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Environmental Healing
Smart Meter Dangers Illegal & Illegal GCR Actions! Feb 6/14 Print E-mail
Wednesday, 05 February 2014 21:44

Smart Meter Dangers Illegal & Illegal GCR Actions! Feb 6/14

GCR Global Currency Reset note!

Friends our Gaia Defense forces future soldiers and Galactic allies have been busy clearing the dark Cabal ET bases on the moon, mars and Saturn. We continue to work at clearing Satanic timeline networks as well that are connected with various religions, mason and secret society sects. P2 will not be supported with their subtle control elitist games.

Plus the Bankers with holding RV payouts from the light workers and general public will be charged and money confiscated so we the people can payout with same high contract rate. Also, Americans are being asked to write their governors, Senators etc that we know about the RV greed criminalities and that we demand payouts to the people now at high contract rate. They will not get away with anything all who double and triple dipped will have their money confiscated to be given to we the people to share with everyone. Once this happens with the now current green light from Prime creator the global reset can happen which will release all humanitarian projects. Global TV broadcast will be made for all to know. The banking 800 numbers for Dinar holders will be posted at and elsewhere. NO NDA needed so I am told. Do not agree to paymaster distribution another potential scam. Dinar RV is not a scam what is happening with the bankers is illegal please go to and listen to Feb 5/14 2 hour webinar.

The dark have been trying to move the money around to prevent confiscation but our Galactic Tech can find any hacker or account globally. They have tried to hide the truth about these criminal acts it is time to go public through twitter efforts as well. The more people that know we know about their crimes the faster this will complete and release to we the people globally. Once this Reset is released move your money out of the criminal big banks and move it to smaller communtiy banks and credit unions. I will post my humanitarian bank here in Canada once it is safe to do so.

Dinar RV is not a scam what is happening with the bankers is illegal please go to and listen to Feb 5/14 2 hour webinar for more details. They will start facebook campaign Friday Feb 7/14 TNT-We are the people webpage along with TNT twitter campaign to get the truth public. Contact Commodities Futures Complaint Commission to complain about illegal cashing out by Government, bankers and their friends while not going live to public for Dinar 866-366-2382 Join in Tami

"Smart Meters Cause Illegal Interference

This implementation is unwise for a number of reasons.

Much consumer equipment exists in this band. Early tests indicate that most of this equipment suffers from detrimental performance in areas where Smart Meters are installed. Most of these consumers are not aware that they are receiving interference from all the Smart Meters within range of their equipment. In many cases, the interference, which causes random loud pops or clicks, renders the devices completely useless to the consumer. Chatham-Kent Hydro is aware that these devices will be negatively impacted, and states,

“900 MHZ telephones and baby monitors can be interfered with by the Smart Meter network. Our vendor has done testing in the area and they report that the devices ability to filter out the interference varies greatly from supplier to supplier. Some phones work perfectly fine while others report short “popping sounds” every minute or so. This interference is, although undesirable, within the realm of acceptable performance for devices operating in the 900-928 MHZ band.”

Examples of licence-exempt equipment operating on the 902-928 MHz band are: cordless phones, crib monitors, wireless headphones, patio speakers, remote controls, wireless microphones, security systems, motion detectors, garage door openers, remote car starters, wireless computer networks – essentially any cordless electronic equipment as might be found in thousands of local homes, businesses and churches. Much of this equipment permits the user to change the channel used to prevent interference to a neighbour using the same device, as such interference would be illegal. In addition, the low power and small bandwidth required by any individual user permits a multitude of devices to co-exist, as they have in Chatham-Kent until now. Chatham-Kent Hydro monopolized the whole band so there are no free channels for anyone else."

3) In Australia, a trial project fails when participants drop out. If only Hydro and Fortis had tried a pilot project...,half-of-users-abandon-smart-meter-trial.aspx?utm_source=feed&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=editors_picks

4)California energy company admits it's discovered how valuable the data from the grid is:

"We need to start changing out culture and start thinking of data as something valuable," Haralson explained.


LaDee Homm, business strategy analyst expert with OGE Energy Corp., agreed. She explained that through analytics and other sources, the company has learned quite a bit about their customers, including who they are, their demographics and their credit score. But like SCE, OGE knows that the data itself isn't enough without a plan to use it."

To register for the Class Action or donate to it: -

BC SmartMeter

Visit our website:

Follow & Retweet: -

Facebook: Like & share our updates:

For more microwave radiation concerns (Wi-Fi, cell phones, etc) find & share more information:

Take Back Your Power film - Use this link to order your copies: -!/deployment_code=73671198msoh0h

Subject: update 2014-02-01 Our data is valuable and is becoming more vulnerable
Date: Sat, 1 Feb 2014 23:40:15 -0800

1)   BC Hydro refused to answer some of the Information Requests (IRs) put forward by our lawyer, David Aaron, with regard to its application regarding its opt out fees that is before the BCUC . David objected and provided bases for the public’s right to have answers in this letter to the BCUC dated Jan. 29:,25,3697

On January 31, the BCUC responded, rejecting David’s request for answers:

2)   Will our data become even less secure now that ITRON will be using “the cloud” to analyze it?

Itron Takes Its Data Analytics to the Cloud - The competition is thick in the cloud-based smart meter analytics market. by Jeff St. John - Greentech Media - January 29, 2014:

According to this article the benefit of using the “cloud” is reduced cost for the company, but the risks include service disruption and reduced security.

