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Physicians Group Fight Smart Meters! Feb 2/12 Print E-mail
Wednesday, 01 February 2012 14:28

Physicians Group Fight Smart Meters! Feb 2/12

Physician's Group (American Academy of Environmental Medicine) adopts Resolution against wireless smart meters

January 23, 2012

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine has adopted a resolution calling for a halt to wireless smart meters.
The full text of the resolution is below.
A hard copy on letterhead may be obtained soon on the AAEM website
at .    

This represents the first national physician's group to look in-depth at wireless health risks;
and to advise the public and decision-makers about preventative public health actions that are necessary.

Please distribute to those who may be interested.

Cindy Sage
Sage Associates

American Academy of Environmental Medicine
6505 E Central • Ste 296 • Wichita, KS 67206 Tel:             (316) 684-5500       • Fax: (316) 684-5709

Decision Proposed Decision of Commissioner Peevey (Mailed 1/22/2012) BEFORE THE PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA, On the proposed decision 11-03-014
Dear Commissioners:

The Board of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine opposes the installation of wireless “smart meters” in homes and schools based on a scientific assessment of the current medical literature (references available on request).   Chronic exposure to wireless radiofrequency radiation is a preventable environmental hazard that is sufficiently well documented to warrant immediate preventative public health action.

As representatives of physician specialists in the field of environmental medicine, we have an obligation to urge precaution when sufficient scientific and medical evidence suggests health risks which can potentially affect large populations.  The literature raises serious concern regarding the levels of radio frequency (RF – 3 KHz – 300 GHz) or extremely low frequency (ELF – o- 300 Hz) exposures produced by “smart meters” to warrant an immediate and complete moratorium on their use and deployment until further study can be performed.  The board of the American Board of Environmental Medicine wishes to point out that existing FCC guidelines for RF safety that have been used to justify installation of “smart meters” only look at thermal tissue damage and are obsolete, since many modern studies show metabolic and genomic damage from RF and ELF exposures below the level of intensity which heats tissues.   The FCC guidelines are therefore inadequate for use in establishing public health standards.  More modern literature shows medically and biologically significant effects of RF and ELF at lower energy densities. These effects accumulate over time, which is an important consideration given the chronic nature of exposure from “smart meters”.  The current medical literature raises credible questions about genetic and cellular effects, hormonal effects, male fertility, blood/brain barrier damage and increased risk of certain types of cancers from RF or ELF levels similar to those emitted from “smart meters”. Children are placed at particular risk for altered brain development, and impaired learning and behavior. Further EMF/RF adds synergistic effects to the damage observed from a range of toxic chemicals.  Given the widespread, chronic and essentially inescapable ELF/RF exposure of everyone living near a “smart meter”, the Board of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine finds it unacceptable from a public health standpoint to implement this technology until these serious medical concerns are resolved.  We consider a moratorium on installation of wireless “smart meters” to be an issue of the highest importance.

The Board of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine also wishes to note that the US NIEHS National Toxicology Program in 1999 cited radiofrequency radiation as a potential carcinogen.  Existing safety limits for pulsed RF were termed “not protective of public health” by the Radiofrequency Interagency Working Group (a federal interagency working group including the FDA, FCC, OSHA, the EPA and others).  Emissions given off by “smart meters” have been classified by the World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as a Possible Human Carcinogen.

Hence, we call for:

An immediate moratorium on “smart meter” installation until these serious public
health issues are resolved.  Continuing with their installation would be extremely irresponsible.

• Modify the revised proposed decision to include hearings on health impact in the second proceedings, along with cost evaluation and community wide opt-out.

• Provide immediate relief to those requesting it and restore the analog meters.

Members of the Board
American Academy of Environmental Medicine

FOR DISTRIBUTION in the matter of the CST application to the BC Human Rights Tribunal:

January 17, 2012

Dear Friends and Members of Citizens for Safe Technology Society:

We have now completed the Doctor’s Information Package and it is attached to this e-mail, and also found below.  Click on the links to access the different items.  As new science is released, this package will be updated and can be found on our website,  If there are other science papers or articles you feel important to be included, please let us know.

Here are instructions on how to use this Package:

1.       Make an appointment with your medical provider, and explain your health concerns regarding exposure to inescapable pulsed microwave radiofrequency radiation from a smart meter on your home.  Request your doctor review the information package on your behalf, either by e-mail or in printed copies as you provide. Let your doctor know that you are seeking a short medical letter of support directed to BC Hydro confirming your health condition and requesting that you be accommodated for health reasons by allowing you to retain the analogue meter on your home, or replacing the Smart Meter on your home with an analogue meter, which does not emit dirty electricity or pulsed microwave radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation. Please explain this letter will be used in the BC Human Rights Action supporting your right to protect your health in your own home.

