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Poofness Zap & Mnt Goat RV latest reports! # 3 June 15/14 Print E-mail
Nesara Canada
Tuesday, 10 June 2014 13:15

Ben Fulford & Mnt Goat RV latest global reports! June 9/14

New posts Zap Poofness at bottom of update for June 15/14 Happy fathers day folks you are lucky to be able to be with your families! Tami

I will be posting RV educational info for Canada here soon. Bank advice RV educational info for USA will be posted at  with educational sessiions @ and

UU6131 Betrayal and Treason - Sent in By George To Dinar Recaps

Hi Everyone,

I come to you now to give you an update on this week’s progress towards the international rollout of the IQD for Iraq. I want you to remember that Iraq has already completed an in country revaluation over 6 months ago. We just await the final international rollout.

Remember in recent past new letters I have stated that this week would be a deciding week (a pivitol week) for the democracy of Iraq. I also said that quite possibly the Maliki government would try some kind of last minute antics to try to derail the elections process and seat himself again for a 3rd term. I have been proven correct.

The good news is the week is almost over and the mandate of the Maliki government is only 2 days from expiring.

I now want to also report to everyone that things are shaping up. We know  that these terrorist attacks have delayed the announcement we could have had earlier this week (on June 10th)  but do not fear it is coming.

We may have to wait a little longer but it will be worth it. I am hearing now that early next week may be an excellent window to see the announcement of their new government.

I was on the phone for over 6 hours with my sources yesterday in Iraq. Now let me give you the “mind blowing” details of the craziness that they reported to me on the recent developments in Iraq.

You will be very happy to hear that this news letter is only 5 pages long today…hurry!….lol…

Please read it carefully. My news will clarify many of the rumors you have been hearing. Everything I am reporting is factual. I do not spread rumors and I do not make up the news.

Today’s News

As you may know militants gained control to regulate the so-called Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant "Daash", the center of Mosul, Nineveh province (the second largest city in Iraq after Baghdad) and a number of districts and areas in the provinces of Salahuddin, Kirkuk

Declaring a State Of Emergency In Iraq?

First let me put your mind at rest. There is no declaration of a state of emergency in Iraq. Nor will there ever be in this 2nd term mandate of government.  There has been much conflicting news on this topic and that is why I had to call my sources to verify. First let me explain just what must take place in order to declare a state of emergency in Iraq.

In order to declare a state of emergency in Iraq let us now look at the process and then we can analyze what happened this week so far. According to the Iraqi Constitution the terms of declare a state of emergency are the same conditions to declare a state of war, pointing out that the terms of the announcement two conditions must happen namely:

1) to provide a joint request of the presidents and cabinet to the parliament to declare a state of emergency,

2) the other condition is the House of Representatives must approve by a majority of two thirds of the members to declare a state of emergency.

So here now is what happened this week.

The Council of Representative's  was able to achieve the two-thirds quorum for the declaration of emergency, in fact in the past the absence of members as prevented the ability to achieve a quorum so many times but not this week. 

I am told the declaration of emergency would be up to the next parliament if needed and they wanted to stay away from having a special session this topic. In fact they are afraid of having any more sessions in this parliament. Any further sessions have been suspended. This is a very good thing. Here is how it all played out.

I have stated in my recent past news letters that the “good guys” behind the curtain of the National Alliance really do not want this topic even to come to a parliament session for a vote while the state of law coalition with Maliki is running the government.

They fear that if a national emergency was declared Maliki would surely quickly declare martial law and take total control of the entire country of Iraq. Kurdistan then would be the only entity left to face his corruption. A civil war would almost definitely break out. This too is what he desires. Remember dictators can only operate in chaos and fear.

Also by not even letting the national security come as an issue in parliament they are also assuring no delays in rolling in the new government and finally getting rid of Maliki and his crooked goons.

More Details on the recent State of Emergency Decision

Speaker Osama Najafi (speaker of the house) postponed yesterday’s session in parliament till further notice for lack of quorum. At least that was the excuse given. We all know better. We also know why he lied.

