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Environmental Healing
Hydro Illegal Choices & Male fertility! Jan 6/14 Print E-mail
Monday, 06 January 2014 16:33

Hydro Illegal Choices & Male fertility! Jan 6/14

Subject: update 2014-01-05 Hydro questioned re liability for security breaches
Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2014 23:48:59 -0800

1)   An important letter below that was written by a member and copied to the MLAs regarding Hydro’s potential financial liability should a breach of data/privacy occur.

2)   Some members continue to report that Hydro has told them they will not receive a bill until/unless they sign the Meter Choices form. This of course is blackmail in the extreme, and I wonder if Hydro VIPs have really approved this. Please, when you speak with Hydro about anything try to record the conversation. It is legal in BC to record a conversation so long as one party knows it is being recorded – and you would. If you cannot record it, then please document. Get a name or ID number – insist on it. They probably will give only a first name, but get whatever you can. This sort of harassment must be reported.

Many have expressed concern that they haven’t received a bill and are worried that their payments will be late. There is no need to worry. If a bill has not been sent, a payment cannot be late. I have confirmed this with our lawyer.   Hydro has to bill you before you pay – that is part of their obligation.

3)   Last night I intended to include a link re. extenders that is one the Coalition website. Here it is. A member from Galiano reports that there are many extenders on that island because of the many heavily treed areas.

4)   The wireless aspect of the “stupid” grid remains its weakest link – making it vulnerable to hacking, attack or accident and no one is willing to spend the money needed to protect our data and our security:

5)   Non-smeter. Re. Fukushima, Katharina Gustavs is taking regular measurements and is maintaining a chart on her website:

6)   An article that puts Fukushima into perspective, compares with the RF we’re living with and have been living with for 15-20 years. The corporations will try to refute any charges that RF is causing cancers but blaming nuclear radiation exposure.

7) A member has recommended a book written nearly 40 years ago, but still relevant and important: “The Zapping of America” by Paul Brodeur. The book is available on Amazon.

The Microwave Menace Is Zapping Us All, Warns Writer Paul Brodeur by Jim Jerome - - January 30, 1978:


To: "Undisclosed-Recipient:;"
Cc: "Claire Trevena MLA" <>, "Shane Simpson MLA" <>, "Nicholas Simons MLA" <>, "jane shin mla" <>, "Bill Routley MLA" <>, "selina robinson mla" <>, "jennifer rice mla" <>, "Bruce Ralston MLA" <>, "lana popham mla" <>, "Michelle mungall MLA" <>, "norm macdonald mla" <>, "Jenny Kwan MLA" <>, "Leonard Krog MLA" <>, "Maurine Karagianis MLA" <>, "Carole James MLA" <>, "John Horgan MLA" <>, "gary holman mla" <>, "george heyman mla" <>, "Sue Hammell MLA" <>, "Scott Fraser MLA" <>, "Rob Fleming MLA" <>, "Mike Farnworth MLA" <>, "mable elmore mla" <>, "david eby mla" <>, "doug donaldson mla" <>, "adrian dix mla" <>, "judy darcy mla" <>, "kathy corrigan mla" <>, "Katrine Conroy MLA" <>, "Raj Chouhan MLA" <>, "s chandraherbert mla" <>, "Harry Bains MLA" <>, "Robin Austin MLA" <>, "john yap mla" <>, "naomi yamamoto mla" <>, "andrew wilkinson mla" <>, "teresa wat mla" <>, "amrik virk mla" <>, "laurie throness mla" <>, "jane thornthwaite mla" <>, "steve thomson mla" <>, "jackie tegart mla" <>, "ralph sultan mla" <>, "sam sullivan mla" <>, "jordan sturdy mla" <>, "todd stone mla" <>, "moira stilwell mla" <>, "michelle stiwell mla" <>, "john rustad mla" <>, "linda reimer mla" <>, "linda reid mla" <>, "mary polak mla" <>, "darryl plecas mla" <>, "pat pimm mla" <>, "coralee oakes mla" <>, "mike morris mla" <>, "don mcrae mla" <>, "john martin mla" <>, "norm letnick mla" <>, "richard lee mla" <>, "linda larson mla" <>, "terry lake mla" <>, "greg kyllo mla" <>, "marvin hunt mla" <>, "douglas horne mla" <>, "gordon hogg mla" <>, "scott hamilton mla" <>, "simon gibson mla" <>, "eric foster mla" <>, "peter fassbender mla" <>, "Hon. Michael de Jong" <>, "marc dalton mla" <>, "rich coleman mla" <>, "stephanie cadieux mla" <>, "Hon. Shirley Bond, Attorney General" <>, "doug bing mla" <>, "mike bernier mla" <>, "bill bennett mla" <>, "donna barnett mla" <>, "dan ashton mla" <>, "suzanne anton mla" <>

Sent: Friday, January 3, 2014 11:29:48 AM
Subject: Re : Question concerning B.C. Hydro potential breach of customer data through smart meter program

By Registered Mail

January 1, 2014

Mr. Greg Reimer,

Executive Vice President, B.C. Hydro

333 Dunsmuir
Vancouver, B.C.
V6B 5R3

Re : Question concerning B.C. Hydro potential breach of customer data through smart meter program

Dear Mr. Reimer,

I am writing with regard to the BC Hydro Smart Meter Program and the additional data that will be collected by your corporation via this program without written consent from your customers.

I want to draw your attention to the fact that there have been a number of class-action lawsuits due to data breaches throughout North America from a variety of companies that collect data as you do.  In Privacy and Information Security Law Blog, (Hunton & Williams LLP, April 2013) it was reported that the number of  lawsuits that seek damages for actual and future harms resulting from unauthorized disclosure of personal information has increased dramatically over the last few years.

In addition, it was recently reported on CBC news that insurance brokers have seen a surge in demand for insurance products that protect against losses to companies such as yours that stem from cyber attacks.

Furthermore, a working group that consisted of International Governmental Consumer Protection Branches recently reported that the analysis and exchange of smart metering information has the potential to be privacy-invasive.

As a concerned citizen about the threat to additional costs to B.C. Hydro, a public utility, due to any potential lawsuits that stem from data breaches from the Smart Meter Program, I have a question that I would like answered by you:            What liability insurance, if any, has B.C. Hydro secured for data breaches stemming from the Smart Meter Program?

