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Healing Body
Sugar concerns & Colour Importance for Body! Jan 24/15 Print E-mail
Saturday, 24 January 2015 15:23
Most of us know that white sugar is bad, so try to avoid it, but this informative article really puts into perspective how much
hidden sugar--in one form or another--many people consume every day without realizing it.  Worth reading!
8,000 scientific papers link refined white sugar to chronic disease…
Posted by The Watcher on January 14, 2015

One of the worst things you can do to your body is feed it sugar – not necessarily natural sugar like the kind found in fruit, but refined sugar. A team of scientists from the University of California in San Francisco (UCSF) recently pored through more than 8 000 scientific papers on how sugar affects the body and came to the conclusion that it not only makes people fat but also makes them sick.

The project, which has been dubbed SugarScience, exposes sugar as a primary culprit in the formation of metabolic disease, which can lead to conditions like heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Lead author Laura Schmidt, a UCSF School of Medicine professor, says her team’s findings are comprehensible — sugar is highly toxic to the body and vital organs, including the liver.

According to their investigation, nearly three-quarters of all packaged and processed foods contain added sugar. This sugar is typically listed under 61 different names, including things like high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), dextrose, evaporated cane juice and sucrose. It is often difficult to identify added sugar because of this, and current regulatory requirements don’t mandate that suggested daily values of both natural and added sugar be identified.

A full listing of the 61 common names for sugar is available at the following link on the right-hand side of the page:

The result is millions of people regularly consuming far more sugar than they should be, leading to metabolic syndrome, a classification of risk factors associated with a host of chronic illnesses. If left to run its course, metabolic syndrome can lead to early death in the form of liver failure, heart attack, blood clots and various other life-threatening conditions.

“Too much sugar causes chronic metabolic disease in both fat and thin people,” said pediatric endocrinologist Robert Lustig, a member of the SugarScience team and author of Fat Chance: Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity, and Disease, pointing out that obesity is an entirely separate issue from the extensive bodily damage caused by sugar consumption.

“And instead of focusing on obesity as the problem, we should be focusing on our processed-food supply.”

SugarScience project exposes “all calories are equal” myth as scientific fraud

Part of the problem is that many people still don’t realize just how much sugar they’re actually consuming. According to Medical Xpress, the average American consumes nearly 20 teaspoons, or about 78 grams, of sugar daily, which is far more than the maximum level recommended by the American Heart Association (AHA).
A single 12-ounce can of soda pop contains as much as 9 teaspoons, or 36 grams, of added sugar, which is the AHA’s maximum recommended daily level for adult men. Adult women, says the group, should consume no more than 6 teaspoons, or 24 grams, of sugar daily, while children should limit themselves to between 3 and 6 teaspoons, or 12-24 grams, daily.

The best way to consume sugar is naturally, of course, whether it be in fruit, vegetables or unprocessed dairy products. Fruits and vegetables contain dietary fiber and other nutrients that help buffer how quickly sugar is processed, protecting organs like the pancreas from having to work overtime to produce insulin, which can lead to insulin resistance and diabetes.

SugarScience’s research also reiterated that not all calories are the same, as is commonly believed in the mainstream.

“SugarScience shows that a calorie is not a calorie but rather that the source of a calorie determines how it’s metabolized,” explains Lustig.

To learn more about the dangers of sugar and how to avoid it, be sure to visit SugarScience:
Written by Ethan A. Huff (NaturalNews
All gave some, some gave all.

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being
-Arthur Schopenhauer (German philosopher, 1788-1860)
Folks the dark ET Satanic agendas team colours are red and black. They have duped women into incorporating black into the goddess
identity and Muslim groups to suppress the bodies of women by making them wear black. The colour inverts energy it does not
expand or heal. They also mind controlled many in asia and indigenous groups to also incorporate this black colour into their beliefs.
Plus the media and entertainment fields want red and black worn to advertise their obedience to Satanic rule globally even if they are
thinking it is for green screen smoke screen. The Creator has given us a colour spectrum below that can heal and support our bodies
and spirits if used constructively especially in fashion which has also been corrupted with dark colour influences that can be changed!

Color Therapy - Chromotherapy

Source: Deep Trance Now by Dr. Laura De Giorgio


It has been known for eons of time that color plays a major role in setting up a particular mood or state of mind. Color does affect one's feelings, moods, and emotions.

Colors are certain wavelengths of electro-magnetic energy seen through our eyes. The color we see is the part of the visible spectrum that is reflected back by a certain object.

We know that when all colors join the result is white light. Therefore working with White Light brings about completeness, oneness, union of all complementary parts.

How Colors Affect Us


Last Updated on Saturday, 24 January 2015 15:41
WiFi and Smart meter health Dangers! Jan 12/15 Print E-mail
Monday, 12 January 2015 16:21

WiFi and Smart meter health Dangers! Jan 12/15

NEW Barrie Trower WiFi Report - 
Humanity At The Brink

By Barrie Trower

With Deference to all Scientists: this Research Report has been written for all students and non-scientists to understand.


As stated by University Researchers, Government Scientists and International Scientific Advisors; a minimum of 57.7% of schoolgirls exposed to low-level microwave radiation (Wi-fi) are at risk of suffering stillbirth, foetal abnormalities or genetically damaged children, when they give birth. Any genetic damage may pass to successive generations.


Wifi ­ a Thalidomide in the Making ­ Who Cares?