3)   Utility and smeter companies realize our data is valuable, and they are gleefully trying to figure out how to make the most from it. This clearly shows that the dumb grid is not about us, helping us save electricity or to save us money. It is all about the corporations, saving them money and making them money from our data.

“LaDee Homm, business strategy analyst expert with OGE Energy Corp., agreed. She explained that through analytics and other sources, the company has learned quite a bit about their customers, including who they are, their demographics and their credit score. But like SCE, OGE knows that the data itself isn't enough without a plan to use it.

"We've realized we have to go from data to insights, see those insights and figure out how to get value out of them," Homm said.”

  • Lithium batteries are in smeters, and they are known to catch fire when they are heated. Obviously this iphone was heated by the human body! Many smeters are in the sun, being heated each day, getting much hotter than this phone’s battery.

4)   Other options to the monopolies (Hydro and Fortis) must be found. Some are investigating the possibility of wind turbines.

5)   Follow up to request from member re. having a meeting with So. Vancouver MLA Stillwell

The Langara riding MLA has fixed a date and time. Our meeting will be on February 8 (Saturday) at 9am at her constituency office at 7283 Cambie St. which is at Langara Gardens at Cambie and 57th. This is intended to be a meeting whereby we will discuss the concerns (rather than a rally/protest). It will be great if you can let the south Vancouver folks know (the Langara riding stretches E-W from Granville to Fraser and N-S roughly from 42nd Ave. to the Fraser River).  Anyone interested should contact me ASAP by email (to with the subject line: Smartmeter meeting) for joining me in a meeting with MLA Moira Stillwell. This is a one time action and is an opportunity for them to voice their concerns to the government.



Last Updated on Wednesday, 05 February 2014 22:04
Smart Meter Melt downs & Pole Transmitters! Jan 28/14 Print E-mail
Monday, 27 January 2014 19:36

Smart Meter Melt downs & Pole Transmitters! Jan 28/14

The Wireless Smart Meter Meltdown

- Perspective by Cindy Sage - EMF Safety Network
January 22, 2014: /

The misguided program of mandatory 'smart wireless meters' has done more to undercut the gains in public support for energy conservation in this country than any other single factor.  The national shift to embrace energy conservation in the face of climate change has been derailed by mandatory 'wireless smart meter' programs.  And judging by the public outrage against the National Security Agency (NSA) spying program revealed by Edward Snowden last summer, Americans have come to understand that government mandates for smart meters is likely one more ‘deep drilling project’ on their personal habits, preferences, life styles and medical conditions.  The smart meter program is widely seen as a spying, snooping, expensive, potentially hazardous, involuntary and entirely unnecessary burden for which energy conservation is a mirage. It is unlikely that Americans will stand for public utilities spying on their homes using energy use and conservation as the ruse, and make money on these data by selling their personal information to third party information brokers for profit.

How could one bad idea so completely galvanize such enormous and widespread public resistance?  And lead to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) review of radiofrequency radiation (RFR) wireless safety standards and general distrust for government ideas about energy conservation?  And undercut public support for some national environmental groups?  It is really quite stunning how a single failed corporate/governmental strategy could backfire so rapidly and so completely.

Some national environmental groups bought into the technology, mistakenly gave it a 'green' endorsement, and actively partnered with 'smart' technology corporations like the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF).  Some have publicly promoted the 'smart meter' as a good way to achieve energy conservation.  Other environmental groups have been silent.  They have turned a blind eye and refuse to take a position.

Environmental group leadership and independence of scientific assessment has taken a huge blow and will take decades to recover.  Donors will think twice about where they send their donations to protect the environment.  They believed in false promises but didn't look deep enough.  The national priority to convince families to conserve energy for the good of the planet has taken a direct blow.  Who can believe in them now?

It shows how little anyone really knew what these meters entailed in 'unintended consequences'.  And how immediate the adverse effects would become visible.

And now coupled with the unprecedented window on the NSA phone-snooping program Edward Snowden has revealed, American soil is already fertile ground plowed for government surveillance.  The NSA tracks and stores information, the phone calls of every man, woman and child in this country.  Federal judge Richard Leon termed the NSA program mass collection of phone data e data “a likely violation of the fourth amendment, relating to unreasonable searches and seizures”.  He characterized the NSA program as “almost Orwellian” in its scope and wrote "(I) cannot imagine a more ‘indiscriminate' and 'arbitrary invasion' than this systematic and high tech collection and retention of personal data on virtually every citizen for purposes of querying and analyzing it without prior judicial approval,”.  The same words can be applied to the unprecedented volume and detail of data collection in the hands of utilities mandating ‘smart meters’, where the data is even less secure and more deeply revealing of personal life styles, preferences, habits and comings and goings.


Who knew how rapidly community groups across the US would spring up, resist in the streets and hearing halls, communicate, investigate, publish results, organize and advocate against smart meters, and form an entirely new network of activists, advocates, medical doctors, scientific and public health experts and privacy groups across the country?

Who knew a federal judge would strike down the government’s premier NSA spying program as an unconstitutional breach of the Fourth Amendment, and an indiscriminate and arbitrary invasion of privacy – a program which collects LESS information on Americans than so-called ‘smart meters’ can do?

Who knew the list of grievances against smart meters would be so diverse and  profoundly motivating that it would align Tea Party groups with the most liberal political groups in the country against this intrusive technology?