I look forward to your reply,

FromSubject: update 2013-01-04 Range extenders increasing RF levels.
Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2014 00:03:46 -0800

1)   Smeters are just part of the grid that Hydro and Fortis are forcing upon us. Another component is the range extender. The smart meters are hampered by geographical and other logistical problems, so this extender is being put on buildings, poles, etc. relaying signals from the smeters to the collectors. Each extender has transmitters and will create yet another layer of microwave radiation. Here is a photo and technical information. Would you please let me know if you spot one, and provide the location? Send to with “extender” on the subject line.

2)   Ongoing power problems reported in Upper Fraser. More than 30 outages in recent months!! Just like Ontario, Hydro doesn’t know where the outages are, and blames the infrastructure. Why wasn’t the money spent on improving the infrastructure instead of replacing meters that work just fine? Fixing something that isn’t broken…. A new definition of “smart”.

3)   Many smeters are still being read manually, and no one is being charged. More evidence that those of us with analogs are being discriminated against.  Please, write comments to:

4)   No benefits from any smart grid have been realized except to the corporations who have profited so well.

5)   A response from a retired electrical journeyman about the aluminum wiring comment in last night’s update:

In respect to the letter following point No. 4.

For a short period of time aluminum wring was used instead of copper in house wiring. If we use copper as being the 100 % electrical conductivity, aluminum is 64.9 %. Therefore, the aluminum wiring used must be bigger in order to have the same capacity for current flow. The standard house wiring for copper is N0. 14 American Wire Gauge rated for 15 amperes. For aluminum No. 12 A.W.G. is used or the same amperage. In AWG,   (yes No. 12 is thicker than no 14) .

Aluminum melts at 600 degrees C (1220 F) copper melts at 1083 C (1981) F.

If aluminum is used instead of copper in the smart meter, it must be thicker in order to have the same conductivity. Aluminum does not conduct electricity faster than copper. However, it is more prone to heat up.


The author of this letter has yet to receive a response and has followed up.

To: smartmtr <>
Sent: Tuesday, November 12, 2013 1:55:56 PM
Subject: Re: BC Hydro's Meter Choices Program

Dear Cheryl,

Thank you for your response.  I don't particularly enjoy being cynical but the attitude displayed by BC Hydro and it's representatives to their customers leaves a lot to be desired.  I don't hold you personally responsible for this attitude as the decision to use brute force on the public to accept smart meters was made by those in halls of power.  In the past, the relationship between BC Hydro and it's customers had been much better and was more about cooperation, not confrontation.

I don't envy the job of anyone who's duty it is to support this dictate, made by those decision makers of the smart meter program, which left people as myself no opt out avenue in the very beginning.  I can imagine the difficulty in trying to deal with the results of this decision and having to convince or ask BC Hydro customers to accept the smart meters they don't want, or to agree to the high cost of refusing a smart meter.

There are still some outstanding questions I am hoping you can respond to.  I had listed some questions, by number, in my previous email below.

1.  You have stated that the monthly fee is for expenses such as setup, servicing, billing, installing additional equipment etc.  Is the cost of having the meter read by a BC Hydro field technician part of the monthly fee?  If so, by how much?

In other words, what percentage of the monthly fee is related to the cost of having a technician to visit a property to read a meter for just that one day(every two months)?

3.  You state that BC Hydro does not accept meter readings from customers.  Why not?  I know how to read my meter accurately, but I realize that others customers do not.  Since I know how to read my meter, the only reason I can see why BC Hydro would refuse to accept my meter reading is a matter of trust.  If I am willing to promise, through contract or agreement, to accurately and reliably submit my own metering readings to BC Hydro, then on what grounds does BC Hydro feel justified to refuse?

GMO Truth & Chem Trail Brain Damage Jan 5/14 Print E-mail
Sunday, 05 January 2014 16:16

GMO Truth & Chem Trail Brain Damage Jan 5/14

Fox News Shockingly Reports The Truth On GMOs

This is a short 5 min video clip  -  well worth watching. 
Finally this colossal GMO travesty is beginning to break through into the mainstream media, which up to now had remained strangely silent on an issue that threatens to devastate all of life – human and ecological.  It is called “slow kill”, but the destruction of life is still the end game.  (You can bet your bottom dollar the Elite of the Elites eat ORGANIC  and not GMO -  Monsanto employees at their headquarters demand organic food in their cafeteria, and they will not eat this GMO garbage food that their own Corporation engineers to cement into place its maximum financial potential.

This corrupt corporate enterprise aimed at establishing monopoly control over life’s essentials  MUST be haltered and then obliterate -  food must once again become a “common commodity”, and not a patented corporate possession.

It is time for this idiocy and insanity to be broadcast far and wide for what it really is.

It is hard to understand why it has taken the population in America so long to understand the idiocy of ever permitting patents on LIFE, and the certainty of enslavement to corporations granted the patents to OWN control over the quality and quantity of the food supply on which the survival of civilization depends.  – It isd rife for being used as a biological weapon for genocide – since it not only destroys health, but also the ability to reproduce health offspring.

This will only change when EVERY person – and we are ALL threatened by this – wakes up to this threat to his/her survival, and becomes determined to take a personal stand and joins the ACTION.

Fox News Shockingly Reports The Truth On GMOs

What Chemtrails Are Doing To Your Brain - Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock Reveals Shocking Facts.

A video worth watching – more than once
Published on Apr 7, 2013

Linderman Unleashed Radio Show March 28th 2013 .   Curt Linderman speaks with Dr. Blaylock about the devastating health effects of the chemtrails and geoengineering programs which have been implemented in secret - without public consent.    (- an open conspiracy)   (Also speaks about neuro-damage from fluoride and vaccines)

Also transcript  at National Health Federation

Chemtrails, Nanoaluminum and Neurodegenerative and Neurodevelopmental Effects
By Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.