Professor John R Goldsmith, International / Advisor Consultant for R.F. Communication, Epidemiology and Communications Sciences Advisor to the World Health Organisation, Military and University Advisor, Researcher; wrote concerning the low level exposure of microwave irradiation (below thermal level) incident upon women:

Of the microwave-exposed women, 47.7% had miscarriages prior to the 7th week of pregnancy....”(1)

The level of irradiation incident upon the women was stated, as from, five microwatts per centimetre squared.  This level of irradiation may seem meaningless to a non-scientist; however, when I say that it is below what most schoolgirls will receive in a classroom of wi-fi transmitters, from the age of approximately five years upwards, this level becomes more meaningful.

A distinction here must be made and a very important one: schoolgirls are not women.  Schoolgirls are children and children are both neurologically and physiologically different from adults.  A child’s brain tissue / bone marrow has different electrical conductivity properties than adults due to the higher water content (2)  (this renders the Specific Absorption Rate obsolete).  Children’s absorption of microwave radiation can be ten times higher than adults.  Permanent low-level microwave exposure can induce chronic nitrosative and oxidative ‘stress’, thence, damage the cellular mitochondria (mitochondropathy).  This ‘stress’ can cause irreversible mitochondrial DNA damage (mitochondrial DNA is ten times more susceptible to oxidative and nitrosative ‘stress’ than the DNA in the cell nucleus).  Mitochondrial DNA is irreparable due to its low histone protein content, therefore any damage (genetic or otherwise) can be transmitted to all successive generations through the maternal line. (3)

Hence, we are subjecting each successive female generation to harm.  Whether these two ten-fold increases ‘merge’ to become 57.7% or are additional, thence equal 67.7% of those to suffer, is a moot point.  Either way we are facing the equivalent of a pandemic.  I was invited to present a lecture at Brighton University recently and one Doctor commented on a +60% foetal birth rate damage from exposed farm animals.  All mammalian species will of course suffer the same consequence resulting from low-level microwave irradiation.  There is very little difference ‘biologically’ between our embryonic cells.

I invite the Reader to peruse my diagram and / or read my simple explanation concerning the microwaving of the ovarian follicles in schoolgirls.

Simple Explanation

Imagine you are five years old, in school and sitting with a wi-fi laptop near your abdomen.  Theoretically, your ovaries can become irradiated until you leave school at aged 16-18 years old.  When you become pregnant, every one of your follicles (to become eggs) will have been microwaved.  Hence, you may or may not deliver a healthy child.

Should you become a pregnant as a student, your embryo (for its first 100 days ­ if it is female) is producing approximately 400,000 follicles (within its ovaries) for future child-birth.

The problem is that these developing follicle cells do not have the cellular protection of mature adult cells.  Consequently your ‘Grandchild’ may have had every single follicle cell irradiated and damaged prior to its conception.  Therefore when your child becomes an adult (with its irradiated follicles) there is a greater likelihood of its child (your Grand-daughter) suffering the ailments previously mentioned, during conception / embryonic and foetal development stages.

Beyond Belief

The shocking truth is, not only was all of this known and documented long before wi-fi was ever put in front of children, but the dangerous biological effects were concealed (as they are to this day) from the general public, in order to protect the industries profit.

Professor Goldsmith writes:

.....effects from exposure to RF radiation in certain populations: reproductive effects.....increased spontaneous abortion.....increased incidence of childhood and other cancers.....” (1)

Confirming this with more than 2000 references is the Naval Medical Research Institute in their document: ‘Bibliography of Reported Biological Phenomena (Effects) and Clinical Manifestations Attributed to Microwave and Radio-Frequency Radiation’ highlight ‘......Altered Menstrual Activity / Altered Foetal Development.....’ (4)

The World Health Organization’s ‘International Symposium’ Research Agreement No. 05-609-04 ‘Biological Effects and Health Hazards of Microwave Radiation’ emphasizes in its 350 pages: Biological effects, health and excess mortality from artificial irradiation of Radio Frequency Microwaves. Section 28 deals with problems concerning Reproductive Function.

This document was classed as ‘Top Secret’ and its contents withheld by WHO and ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection). (5)

Eldon Byrd, a scientist for the Naval Surface Weapon Centre of the US Navy, in one of his 1986 lectures on the effects of low-level microwaves, is referenced as stating:

.....we can alter the behaviour of cells, tissue.....cause up to six times higher foetus mortality and birth defects....’. (6)

Finally, the Mobile Telecommunications Industry carried out a very thorough and exhaustive scientific study on its own product.  This industries conclusion was:

Sec. 7 “ can be concluded that electro-magnetic fields with frequencies in the mobile telecommunications range do play a role in the development of cancer.

.....Direct damage on the DNA as well as influences on the DNA synthesis and DNA repair mechanisms.....” (7)

(Note I have underscored the relevant words here.)

Note: DNA synthesis is essential for healthy embryonic / foetal / child’s growth.

With these few of the roughly 8000 research articles showing this phenomena; in order to protect this industries’ profit, the United States Defence Intelligence Agency sent a ‘document’ to ‘advanced nations’ describing the problem and suggesting ‘how to deceive the public’.

It read:

.....if the more advanced nations of the West are strict in the enforcement of stringent exposure standards, there could be unfavourable effects on industrial output.....   exposed to microwave radiation below thermal levels experience more.....” (8)

NB: Industrial output is of course...profit.   A very relaxed exposure standard also makes it very difficult to take the industry to court.

This (and two other documents with ref. 8) then continues to list many physiological and neurological dangers from low-level: below thermal, microwave irradiation inc: blood disorders, heart problems, psychiatric symptoms and ‘menstrual disorders’.

*Wi-fi is of course, below thermal low-level microwave irradiation.*

In order to appease the US Government, some Governments adopted the ICNIRP guideline, whereby, the only safety limit is just six-minutes of warming. Which means: if you do not feel too warm in six minutes, wi-fi is deemed to be safe.