The emergency session was in fact scheduled to be held in the House of Representatives yesterday to discuss the declaration of emergency state according to request made by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Vice President Khodair al-Khuzai. I believe by scheduling the session Najafi simply followed procedure and just had to make it all legal.

Here are the details of what happened (I repeat there is currently no state of emergency in Iraq)

Naji said that the heads of the blocs of the National Alliance decided they approve any law or action to support armed forces in the fight against terrorism.

I am trying to tell you that Maliki had told the Iraq army to stand down in Mosul. This was a plot to try once again to get the  state of emergency declared. This chaos was used as leverage and pressure to try to get the parliament to vote in these emergency powers to Maliki.

It is political blackmail and very corrupt. I know for a fact that the army was not defeated, as the news media in the USA is telling us. Instead these soldiers were ordered by Maliki to retreat and leave their weapons behind. Why?

I just told you why!  Maliki wanted to orchestrate this episode to get this enormous power that he had wanted all along. He only has a couple more days till his mandate expires as prime minister of the government. It is a last desperate attempt.

By getting these powers he would have derailed the election process and surely found out all the candidates (he already ordered that these candidates could not leave the country). He would have surely executed these candidates. Then how long would we have to wait for a new government?

It is simply unimaginable what would have happened if all this transpired this week.

Today parliamentary sources confirmed the Iraqi Council of Representatives  that the political leaders today demanded the resignation of the government and by implication the resignation of Prime Minister and the formation of a national salvation government of Iraq under the leadership of the security conditions taking place in all regions of the country.

Do these leaders know something most do not know? Do they know about the details of the plot to take over Mosul? Remember there are still many patriotic soldiers too and they talk.

My sources  added that Chalabi ( I told you about him in a recent past news letter) refused to hold an emergency meeting and give the prime minister the authority of emergency was bold in raising the issue of the sacking of the prime minister and his government,

and when the query members of the state law about the reason for non-attendance and parliamentarians emergency meeting told them that the solution lies in the resignation of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the formation of a national salvation government able to arrange the security situation and restore stability to the provinces, which saw the sudden withdrawal of the security forces and militants control them without armed confrontation. "

Kurds also came out with a statement today that they would not vote to declare a state of emergency if the emergency session of the House of Representatives happened, noting that their minds on this position will not be changed. (I want to note that the Kurds know very well the damage that will happen giving Maliki this kind of power)  By the way these terrorist forces were heading for Kirkuk. Why?

Remember Kirkuk is a disputed area by the Maliki government. In fact Kirkuk is guaranteed to Kurdistan  by article 140 of their constitution. Remember Maliki signed off on this constitution. too.

There is not even really any legal grounds for any dispute except that Maliki knows it has “the” riches oil well in all of Iraq. He knows that if he can’t control the oil in Kurdistan he would try to at least annex  Kirkuk.

I keep asking myself why this guy keeps doing this. Well if you control fully the oil you control the revenue from the well - right? Thus money is power. Then you can steal as much as you desire or do what you want with the money.

There is no other reason other than to research further into what he intended to do with the money. Certainly it was not for the full benefit of Iraqi citizens. He was not doing all this for them although many think he is still such a nice guy and the Kurds are the enemy here. For those who believe this I certainly hope this week’s events have awakened you.

So who is responsible for these recent stepped-up terrorist attacks?

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is responsible for what happened since parliament rejected his call for a State of emergency. Simply put these recent attacks were nothing more than political reprisals from the  Al-Maliki government for not originally giving him these emergency powers.

Remember I talked about him and the request weeks ago in his new “national emergency law” legislation that his council of ministers presented to parliament for a vote. I was of course thrown out of parliament and never even when for a vote since parliament was not about to give up their constitutional rights to such a law (that had underlying intentions). 

So these reprisals were kind of like an “I told you so”   there is very strong evidence that Maliki orchestrated these attacks. These were not coincidental. He still maintains no feelings of responsibility for the attacks or risks to Iraq and its people.