Who knew that utility ratepayers would pay triple for the hardware that has been shown NOT to result in energy savings?  First, the original meter, then the wireless smart meter, then the expensive opt-out?

Who knew that smart meters would fail to deliver energy savings?  Utility studies show less than 10% of HAN-enabled households pay any attention whatsoever to the conservation via smart meter technology.

Who knew that you could save more energy unplugging a few appliances?  Who knew the energy conservation you've already incorporated into daily living would be dismissed and ignored?  What is the incentive now to conserve more with this unwanted burden of costly and unnecessary technology that has so backfired?

Who knew that the FCC’s own manual with formulas for  calculating RFR emissions would show violations of public safety limits are possible in the manner smart meters are installed and operated (by calculating RFR emissions using the 100% duty cycle rule that is mandated ‘where the public cannot be excluded’ in FCC OET 65).

Who knew the FCC Grants of Authorization that certify compliance of smart meters with compulsory RFR testing in FCC approved labs would issue ‘conditions’ that cannot be met in the manner meters are commonly installed and operated (Grants specify conditions that prohibit the meter from operating in conjunction with any other antenna, yet every meter contains two antennas within inches of each other; that conditions specify a mandatory 20 cm (8”) separation between the meter and any person (not met and entirely unenforceable).

Who knew that local public utility commissions would side with utilities - to allow them to make an additional profit on ratepayers who opt-out; to allow a surcharge on electricity bills in order NOT to risk family health,   information privacy,   security from hacking and home robbery,   electrical fire   and use of critical care medical equipment in ones' own home?

Who knew that utilities could ration electricity by tiering of costs; so that it will cost everyone more unless you can do your housework at 1 am?

Who knew that smart meters are programmed so that they can remotely turn off your electricity from the utility downtown when demand is high?

Who knew that the basic vulnerability of wireless electric meters could so easily be hacked,   risk privacy of personal information,   be tracked by companies for consumer preferences   and sold to third-party data marketers?

Who knew that the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense would criticize the smart grid, wireless in particular, as a fundamental cyber-threat to the electric grid?

Who knew that personal home security could be so easily threatened by thieves and home invasion robbers by tracking energy use with simple WI-FI devices from the street?

Who knew that the WHO IARC would classify smart meter RFR emissions as a Possible Human Carcinogen just a year into the first state rollout by California?  What did the federal government miss?  What did these corporations who took the federal stimulus money miss?  Who didn't see this coming?  Who didn't want to look?  What will be the consequence of this monumental error in judgment?

Who knew that the FCC would be forced by the federal  Governmental Accountability Office (GAO), by inquisitive  legislators, by scientific evidence pointing to serious health consequences from RFR emissions below FCC public safety limits, and by sheer force of public opinion in this country to re-evaluate the adequacy of its safety standards just three years later?

Who knew how much national good will could be lost by forcing people to accept a fatally flawed technological program that intrudes into the very sanctity of the family home,   and risks their health,   privacy,   security,   and well-being   and that of their children?

Who knew that the levels of RFR are sufficiently high to cause damage to the growing fetus, the young child and children doing their homework or sleeping in their own beds?

Who knew that RFR levels within the family home could exceed RFR levels reported to cause unendurable side effects on health and well-being, and force families to abandon their homes?

Who knew that medical implants in the body could be disrupted and disabled (pacemakers,  defibrillators,  wireless pain pumps,  wireless insulin pumps)?

Who knew that it would spur the Department of Justice that administers the Americans with Disabilities Act, would launch hearings around the country taking testimony on RFR interference with critical medical care and medical implant technologies used by many millions of Americans for vital health care needs?

The government has shot itself in the heart.  What was a growing national commitment to energy conservation based on hard-won climate change science and public policy and educational outreach has been decimated by a single atrocious program.  It has outraged and demoralized the public.

It has put young mothers and grandmothers under arrest for protecting their children and grandchildren.  It has created fear and loathing for 'big brother governing'.

The government has facilitated corporate rewards for inflicting unreasonable health and financial burden on the American family.  The program has invoked rebuke and rejection by other federal agencies who find direct conflicts in agency responsibilities with the smart meter technology rollout, as it is being installed and operated around the country.

It has forced corporate resignations at the highest levels of utility management.

The credibility of gullible environmental groups has been tarnished.

People will think twice now about believing any more 'schemes' for green energy conservation after this fiasco.  When even respected environmental groups don't do their homework first, and blindly support and partner with government and corporations on these programs (EDF as the leading example), the public will balk at the 'next good idea', and this skepticism will be well-founded.

Beyond just the immediate push-back by the public, there will be a long standing consequence of community organizing across the US - that has now linked many thousands of people together from hometown streets to the State Legislatures.  The apparatus is in place to question, to protest and to resist bad technology wherever it appears and is mandated by corporate/governmental interests placed above the public interest and public health.

Turning the public's embrace for the need to 'do ones part' for the planet - for the need to personalize energy conservation measures at the cost of the individual for the good of societies around the world - has been disrupted and consumers have become disillusioned with false promises funded by federal stimulus dollars.

