) you may decide to make love. If it is a fat man coming to rape you, you may decide to fight. You may also choose to just walk away from the table.

There is also a fundamental agreement to finance projects to turn the deserts green and replenish the oceans with fish. The new energy technology will be introduced in a manner that does not disrupt current financial and economic interests. The oil companies will be given major contracts to turn the deserts green as compensation for the gradual phase out of oil as an energy source. The commercial development of outer space will also be financed.

Part of this work will be carried out by a soon to be created meritocratically staffed International Economic Planning Agency. The non-corrupt parts of the traditional banking and financial system will be allowed to create two or more new offshore banking zones where they can carry out their own plans and projects. ( humanity will not stand for a few elite dictating for the rest of us in any way Tami)

Needless to say, changing how a planet is run is not an easy task and the transition needs to be handled with great care. That means it will take a bit of time. We also need to deal with the blackmail threats and power bases of the remaining Satanists and their allies.

The Kenyan in the White House will sign to release the GS provided he gets his extortion money on the IQD revaluation.

The on-going battle rages between the customary conundrums … right v. wrong, good v. evil, thugs v. the common people. Our US President Barack Obama who is both ineligible to hold the office and totally incapable of carrying out the duties of said office is again resorting to thuggery … this time extortion. The White Hats have been tracking the progress as patiently as everyone else allowing the good fellows in the international banking community to move through the process of being the meticulous mechanics they are. To find that it had stopped at Obama’s desk … again … gave us great pause as we had a feeling it meant more than waiting for a signature. True to form, Obama did it again. We never thought that our President could be so blatant in his demands. We shouldn’t be surprised as Congress allows him and his controllers, i.e. NWO gang of Bush, Clintons, Kissinger, Soros, et al to hold the American dollar hostage and threaten the world financial system … all for their own personal gain, attempting to leverage Obama’s temporary position to enrich their bank accounts, all the while financially destroying the American people.

The information contained in the attached Al Hodges letter is vital to the success of the World Global Settlements and, unfortunately, is very disturbing in its truthful content. You, the reader, needs to take the information to heart and know that this is the standard that Washington politics has come to.

This latest development, the extortion attempt by Obama, leaves us wondering how to respond.

Perhaps, we should start by apologizing for blocking his attempted extortion of $1,000 per package sent out by Federal Express to recipients of the Prosperity Packs, after all it was rude of us to do that. A quick calculation would indicate a nice “commission” for his trouble of making the phone call to allow them to go out.

Perhaps this time we should request a written contract to sign. I’m sure his legal team could put something together for a basis in which to start negotiations.

And we haven’t heard yet on how he wishes to be paid this extortion money. We’re not sure if he’d like it in cash, a cashier’s check or money order. Or perhaps he’d like it wired to one of his overseas accounts at the Vatican Bank, the Bank of Santander, a bank in Honduras or maybe the Caribbean? If so, he’ll need to provide his routing coordinates as we’d hate to wire it to the wrong account, one under the name of Bush, Clinton, Kissinger or Soros. He’d NEVER get it back then. If he wants Ackermann at Deutsche involved, he should let us know that as well. We’re also wondering where he wishes the 1099 to be sent or would this be tax free money? And don’t worry; we’ll use the Connecticut Social Security for reporting to the IRS. We know, as President, he wouldn’t want to cheat them out of their money. How he reports it on his tax return and disclosure statements would be his problem.

Many of our long time readers are actively involved in the communications process, please continue. Call Washington and let them know you’re tired of the acts of this President and his participation with the Bush/NWO Cabal. Let them know that you demand action on the World Global Settlements.

The White Hats Team

Last Updated on Tuesday, 28 June 2011 17:32