The U.S. has pledged support and will continue to assist Iraq in its response to "terrorism". Currently a shipment of arms and rockets on their way to Iraq.

In my last news letter  I quoted what  Hermann Goering (head of the WWII Hitler Luftwaffe)  said on war and violence during the Nuremburg trials. Do you now understand how these dictators work? Did you watch it all play out?

Let me explain again. First the Attack, then the Fear and then the Solution (I will save you) ? Please go back and re-read my 6/11 news letter I explained this clearly.

If they implemented Maliki’s solution, which was to declare a state of emergency, (thus giving him extraordinary powers) his main objective would have been met - that of total control over Iraq.

He would have finally accomplished this goal. This orchestrated, stepped up attack on Mosul  was nothing more than a desperate push to get these powers and stay in control since he was all washed up and could not get a 3rd term legally.

The weapons left behind by the Iraq army that was ordered to retreat and leave their weapons behind now supply the Daash with the needed supplied to continue the battle into other regions. This weeks saga is nothing more than a staged event by Maliki to get what he wanted all along.

But there is more to this weeks events, as I have explained. This Maliki is a brilliant strategist and politician. Its just too bad he never seems to put this brilliance to use for the good of humanity and his own country.


We all may have heard what has happened for these terrorists attacks. The official facts will be disclosed in the coming days head, and that the coming days will reveal more of the plot threads facing Iraq. I am alluding to the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, who was in Mosul. This attack was not a failure of the army during this attack but Maliki betrayal and treason of his own country of Iraq. What do you do with these kind of people? We are about to witness this soon.

I do bring you better news today since I now am hearing there is a solution and it does not include giving in to Maliki and his government these special state of emergency  powers as ploted.

Yes – I am now very certain there will be a happy ending after all. It is not all settled yet and certainly there is more to follow but I have witnessed the fortitude of these good leaders watching over Iraq and sticking to their policy (one which began to take form in April of 2012), - that of getting rid of Maliki and his goons.

What will they do with Maliki come June 15th when his immunity expires? In my opinion (and what I am hearing from UN sources) is that he and his goons are surely to stand trial for betrayal and treason against the state of Iraq in Iraq and then again in the international courts for terrorism and crimes against humanity. The penalty will most likely be the death penalty. If nothing else they intend to use this show as an example for Assad in Syria and any future would-be dictators.

I am now hearing from my Iraqi sources that the judiciary has already ratified the final election results but has not yet announced them to the world or Iraq. Maliki and anyone of his followers are not in the mix of this new government.

They are simply now waiting for Maliki’s mandate to be over for fear he might also send reprisals to these new candidates. They witnessed the Mosul plot and have seen what this man is capable of even in his last days as prime minister. What will he do next in his last days?

We are in an excellent window to have these announcements early next week. Lets’ sit back and watch how this all plays out in the next 4-5 days.

I want to add that you may hear of attempts over and over again that the USA is finally going to complete the rollout process of the IQD international.  Why do they keep doing this?  This is a common intel problem now for over 7 months.

I personally have just too much information telling me otherwise. They may want to do it. They may even spread rumors that they are going to do it. But when the time comes they will only stop the process again and again until -  there is stable and functional government in Iraq.

This is the plan and has always been the plan.

We await the announcement of the new government first and then let us see what happens next.

I am confident the final international rollout of their revalued currency will follow very quickly behind these announcements

Peace and Luv To Ya All,   Mnt Goat

Emergency meetings of Western elite fail to break financial deadlock, US implosion now looms

June 10, 2014

The emergency G7 plus Russia (but not G8) meeting last week has left the corporate government of the United States isolated from Europe and on the brink of bankruptcy. This French Government video of US corporate lackey Barack Obama meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin clearly shows Obama asking for something and being denied.