Farmers Stop GMO Seeds & Seed controls Canada! Jan 27/14 Print E-mail
Sunday, 26 January 2014 21:22

Farmers Stop GMO Seeds & Seed controls Canada! Jan 27/14

cdsapi's Added Comment: There is good news emerging form where “the rubber meets the road" - from the farmers themselves, who, one-by-one, are finally realizing that they ‘have been had’ and ‘have been taken to the cleaners’ and ‘down the rabbit-hole’ by Monsanto and its Pied Pipers’ deceptive promises and practices.  They are realizing, in economic terms, that GMOs spell economic ruin for farmers and farming, quite apart from their finally realizing the reality that GMOs are Toxic - toxic food for both man and animal, as well as the toxic to the soil microbiology, the whole ecology and environment.

As the REAL TRUTH becomes ever more widely circulated by us,  and fully comprehended by the general public (with the comprehensive significance finally sinking in), the grassroots – the farmers and the consumers – are determinative – and can/will finally, (even if too slowly) relegate GMOs to the dumpster bin and funeral pyre where they belong.

As consumers, our support for the “breakaway farmersis extremely important because our DEMAND for non-GMO produce and willingness to buy local, will determine the farmer’s economic decisions – our determination to choose non-GMO foods leads them to abandon Monsanto and return to healthier agricultural practices.  Farmers. too, have to make decisions based their “the bottom line” – their financial viability - like all businesses.

Our “refusal to buy” (boycott) processed foods containing GMOs is already leading manufacturers to search for farmers who can supply them with non-GMO produce.  It is a chain reaction of ‘cause and effect’ that starts with our purchasing choicesAs WE expand the boycott of processed foods, (most of them nutritional abominations anyway), these Corporations are also forced ‘to adjust’ for their ‘bottom line’. Monsanto strategized its criminally corrupt agenda  -  we also will strategize OUR AGENDA – healthy food and a clean environment.

Please remember that GMOs are undeniably a “life and death” issue – no civilization can survive a Toxic Food Supply  or  the toxification of the environment that is the foundation of its survival.

Comment by cdsapi - Citizens Demand Scientific, Academic, Political (and Media) Integrity.


Farmers Abandoning GMO Seeds and the Reason Will Surprise You

January 23rd, 2014
Off the Grid News /
by Daniel Jennings

A growing number of farmers are abandoning genetically modified seeds, but it’s not because they are ideologically opposed to the industry.

Simply put, they say non-GMO crops are more productive and profitable.

Modern Farmer magazine discovered that there is a movement among farmers abandoning genetically modified organisms (GMO) because of simple economics.

“We get the same or better yields, and we save money up front,” crop consultant and farmer Aaron Bloom said of non-GMO seeds.  Bloom has been experimenting with non-GMO seeds for five years and he has discovered that non-GMO is more profitable.

The re-converts to non-GMO seeds are not hippies but conservative Midwestern farmers who are making a business decision, Modern Farmer discovered.  They are switching back to natural seed because it is more profitable — not because of any ideology.

“Five years ago the [GMO seeds] worked,” said farmer Christ Huegerich, who along with his father planted GMO seeds.  “I didn’t have corn rootworm because of the Bt gene, and I used less pesticide. Now, the worms are adjusting, and the weeds are resistant. Mother Nature adapts.”

Farmers can get paid more for conventional corn than GMO corn.  Plus, Huegerich discovered, convention corn can produce more per acre.  Modern Farme reported that two years ago, Huegerich planted 320 acres of conventional corn and 1,700 with GMO corn.  The conventional fields “yielded 15 to 30 more bushels per acre than the GMO fields, with a profit margin of up to $100 more per acre.” Last year, he planted conventional corn in 750 acres.

“I get a fifty-cent-per-bushel premium,” Huegerich said of the non-GMO corn he grows in Breda, Iowa.

Herbicide use increased by 26 percent between 2001 and 2010 because of the spread of herbicide-resistant weeds.  Huegerich said he used herbicides on GMO corn and conventional corn, even though theoretically he shouldn’t have to use it on his genetically modified crop.

The group Farm & Water Watch reported that 61.2 million acres of cropland in the US are plagued by weeds that are resistant to the popular glyphosate herbicides.

Why Non-GMO Seeds Are More Profitable

The Modern Farmer article, called The Post GMO-Economy, makes an excellent case for farmers dumping GMO.  Some of the interesting facts the magazine uncovered include:

  • The cost of growing one acre of non-GMO corn was $680.95, the cost of growing an acre of GMO corn was $761.80 according to Aaron Bloom. That means it costs $80.85 more an acre to raise GMO corn.
  • GMO seeds can cost up to $150 a bag more than regular seeds.
  • The market for non-GMO foods has grown from $1.3 billion in 2011 to $3.1 billion in 2013, partially because some Asian and European countries don’t want GMO seeds.
  • Grain dealer Clarkson Grain pays farmers an extra $2 a bushel for non-GMO soybeans and an additional $1 a bushel for non-GMO corn.
  • The market for non-GMO seed is growing.  Sales at Spectrum Seed Solutions, which sells non-GMO seed, have doubled every year for the last four years.  Sales at another company that markets non-GMO seeds, eMerge Genetics of West Des Moines, Iowa, have increased by 30 percent a year for five years.
  • Spectrum Seed Solutions president Scott Odle thinks that non-GMO corn could be 20 percent of the market in five years.

Bloom, the farm consultant, said planting convention corn can save farmers an average of $81 per acre per season.  That’s a difference of $81,000 for a farm of 1,000 acres.

It looks like the past might be the future for farmers as more and more growers abandon GMO.  The free market could very well spell the end of GMO seeds.