No consideration at all has been given to the published ‘below thermal’ cellular interaction as listed by several countries including the United States; which were (and are) known to cause: cancer,   severe neuropathological symptoms,   foetal defects   and literally hundreds of illnesses related to cellular disorders.

Countries following ICNIRP continue to argue that their six minute warming effect is all that is required regarding microwave irradiation.

Should the Reader be wondering whether I am ‘as mad as a box of frogs’ and thinking ‘no government would ever harm its citizens for money, especially pregnant women’; I invite the Reader to investigate Government decisions behind: smoking, asbestos, BSE (mad-cow disease), lead in petrol, experiments on 20,000 UK serving military personnel serving in the 1960’s, thalidomide and of course Agent Orange sprayed over the food crops in Vietnam.  To this day, many global birth defects stem from these Government / Government Scientific / Military decisions: with industrial advisors.

If further evidence is required, I invite the Reader to read documents released under the Freedom of Information Act; namely, Operations: Pandora,    MK Ultra,    MK Chaos,    Cointelpro,    MK Delta,    MK Naomi,    MK Search,    Bluebird,    Artichoke,    Chatter,     Sleeping Beauty     and Grill Flame.

Here, secret experiments carried out by the Military / Government scientists upon unsuspecting civilians, namely: students, servicemen, psychiatric patients, poor, children over the age of 4 years, pregnant women, Muslims, Catholics, prisoners, handicapped, deaf, blind, homosexuals, single women, elderly, school children, ‘marginal groups’ and dissidents; served to increase their knowledge and understanding of; what is commonly known as...Stealth Warfare.

Progress on the study of illnesses caused by low-level microwave irradiation continues to this day.  One current study on cancer and neurological harm continues until 2018 and involves women who could be pregnant. (9)

Progress Reports are also fed back to Governmental Scientists:

.....students will understand the nature of RF...bioeffects research, including human / animal studies.....students will become familiar with current state of knowledge on potential health effects RF, such as cancer, memory loss, and birth defects.” (10)

NB:  RF has become a generic term (Radio Frequency) to avoid using the term ‘microwave’.   It poses less ‘safety queries’ as the word ‘radio’ itself, which used to refer to ‘long wave radio’ was domestically non threatening.

Intentional Ignorance

Governmental Intransigence forces a moratorium upon the risks of exposure to future generations.  Both the Communications Industry and Governmental studies have proved that protein synthesis (the using of chemical structures to ‘build’ the roughly 4050 foetal and 4500 adults designated biological / neurological structures) can be influenced by low-level microwave irradiation.  This moratorium seems to spread to organizations either relying on Governmental funding, or for whatever reason; acquiescence.  However, not all research departments suppress the truth.

A brilliant paper published by Dundee University confirms that low-level microwave irradiation, unable to cause any heating (thermal) effect, can affect cellular signalling processes. (11)

The Main Risks to Children

These biological processes described as being ‘influenced’ by low-level microwave irradiation may not just damage foetal growth; relying on the same biological processes are:

Blood Brain Barrier ­ requires 18 months to form and protects the brain from toxins.  It is known to be effected.

Myelin Sheath ­ requires 22 years to build its 122 layers.  It is responsible for all thinking, organ and muscle processes.

Brain ­ requires 20 years to develop (I can assure you, cell phones do not help in its development).

Immune System ­ requires 18 years to develop.  Bone marrow and Bone Density are known to be affected by low-level microwaves as are the immune systems’ white blood cells.

Bones ­ requires 28 years to develop ­ as mentioned, the moisture content of children makes both the ‘soft bones’ and marrow particularly attractive to microwave irradiation.  Bone marrow produces blood cells.

Clearly, our decision makers are overlooking a child illness pandemic hitherto unknown in our 40,000 generations of civilization; which can involve over a half of the World’s exposed mothers / children.

The Very Sad Truth

I have been very honoured to address approximately 40 Royals, Governments, Leaders of Governments, Leaders of Peoples and Government Officials over the years.

My address (text) to one King concerning the numbers of ill children was placed on the internet. (12)

I referenced over 200 cancer / leukaemia clusters in schools (up to the time of data collection) from low level microwave transmitters in schools.  There were many different types of cancers, leukaemias, miscarriages and breast cancers of staff.  These continue, mostly only recorded locally, to this day.

When this was discussed in the English Parliament (as one of the EU Countries involved), a Minister dismissed it and lied to the House of Commons.  My request to prove this lie was denied.

Possibly, the most respected children’s charity in the World: UNICEF, joined forces with the World’s leading authority on the effects of harm from low-level microwave irradiation:

The Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection: in their research document ‘Health Effect on Children and Teenagers’ found;

85% increase in Central Nervous System Disorders

36% increase in epilepsy

11% increase in mental retardation

82% increase in blood immune disorders and Risk to Foetus. (13)

NB.  The Reader may think that the cell phone irradiation is different from wi-fi as it has more power.  In fact wi-fi can be more harmful because of its lower power!  Low power can enter the body and cause harm.  All electromagnetic waves are accumulative.  If they are below the body’s threshold to cause activation of the necessary proteins required to defend and repair tissues, the damage accumulates very slowly and is undetectable like a cancer.  Think of sunbathing on a cloudy day, you can still burn your skin.

The Good Guys

I have a list of nine countries (some of whom I am working with) who are actively, either taking wi-fi out of schools or in the legal argument-stage of this process.  I decline to publically name these countries as my actions may interfere with their legal negotiations.

The Parliamentary Assembly (Assemblee Parlimentaire) Council of Europe Document 12608, published on 6.5.2011 in section 8.3.2. states:

.....ban all mobile phones,  DECTphones  or Wi-Fi or WLAN systems from classrooms and schools.....