It now clear to everybody who is paying attention that the United States is bankrupt and is being kept on life support by fraud (eg. tiny Belgium buying all those Treasuries) and by the ongoing rape of Japan. This situation is untenable and the formal declaration of the bankruptcy of the United States of America Corporation is coming soon, according to Japanese government sources.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott of Australia last week suddenly cancelled long planned meetings with US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, IMF head Christine Lagarde and World Bank head Jim Yong Kim, even though Australia is scheduled to host the G20 summit in November. Does Abbot think these US corporate government institutions will not last until then?

The declaration of bankruptcy of the US corporate government would also mark the end of a 2000 year project by the Roman Empire to create a worldwide fascist dictatorship or New World Order, multiple sources agree.

The Nazi/Zionist response to their looming defeat is to threaten to unleash over 10,000 “blonde Al Qaeda,” terrorists on Europe and the US.

The ongoing mercenary attacks in the Ukraine and the recently manufactured China/Vietnam crisis are other snarls of this dying Nazi Zionist beast.

There is also obviously something very unusual going on with the IMF, with Director Christine Lagarde asking in public if she has to “get on her knees and beg.” Ostensibly, the begging is about mistaken IMF predictions for the UK economy but, the real reason is that the IMF is bankrupt, MI5 sources say.

That is also why Lagarde talked publicly last week about moving the IMF to China. The IMF may be shopping for a new sugar daddy but, China has better options than to finance an institution with as dismal a track record as that of the IMF.
Last week was also notable in that the hitherto secretive Bilderberg Group publicly came out and said they wanted to overthrow

the current two party system of government in the United States.

William Van Duyn, a person who managed to stay under the radar until now, has now made public the opening speech he made at the recent Bilderberg meeting in Denmark.

In this speech, Van Duyn says it was his ancestors who “made sure the Eye is on the [U.S.] dollar bill.” This is the eye that has NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM or New World Order written under it. He also said “No president, no king, no dictator, nor prime minister dares to criticize my name nor the Bilderbergers, and they know they are the puppets of the powerful Illuminati working from behind the scenes.” This was followed later by “The subject of this Bilderberg meeting is the One World Government.”

Van Duyn concluded that from now own Bilderberg would rule in public and “control every movement within any government…create the rules…decide about nations policy.”

What he does not seem to realize is that secrecy was needed for them to rule and without it, they will lose power. Rule by murder, bribery and brainwashing needs secrecy or else it will invite rebellion.
The very fact they have gone public shows we are seeing the sort of rare information that only comes out at moments of regime change. For example, around the time of the fall of the Soviet Union, insiders revealed such things as the plans to turn the EU into the new Soviet Union, while ordinary Russians learned bad things they had never heard about their heroes Stalin, Lenin etc.

Another sign that it is not business as usual is that the European Central Bank has decided to start using negative interest rates. This means that if you keep money in the bank, it will start to vanish. The idea is to stimulate the economy by forcing people to spend their money instead of keeping in the bank. Also, to prevent people from just hoarding cash instead having their money in automatically shrinking accounts, the banks have begun to limit how much cash people can remove from their bank accounts. This unprecedented move is a public admission of economic desperation in the EU.

In the meantime, indications the Europeans are trying to overthrow the US Nazi regime have become visible on many levels. Most notably, the governments of Europe have now stopped using the US dollar to pay for their Russian or Middle Eastern gas and oil imports. If the largest economic bloc in the world is moving away from the petro-dollar, then the Federal Reserve Board petro-dollar is doomed.

It was also painfully obvious that nobody was going along anymore with Nazi/Zionist lies that Putin had invaded the Ukraine. Instead, the Germans and French have been working with the Russians to put down the Nazionist mercenary armies fighting in the Ukraine.

The Nazionist forces are not going down without a fight. They have compelled their Japanese slave colony to send troops into the Ukraine, according to Japanese Defense Ministry sources. There is also an article in the Japanese language version of the Russian Government Ria Novosti News Service confirming this claim.

The Japanese troops were sent there to put pressure on Russia to agree to a G7 plan for a new financial system, according to a Japan based CIA source.