"A Seed Act for Farmers, Not Corporations - Stop Bill C-18"

The National Farmers Union Proposes New Vision for Canadian Seed Ownership 

On December 9, 2013 Bill C-18, the "Agricultural Growth Act" was introduced in Parliament. This agriculture omnibus bill amends several federal agricultural laws including the Plant Breeders’Rights Act, the Seeds Act, the Health of Animals Act, the Feeds Act and the Agricultural Marketing Programs Act. Bill C-18 would give multinational companies greater power and control over Canada’s seed industry. 

“Those who control seed control food, and as a sovereign nation we must ensure that control of seed and food is protected in the public interest", said Terry Boehm, Chair of the NFU’s Seed and Trade Committee.

The National Farmers Union previously succeeded in stopping the introduction of the restrictive UPOV '91 regime of plant breeders’ rights through their “Save Our Seeds” campaign. The amendments to the Canada's Plant Breeders Rights’ Act outlined in Bill C-18 will align Canada with UPOV '91 requirements which will give plant breeders total control of the seed system by providing them with exclusive control over conditioning (cleaning, treating, etc.) and stocking (storing, bagging, etc.). UPOV ’91 extends plant breeders rights from 15 to at least 20 years, and allows companies to double up their protection through both PBRs and patents. You can read an opinion piece about UPOV '91 here
Smart Grid Body Damage & Class action latest! Jan 26/14 Print E-mail
Saturday, 25 January 2014 22:16

Smart Grid Body Damage & Class action latest! Jan 26/14

Subject: Update 2014-01-21 Frequency used by smeters shown to harm brains of rats
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2014 23:37:17 -0800

1)   A recent study finds that rats that were exposed in utero to 900Mhz had learning problems and morphological changes in a portion of their brains

This is the very same frequency used by many common wireless devices, including smeters. Not only is this frequency dangerous but use of it by smeters can lead to interference with and by other wireless devices. I have attached a section from the link below that explains what is happening and why Hydro should never have chosen this frequency. They did choose it because it’s unlicensed and cheaper to use as a consequence.

2)   Anna Maria Tremonti ….  CBC  AM  ‘The Current’ …. Had a 25 minute segment on yesterday,  Jan. 20,  called “What’s Hidden Among the Internet of Things”  about wireless surveillance and privacy issues. She is interested in feedback.   Please provide yours.

3)   Warning about fake electricity bills, as if we don’t have enough to worry about from real bills.

Homeowners warned to watch for fake energy bills by Tamara Elliott and Patricia Kozicka - Global News - January 20, 2014:

4)   Cybersecurity issues in Canada discussed at UBC:

Ron Deibert is scheduled to speak at UBC’s Cecil Green Park House (6251 Cecil Green Park Road, Vancouver) on Thursday (January 23) at 5 p.m.

5)   City of Port Angeles. WA are charging that a smeter installer is in breach of contract:

6)   A short story by a Silicon valley techie who became sensitive to wireless radiation, thanks to smeters.

7)   Dirty electricity is caused by various transformers in our homes, and smeters increase the levels dramatically. Many people know nothing about this danger. Here is help, from an electrical expert, about how to speak with an electrician about this danger

ubject: Update 2014-01-22 A $12,000 bill based on what Hydro says is a correct smeter.
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2014 23:11:50 -0800

1)   After being harassed, this person gave in to having a smeter. Then, as she wrote on the Coalition website, “b.c. hydro installed the smart meter nov 25.13 and in dec i rec’d a billing for $ 12,000.00, i almost had heart failure but a rep assured me it would be looked into and an adj would be made. dec. 15. i saw my bill was not adj., called hydro and now they tell me they have gone over and over this and the billing is correct. they want $ 999 (my monthly installment) which i do not have. my husband has not been able to get full time employment for over 2 yrs now, i barely make my normal installment. i hope someone can help me, where do i turn from here before they cut my power.”

No one at Hydro has told her how an ordinary home could use this much electricity. I advised her to go to the media – she was interviewed by CBC today. If it airs I will let you know. Meanwhile, it looks as if she will have to get legal help. It will be interesting to see how Hydro explains the bill – the “victim” has nothing in writing explaining it.

2)   Our lawyer has submitted an application to the BCUC for reconsideration of their decision based on errors with regard to Human Rights code.

3)   The media is cooperating with the utilities and the government in not providing complete and accurate information about the dangers of smeters or the RF emitted by wireless devices. This is happening everywhere, including BC! They don’t want us to know that the device they are mandating be installed on our home emits a possible carcinogen, just as they don’t want us to know about its design flaws that could lead to fires or to the fact there will be no reduction in costs or energy usage.

4)   Many of the scientists and researchers who participated in the IARC panel that classified RF radiation from all wireless devices as a 2b (possible) carcinogen agree that many recent studies have provided enough evidence for a re-classification as a probable or definite carcinogen.

5)   A doctor in Maryland warns about the dangers of the RF and smart grid. I especially like his 3 phases: 1) the smeters 2) the grid 3) the houseful of RF emitting appliances.

6)   Insiders know that the current money being spent on smeters and the “dumb” grid is never going to be recovered. What is needed is money spent on the old infrastructure (this is not part of the grid – there are the same old poles, lines, transformers).