For legal reasons this had to be changed to a ‘wired system is preferred’.  However, the meaning is clear.

In a translated document, Professor Yuri Grigoriev of the Russian Committee for Non Ionizing Radiation Protection wrote on 19.6.2012

.....recommend the use of wired networks and not networks using the wireless broadband access systems, including wi-fi, in schools and educational establishments.

A document dated 25.3.2013 (updated from 19.3.2013) by the Executive Committee of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine wrote a letter to the Los Angeles Unified School District with the following recommendation: not add to the burden of public health by installing blanket wireless internet connections in Los Angeles Schools.

Just prior to this in December 2012 the American Academy of Pediatrics (representing 60,000 Paediatricians) wrote to Congress requesting more protection from low-level microwave irradiation for children and pregnant women: with regard to wi-fi in schools, they write:

.....this is an unprecedented exposure with unknown outcome on the health and reproductive potential of a generation.’ (14)

In 2002, 36,000 Physicians and Scientists etc. signed the ‘Freiburg Appeal’.  Ten years hence, it has been re-launched.  It specifically warns against the use of Wi-fi and the irradiation of children, adolescents and pregnant women
Freiburg’ is an International Doctors’ Appeal.

The Reader will appreciate that collectively there are approximately 100,000 of the World’s most knowledgeable professionals expostulating this same warning.

As an aside, should the Reader be wondering why I have not mentioned school-boys and whether they can be affected in a similar way to girls: the answer is ‘yes’.

DNA sperm fragmentation from wi-fi levels of irradiation, have been published. (15)  It would require many more pages to comment upon this phenomenon and there is already a plethora of data both available and published.

Pulsing / Modulations

During the ‘Cold War’ conflict, whilst I was collating effects from microwave pulses / modulations caused by brain entrainment, resonance (both cyclotronic and circadian), rectification (at boundaries within the body) generated by electrically induced phase transition; it came to my attention that a list needed to be published for all microwave communication systems. (16)

In this Open Letter, I list 1 to 40 Hz (pulses / modulations per second) and their corresponding neurological / physiological response.

In his most explanatorily descriptive paper, Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy writes.....

Last Updated on Monday, 12 January 2015 16:25
Coke Effects on Body & Natural Hair Colour! Jan 7/15 Print E-mail
Wednesday, 07 January 2015 15:43

First of all, if you ask someone who has been using this remedy, they will tell you that it will surely improve your sight. You will also notice great skin improvement. But this remedy’s most amazing effect is that it can color white hairs and make your hair thicker than before.


Ingredients needed:

  • 7 oz /200 grams of flaxseed oil
  • 4 medium sized lemons
  • 3 small cloves of garlic
  • 2.2 lbs / 1 kg of honey

Method of preparation:

Put the garlic and all the lemons in a blender and mix. Remember to peel just two of the lemons before putting them in a blender. After that, add the flaxseed and honey and mix again. Place the  mixture in a glass jar and tightly close it with a lid. Keep this mixture in the refrigerator.

How to use it:

Consume one tablespoon of the mixture half an hour before meal. Use wooden spoon only!
It is recommended to consume this mixture three times a day.


Note from Suzy: According to the brilliant scientist that a work with, it also takes 4 hours for the body to regain the oxygen that is replaced by the phosphoric acid in the coke!!!

Suzy Star


10 teaspoons of SUGAR hit your system. This is 100 percent of your recommended daily intake, and the only reason you don’t VOMIT as a result of the overwhelming sweetness is because phosphoric acid cuts the flavor.

Your blood sugar spikes, and your liver responds to the resulting insulin burst by turning massive amounts of sugar into FAT.

Caffeine absorption is complete; your pupils dilate, your blood pressure RISES, and your liver dumps MORE sugar into your bloodstream.

Your body increases dopamine production, which stimulates the pleasure centers of your brain – a physically identical response to that of HEROIN by the way.

You’ll start to have a sugar crash. Enjoy.









*taken from various sources including writings by Dr. Mercola

Healthy Butter Benefits & Acetaminophen Tylenol Health Dangers! Dec 31/14 Print E-mail
Wednesday, 31 December 2014 16:27

Healthy Butter  Dec  31/14

Grass-fed Butter is a Super food for the Heart

The heart disease epidemic started around 1920-1930 and is currently the world’s leading cause of death.

Somewhere along the way, nutrition professionals decided that foods like butter, meat and eggs were to blame.

According to them, these foods caused heart disease because they were high in saturated fat and cholesterol.

But we’ve been eating butter for thousands of years, since long before heart disease became a problem.

Blaming new health problems on old foods doesn’t make sense.

As consumption of traditional fatty foods like butter went down, diseases like heart disease, obesity and type II diabetes went up.

The truth is, natural foods like butter have nothing to do with heart disease.

In fact, real butter that comes from grass-fed cows is one of the most important foods you can eat for a healthy heart.

Saturated Fat is Not The Devil It Was Made Out to be

The reason butter was demonized is because it is loaded with saturated fat.

In fact, a very high proportion of dairy fat is saturated, whereas a large part of most other animal fats (like lard) is also mono- and polyunsaturated.

Butter, being almost pure dairy fat, is therefore very high in saturated fat, the fatty acids in it being about 63% saturated (1).

However, that really is not a cause for concern. The whole saturated fat, cholesterol and heart disease myth has been thoroughly debunked (234).

In fact, saturated fats can actually improve the blood lipid profile:

§ They raise levels of HDL (the good) cholesterol, which is associated with a lower risk of heart disease (567).

§ They change the LDL from small, dense (bad) to Large LDL – which is benign and not associated with heart disease (89).

