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Valentine Message! Feb 14/10 Print E-mail
Sunday, 14 February 2010 12:18

Valentines Update Feb 14/10


Dear Friends on this Valentines Day alone once again I felt compelled to share some truths that may shed some light on heart relationships rather then mind.


As many of you know we have been submerged in the mind matrix for so long many have forgotten how to connect and live in there hearts. This is due to the never ending promptings of the dark mind programmers to keep playing and operating from there limiting programs of fear control and manipulations of mind. Many courageous souls still rise above this instigation to release themselves to demonstrate another more compassionate avenue of relating. Many light workers have struggled with this example to be attacked by the dark for doing so. The tool of choice by the dark is to stimulate judgments from people upon others. Mind without heart alignments is victim to manipulation and abuse of self and others. This is why the Christ teachings always intimated to never go outside self heart to get guidance and wisdom. The kingdom of the creator is within.


Last November I was at a dance in Vancouver. I went up to someone to express kindness and friendship so they would feel included and supported even though I didn’t think I new them at the time. This person judged me to the degree that they did not speak to me due to some form of programming. Even though I attempted to communicate what I got from the group of people around her was psychic attacks on my body and energy system in the form of judgments. My eyes sight is not so great at night and in the dark. At any rate instead of embracing a grand opportunity to align with positive energy and opportunity judgment programming prevailed making me leave the energy presented. I share this to suggest more conscious effort in staying in the heart with all you meet during your days. The dark also send people to judge my picture on this site with nasty emails and such occasionally. My intention has always been to bring more joy and love to the planet. It has been sometimes impossible to do that while being so judged all the time with malicious intent and disrespectful choices by potential mates, co-workers and team members. This has been a real challenge for me that at times has been daunting for me by weeks end.


The good people in Canada and the world will prevail and the mind to heart drop is a simple way to maintain your joy factor. Simply focus your attention in the middle of your head. Then visualize your spirit going down like an elevator into your heart chakra. Do ask your spirit and guides to assist with the clearing of any entities, implants or energetic interference to attain this goal. Using the divine colour frequencies are quite helpful as well. Deep belly breathing is essential to hold the energy. It saddens me to be alone today yet I know the changes coming soon now will allow me to make healthier choices for myself regarding my soul purpose. The creator loves all of us eternally hold onto that truth while we anticipate much excitement and positive change just around the corner.



Much love and blessings to all! Tami Dickson

Last Updated on Sunday, 14 February 2010 12:27