“Where you have no major building programs to drive earnings, the industry still will experience significant capital expenditures much greater than their annual depreciation expense. Their capital expenditures are going to be on aging infrastructure. There will be an increased cost associated with moving from an analog to a digital grid. There's going to be a great public demand for greater resilience in the grid in the face of potential cyber-attacks and storms. These costs are going to put a lot of pressure on earnings. At the same time, power demand will be anemic or declining.”

Two terrific letters:

The one attached is to Hydro about an estimated billing.  The following is the Adam Olsen, leader of the Green Party.

Dear Mr. Olsen,

I have been a Green Party supporter for some time, but I am shocked by an email, apparently from you, that recently came to my attention (I have attached copy attached at the end of this note).

Spending over $1 billion to install electronic, wireless surveillance devices on every dwelling and business in BC has very little to do with being"green", and a great deal to do with making money for various industry sectors, including BC Hydro. BC Hydro have fired most of their meter readers (so who will now check for the deterioration of such installations); firing meter readers cut employment and overheads but Hydro will keep any savings (a hidden rate increase); Hydro intends charging those who were persistent enough to keep their analogue (electro-mechanical) meters an extra monthly fee for reading them of $35 -- a total of $420 a year, equal to many electricity bills; and collecting usage data, ultimately on a very fine-grained level, that can be sold to companies such as appliance manufacturers. Perhaps those with more than one meter will be charged for each meter.

Experience with "smart" meters in many different regions and countries have failed to show reductions consumption; but in most places the bills have increased, despite the claim that people would see their bills go down. There are inherent complexities in high-speed computers attempting to obtain power consumption from noisy voltage and current waveforms, even if the software involved is bug free (which itself is problematical -- it was the computer-science "great" Edsgar Djikstra who said. "Any non-trivial segment of software has bugs"). It is very likely that two- or three-fold increases in electricity bills are due to faulty billing, not increases in usage, when householders have not changed their habits. For example, Germany has rejected the installation of "smart"meters as they are not considered cost-effective:

All that leaves unaddressed the growing evidence that these meters cause house fires.You should check out the Ontario Fire Marshal's report:

Finally, despite vigorous denials by the responsible authorities, it is evident that the Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMR) emitted by "smart" meters is harmful to health at levels far below the heating effect criterion used by Health Canada. Other countries use far more stringent limits on such emissions.

There is a well-referenced, comprehensive report on such effects at:

As it is 1479 pages long, I have attached a .pdf file of a summary that is only 16 pages long. I have some direct knowledge of the mechanisms involved as I  had the opportunity to discuss such mechanisms with Dr. Stanley Rowlands (now sadly deceased), who conducted medical research in this area, and I have both a life sciences and engineering background. The EMR interferes with cell wall transport mechanisms by affecting the channels which selectively transfer ions (e.g. in the depolarisation process for nerve cells); and also with the internal cell metabolism. The biological interference is also caused by cell-phones, microwave ovens, base-wireless phones, WiFi and so on. All except WiFi (now increasingly ubiquitous) are, at least a matter of choice, and mostly operated intermittently, for short periods. But "smart" meters generate millisecond EMR bursts at intervals of a few second, 24/7 for thousands of bursts a day in most places. Claims that "smart" meters are only "on" for a few minutes a day arise because those making the claims lump all the bursts into one group, as if this deluge were a single transmission. It is no longer possible to claim that EMR does not have biological effects at levels many orders of magnitude below any heating effects.

I think you need to make a deeper study of the problems with "smart" meters. They are not a viable approach to sustainability or reduced energy consumption.

Yours sincerely.

BC Classaction Update!

Hello Class Action Participants,

It's been too long since I last wrote to update you, and for that I

As with all legal actions, the schedule is determined by factors that are
beyond our control. There was supposed to have been a meeting on Dec. 20 to
discuss changes to the initial application, but the judge had to delay it.
The meeting occurred on Jan. 8. At that time, it was agreed that the
application could be amended to include the commercial account holders.  The
amended application is at
n.pdf  should you wish to read it.

Our prior application was on behalf of Hydro's residential customers only.
Not long ago, all commercial account holders were told that they had no
option to having a smart meter. The options offered residential clients,
e.g. keeping the analog for fee, or accepting the smart meter with the
transmitter turned off, subject to a fee, were not available to them. This
is inconsistent with the decision by BCUC that Fortis's options should apply
to every customer, whether residential or commercial. Should you know anyone
who would like more information about this, Jessica Klein at <> will be able to answer

GMO Tumor Study Jan 24/14 Print E-mail
Thursday, 23 January 2014 21:52

GMO Tumor Study Jan 24/14

Two contrasting GMO articles - they can't both be true.
Which is propaganda and which is Truth?

Truth about the Seralini rat-tumor-GMO study explodes

by Jon Rappoport

January 19, 2014

Remember a researcher named Gilles-Eric Seralini, his 2012 GMO study, and the controversy that swirled around it?

He fed rats GMOs, in the form of Monsanto's Roundup Ready corn, and they developed tumors.  Some died.  The study was published in the journal, Food and Chemical Toxicology.  Pictures of the rats were published.

A wave of biotech-industry criticism ensued.  Pressure built.  "Experts" said the study was grossly unscientific, its methods were unprofessional, and Seralini was biased against GMOs from the get-go.  Monsanto didn't like Seralini at all.

The journal which published the Seralini study caved in and retracted it.