Smart Meter Cell Phone Dangers # 2 Jan 3/14 Print E-mail
Friday, 03 January 2014 14:41

Smart Meter Cell Phone Dangers Jan 3/14


Subject: update 2014-01-01 Smeters measure electricity even during outages!!
Date: Wed, 1 Jan 2014 23:53:19 -0800

1)   Smeters measuring/charging for electricity when the power is out has been captured by many with time of use charts that people have posted in the comments:

2)   Jerry Flynn has graciously shared his 290 slides in a powerpoint presentation that he has created over the last few months. He is happy for anyone to use all or part of it, or to forward to anyone who might want to use it. His desire is to let everyone know that Industry Canada, Health Canada and our governments (federal and provincial) are not lying to us about the dangers of microwave radiation from wireless devices. Please, spread the word. It is only through word of mouth that this information will get out. The industry controls the major media outlets as well as most of our governmental agencies.,19,3649

3)    Dr. Daniel Hirsch compared the emissions from smeters and cell phones, and found that smeters emit 160 times more radiation than phones. Here is a summary which includes a link to the entire report.

4)   In response to my request for people who can make some rings, etc. to protect analogs, one member sent this:

I used a headlight ring from an old '49 Dodge around my meter. I glued it on using two part metal glue, I've got it wired on as well. It would take some time and a lot of cutting and prying to remove my analog protection.

5)   In No. America, even though the demand for electricity is reducing each year, the push for the “dumb” grid is increasing, using the false assertion that it is needed to reduce need.  In all likelihood the push really is just for new technology to be used both in the grid and in new appliances, for all the money to be made by appealing to the desire by everyone to be “green” to help the environment.

Comments from members:

Thanks for the update.  This statement got me kind of scared...

“If people are not able to pay the bill in full, Hydro could cut power and require acceptance of the smeter as a condition for reconnection.”

If a customer has already indicated to Hyrdo that they want to keep their analog meter, why is it possible to enforce a smart meter on a customer when it would seem to be just a matter of repayment of the outstanding balance (and their extortion fee to keep the analog meter) to Hydro and then reconnecting the power?

Is it possible to clarify the procedures and precautions that Hydro must take in carrying out any disconnection of power to a customer?  Personally, I think disconnection of  power to a customer is something that should never happen, except in the most extreme situations and that all alternative avenues have been exhausted, as it can be a life threatening situation.  I'm sure Hydro and the Ombudsman's office understand the seriousness as well.

I have read several instances on the Ombudsman's website where customers have built up a sizable outstanding balance and Hydro was threatening to cut power, but the Ombudsman's office stepped in and prevented the disconnection.  The Ombudsman would then ask Hydro to work with the customer to come up with a reasonable repayment plan.

What I'm curious about is how these people (usually on low income) had built up such a big outstanding balance (which must have been over many months)?  I read some cases where customers would pay Hydro just a portion of their bill, but not in full.  I suspect this would trigger hydro to attempt to collect the balance before deciding to proceed with any disconnection action.  But how long would Hydro continue to try to collect before proceeding to disconnect a customer?  That is what I would like to know.

I copied an example (posted below) from the Ombudsman's website


Last Updated on Friday, 03 January 2014 17:14
WIFI Kills Plants Study! Dec 21/13 Print E-mail
Saturday, 21 December 2013 15:26

WIFI Kills Plants Study! Dec 21/13

NaturalNews) It's not difficult to understand the appeal of Wi-Fi. This revolutionary technology, which has been commercially available since 1999, eliminates cabling and wiring for computers, reduces cellular usage charges and allows us to connect to the Internet from anywhere with a signal. Despite these benefits, however, studies continue to show that the radiation generated by wireless routers is negatively affecting our health. In fact, the British activist website Stop Smart Meters recently published a list of 34 scientific studies demonstrating the adverse biological effects of Wi-Fi exposure, including studies linking it to headaches, reduced sperm count and oxidative stress.

The latest research into the dangers of Wi-Fi, though, comes from a surprisingly humble source: Five ninth grade female students from Denmark, whose science experiment revealed that wireless radiation is equally as devastating to plants.

Undeniable results

The experiment began when the five students realized that they had difficulty concentrating in school if they slept near their mobile phones the previous night. Intrigued by this phenomenon, the students endeavored to study the effects of cell phone radiation on humans. Unfortunately, their school prevented them from pursuing this experiment due to a lack of resources, so the students decided to test the effects of Wi-Fi radiation (comparable in strength to cell phone radiation) on a plant instead.

The girls placed six trays of Lepidium sativum seeds (a garden cress grown commercially throughout Europe) in a room without radiation, and an equal amount in a room next to two Wi-Fi routers. Over a 12-day period, they observed, measured, weighed and photographed the results. Even before the 12th day arrived, however, the end results were obvious: The cress seeds placed near the routers either hadn't grown or were completely dead, while the seeds placed in the radiation-free room had blossomed into healthy plants. ( this is what is happening to our bodies cells folks Tami)

The experiment earned the five students top honors in a regional science competition. Moreover, according to a teacher at their school, Kim Horsevad, a professor of neuroscience at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden was so impressed with the experiment that he is interested in repeating it in a controlled scientific environment.

You can help reduce your exposure to Wi-Fi radiation by following the advice in this article.

Sources for this article include:

Learn more:


Smart Meter Battles US & Canada! Dec 20/13 Print E-mail
Friday, 20 December 2013 17:19

Smart Meter Battles US & Canada! Dec 20/13

Smart Meter Exec Resigns over death threats!

Some excellent information contained in the links below. Anyone who uses a cell phone on an ongoing basis should read this info. If your kids use cell phones regularly and for long periods of time, please be aware of and apprise them of the radiation risks.

There are many links listed below on smart meters, EMF¹s, cell phones, call towers, wi-fi, etc. Keep scrolling down for all

Smart Threats of Violence Now Come from BOTH Sides of the Issue

Director LADWP Smart Meter Program Receives Death Threats, Resigns, Customers Get Free Opt Out Policy IN WRITING

NVE Uses Armed Guards to Install Smart Meter On Opt Out Customer

Armed Guard Used to Install Smart Meter on Woodstock, NY Opt Out Customer

From Maryland Smart Meter Awareness:

"Our local utility fessed up to the Public Service Commission that about 175,000 customers so far have refused to respond to requests to replace their indoor meters. That along with our 25,000 official opt outs puts the total near 200,000 or about 15% of the total number of ratepayers in BGE's service area. The revolution is spreading."
"So how did we get our utility to admit that there were 175,000 of its 1.3 million ratepayers that were refusing to let the utility into their homes to change the meters? These were homeowners where the meter was inside the home so that the utility needed them to let installers into the home to do the meter swap."