2.       If your doctor likes lots of information, and will supply you with an e-mail address, you can e-mail the complete information package directly with all the links to science and articles. Make a clear request that the information be reviewed and set an appointment date to return to pick up the letter.

3.       Or prior to your appointment you can review the documents at the links yourself and find the ones most appropriate for your situation, which you can print out and take or mail to your doctor. I have found that taking six to ten relevant articles over a couple of visits has been most effective.

4.       Citizens for Safe Technology Society has made application to the BC Human Rights Tribunal to represent all those wishing to be accommodated with an analogue meter, and who feel disadvantaged by the forced exposure within their own home to wireless emissions beyond their control from a Smart Meter. Once you have received a medical letter from your doctor explaining your condition and requesting accommodation,  please send this letter by scan and e-mail to Una St.Clair, CST, at or fax to 1-866-824-8865. Any further queries, such as a mailing address if you wish to mail your letter, can be addressed to Una St.Clair at  It would be helpful if letters could be supplied by February 8, 2012, but please continue to send after that date also.

Doctor’s Information Package

January 14, 2012

Dear Medical Professional:

Your patient has asked us for support in providing you with information regarding the possible health risks from non-thermal microwave radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation, recently reclassified by the WHO/IARC as a Class 2B, possible human carcinogen.

This WHO risk category also includes lead, DDT, chloroform, and HIV, and is relevant to all wireless devices emitting radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, including cordless phones, cell phones, IPads, Wi-Fi routers, wireless games, baby monitors, and smart meters.

A growing number of people (see item E (3)) are reporting sensitivities to pulsed wireless microwave radiofrequency emissions, and the most common symptoms reported are:

- Headaches and migraines                                  - Dizziness and vertigo

- Heart palpitations and arrhythmia                      - Insomnia

- Immune disorders                                                  - Anxiety and agitation

- Microwave hearing (buzzing, high tones)        - Depression & mood changes

- Nausea and digestive difficulties                                   - Ongoing “flu” symptoms

- Memory and concentration difficulties              - Skin rashes

- Extreme fatigue & exhaustion                             - Joint and muscle pain

- Shortness of breath, asthma-like symptoms     - Flushing & tingling

- Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue symptoms

Good health is restored most often to these people by removing wireless devices from the home, and avoiding close exposure wherever possible. The greatest necessity is to be able to eliminate exposures within the home by eliminating sources of microwave radiofrequency.

Your patient is especially concerned that a wireless Smart Meter is being forced upon them without their consent, constituting uncontrolled and involuntary exposure within their home. These wireless Meters send information in millisecond bursts of high intensity to reach collector units placed on power poles. Their home may also be designated a Smart Meter data collection point without their knowledge or consent.

Given that wireless information transmissions occur in milliseconds and there are 60,000 milliseconds in one minute, this would account for regular and continuous microwave “spikes” 24 hours per day when wireless functions are fully active. In addition to the information signals, the meters have a number of other wireless capabilities producing microwave radiofrequency emissions on an ongoing basis.

Please consider reviewing the small selection of science and articles listed below which may be relevant to your patient’s situation. Our organization, Citizens for Safe Technology Society, has launched a Human Rights Action requesting accommodation by BC Hydro of a non-radiating meter for those with health issues who wish to avoid microwave radiofrequency signals permeating their living space.

This may be relevant to patients with medical implants, heart conditions, epilepsy, seizures, cancer, immune system disorders, diabetes, MS, MCS, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, tinnitus, vertigo, sleep disorders, depression and anxiety and environmental sensitivities including electrosensitivity, to name a few.

Many doctors have already written letters to BC Hydro requesting their patients be accommodated by a wired meter, which allows them to protect their health within their own homes. A medical letter stating the health condition and recommending a non-radiating meter will allow your patient to participate in the Human Rights Action currently underway. We are hopeful that the individual’s right to choose risks within their own home will be upheld by the Human Rights Tribunal, and this forced exposure within their own home to undesirable microwave radiofrequency emissions will be replaced with reasonable and respectful accommodation by BC Hydro.

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact me at my e-mail address,

We thank you for taking the time to study this information, and to consider acting in support of your patient’s health and wellbeing.