Therefore, saturated fat is not a valid reason to avoid butter. It is completely benign… a healthy source of energy for the human body.

Bottom Line: The myth about saturated fat causing heart disease has been thoroughly debunked. The studies show that there is literally no association between the two.

Grass-Fed Butter is Loaded With Vitamin-K2, The Missing Nutrient That De-Calcifies Your Arteries

Most people have never heard of Vitamin K, but it is one of the most important nutrients for optimal heart health.

There are several forms of the vitamin. We have K1 (phylloquinone), which is found in plant foods like leafy greens. Then we have Vitamin K2 (menaquinone), which is found in animal foods.

Even though the two forms are structurally similar, they appear to have different effects on the body. While K1 is important in blood clotting, Vitamin K2 helps to keep calcium out of your arteries (1011).

High-fat dairy products from grass-fed cows are among the best sources of Vitamin K2 in the diet. Other good sources include egg yolks, goose liver and natto – a fermented soy-based dish (1213).

Vitamin K works by modifying proteins, giving them the ability to bind calcium ions. For this reason, it affects all sorts of functions related to calcium metabolism.

One problem with calcium, is that it tends to leach out of the bones (causing osteoporosis) and into the arteries (causing heart disease).

By optimizing your intake of Vitamin K2, you can partly prevent this process from occurring. Studies consistently show that Vitamin K2 dramatically reduces the risk of both osteoporosis and heart disease (1415).

In the Rotterdam study, which examined the effects of Vitamin K2 on heart disease, those who had the highest intake had a 57% lower risk of dying from heart disease and a 26% lower risk of death from all causes, over a 7-10 year period (16).

Another study found that the risk of heart disease was 9% lower in women for every 10 micrograms of Vitamin K2 they consumed per day. Vitamin K1 (the plant form) had no effect (17).

Given how incredibly protective Vitamin K2 is against heart disease, the advice to avoid butter and eggs may have actually fueled the heart disease epidemic.

Bottom Line: Vitamin K2 is a nutrient that most people don’t know about, but it is one of the most important nutrients in the diet for heart and bone health.

Butter is loaded with an Anti-Inflammatory Fatty Acid Called Butyrate

In the past few decades, heart disease has been believed to be primarily caused by elevated cholesterol.

However, new studies are showing that there are a ton of other factors at play.

One of the main ones is inflammation, which is now believed to be a leading driver of heart disease (181920).

Of course, inflammation is important and helps protect our bodies from injury and infections. But when it is excessive or directed against the body’s own tissues, it can cause severe harm.

It is now known that inflammation in the endothelium (lining of arteries) is a crucial part of the pathway that ultimately leads to plaque formation and heart attacks (21).

One nutrient that appears to be able to fight inflammation is called butyrate (or butyric acid). This is a 4-carbon long, short-chain saturated fatty acid.

Studies show that butyrate is potently anti-inflammatory (222324).

One of the reasons fiber reduces heart disease risk may be that the bacteria in the intestine digest some of the fiber and turn it into butyrate (25262728).

The name butyr-ate is actually derived from butter, which is the best source of byturate in the diet, by far.

Bottom Line: Butter is a great source of a short-chain fatty acid called butyrate, which helps fight inflammation.

In Countries Where Cows Are Grass-Fed, Butter Consumption is Associated with a Dramatic Reduction in Heart Disease Risk
The nutrient composition and the health effects of dairy products can vary greatly, depending on what the cows ate.

In nature, cows used to roam free and eat grass, which is the “natural” source of food for cows.

However, cattle today (especially in the U.S.) is primarily fed grain-based feeds with soy and corn.

Grass-fed dairy is much higher in Vitamin K2 and Omega-3 fatty acids, nutrients that are incredibly important for the heart (29).

Overall, there is no positive association between dairy fat and heart disease, although high-fat dairy products are associated with a reduced risk of obesity (3031).
Last Updated on Wednesday, 31 December 2014 16:32
Flu Shot are Medical Fraud?! Dec 12/14 Print E-mail
Friday, 12 December 2014 15:05

Why Flu Shots are the Greatest Medical Fraud in History
See article below.

Cdsapi’s Added Comment: There are many “government policies” that are major causative contributors to the exponential deterioration in the public’s health status in North America, especially in the children.

In the past decade we have been witnessing the literal health-destruction of an entire generation of children, (even prenatally), whose lives are being demolished by neurological, immunological and metabolic damage, precipitated not only by government regulatory neglect, but by “government supported, protected and even mandated polices”.

The medical budget is collapsing under the avalanche of illness of this unprecedented, exponential explosion in illness and disease, as increasing numbers of people suffer from INDUCED health disabilities.

The government mandated VACCINES – especially the Infant/Children Vaccine Schedule - stand at the top of the list.
However at the top the
vaccine misinformation fraud list, the most outrageous, present-day medical fraud being foisted on the entire population is the annual FLU SHOT program.

And remember that the initial cost, as well as consequences, of these Flu Vaccine Campaigns are paid for by the taxpayer – all of it going into the coffers of the lucrative “Vaccine Industry” of Big Pharma and the Medical Establishment.

Please READ the exposé of FRAUD in the following article. 
And then
pass it on to others who need to know the truth before they take yet another mercury-loaded flu shot.

I urge you to join the “Flu-Vaccine Refusers” once you understand the TRUTH of this monumental medical fraud – that has absolutely no scientific validation --  only a “proliferation-agenda”, fabricated hype and harassment pressure tactics.

The Big Pharma/Government “Agenda” and LIES are intentional, covert and monumental. 
The level of ad-induced
ignorance in a misinformed population is frightening. 
gullibility in a media-brainwashed public is a major obstacle to accepting the truth.
And the political and lobby pressure tactics, harassment and media distortion
are criminal.