Smart Stupidity Abounds

UK Government to Roll Out 53 Million Smart Meters by 2015

Energy Supplier Denies Blame for House Fire

Monitor Placed Near Heart to Measures Emotions and Help Stop Emotional Eating...
Microsoft Develops Smart Bra

According to the filing, the SmartWig can help navigate roads and collect information such as blood pressure.

Sony Files Patent for Smart Wig

A fridge that texts pictures to show what is for dinner, a voice-controlled washing machine - appliances like these are being designed to talk to each other via the cloud to cut energy bills.
Japan Focuses on Smart Kitchen Appliances


ALEC Calls for Penalty for Homes with Clean Energy

This "Fully Trained and Licensed Electrician" Switches an RF TEP Meter BACK to Analog, But Not Without Showing Her Expertise

Transmission Lines Buried Beneath the Ocean Connect Counties for the Global Grid

The Global Grid

I learned a lot listening to this...

Dave Stetzer Reveals Dirty Electricity Problems With Smart Meters

"Brain Tumors of the Rich and Famous"

Reporter Julie Chang Has Brain Tumor

His Father, Vice President Joe Biden Also Had Brain Tumor

Vice President Joe Biden's Son Has "Mass Removed" from Side of Head.

Top Wireless Industry Executive Dies of Brain Tumor


Brain Cancer Clusters For Children Multiply

10 Teenagers Diagnosed with Brain Tumors In Suburban Los Angeles Cancer Cluster


As Government Officials Scour the Area for "What Could Possibly Have Caused this Cancer Cluster", They Purposely Ignore the Smoking Gun of Carcinogenic Radiation From Cell Towers...

Childhood Cancer Cluster in Ohio Town

List of FCC Registered Cell Towers in That Area of Ohio

Upcoming Expert Roundtable in San Francisco on Cell Phones and Health

This is sort of a big deal. They did this a few months back but Dr. Joel Moskowitz just made me aware of it. We had been trying to get this Washington, DC based group to get on board with our cell phone/brain cancer warning label bills for a very long time. They refused, instead utilizing the FCC inadequate SAR guidelines as adequate notification to people on cell phones and safety. They have now changed their stance on this issue.

EWG Suspends It's Advice On Lower Level SAR Phones Due to SAR Coming Under Scrutiny As Not Being Adequate for Protection


It's Never Too Early To Start Getting Cancer!

Monitor Your Baby's Health with Just a Sock!

China's - "Smart" Wearable Devices for Pregnant Women

Fisher Price Introduces Baby Seat with IPad

Controversy Over Child's Seat with IPad

Cell Towers Losing Power

India Doubles Penalties for Radiation Violations from Cell Towers

WIFI Wickedness

Downtown Vegas Gets Free WIFI Turned On

DARPA Creates Super Fast WIFI that Attaches Information to Light Beams

Government Urged to Research Heath Effects from WIFI

How Much WIFI Radiation is on an Airplane?


Other EMF Issues

Dr. Anthony Miller Suggests Moving Wireless Radiation from 2b Possible Carcinogen to to 2A Probable Carcinogen

Dr. Anthony B. Miller

Oldie but goodie...

Motorola Authentication "Vitamin" Tablet

Michael Repacholi, WHO Industry Shill to "Take Stock" of Out of Control Cell Tower Cancer Victims in India Who Wish Not to be Irradiated

Ex- WHO Michael Repacholi Rolls Out Industry Propaganda Book Promoting No Health Effects from Wireless

Curtis Bennett on EMF,WIFI Smart Grid and Cell Towers

Dr. Talmor EMF Pollution Video

Curtis Bennett on EMF,WIFI Smart Grid and Cell Towers

RF Workers Asking for Protection

Magnetic and Electric Fields on Water

Microwave Mind Control


Nuclear Nightmares

Mexican Truck Carrying Radioactive Material Found

Fukushima Panic

Fukushima - A Dirty Job with No End In Sight

They're Going to Dump Fukushima Radiation Into the Water


Storing Nuclear Waste - A "68 Billion Dollar Wasted" Fiasco

Government Collusion with Corporate Corruption

"...tens of thousands of retirees living off of pensions - many of whom will see an

80% obliteration of the retirement funds they believed they'd receive until they died."
"(Retirees) feel like something that they've earned and were promised is being taken away from when they're not in a position in their lives to plan for it and fight back," Plecha said. "They're at a time in their lives when they're most vulnerable."

VAPORIZED, Detroit OBLITERATES Retirement Funds

Australia to Forcibly Vaccinate Via Intentional and Controlled Aerosolized GMO Vaccine

Amish Girl, Forced Into Experimental Chemo Therapy, Flees US with Parents for Natural Therapy, Now Said to be Cancer Free


New Satellite Spy Logo - Evil Octopus Strangling the World Becomes Latest US Intelligence Logo

NSA Consider Exposing Pornography Habits of Influential Extremists

This technology is now 10 years old...

NSA Develops Sub-Vocal Speech

US Should Try for a Better Relationship with Chinese Military or Enlist Help from Other Countries

Chemtrail Craziness


Excellent Chemtrail/Geoengineering vid

Geoengineering Fellowship Offered at Harvard

Toxic Legacy

Government Cover Up of Ionizing Radiation - Depleted Uranium Used in Iraq Causing Omnicide, US, Canadian, UK Soldiers Exposed

Depleted Uranium Weaponry After Effects on Soldiers Who Used Them

Toxins that Affected Your Great Grandparents Could be in Your Genes

Air Pollution Is Linked to Autism

Dandruff Shampoo Too Toxic For Water

So great to know our tax dollars are being put to good use! "The drops, including research, cost a total of $1.5 million, with funding coming from the Department of the Interior and the Department of Defense. The total budget nationally for the project is $8 million."