The Russians are pushing instead to strengthen the BRICS mechanism and say technical preparation for a BRICS bank are well under way. The fact that Argentina is now talking about joining the BRICS alliance is very interesting because this is where Pope Francis hails from, meaning the Vatican could be switching to the BRICS side.

There is also a lot of unreported or under-reported activity going on in Africa. While the Zionist media has been pumping up a publicity campaign around supposed kidnapped schoolgirls in Nigeria, they have been censoring news of real massacres related to the illuminati plan to promote fights between Muslims and Christians in order to create a one world religion.

This gruesome photograph below was censored by U-tube, face book and Zionist media organizations. I post it because ignoring evil is the same as accepting it.

“This is a brutal example of how far the struggle between Muslims and Catholics in Nigeria has reached…and where are the International Human Rights Organizations? Christians are burnt alive in Nigeria: a horrific Holocaust right in front of International indifference!” said Father Juan Carlos Martos, on behalf of the Missionari Clarettiani, via del Sacro Cuore di Maria, Rome, Italy.

The question the world should be asking is what is the US military doing in Africa if they cannot stop such massacres? Are they instead somehow involved? Where are the pentagon white hats? Why is everybody silent?

These are the sort of Satanic incidents the White Dragon Society is determined to banish from this earth.

In Asia, meanwhile, the pentagon is trying to woo North Korea into joining with South Korea and Japan and pay protection money “to keep China in its place,” a Japanese military intelligence source said.
The planned visit by puppet Prime Minister Abe of Japan to North Korea will result in 34 “kidnap victims” (in reality mostly Japanese agents working for North Korea) to be returned in exchange for generous Japanese financial aid, according to a North Korean source. This is a preliminary to a campaign to turn North Korea into a friend instead of a boogey man for the Japanese, the sources agreed.

Another sign that some big event is expected in the Korean peninsula is the fact that North and South Korea are building a joint railroad network with Russia. This is a clear indication that all three countries expect the Korean peninsula to unify in the foreseeable future.

Construction of a tunnel linking South Korea to Japan has also already begun, according to Japanese government sources. This will mean it will be possible to take a train from Tokyo to London. In addition, goods can be shipped from Europe to Korea and Japan three times faster once the rail link is constructed, according to Russia Today.

The recent and ongoing dispute between Vietnam and China over an oil rig in disputed waters is being used by pentagon to ensure Asian countries keep it financed even if the US corporate government goes bankrupt, according to a pentagon source. It is better to feed than fight a big dog.


Mnt Goat Global RV report!

UU2199 Pivotal Week for Iraq

Hi Everyone,

Today I wanted to drop in and give you an update on the ongoing news about the election process and the RV since I expect this week to be a pivotal week for the country of Iraq. . .

I  encourage everyone to go back and please, please read my last 3 news letters dated 6/1. 6/4 and 6/6. The information in these news letters is very important as it leads up to what I am about to tell you.

Sometimes I read the comments given from my news letters and I can tell the reader has not taken the time to read my past news letters or follow the latest news I present. I can sense the frustration but it is up to you to take the time and effort if you truly want to know how this RV is unfolding right in front of our noses.

I am about to tell you what I believe is the current plan. The implementation process of the plan has changed many times but the overall plan has remained basically the same since 2008 in its inception. .

Today’s News

The IQD revaluation we have all been waiting for is within our sights.

I am hearing   even more news of movement in a direction of completing the project to restructure the currency. In the CBI there have been articles talking about the immediate need to readily make the in-country revalued currency readily available to the rest of the international community.

I am first going to present some background information in order to drive home my point of substantiating that we are in fact in the final weeks prior to seeing the IQD going international with the revalued rate. I believe all these events are linked together and are just part of the implementation of the plan to kick start the Iraq government and its economy. We are about to see this economy go CRAZY !