The inevitable consequences of this “medical fraud” are so horrendous that courageous whistleblowers are emerging from within the system to alert the public, and to clear their own consciences, despite the probability of huge personal and professional sacrifices and penalties.

It is extremely important that we listen to them and learn from them - to protect them,  and to resolve to fight for our “medical freedom”. 
When we lose jurisdiction over our own body to bureaucratic mandates, there is no limit to what can be done to it or injected into it. 
We are then “AT THEIR MERCY”  which is the status at which we now find ourselves collectively.
Medical Freedom is the most fundamental HUMAN RIGHT that no one can afford to relinquish.

Medical Fraud of this magnitude, legalistically and bureaucratically protected and mandated, must be exposed, eradicated and punished.

Please take action to protect yourselves, your children, your family and everyone else that you care about. Refuse to take the Flu Shot!
If EVERYONE were to do that,
the SCAM would come to a very rapid end.

**Comment by cdsapi - Citizens Demand Scientific, Academic, Political and Media INTEGRITY

“Come into my parlor”, said the spider to the fly.  “And join me ‘for’ dinner”.
Do not follow the lure of the Pied Pipers that leads into a dungeon of misery.”


Why Flu Shots are the Greatest Medical Fraud in History

Wednesday, December 10, 2014
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews)  As one of the very few independent voices willing to stand up against the scientific dogma of our modern medical regime, I've long felt a need to communicate the dangers of flu shots to the public so that people can have better information to prevent vaccine injuries and save lives.

This doesn't mean I'm opposed to the theory of vaccination, by the way.  In fact, I'm the author of A Blueprint for Safer Vaccines,  an audio guide to saving lives and preventing vaccine injuries and deaths.

To my knowledge, I'm the only independent journalist in the world who is scientifically trained to run an atomic mass spectrometry laboratory, which I've been running for nearly a year now and testing the heavy metals content of organic superfoods like cacao, common vaccines as well as the ability of water filers to remove toxic heavy metals.  I'm the creator of the Low Heavy Metals Verified standard and I'm the inventor of patent-pending nutritional formulas for capturing heavy metals during digestion and binding with the radioactive isotopes of cesium (such as Cesium-137) to eliminate them from the digestive tract.  Both of these patents are on file with the U.S. patent office awaiting a decision.

My independent atomic elemental analysis of flu vaccines, published in the summer of 2014, proved that flu vaccines contain over 50 ppm mercury, an extremely toxic heavy metal   linked to kidney failure,   birth defects,   spontaneous abortions and   neurological damage. This finding has never been refuted by anyone. 
In fact, it was affirmed by
vaccine proponents who insisted that it is perfectly safe to inject pregnant women, young children and senior citizens with mercury, even though the flu vaccine insert itself readily admits there is no scientific evidence whatsoever to support the safety and efficacy of the vaccine in such groups.

Believe it or not, there are still millions of people, doctors, pharmacists and even journalists who do not yet realize there is a very high concentration of mercury in influenza vaccines given to pregnant women, children and senior citizens. Most people, you see, have been lied to by the media which has stated over and over again that mercury was removed from all vaccines.

That's simply not true.

It's still there.  And toxic mercury is present in influenza vaccines at a level that's literally 25,000 times higher than the EPA limit of mercury in drinking water. [7] 
It's 100 times higher than the highest level of mercury contamination I've ever tested in ocean fish.

See the evidence for yourself

To prove the presence of mercury in influenza vaccines, I'm going to show you four irrefutable pieces of evidence:

1) Photographs of a 2013 / 2014 influenza vaccine box admitting, in very small print, to the addition of mercury to the vaccine as a preservative.

2) Photographs of the influenza vaccine insert once again repeating the admission that the vaccine contains mercury.

3) A screen shot from the Centers for Disease Control website which admits that vaccines still contain the following ingredients:  Aluminum,  Antibiotics,  Egg Protein,  Formaldehyde,  Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)  and Thimerosal, a mercury-containing chemical compound.

4) Lab results from the Natural News Forensic Food Lab which confirmed almost precisely the same level of mercury claimed by the manufacturer (GlaxoSmithKline).

Before I show you the irrefutable evidence, there is some good news in all this testing.  As part of this Natural News investigation, I tested several different vaccines, including an HPV vaccine.  Mercury levels were extremely low in these other vaccines. Only the flu shot contained extremely high mercury levels.

Influenza vaccine box admits safety never established for pregnant women

As you can see below, the box for this Flulaval Influenza Virus Vaccine readily admits the use of thimerosal which contains mercury.  (Of course, you have to use a magnifying glass to see this.) In microscopic text on the package insert, it says straight out, "Register women who receive Flulaval while pregnant in the pregnancy registry by calling 1-888-452-9622."

Yet, at the same time, the insert also admits that "safety and efficacy have not been established in pregnant women."

In other words, this vaccine containing mercury is being promoted for use in pregnant women even when no safety in pregnant women has ever been established.

It's also important to note that when people are being given flu shots, they are never handed the package or the insert, so they have no opportunity to read any of this information unless they specifically ask for it.

It's not like a food item with a "Nutrition Facts" label.  Vaccines are sold in "stealth" mode where patients have no idea what's in them and no opportunity to read possible warnings.

As further proof of this point, consider the fact that this flu vaccine comes with only one insert, yet it's a 10-dose vial intended to be injected into 10 different people.  Clearly, if there's only one insert but 10 people, then 9 out of 10 people can't possibly be handed the insert.