Yours truly,

Una St.Clair

Executive Director, Citizens for Safe Technology Society

A.  Microwave Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation – General

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B. Smart Meters

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C.  Interference with medical devices (smart meters risk)

1.  Radiofrequency Interference with Medical Devices,54,1183

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3. Smart Meters can interfere with Medical Life Support Devices,25,1182

D. Children

1. Asthma Risk in Offspring . . . (originally Maternal Exposure – asthma),28,1675

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7. Using a mobile phone while pregnant can seriously damage your baby Study of 13,000 children exposes link between use of handsets and later behavioural problems

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9. Underestimation of risk,,59,1427

10.  Pregnant Women Should Minimize Exposure to Cell Phones: Study

The research observed around 29,000 youngsters

11.  Heart effects and risk to children from Wi-Fi, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Board Certified Cardiologist,,45,835

E.  EHS/ES - Electrosensitivity

1.  Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: Fact or Fiction?

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G.   Heart

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K.    Cell Towers – Applicable to all constant low-level exposures

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NO.  BEES – This section included due to potential impacts on human health from loss of bees and pollination

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11. Video - Seletun Statement video – Dr. Olle Johansson,2,432

12.  Freiburger Appeal – German Doctors Statement,45,1763

13.  Doctor's Letter Template,72,1350

14. Complaint BC Utilities Commission,84,1720


Una St.Clair

Executive Director

Citizens for Safe Technology Society

Empowering the public to protect children

& nature from unsafe wireless technologies

Smart Meter Agenda Revealed Jan 25/12

What is the Smart Meter Agenda REALLY about – and who is master-minding it?

ICLEI’s Murder Meters and Spy Grid Turning Mr Roger Neighborhood into Electronic Internment Camps

January 21, 2012 by ppjg /

Smart Meters is a grid designed to control and incarcerate the public.  It is a project from the science of the Department of Defense overseen by MITRE, the intelligence operation under former James Schlesinger located in McLean, Virginia.

PG&E has contracts to deploy the spy meters with a front for the World Bank, a UN “NGO”called ICLEI.  ICLEI is imposing world government mandates and getting monies even from the European Union.

ICLEI’s Murder Meters and Spy Grid
Turning Mr Roger Neighborhood into Electronic Internment Camps

The “Electronic Internment Camps” … Murder Meters and the Spy Grid were designed by agencies that are informally coordinated under David Boran (skull & bones).  Radio waves directed as weapons via frequencies and spying with calculated two way communication devices.  There are records on file originating from U. S. Army Intelligence and Security Command Freedom of Information (FOI) request showing the development of these technotronic sciences for total control.

David Boran (tucked away in Oklahoma) oversees training intelligence for Interpol, U.S. and the International Community made up of Bilderberger East and West, the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations.

This project of “Electronic Incarceration” is the companion to the Death Dumps and Chemtrails orchestrated by MITRE and the Belfer Center and carried out by contractors such as Evergreen International (that took over the old CIA Air America).  The main Chemtrail ingredients were reported as “deadly” and “disease causing” in a front page article in USA Today May 12, 2011.  They called it “Toxic Dust”.

MITRE (non-profit) located in McLean, Virginia is obviously an intelligence operation that sets systems and procedures for the Department of Defense, the FAA, Homeland Security and the IRS.  The coordination of the first three agencies is necessary for Operation Cloverleaf which is one of the names of the Chemtrail plans of culling the population.  Culling means killing especially the old and disabled.

John P. Holdren,                 
America’s Angel of Death

The Belfer Center was run by the president’s science advisor Malthusian John P. Holdren who advocated mass sterilization in his book Ecoscience.  The Belfer Center includes population reduction enthusiasts Federal Reserve chair Paul Volcker, CIA heads John Deutch and James Schlesinger, and Nathan Rothschild.  James Schlesinger also runs MITRE.

The three Monterey Bay newspapers, The Mercury, Santa Cruz Sentinel and the Monterey Herald were bought by Malthusian Bill & Melinda Gates’ Foundation (Bilderbergers) – Advocates of a radically reduced population and a World Government under control of the “International Community” (the world’s cartels).

So you should be getting part of the bigger picture.

Operation Cloverleaf (toxic dust containing aluminum , barium, strontium and other compounds) is a systematic environmental killing device designed to hide the perpetrators (brotherhood of death) together with a combination of University, CIA, Non Profits, and the Executive Administration of both political parties.

The deployment of the “electronic incarceration” is being forced by ICLEI, a front for the World Bank funded from the European Union .  It is accompanied by laws rooting out self government in preparation for a North American Union.  ICLEI purpose is to impose United Nation Agenda 21.

Ecology Action (Santa Cruz non-profit) has been pimping for the International Community for a dozen years, they were major donors to the Final Draft of the UN Agenda 21 for Santa Cruz County.  The project is to conform laws in preparation of a North American Union.  One of its notorious members was Tom Burns (ex-head of Planning Department) who was in the forefront of abolishing the peoples planning appeals board.