280 Poisoned Mice Dropped by Parachute in Guam to Kill Snakes

Unregulated Contaminants Found in US Drinking Water

Ingredients Used in Manufacturing of Teflon® nonstick coating, Gore-Tex® water-repellent gear, microwave popcorn bags, carpet, and fire-fighting foam Found to Cause Testicular, Liver and Pancreas Cancer

Thalidomide Victims Share In $89,000,000 Settlement

Methane Leaking from Arctic Ocean at Alarming Rate

Storms and Flooding Can Unleash Toxic Soup

Pesticide Ban to Protect Bees enters Into Force in EU

General Mills Sued Over Contaminating Soil


"Police arrived at night, they beat us up with batons and dragged us away, "But when police learned journalists were also present, the arrests did not take place, and a government mediator asked only if protesters needed bread.


Romanian Villagers Brave Police and Cold in Fracking Fight To Block US Company Chevron

Indigenous Canadian Protestors Refuse to Back Down to Judge Court Order to Allow for Fracking, Set Tires Ablaze on Highway

Fracking Causing Earthquakes In the US

Monsanto Must Go!

Agentinian Residents Stands Up to Monsanto, Military Troops Called In

Asbestos Still Abounds

"...around 90 per cent of schools still contain asbestos"

More Will Become Ill From Asbestos in Hampshire Schools

Asbest, the Town Asbestos BuiltGov. Brown of CA Heckled by Anti Fracking Protestors

"A Few Good Men"

This Incredible Recorded Speech by JFK On Global Secret Society That Runs the World is the Only Recording I know of, Where A President Goes On Record About

This Insidious, Enormous Problem...

The President Who Told The Truth

Matt Damon Reads Howard Zinn's Awesome Speech

(This COULD Be A Good Thing)

Hackers Develop Super Drone to Hack and Hijack Other Drones


Eliminating Creatures of Land and Sea

Obama Finalizing Allowance for Bald Eagles to be Killed by Wind Farms

Mass Mortality of Hundreds of Whale Calves Off Argentinian Coast

Death Sentence for Worlds Tiniest Dolphins


Maine Cancels Shrimping Season Due to Species Collapse

Coal Ash Deforms Fish

Earthworms of the Sea Affected by Plastic Consumption

Scientists Freeze Coral Sperm to Help Save Australian Barrier Reef From Extinction

Silliness Out of a Serious Situation

Bloomberg Defends Controverisal "Stop and Kiss" Program

Special Thanks to YOU for reading it all and PASSING IT ON and for Articles From: Environmental Health News, The Microwave Factor, Rob States, Deborah Taveris, Amy O'Hair, Paul Doyon, George Parker, Iris Atzmon, Jonathan Libber, Robert Reidlinger, Susan Yurychuck, Marilynne Martin, Jeremy Johnson, Barb Payne, Laddie Lawdings,

Please visit this website for Internet Privacy:


Subject: update 2013-12-18 Some excellent letters to the BCUC -- one day left to submit
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2013 00:09:08 -0800

1)   BC Hydro is governed by the BC Hydro Electric Tariff Act among other Acts (unless Bill Bennett decides it can be ignored!!) The Tariff Act outlines the contractual relationship we have with Hydro, which was updated Nov. 18 to include the opt out provision and the interim charges. Of special significance is the fact that at 4.2.2 (d) of the Act it states clearly that if, during the “election period” we did not make a meter choice, then it will be assumed that we will keep our analogs. If Corix or Hydro changes any of our analogs from here on, they will be breaking the contract.

Also, some people have been told that they must have a smart meter because they moved into a new home sometime during the last few months and set up a new account. This was not included in the “contract” until Nov. 18, and therefore again Hydro would be breaking its contract with us should they try to apply this retroactively.

2)   Report from member on a conversation with customer service about missing bill:

Husband had a pleasant conversation yesterday with a BC Hydro customer service rep who he asked why we didn't get our usual bill this month.  She said she couldn't access the billing amount as it was set at zero.  He asked why and she said likely because they don't have our meter choice on file.  Husband said we gave our firm and final choice to opt out with no charge earlier this year and it should be on file as we sent it by post and email.

Nice lady said she has no access to any information in our account to do with "smart meters" and she would have to transfer him to the "smart meter" team for any further information.  She did have access to our latest meter reading done at the end of November which did jive with the reading we took, so she gave us that.

Husband told her we are on equal payment plan so he had just sent in the usual payment electronically.  She said as far as she knows it takes 2-3 days to show up but it should be accepted as usual but again she can't access that information.

So he declined her kind offer to be forwarded to the "smart meter" team as he was having a nice day at the time and didn't feel like being annoyed or threatened by "the special team".

So we have not received a December bill and have not been billed for the extortionary 35 extra dollars but have sent in our usual payment on time.  I wonder if they are hoping we would go into arrears for some reason?   I suppose we will have to wait and see what happens to our January bill and we will continue to send in our usual equal payment amount if they still fail to send our bill.

3)   Another member shared this notice that he received, perhaps with his bill. It does help to explain what is happening. I don’t think we should worry, but we do need to be vigilant to make sure no games are being played with bills.

Dear -----

We are reorganizing our meter reading routes to improve the manual meter reading process for meters that are not yet able to automatically transmit readings. This will reduce the number of times we may bill customers based on estimated meter reads.

As a result, your current billing date will change as of your next bill. A Bill Ready email will be sent when your next bill is available. The due date for bill payments continues to be 21 days from the billing date.

Log in to MyHydro at any time to view your bill and check your balance. Download your PDF bill to review any important messages about your account. You can also sign up for a pre-authorized payment plan to automatically withdraw payments from your bank account so you don't have to worry about missing a payment.

We apologize for any inconvenience this change has caused you.

Letters:  -- Last day to submit to BCUC is Thursday, Dec. 19.  Here are some great examples to use.


extortion successful it seems


Wed, 18 Dec 2013 03:15:08 -0800



bcuc <>,, Liberal MLA contact <>, stopsmartmetersbc <>


To BCUC Commission secretary,

Allow me to be the first to congratulate your commission on caving in to a dictator ship.

The BC Hydro extortion and threats paid off for them and now they already  are bragging in the MSM ,owned by the Liberals through their free handed handing out taxpayer money for useless ad campaigns.

The real possibility of my not having enough money left to pay rent,food after the $35.00  extra in extortion was   what made me see the light when Mr Reimer made me an offer I dare not refuse.

I have spent 65 years building a good credit and the thought of my hydro being shut off and my account turned over to a collecting agency was the final straw .