Recent Qi Card Changes

Iraq’s two biggest state-owned banks, Rafidain Bank and Rasheed Bank, together with the Iraqi Electronic Payment System (IEPS) have established a company called International Smart Card, which have developed a national credit card called ‘Qi Card’. The card is issued since 2008.  After less than two years of the initial launch of the Qi card solution, they have hit 1.6 million cardholder with the potential to issue 2 million cards by the end of 2010, issuing about 100,000 card monthly is a testament to the huge success of the Qi card solution. Parallel to this will be the expansion into retail stores through a network of points of sales of about 30,000 units by 2015.

The Qi card is similar to other credit cards recognized worldwide with essential difference that the smart card deals with balances without direct contact with the server which is called (offline) to facilitate business in regions of no good telecommunication networks .

So what happened last week with the Qi Cards?

I am telling you all this about the cards in order to first clarify some intel given out about these cards. I want to say that these cards are not new and the event of having them does not necessarily mean the RV is about to happen, as we have seen it did not happen. So no hype on this old news.

The recent significance however is that they are now loading these cards for those who are traveling abroad and for those Iraqi citizens already living in foreign countries. They are issuing them to these citizens for this purpose. So how will they be able to use these cards abroad without an international rate in this manner?

Last Updated on Monday, 23 June 2014 17:31

Immigration Watch Canada & Mgr view points! June 9/14 Print E-mail
Whistle Blower
Monday, 09 June 2014 13:51

Immigration Watch Canada & mgr view points! #1 May 31/14

Friends do you know that your treacherous manipulative government have given immigrants benefits:

Benefits to purchase property over Canadians?

Benefits to develop businesses over Canadians?

Benefits to get education training over Canadians?

Benefits to get job training over Canadians?

Benefits to get jobs over Canadians ( ads Mandarin and Cantonese speaking only this should be made illegal) They outright lie about Canadians not wanting to do the work while discriminating!

Benefits to get subsidized housing over Canadians

Benefits for free furniture household goods to get settled not shared publicly for Canadians!

Benefit to our tax dollars over Canadians! Elderly and Veterans thinking of filing for refugee status to get support! If you are wondering why there is human rights class action against all levels of government this is just one major issue behind these actions. (Cafr and bank of Canada fraud)

Benefits to immigrants and foreign countries over Canadians and indigenous peoples! They say Canadians don’t qualify for EI they pay into if they quit their jobs but refugees and foreigners get our tax dollars. These people need to be charged and arrested for treason also due to Cafr fraud in all levels of government. This is what Justin Trudeau meant when he said the budget will balance itself arrogantly shared via media campaign.

We need to take our country back and stop all immigration to Canada. Plus we need to start mass deportations for many reasons to be shared publicly. Check the numbers on the detriments to continue to allow unfettered and unnecessary immigration to this country do not let the media fool you. After receiving a very treasonous misguided email from local city councilor who is an immigrant it is clear we need to re-evaluate immigrant participation in our government.

There is a new movement across Canada due to the many betrayals by our government against their own citizens regarding immigration and foreign policies called Canada First to take back our sovereignty and values of this country. We are the people and the power. NO such immigration policies should happen in Canada without our permission and honestly informed choices with votes.

These disrespectful immigration policies now has a huge underground and reverse discrimination economy thriving in Vancouver supported by immigration groups who we need to investigate and find out who is paying them and where their money is going. This thrives because the government does not demand respect for our two languages but fosters disrespect to them catering once again with our tax dollars without our permission. How does millions of salary and business funds going out of the country help Canadians and our economy ponder upon this please.

See poll questions on this website left hand side of page Check

Blessings in Truth Tami Dickson


Immigration Watch Canada is an organization of Canadians who believe that immigration has to serve the interests of its own citizens. It cannot be turned into a social assistance / job-finding program for people from  other countries. It should never be a social engineering experiment that is conducted on Canada’s mainstream population in order to make it a minority. **

But immigration has become those 2 things.

Why? In particular, why has Canada’s average 250,000 per year immigration intake remained in place for over 23 years?