Burns brought Rockefeller (Laurance Rockefeller board member) speakers to the community.  ICLEI has it as their agenda to impose Agenda 21, a “Sovietization” of communities.

ICLEI’s tyrannical laws are wrapped in doomsday talk about the environment.  Too much of the science is fraudulent and leaves people arguing about details while their freedom is extinguished and their rights surrendered.

Agenda 21 is the Sovietization of every town and village to benefit the elite of the international community … that gaggle of billionaires who run the world’s cartels.  People are reduced to the status chattel or that of a barnyard animal.

Northern California’s PG& E (utility monopoly) internal papers show that ICLEI (the World Bank) governs their policy.  A Malthusian Policy.

The movement against the “Smart Meters” has infiltrators whose purpose it is to minimize resistance, hide the real purpose and real perpetrators and protect those elected state legislators who are supposed to protect us.

The words World Bank or ICLEI never passes their lips.  Confining a family in an “electronic hot spot” controlled by anyone outside the household is the end of liberty … PERIOD.

The present opposition to the Electronic Prison Camp is the real side show.  It is letting the guilty off the hook.  Is this ignorance or deliberate?  It is a losing plan.  A plan …”That struts and frets it’s hour upon the stage. And then is heard no more.” Wm. Shakespeare, Macbeth

Robert Zoellick,                                                                                                                                        President World Bank
Bilderberger/ Trilateralist/ CFR)

World Banks orders Spy Meter Deployment / PG&E administrates.

California Public Utility Commission
San Francisco, California

The CPUC does not exist to protect the people … but to control them and provide cover for the elected lawmakers.

The CPUC was formed to protect the law makers from being voted out of office for bad policy.  Those against meter deployment have not made the legislators responsible.  The campaign against smart meters has let the politicians off the hook … and deployment a certainty .

We are glaring at the “red cape” and ignoring the sword of death that the matador clearly has in his hand.

The CPUC sees the people as “human resources” for the state.  Those opposing the imposition of Murder Meters need to invoke the spirit of freedom in every person and spelled out in out Constitution.  The CPUC is not elected but selected.  It acts as an unelected apparatus of the North American Union administrating their policy.

The Biological Effects of “Non-Lethal” Weapons
according to the U.S. Military at Ft. Meade

(from the text:)

Army report from Ft. Meade 2006 science … “RF radio waves are variable … can cause giddiness to nausea, to loss of consciousness” …

The Spy and Murder Meters are deliberately designed.  They are likely to be using the science from Ft Meade …

for “disruption of working memory” and to ” cause “sensation of buzzing, ticking, hissing or knocking sounds that originate within or immediately behind the head.”

Page 12 … “It is anticipated that 100% of the population would be susceptible.  The mechanism is one that could act on many individual neuronal cells concurrently and hence does not depend on spreading regions of electrical activity as in the disease state.”

Page 13 … “Because this technology is considered to be tunable, the influence on subjects could vary from mild disruption of concentration to muscle spasms and loss of consciousness.”

Page 15 … “the perception of sickness may make a subject susceptible to persuasion”.

We are tangled with an army of administrators.  They don’t make policy!  We need to go for the eye of the octopus and not get slimy with its tentacles.

MITRE and Belfer Center appear as Intelligence Operations against the people

We need to connect the deadly implementation to the policy makers to those responsible … (Homeland Security, Department of Defense, E. U. , the World Bank, ICLEI, MITRE, and Belfer Center) and see the bigger picture.

Like the battle against Japan – We are dying like those who expended their lives fighting the fortified South Pacific Islands when those islands could have been bypassed and the enemy attacked fatally.

The shocking data must be linked to the originators and their global plan.

Truth trumps their advantages … but we have to make the “entire picture” understandable to people who are not afraid to speak out.

They are not installing an “electric chair” but an “electric house” … making one’s home into a despotically controlled “electronic incarceration and punishment device”.

Both the city and county of Santa Cruz have signed contracts with ICLEI (world bank), hidden by Bilderberger controlled newspapers.  Those contracts should be broken tomorrow or … your representative recalled!

Leaders have a responsibility to tell the whole truth and to face the criticism of the people.

“Why, friends, you go to do you know not what.”

So intelligence agencies don’t go “retaliatory” as they did against Julian Assange … the intelligence material used above was {“Regraded Unclassified per nqic on 6 Dec 06 by USAINSCOMFOI/PA} auth Para 4-102 DOD 5200.1R

This worth reading to get at the truth of their planning.  We are their ENEMY!  And this is how they intend to “deal with us”.