So BCUC pass the word on to YOUR BOSSES we give in. But with all the

computer id teft riemer better hope that my information is never

compromuised through their carelessness. A civil action is time less .

Date: Wed, Dec 18, 2013 at 12:16 AM

Subject: Re: smart meter acceptance choice
To:  Sharon Noble

I admit I accepted the smart meter for several reasons.  I am nearing retirement on a limited budget & do not have a lot in CPP or RSP benefits.  I have seen Hydro win time & time again with the CRTC or the BCUC each time they ask for an increase & from everything I've read, the government is behind Hydro on this.  Even if the fee were reduced, with the rising costs of hydro & the meter read fee & possible fee for failure to install or any other fees hydro dreams up, I don't want to pay anything extra.  I am fed up with the letters & threats from hydro.  Also, my meter is on a pole out in the yard about 40 feet from my home, so not quite so close to me.  As well, my partner is electronically knowledgeable & we intend to limit the meters transmissions.

I have done everything to cut down on my usage.  It is NOT a matter of accepting the meter as safe or whatever the media is saying about those of us that suddenly changed our minds.  I am still strongly against this whole thing.  Large corporations that nickel & dime the working class for their profits & to line the pockets of politicians, CEO's and other management staff.  I still think it is unsafe & believe it could cause a fire and believe it may invade my privacy or risk my security.  But, as I told hydro in a letter sent with the acceptance:

Mr. Greg Reimer,

This letter is to accompany my response to the Meter Choice letter.  It is under duress that I feel I must accept a smart meter due to the financial threat and burden of additional fees for keeping my analog meter.  As I am a single homeowner with a large mortgage payment and I cannot afford the additional and unjustified monthly charge of $35.00 to an already high power bill with the ever-increasing rates and tier scheme.  I feel this is inflation and extortion at it’s finest.  The meter is only read once every two months!  I can read the meter myself.  I’ve done it already on a few occasions.  No private sector business would get away with the way the smart meter program was introduced or the implemented monthly fees - prior to approval, for keeping an existing analog meter where the home-owner is willing to read the meter and send in the reading for billing.
I will accept the smart meter, but I request that the old analog meter be left with me on my property for future use should the mandatory smart meter program be overturned in court and the citizens of BC be allowed to keep and use an analog meter. 
The coercive methods employed to force homeowners into this program or be faced with prohibitive fees is undemocratic and unconstitutional.  I will do everything within my power to protect myself from the effects of this new smart meter and by accepting it as installed, will refuse to pay any extra or excess fees other than the metered usage fee.

Concerned citizen against smart meters

From: >
Date: Wed, Dec 18, 2013 at 11:19 AM
Subject: BCH Meter Choices Program $35 fee
To: "Commission Secretary BCUC:EX" <>,,


Erica Hamilton

Commission Secretary

BC Utilities Commission

6th Floor, 900 Howe Street, Box 250

Vancouver, BC  V6Z 2N3


And to:

Janet Fraser

Chief Regulatory Officer

BC Hydro and Power Authority

16the Floor, 333 Dunsmuir Street

Vancouver, BC V6B 5R3

As a registered intervener in BC Hydro’s application for approval of charges in the Meter Choices Program, I submit the following

As a rationale to justify the fees in its Meter Choices Program, BC Hydro is using the specious argument that it would be unfair to expect all their customers to “subsidize” the so-called extra costs that SM refusers would incur to the corporation. Therefore, refusers should be charged an extra fee for the “privilege” of opting out of the program.

Questions for the BCUC and BCH: BCH has gone to great lengths to justify and explain to the BCUC exactly how it arrived at the $35 opt-out fee, right down to the costs of airfare and meals, call centres, etc. that the company would incur in allowing an opt-out. Has this same hair-splitting detail been submitted for the costs of the smart meter program? And are these costs being born by the customers who received a smart meter? If not, why not? Would this not be fair, given that non-smart meter customers are being billed for costs of the program they want? Is not the current proposal to charge the opt-outs for their costs, but not the "opt-ins", is nothing short of discriminatory?

I submit that if there were any extra fees to be charged, they should apply to those who opted FOR a smart meter, since this program, as we well know, is horrifically expensive. Why should I, as one who does not want to participate in the SM program (for reasons I have described in detail in various previous communications with BCH and the BCUC) subsidize this program? As is evident with the looming 26% rate increase over the next few years, this is exactly what is happening: BCH and the BC government have made decisions (one of which is the smart meter program) that are costing BCH enormously, and rates must go up to cover the costs. As one who does not want a smart meter, I should receive a discount — not the other way round.

Let it be noted that I remain fully opposed to the smart meter program, including any notion of an opt-out fee. I fully agree with intervenor XX (see attachment below) in applauding interveners YY's work and fine line of thought (also attached below) in examining the outrageous attempts and strategies used by BC Hydro to justify the hurried and forceful imposition of its smart meter program. Their expose of how BCH manipulated numbers to further deceive and intimidate people into making a choice they didn’t want should give you, the BCUC, excellent reason for putting a stop to the discriminatory opt-out plan. I also refer to the excellent letter submitted by ZZ (attached below) which articulates yet again some of the many reasons why many people have serious misgivings about the smart meter program. It also very clearly points to the speciousness, lack of respect and the falsehoods in many of BCH’s arguments for its program and its proposed opt-out fees.

It continues to be an intriguing and worrisome question as to why there is such a frantic rush across much of the industrialized world to have these meters and the smart grid pushed on an uneducated and unsuspecting public, using the same despicable tactics. BC Hydro, once a crown corporation of which we were proud, has become a pariah, using deceit, lies, intimidation and condescension to force its ill thought-out program on the citizens of BC. Even the agencies we have so carefully set up to provide checks and balances to prevent the abuse of power and maintain fairness in our society (such as the BCUC) have gradually been emasculated by corporate pressure on our governments to grant increasingly unfettered power to those corporations to maximize their ability to profit from us all. I do believe that, were I a member of the BCUC, I would have no option but to resign in protest.

My intention is not to denigrate the work of the BCUC, or to question the integrity of its members. However, the BCUC has been prevented by government decree from fulfilling its original mandate to ensure fair, equitable and affordable electricity to the citizens of BC. It is certainly time for a change in the way we govern ourselves. We must put an end to the corporatization of our government, and find a way to return to the true values and intent of democracy: government for the people by the people. And corporations, particularly crown corporations, exist to serve, not to rape and pillage.