The answer is that all of Canada’s major political parties have adopted the arrogant and contemptuous attitude that they know what is best for Canadians and that Canadians do not have to be consulted when major policy decisions are made.

These politicians imply that the primary purpose of immigration is to help people in other countries, whether this help is to protect them from persecution or from unemployment. These politicians also imply that their position is morally superior to that of many Canadians (particularly those who have been negatively affected by immigration), and that those people should be silenced.

They have also pretended that these policies are in the interest of Canada. But, in reality, as most Canadians can see, the policies are intended solely to help each of the political parties get a share of the immigrant vote.

This shameless immigration betrayal of Canada and the promotion of political party self-interest began in 1990 when one political party (the Progressive Conservatives) increased immigration levels to 250,000 per year. At the time they did this, they actually announced they were doing so in order to capture more of the immigrant vote. This may sound hard to believe because it is so brazen, but it is a fact. Since then, all other parties have adopted the same policy. All pretend that their actions are helping people in the rest of the world and that this immigration flood is also literally and figuratively enriching Canadian society.

Last Updated on Friday, 20 June 2014 19:58

BC Smart Meter Protests, Classactions and spying! June 9/14 Print E-mail
Environmental Healing
Monday, 09 June 2014 13:38

BC Smart Meter Protests, Classaction and spying! May 31/14

‘Smart’ Meter Spying Finally Admitted

Industry mouthpiece SmartGridNews finally admitted that “smart” meters are surveillance devices.  Of course they didn’t quite put it that bluntly.  In fact, they celebrate the ability of utilities to know what appliances people use as another tool to help craft the wonderful world of the future.

Below is my letter to the Arizona Corporation Commission pointing out that industry has finally come out and admitted what I and others have been saying for years. [Note from TBYP: It's important that you send your utility your notice of Non-Consent via registered mail.  Subscribe to our Newsletter for forthcoming news, and see our Solutions page for current links to templates.]

SMART METER RALLY Saturday, June 14

B.C. RALLY for a REAL Smart Meter Opt-out . . .  for ALL!

JOIN one of several B.C. RALLIES to SUPPORT EVERYONE'S HUMAN RIGHT to OPT OUT of our undemocratic, provincially mandated SMART METER program.

Rallies will include prominent speakers and activities.


LOWER MAINLAND: in BURNABY FRASER FORESHORE PARK, across from Smart Meter headquarters, 9265 Glenlyon Pkwy, Burnaby 
(12 p.m. to 2 p.m.)

VICTORIA: in front of the B.C. Legislature Building
(12 p.m. to 2 p.m.)

NANAIMO: at M.L.A.'s office, 4-77 Victoria Crescent
(11 a.m. to 1 p.m.)

SALMON ARM: contact
(12 p.m. to 2 p.m.)

UPPER SUNSHINE COAST in Powell River. March from BC Hydro Office to office of MP Nicholas Simon
(12 p.m. to 2 p.m.)

These rallies will take place in tandem with the smart meter rallies happening in MONTREAL and other QUEBEC communities on June 14th. This will be a COAST-TO-COAST expression of Canadians' outrage and concerns about the Smart Meter Program nation-wide, and the governments that support them.

Your attendance and/or assistance are important, and greatly appreciated.


Circle June 14 for our Day of Protest against this undemocratic, invasive and dangerous program!! In Shuswap, a driving caravan is being planned. I will let you know about Nanaimo and Vancouver as soon as venues are finalized. In Victoria we are planning on holding it at the Leg, 12-2.   Please pass word, tell people to keep that date and time open. More details will be provided as available. If you can help out, handing out flyers, putting up posters, etc. email to  WE’RE MADE AS HE** AND WE’RE NOT TAKING IT ANY MORE!!


1)   Info from a member:

Regarding the part of your update (2014-05-03)   with  the following statement from a customer ,  ’my husband noticed a small white pickup ON OUR DRIVEWAY’.

Due to safety  reasons with children, pets, etc. Utility companies are NOT  permitted  to park their vehicles on customer’s private property or driveways.