Why?  Not because Seralini did anything unethical, not because he plagiarized material, not because he was dishonest in any way, but because:

He used rats which (supposedly) had an inherent tendency to develop tumors (the Sprague-Dawley strain), and because he used too few rats (10). That's it. Those were Seralini's errors.

Well, guess what?  Eight years prior to Seralini, Monsanto also did a rat-tumor-GMO study and published it in the very same journal.  Monsanto's study showed there were no tumor problems in the rats.  But here's the explosive kicker.  Monsanto used the same strain of rats that Seralini did and same number of rats (10). And nobody complained about it.

Michael Hansen, senior scientist at Consumer's Union, explains in an interview with Steve Curwood at

"Well, basically what Dr. Séralini did was he did the same feeding study that Monsanto did and published in the same journal eight years prior, and in that study, they [Monsanto] used the same number of rats, and the same strain of rats, and came to a conclusion there was no [tumor] problem.  So all of a sudden, eight years later, when somebody [Seralini] does that same experiment, only runs it for two years rather than just 90 days, and their data suggests there are problems,  [then]  all of a sudden the number of rats is too small?  Well, if it's too small to show that there's a [tumor] problem, wouldn't it be too small to show there's no problem? They already said there should be a larger study, and it turns out the European Commission is spending 3 million Euros to actually do that Séralini study again, run it for two years, use 50 or more rats and look at the carcinogenicity.  So they're actually going to do the full-blown cancer study, which suggests that Séralini's work was important, because you wouldn't follow it up with a 3 million Euro study if it was a completely worthless study."


I can just hear Monsanto felons gibbering: "Well, we the biotech industry people published our study.  We used 10 rats and we used the Sprague-Dawley strain.  And that was fine.  It was especially fine because our study showed GMOs were safe.  
But then this guy Seralini comes along and does the same study with the same kind of rat and same number of rats, and he discovers tumors.  That's not fine.  That's very bad.  He...he...used the wrong rats...yeah...and he didn't use enough rats.  He's a faker.  Well, I mean, we used the same kind of rat and same number of rats, but when we did the experiment, we were Good, and Seralini was Bad.  Do you see?"

Yes, the mists are clearing and things are coming into focus.

Any comments, Monsanto?  I'd be happy to pass them along to Michael Hansen.

Jon Rappoport


Article in the Province on same day

Cdsapi’s Comment:   Rarely have I read an article in which every assertion is scientifically invalid and statistically unsubstantiable and contrdicted .  That is a polite way of saying “…it is either the product of profound ignorance or of propagandized falsehoods”.

My rebuttals are in color.


Why farmers like genetically engineered crops

By Robert Wager and Bob Bartley,    The Province     January 19, 2014

The public debate about food has become deafening.  "Local" and "organic" are mantras of the organic lobby, but organic food represents less than four per cent of Canadian production.

Some claim genetically engineered crops are not sustainable and damaging to the environment.  Yet few have asked the Canadian farmers, true stewards of the land, why they overwhelmingly grow genetically engineered crops.

(Farmers who embrace the monolithic, industrial, chemical intense farming methods are not “true stewards of the land”  -  they mine the land, with every decade witnessing a decrease in natural soil fertility.  Industrial farming methods are not long-term sustainable  -  and statistics prove, as every year millions of acres in the USA become agriculturally unproductive.)

Canadian farmers choose to plant genetically engineered options for approximately 95 per cent of the canola they plant, 90 per cent of the corn and 80 per cent of soybeans.  Clearly this technology is accepted by Canadian farmers.

(Farmers were, and still are, sold an appealing propaganda spiel that Monsnato knows to be “blatant falsehoods”.  They fell for it, and once committed to untenable contracts with Monsanto, they are literally unable to get out of the system.  Not only are they contractually bound, once they plant genetically engineered crops, it is impossible to return to crops that will n ot be GMO contaminated.  They remain locked in, with no choice.  After a decade of experiencing the negative aspects of GE crops, many want to return to conventional farming to get out of the treadmill of innumerable negative effects, but are unable to do so.  Additionally, since the GMO Corporations have bought up all the major seed companies, farmers no longer have easy access to non GMO seeds.)

Smart Grid Local Meeting & Privacy Expert! Jan 22/14 Print E-mail
Tuesday, 21 January 2014 21:30

Smart Grid Local Meeting & Privacy Expert! Jan 22/14

Subject: update 2014-01-19 Have you given Hydro authority to take payments directly??
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2014 00:36:32 -0800

1)   Showing in Golden of “Take back your Power” on Sunday January 26 at 6;15 pm

Bizarre Entertainment at 824-10th Ave. S

Admission is free, but please bring a donation of cash or food for the local foodbank

2)   A reminder that many still have given BC Hydro authority to take payments directly from bank accounts or to add them to a credit card. By so doing, all control over whether the extortion fees are paid, or when. Also there is no way to indicate that the extortion is being paid “under duress”. If you want to have control, I strongly suggest to remove this approval for automatic payment.

3)   New York Times’ comic take on the “smart world”

4)   More on what seems to be the first major cyberattack via home appliances. From Blake Levitt, respected scientific journalist:

Highly recommend that anyone buying new appliances/household electronics makes sure they are not 'smart' 2-way enabled with embedded antennas. If enough people refuse to buy them, perhaps this will begin to implode. Not only is the RF component dangerous but the appliances themselves are easily hacked. Until this recent hacking, it was thought that only the meters were vulnerable as potential portals into the entire grid. this entire approach needs to be completely re-thought and re-engineered.