(I have excluded the names from the letters referred to because I don’t have permission to share with names even though these letters will be on the BCUC website. Rodney Po)

Re: Interim $35 fee

December, 13, 2013

Erica Hamilton

Commission Secretary

BC Utilities Commission

Sixth Floor, 900 Howe Street, Box 250

Vancouver, BC V6Z 2N3


Ms. Janet Fraser

Chief Regulatory Officer

British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority

16th Floor, 333 Dunsmuir Street

Vancouver, BC V6B SR3

Smart Meter Madness & Lawsuit website! Dec 12/13 Print E-mail
Thursday, 12 December 2013 15:41

Smart Meter Madness & Lawsuit website! Dec 12/13

Subject: update 2013-11-29 Protect your analogs. They want our guard down.
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2013 23:49:08 -0800

1 ) From one of our more technical members. Good question – is a contract valid if full and accurate disclosure is not provided?

Had a bit of a talk Daniel and Shaun at BC Hydro Stupid meter. They could not answer my questions regarding some- relatively simple technical questions regarding smart meters - where does the far field start (also a couple of other questions). Important because until the far field one can be exposed to spectacular peaks of radiation in the order of over 100 times the simple number.

To be fair I did not expect the BCHydro Script reading kiddies to know the answer. What did bother me was they felt I should make a decision (actually accept the stupid meter) knowing I did not have all the information. Seems to me contract law has something to say about not being fully informed.

I have been asking BCHydro the question for a considerable period of time and never received an acknowledgement of the question. The answer is actually easy to find if one knows the frequency of the radio and the maximum size of the antenna. Shaun has promised to phone me with the answers at 2 next Thursday but if I change my mind on opposing Smart meters it would be too late to make a dumb decision and accept a smart meter.

2) Attached is a letter I wrote regarding the installation of a smart meter yesterday, against the home owner’s wishes. This government’s tactics are backfiring badly. More are joining the class action lawsuit every day in far higher numbers than a few weeks ago. Comments I receive each day indicate that people are angrier and more frustrated with the way Hydro and Bennett are operating. I truly believe we can force more major changes to this program, to force this govt. to respect our rights not to have something we believe is dangerous and/or invasive on our homes!! It’s thanks to you for spreading the word. We can win this!

And there was another reported to me. I suggest that people must forge an official complaint – not that Hydro or Bennett will respond. They have no morals or ethics.

3) From a member re. the information requests (IR) filed by Hydro to the BCUC: -- once again Hydro lied.

Recently a video was circulated showing smart meters pulsing a laser light that could be viewed with night vision googles In this BCUC response about the pulsing light BCHydro admits there is a light that pulses at a rate proportional to the amount of power used. BChydro did not disclose this information to the BC privacy commissioner when she made her ruling that because data was encrypted there was no violation of privacy, In effect BCHydro is admiring that one’s power use data is broadcast in an unencrypted form and available for any person to read. One’s power consumption data is not kept secure and confidential

page 814

"Electronic meters, include digital meters, radio-off meters, and smart meters, contains an infrared light-emitting diode (LED) used for Measurement Canada accuracy testing and cannot be turned off.

Old, mechanical meters have a disc that rotates at a speed proportional to the amount of power being consumed. When electronic meters were introduced decades ago, the rotating disc was replaced by an infrared “disc emulator”. The disc emulator uses an LED indicator that flashes at a rate proportional to the amount of electricity being used."

4) Another fire incident. You can read about it and see the photos – but Hydro will say it never happened.

5) Smart meters in Alberta seem to be decided and handled at the local level. Medicine Hat is starting a program. Please tell friends and relatives to use any info. on our website that they think could help.

video 02:25) [Opt-out - Medicine Hat, Alberta] Smart Meters - CHAT Television - November 27, 2013:


Many letters in newspapers in reaction to Bennett’s announcement re. rate increase.

[Penticton, BC] Questions for Energy Minister by Alan Kidd - BC Local News - November 28, 2013:

Date: Wed, Nov 27, 2013 at 12:16 PM
Subject: Smart meter choice

Greg Reimer, Executive Vice President,

Transmission & Distribution

BC Hydro, P.O. Box 9530, Stn Terminal,

Vancouver, B. C. V6B 9Z9

November 27th 2013

Email: Dear Mr. Reimer:

I have already made my choice and made it clear to you and BC Hydro in the past. I have chosen, in a truly democratic and freedom of choice fashion, to keep the analogue meter as there is absolutely nothing wrong with it whereas there is plenty wrong with the so-called smart meter, including the negative affects these atrocities have on people, animals, bees and the environment, not to mention the gross invasion of privacy issues that are involved.

In small print the letter received speaks to furthering a mandate under the Hydro and Power Authority Act and the Clean Energy Act to which the people of this province did not agree to. The people of this province did not request that a mandate be enacted to install smart meters on their homes, therefore, the BC Liberal government did not receive a mandate from the people. Therefore, as a public servant, BC Hydro has no “mandate” in this respect.

By way of repetition for emphasis I will not accept either the smart meter nor the opt-out fee in any manner, nor will I accept being intimidated to comply with the options given which are no options at all as Hydro has not received authority from the BC Utilities Commission and Hydro cannot arbitrarily and unilaterally add on fees to my accounts minus submitting an application to BCUC and having it approved.

Without approval from the BC Utilities Commission, BC Hydro is not entitled to impose an opt-out fee and is violating my rights. Presenting fees in this manner is misleading, causing people to believe BC Hydro’s actions are authorized when they are not.  This is all totally illegal.

The letter is coercive and the fees are exorbitant and extortionate, especially when people can read their meters for themselves and send the figures in for billing purposes. Having come through an election last May, the citizens of this province were told they would not be forced to have a smart meter installed and we certainly were not informed there would be a forthcoming Meter Choice Program!

Whatever happened to democracy in this Province? The governance in this province is now more like a dictatorship.

In closing, my answer is NO. I will not accept a smart meter; nor will I be intimidated into paying a set-up and monthly operating fee, the imposition of which is unlawful.