Unethical medicine administered without informed consent (a violation of medical ethics)

In fact, from a legal perspective, vaccines are routinely injected into people without informed consent.  Virtually no one administering vaccines ever explains the risks vs. benefits of vaccines as is required under medical ethics and state medical law.  In nearly all cases, patients are simply hoodwinked and told there are no risks at all.

The second piece of evidence to reveal here is the package insert for the influenza vaccine, a document printed in microscopic text that's almost impossible to read without a magnifying glass.

Of course, the intention is that no one ever read this document, because it contains shocking admissions of the total quackery and marketing deception behind flu shots.

As you can see from this snapshot, the package insert readily admits that each vaccine dose "contains 50 mcg thimerosal (<25 mcg mercury)."

In case you're wondering, "mcg" means micrograms.  A microgram is 1/1000th of a milligram.  Mercury is toxic at any dose when injected into the body, even in micrograms. There is no such thing as a "safe" form of mercury when injected. 
In fact, the ethyl form of mercury used in vaccines is many times more toxic than methyl form once it enters human cells.
Click here for a fascinating interview with mercury toxicity expert Dr. Chris Shade who explains this extremely important concept.

The same paragraph shown above also admits the vaccine contains formaldehyde, a potent neurotoxic chemical.

Vaccine insert admits safety and effectiveness have never been established

What's even more astonishing about this insert is that it openly admits the flu shot is a complete medical hoax, backed by nothing but voodoo woo woo faith-based dogma (and clever marketing).

Here are actual words from the insert (which is much more lengthy than the snapshot shown above):

"There have been no controlled trials adequately demonstrating a decrease in influenza disease after vaccination with Flulaval."

"Safety and effectiveness of Flulaval have not been established in pregnant women, nursing mothers or children."

"Safety and effectiveness of Flulaval in pediatric patients have not been established."

"Flulaval has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or for impairment of fertility."

"Do not administer Flulaval to anyone... following previous administration of any influenza vaccine."

CDC admits use of mercury, MSG, formaldehyde

For those "mercury denialists" who still can't believe flu shots given to pregnant women contain high concentrations of toxic mercury, even the CDC reluctantly admits this fact on its own website.

Here's a screen shot from the CDC's vaccine additives page, which miraculously hasn't yet been removed from their site:

Laboratory results from the Natural News Forensic Food Lab

The final piece of irrefutable evidence on all this comes from my own scientific laboratory, where I run ICP-MS instrumentation to test foods, beverages, dietary supplements and other items for heavy metals contamination.

I was the first food researcher to document high levels of tungsten in brown rice protein,  and I've exposed alarming levels of lead in pet treats.  I've also exposed high lead in ginkgo biloba herbal supplements imported from China.

When I finally got around to testing vaccines, I was shocked to find over 51,000 ppb mercury in the Influenza Virus Vaccine.

Why was I shocked?  Because I don't recall ever seeing anything run through my ICP-MS instrument with that high a concentration of mercury. The mercury in this flu vaccine was the HIGHEST concentration of mercury I've ever seen in anything, period!

And this is a product that's injected directly into the bodies of pregnant women, where mercury goes right into the developing fetus.

What's even more interesting is that this finding once again confirms the accuracy of my lab instrumentation because it's almost in perfect agreement with the level of mercury detailed on the vaccine package insert.

Let's do the math:

* Each dose of an influenza vaccine is 0.5 mL in volume
* My lab found just over 50 ppm of mercury in the vaccine liquid.
* 50 ppm (concentration) x 0.5 mL (volume) equals 25 mcg of mercury.

Guess what the package insert says?  (Up to) 25 mcg of mercury per dose.  Near-perfect agreement, in other words.  My finding of 51 ppm rather than 50 ppm either means my own tests were off by about 2% (which is still considered very accurate for ICP-MS testing) or that GSK put 2% extra mercury into the vaccine.

And just so you know I actually did the tests, here's what else we found with other analytes:

Aluminum: 0.4 ppm
Arsenic: zero
Cadmium: zero
Lead: zero

So, I can confidently say that the flu vaccine won't poison you with lead, cadmium or arsenic because it contains none of those things.  Even the aluminum level is quite low and not a concern at this very low level.  The real problem is just the mercury, at least as far as elements go.

Why won't vaccine makers remove the mercury?

Good question.  Everybody knows mercury is toxic to inject into the human body.  That's not debated except by irrational anti-science denialists who refuse to acknowledge the Table of Elements.

You have to wonder: why choose mercury as a preservative?  And why do both the CDC and FDA continue to look the other way as an entire branch of modern medicine poisons our women and children with a neurotoxic heavy metal?

And if vaccine promoters, propagandists and patent holders want the world to accept all their vaccines, why don't they just remove the mercury and be done with it?  If they take out all the toxic elements, resistance to vaccines would all but evaporate.

Why vaccines are the "anti-science" medical voodoo of the modern world

Ever wonder why they don't conduct legitimate clinical trials on flu vaccine efficacy?
Probably because they know the results would have to be faked to show any efficacy at all.
That's what
Merck did with its mumps vaccines, according to two former virologists who worked there
They spiked human blood samples with animal antibodies to fabricate positive results.
Yep, vaccines work so poorly that even the manufacturers have to fake their own results to show any efficacy.

Vaccines are the one medicine where no scientific evidence of safety or efficacy is required by anyone: not the FDA, not the CDC and not the media.
Congress even passed a law protecting the vaccine industry with absolute legal immunity, even when they manufacture and sell defective products that injure and kill people.

How's that for medicine we can all trust?  Think about it: this is
a product that - contains multiple neurotoxins in very high concentrations;
- a product backed by no safety trials or efficacy data;
- a product linked to numerous serious adverse reactions;
-and yet a product that enjoys absolute legal immunity thanks to the U.S. government.

