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Michael Quincey June 29/05 Print E-mail
Wednesday, 29 June 2005 09:35
SaLuSa 06.29.05 Truth is stranger than fiction, and many science fiction stories and films are influenced by us to convey the correct impression. However, for many years there has been an underlying belief that ET's are a threat to Earth and it has colored your idea of us and our motives. You have named us as “alien” as though we have nothing in common with you. Until recent times we were usually depicted as ugly beings such as you would perceive things, and often not even humanoid. Horror films have loved to portray us as frightening, and it these depictions of aliens have created a fear that is still prevalent. The dark in recent times have used films of ET's to ensure that the fear factor is alive and well, because it serves their interests. They still refuse to publicly admit to the proof of our existence, in spite of millions of sightings of our craft, and numerous contacts. Since the Flying Saucer era started immediately after World War 2, there have been countless messages sent through channels and many books have been published about them. The public generally is now more informed and aware, but there are still attempts made to confuse people and outright denial of our existence. This approach is not just confined to your Governments, but also professional bodies who have their sacred beliefs and will not move on for fear of ridicule.

Those of us that are connected with you continue our peaceful contact, and you will not find one truthful account of where we have carried out an unprovoked attack on your craft or installations. I put it this way, because there have been isolated instances where we have been forced to act in self protection. We would rather leave a threatening confrontation, and so often your aircraft have been used to pursue us and attempt to shoot our craft down. It is known that we have bases on Earth, and we have been established in this way for eons of time. We have by and large kept out of your way and allowed your evolution without interference. Sometimes we are called to help you and particularly when a major catastrophe threatens, and there have been quite a few in very recent years.

You need to understand that we are here to protect you and your Earth, and that our connection with you goes back some millions of years. We have played our part in nurturing you through your various cycles of experience. That protection also covers intrusion from other ET's who are visiting your solar system, and if without our permission they will be prevented from landing on Earth. You may wonder why there is an exception for the group you call the Grey's, but this has been approved because your Government has made a deal with them that allow their bases to exist on Earth. They have also allowed them contact with you, and for a degree of experimental work to be carried often in conjunction with each other. Our part is to observe and ensure that their activities do not go beyond that which has been agreed.

Your government cannot admit to working with the Grey's, as they will be exposed for hiding and denying the presence of ET's for the last 60 years. It would also bring out facts of peaceful contacts that were made by members of the Galactic Federation, which would have benefited your civilization as a whole. You have been held back and in your time line, as it was planned that you should by now have long been using the advanced technology we offered you. Also, peace would have been declared and that was part of the agreement we offered. Instead, your government preferred to make a deal where the benefits could be secretly used by them for covert purposes. Some benefits have reached you through development by your aeronautics industry, but far more have been retained for military uses only.

Looking back, we see how the focus of your government has steadily been leading to world domination and control. The last segment of their plan is embodied in the Star Wars projects that aim to take advanced weapons into space. At this point we are authorized to intervene as it will violate Universal Laws which we uphold. Our protection is still guaranteed, and there will be no threat to you from outer space. We have millions of craft within the Galactic Federation that if need be can called upon at a seconds notice, and currently large numbers of them encircle Earth. Our brief is to ensure that you peacefully make the transition from your present conditions to those that are ordained for your final Ascension. It will bring in those changes that will set up the return of your sovereignty and freedom. To this end we planned First Contact, and it is ready to take place and will occur very shortly.

Know that the end of your present cycle cannot be changed. You will be helped in many ways to set up the final years that will give you a taste of real freedom, and all of the advantages you should have been enjoying through contact with us. We are all from the same essence of the Creator and this is our bond, although we are closer to you because of our links from the past. You are no different to us, but the illusion of it being so is one perpetrated by those amongst you who fear their loss of power to us. We will come to work with you, and in no way will there be any attempt to take you over. There will however be changes that will see “the right people” take charge and their love for humanity will be apparent to you quite quickly.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and have long standing connections with you. I look forward to meeting you in great anticipation of the wonderful celebrations we shall all have, when long lost friends meet once again. We come in peace and love and with the Creator's blessing.

Thank you SaLuSa Mike Quinsey