To register for the class action or to donate to it:

Check us out on FACEBOOK

Follow & Retweet us:

--Forwarded Message Attachment--
Subject: Fear tactics continuing
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2013 14:32:03 -0800

Mr. Reimer and Mr. Bennett.

Why are Hydro tactics continuing that include forcing smart meters on homes, even after the home owners have notified you that they will be keeping their analog?

As recently as yesterday Hydro has, over the protestations of the home owners, installed a smart meter on at least one home. I have encouraged the victims to lay charges of trespass and to go public, but your targets are well-chosen: the timid, the elderly, those who have no visible sign of support. The true tactics of bullies.

It is obvious from everything that you, your government, and our crown corporation has said and done is geared toward one goal – getting a smart meter on every home. Your offer to allow opting out is disingenuous at best, dishonest at least.

By now you should have learned that, by and large, the public is not responding to your threats. You are making us angrier and more determined each day to ensure that you do not achieve your goal. Until you remember that you work for us, and begin to respect our civil rights, we will continue our grassroots efforts.

With dismay,

Sharon Noble

Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

To register for the class action or to donate to it:

1)   “Utilities are more focused on cutting their own costs than in helping consumers become more efficient,” he said. “They aren't motivated to reduce demand.”  Greed, it’s all about greed.

Read more:

2)   One apartment building, from a member:

73 meters, manually read every two months, at $35.00 per month.

That works out to $5110.00 for one meter reader visit!  What a cash grab!!

3)   It is certain that there are moles getting this update. We are a thorn in Hydro’s and the Liberal’s sides, and they don’t like it. Hence the coercion, the threats, but also some of the attempts at misinformation. There are documents being sent around that are divisive, some that are just confusing, some purporting to have been written by legal experts – who knows who really wrote them or why?  We must all be careful about what we sign or agree to.


A good, long letter is at,25,3618

Date: Wed, Nov 27, 2013 at 8:31 AM
Subject: BC Hydro Meter Choices Program
To: "" <>
Cc: "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>

Subject: BC Hydro Smart Meter Opt-Out Program

Please add the following Letter of Comment to the above-named proceeding.

I am the registered account holder with BC and I am opposing BC Hydro's proposed Opt-Out Fees.

Dear Commission Members,

Yesterday we received the 4th notice from BC Hydro coercing us to sign their meter choices enrolment form.

And again BC Hydro makes a misleading statement: "..return your...form....or fees will apply".

We received a letter with the request to sign an enrolment form at the end of September 2013. We responded by e-mail and mail on September 30, 2013.

Our response stated very clearly that we do not accept a Smart Meter, and that we consider the proposed fees enormous and unacceptable.

We received a second letter in spite of our response, and a third letter on November 12/2013.

On November 20/2013, we received a phone call demanding that we MUST return the enrolment form.

We are members of the class action law suit filed against BC Hydro and consider this correspondence and communication unethical to say the least.

And now we are in receipt of yet another mailing.

How can BC Hydro claim that people who reject a Smart Meter are costing BC Hydro so much extra, when it is BC Hydro that increases their administration costs in such irresponsible manner and is misusing the public's money.

Except the first mailing with the notification of the now available Op-Out Options, neither, the further mailings nor the phone call were necessary as our position and choice had been expressed very clearly. With every mailing and call we received we felt intimidated and threatened.

We are asking the Commission not to allow BC Hydro to charge punitive and extortion fees to people who want nothing but live save and without intrusion in their homes.

Please reduce the proposed opt-out fee to $ 1 per month since the Government's order removed the Commission's ability to disallow these discriminating charges all together.

To register for the class action or to donate to it:

Published November 28, 2013

by Josh Hart, Director of Stop Smart Meters!
see original post on

Last weekend, I was invited to speak at a Take Back Your Power screening in Dublin (California, not Ireland- where I spoke in June) at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) hall.  The IBEW recently joined more than 900 individuals and organizations who submitted comments to the Federal Communications Commission’s review of current RF guidelines.  In the IBEW’s comments, they stated that the FCC’s existing regulations “have no practical application to provide (radiofrequency) safety.” (IBEW letter pdf)  If anyone knows whether something is safe or not, it is probably the people who work around it all day.

Congressman Jerry McNerney, who has introduced the “smart grid advancement act” got his start in the IBEW hall where the film Take Back Your Power was shown last Saturday night

Ironically, we are told that this hall in Dublin where Take Back Your Power was screened is where Jerry McNerney, the congressman who introduced the Smart Grid Advancement Act, launched his political career.   The bill would promote (some say mandate) ‘smart’ meters and require wireless chips in consumer appliances to qualify for the Energy Star efficiency program.  Several attendees at the event said they knew the man personally and afterwards some spoke about sending him a copy of the film.

About two dozen people showed up including scientists from Lawrence Berkeley National Labs (LBL), under contract to the Dept. of Energy (DOE), and one Oracle employee involved in meta-analysis of the mountains of smart meter data that are being generated - essentially the electronic signature of what goes on in your home, stored in a server farm.

When public doubts about the safety of the ‘smart’ grid began to reach a fevered pitch, LBL published a set of stilted, selective and inaccurate (but convincing-sounding) public responses to a smart meter inquiry at the Michigan Public Services Commission.  Why all the fuss to do damage control about an issue they claim isn’t even worthy of investigation?  The telecommunications industry, ‘smart’ grid program, defense industry - really the entire military-industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about- is based on microwave transmissions. If the public understood the truth and more importantly - acted on it, all of this could be at risk.  Thus, the robust response from the LBL and the resistance from those scientists steeped in its dogma.

After the screening, a woman named Joanne who has a pacemaker told her story about how the ‘smart’ meter affected her health when it was installed.  When she called PG&E (must have been in 2010 or 2011) there was a nice man on the phone who warned her that the new meter might cause interference with her medical device. PG&E came right away and changed it to an analog and didn’t charge her a fee for 2 years.  Now they have started charging even Joanne as the utilities go into lockdown zip-lip mode, not admitting to any possible health or safety effects even as thousands get sicker and fires consume homes and businesses like popcorn (you never know when the next one will go pop.)

Picture: A suspicious fire in San Francisco’s Presidio Heights; residents reported hearing a pop pop sound coming from the alleyway nearby - smart meters have not been ruled out as a cause

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