If that's not outright medical quackery, I don't know what is.

For the record, I'm not an opponent of all vaccines.  But I do believe -- as do a rapidly increasing number of other clear-thinking people – that medicine should not poison our women and children.  It's time for mercury to be removed from all vaccines, once and for all.  Anything less is medical negligence.

New video interview about flu shot failures

Ultimately, We the People will be victorious in the removal of mercury from all vaccines -- an idea that's already well accepted across much of Europe.  And when that day comes, it will be yet another victory for the Natural News fan base, an amazing community of millions of remarkable people working together for the protection of our children, our health and our world.

See my recent video interview with Next News Network's Gary Franchi on why flu shots are failures:

Sources for this article include:

More news on flu shots

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Macadamia Nut Oil Better then Olive Oil! Dec 9/14 Print E-mail
Tuesday, 09 December 2014 15:41

The Nutrition Investigator, Mike Geary, discusses REAL nutrition for a healthy lean body

Innovative tips and tricks to help you get flat abs, lose body fat, fight aging & live a healthier life. I'll even cover controversial topics that mainstream health "experts" don't understand about nutrition...the TRUTH about cholesterol & saturated fat, carbs, protein, and even superfoods you may have never heard of!
A "super-oil" that's possibly healthier than olive oil?
Pretty much everybody these days has heard the news about how healthy olive oil is for you... It's good for your heart, lowers blood pressure, cools inflammation and extends life span -- it's one of the reasons why the Mediterranean lifestyle is so good for you.

But there's ANOTHER oil that runs circles around olive oil in terms of health benefits, but almost nobody knows about it for some odd reason.  It's native to the rainforests of Australia and was used by the Aborigines for thousands of years before being "discovered" by European settlers.

It's got a smooth, buttery, almost sweet taste with a beautiful, golden appearance -- you can even drink it straight. Let's see you try THAT with olive oil!  In fact, it's SO delicious and versatile that famous chefs from all around the world are using it as their secret weapon.

Use this oil and you'll get a HUGE metabolic advantage when it comes to boosting energy, thinking faster and getting rid of those extra inches that seem to keep piling on as you age.  This "super oil" has 3 MAJOR metabolic advantages that are just as good, and possibly even better than olive oil:

Metabolic Advantage #1

It's is loaded with a fat that's SO healthy that even the low-carb AND low-fat authors agree you should get more of it.  I am talking about monounsaturated fat or MUFA... the SAME beneficial fat found in olive oil. However, this "super oil" comes out on top containing about 10% MORE monounsaturated fat.

While the monounsaturated fat is where much of the blood-pressure-, cholesterol-lowering and life-extending benefits come from, this special fat is also a metabolic SUPER-fuel.  That's because of its relatively simple chemical structure, allowing it to be burned in your mitochondria (your cellular energy-producing factories) MUCH more easily.

That means MORE energy, better mental performance, a more stable mood, less hunger and less unwanted fat in those trouble spots.

Metabolic Advantage #2

Most people now know that having a proper balance of omega-3 to omega-6 fats is CRITICAL to staying healthy, young, full of energy and keeping those aches and pains at bay.  Too many omega-6s sets off a rampaging wild fire of inflammation that wreaks havoc on virtual every organ, tissue and cell in your body, totally destroying your metabolism and forcing you to get fat.

And while olive oil is decent in this department with only 9.8% of its content being omega-6s, this "super oil" comes in at a puny 1.7%!  That's important because the average person gets TWENTY TIMES more omega-6s than they should, so the LAST thing you need is more.

Metabolic Advantage #3

Olive oil's Achilles' heel is that it can be very vulnerable to oxidation and rancidity under the wrong conditions -- everything from heat to light to oxygen can damage the precious fats that it contains, killing some of the nutritional value and ruining its taste a bit too.

If this occurs in any oils, these rancid, oxidized fats also create free radicals that damage your cellular membranes, blood vessels and even your DNA -- none of which do ANY favors for your metabolism.  Those pesky free radicals literally "rust" you from the inside out, much in the same way an apple or guacamole turns brown when exposed to the air.

This "super oil", however, is light resistant and doesn't turn rancid over time and is very shelf stable due to the tremendous amounts of antioxidants it has.  For example, this "super oil" has nearly 5x the amount of tocopherol, a powerful antioxidant, when compared to olive oil.

So what IS this mysterious "super oil"?

Almost nobody talks about this hidden gem and it's a shame, because the list of metabolic benefits is endless...

I am talking about macadamia nut oil.

To be clear, olive oil isn't bad for you at all -- it's actually fantastic -- but pound for pound, macadamia nut oil is possibly even better for you -- it tastes great, it's more versatile for cooking and is much healthier and tastier for baking uses.  I absolutely LOVE a fresh extra virgin olive oil, and it will ALWAYS have a place in my kitchen almost daily... but macadamia nut oil is the new "secret agent" healthy oil that most people don't know about.

Plus, it also gives you an enormous metabolic advantage -- very important if you've had trouble getting rid of stubborn fat, particularly around your belly, hips, thighs and butt.

This next page here will show you 3 other foods that can also give you a metabolic advantage, fight aging, burn off stubborn fat, and give you a nice jolt of sustained energy to power your day.

Oh, one more tip -- try to buy only organic macadamia nut oil that's been cold-pressed mechanically -- this preserves as much of the nutritional value as possible without damaging those healthy fats.

So give it a try... you're gonna love it!

P.S. Food #2 that you'll find on this next page is also absolutely loaded with the SAME type of super-fuel as macadamia nut oil. You can put it in smoothies, it's absolutely delicious and is loaded with metabolism-boosting and anti-aging antioxidants as well.

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer

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