5)   Tech companies are eager to make billions off cybersecurity hardware. This will be a major industry and utility companies will be forced to pay for security programs, etc. Hydro has nothing in its business case for such huge and ongoing costs.

6)   Naperville, Ill. Is faced with another $30,000,000 loan for electricity and this is after having the smeter program implemented a year or so ago. This is a city owned utility. This situation is consistent with every other place with smeters – a never ending spiral of debt.

7)   Non-smeter but VERY HYDRO. In case you missed the article earlier.


Sent: January 19, 2014 8:58 AM
To: Adam Olsen
Cc:;; John Horgan.MLA;;;;;
Subject: Re: Smart meters

Dear Adam,

What evidence is there that a Smart Grid will be an important part of energy conservation?  My understanding is that jurisdictions that have used it have not found it to be energy saving.  At least one jurisdiction dropped the program after using it.  Germany had an independent study done and decided not to install smart meters.  Why not explore other ways to deal with conservation?  I haven't seen serious education programs.  I still see stores keeping their doors open in cold weather.   Why not put more resources into finding new sources of energy?  Why not examine the operation of BC Hydro?

A worldwide system does seem to have the possibility of dealing with the fact that most energy is used at certain times so one place could use energy while the other side of the world is sleeping.  However such a grid also makes the whole planet vulnerable to hacking by terrorists, criminals and corporations and I would assume to events such as solar flares.

Having supposedly democratic governments coerce citizens into having such a questionable technology frightens me.  I feel threatened and harassed by the government of BC and BC Hydro.  I am angry that I have to pay $35.00 a month when a meter reader makes less than a dollar a month to read a meter and the meters don't need to be read every month.  Why is our government forcing a program that is most likely to hurt the young, the old, the ill and the poor?  Why is our government forcing a program that compromises the privacy and safety of every citizen?

I am very concerned that I have to have a health threat on my house, less than 7 feet from where I sleep.  I am very concerned for the health of my family and the health of other citizens of BC.  I think there is a lot of evidence that Radio/Microwave radiation is dangerous to living things.  It causes DNA breaks and even the World Health Organization says it is a suspected carcinogen.  I hope the Green Party will not accept the smart grid as a necessity.  The corporations behind this have not told us the truth about the real and possible problems.

To: Adam Olsen <
Sent: Friday, January 17, 2014 1:28:29 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: Smart Meter No-fee Opt out notice

Hi Adam,

Last we donated $1150 TO THE GREEN party . If we are going to continue supporting you we need to know that you are going to support us ,and all home & business owners in getting rid of these ;scientifically proven, toxic smart meters.   Send me your address and i will give you a copy of TAKE BACK YOUR POWER  a film about the smeters.

Customers who want to opt-out of the wireless meter program should not only have a radio-off option, but also to keep their analog meter.  Having just a hard-wired option isn't good enough as it still does not address safety and security concerns as well as future concerns (time-of-use pricing).

What makes you think that a Smart Grid can be an important part of energy conservation when nowhere in the world has smart meters saved any energy at all?  Smart Meters are complex, costly in themselves and to replace, trouble-prone, health impacting, drive up costs to consumers, prone to never-ending and costly upgrades in the meters themselves and to the IT infrastructure, and vulnerable to security breaches.  How could anyone be so careless to even entertain the thought of using these devices when the money can be better spent on upgrading other parts of the grid to make them more robust and reliable or on the energy saving "green" ideas you mentioned?

Please don't be so careless in recommending a smart grid.  It isn't a smart idea at all, except for the business interests involved in making a profit.

Thank you,

Privacy expert Ron Deibert will speak in Vancouver on January 23, 2014

Smart Grid Kills Son now targeting parents!

Dave Hodges

Spying Tech Disclosed Jan 23/14

Subject: FW: update 2014-01-20 Spying through technology, and lots of good letters.


Subject: update 2014-01-20 Spying through technology, and lots of good letters.
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2014 00:15:42 -0800

1)   Not smeter -- A member sent this youtube about microchips, and how they are already being used to spy on us.

2)   The National Post speaks to the intrusion of having “dumb” appliances capturing data – why? When? Who wants it? What is happening to it?

As does CBC. Really interesting 2 min. video about computer technology in 1981 when 2000-3000 people in The Bay Area (San. Fran.) had home computers.


From a members re. fees in emails to me:

1)   I had mentioned before that I had intended to pay for my usage and only $1 of the extortion fee.  I will pay each by separate cheques and on the $1 cheque I will write the memo "paid under duress".  I want to force them to send a collection agency after me, just to make things difficult for them.  When I get notice from the collection agency, then I will pay the rest by cheque, again "under duress".  I am not afraid to do this at all, as I think there is very little chance (if at all) my power will be interrupted.  I hope more people will force hydro into a billing nightmare.

2)   I know you are in a difficult position regarding what to tell people, but I am not.  I will not pay any fee additional amount other than that owed

for the electrical energy I used.

My bill was over twice what my usage suggests.

I have a "digital" not smeter, not an "analog" one. I used to teach my students how to read the analog meters, both with 4 dials

and with 5 dials.  Most understood quickly.  Some did not.

I understand that some of the meter readers hired by Hydro are having some

difficulty reading the meters.  This brings up two questions.


1.  Are these meter readers "new" and receiving a much smaller wage than the

previous employees?

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