In the years I worked for a utility company,  some installers  got time off work without  pay, for parking on customer’s driveway, after the customer complained.

2)   A very interesting map a member discovered that shows AMR (one way communication) and AMI (2-way communications, like our stupid program) $$meter programs around the world. Raises the question:  why all at once?,-4.21875&source=embed

3)   On the Coalition website there are some very interesting comments. Please feel free to add at In one, someone mentions that a Corix installer lied to her about not having any analogs, only digitals. When she refused, he said a new batch of analogs would be in tomorrow so she said, great, she’d wait. The miraculously he remembered he had 4 analogs in his truck. Why the lie? All of this is very odd.  Sure wish Hydro would explain what really is going on.

4)   This is just one of many emails I’ve received today about Corix installing digitals. I suggest that this person demand an analog. Hydro has them and if he had an analog before, he has every right to demand another one. We must protect our analogs and with more than rings, which are being cut off. Take a look at under Printables, toward the bottom for ideas about what you can do.


Just out of the house for a short while and low and behold, when I return, we have had a new meter installed by Hydro. It does not look similar to a smart meter but it is digital and not analog. I have a letter posted underneath my meter stating that I want to keep my analog meter with my signature added and the date of Dec. 2013. The letter also states that I have informed B.C. Hydro of my decision (which I have done). They have also cut down some wisteria that grew along my kitchen window which did not grow anywhere near the meter. Right now I am furious and hoping that I can do something but I don’t know what. I did everything that was recommended and still they come on my property and remove the analog meter. If you can offer any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.

5) In Spain some groups are really thinking smart and green.

6)   A new battle to resist $$meters is beginning in Illinois. Each day more groups are forming. We can stop this grid.


Sent: May 4, 2014 5:58 PM
Subject: Re Meter Replacement Notification

Dear Mr. Reimer

I have received your letter dated April 29, 2014, in which you are advising me that the seal on my analog has expired.

Could you please provide me with the records showing the certification of my meter. You may email it to me at your earliest convenience.

Until I have a chance to see for myself exactly when my seal expires, I will be holding on to my current analog meter, at least until you have shared the above information with me.

My information is as follows:


Account # XXXXXX

Meter # 00000


Maker of meter: Sangamo K2S

Should my analog seal indeed be expired, I would ask for the make and model and certification date of what the replacement analog would be, yes I would require an analog exactly as I currently have, as your lawyer has shared with BCUC that you have several thousand still in your possession, I trust this is no problem.  (I have copied BCUC in on this email)

Finally, if my analog seal has indeed expired, I would appreciate a set appointment as well as a licensed BC Hydro electrician to exchange the meter. I am not only looking out for your property, but more importantly, mine as well.

For now, I'm looking forward to seeing the records of the certification of my current analog meter.

Subject: BC HYDRO CLASS ACTION / BCUC :: Citizens for Safe Technology,97,0

A world-first clincial study into the harmful effects of Smart Meters

Subject: update 2014-05-12 Please contact the media about what is happening.
Date: Mon, 12 May 2014 23:27:14 -0700

1)   From a member who took photos of the “refurbished” meter. I suggested that he contact CBC, CTV, Chek, Global, Bill Good, etc. in addition to complaining to BCUC and his MLA. BCUC has a duty to get involved – this is (supposedly) not part of the $meter program, rather ordinary maintenance!!  CTV’s Lynda Steele ; CBC local news call  604-662-6801 in Vancouver; Global Email or  Call  at 604-420-2288. Bill Good at It is impossible to have confidence in anything Hydro is doing.  Please protect your analogs.

I have donated to the defense fund and had sent the letter to Greg Reimer re replacement of our present analog meter.

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Nesara History Canadian & USA Benefits June 9/14 Print E-mail
Nesara Canada
Monday, 09 June 2014 13:31

Nesara History & ESF Education #2 June 30/11

What Kind of Government Do You Want?

Here's little something to look at during this political season. This ought to make a person think one more time before walking into the voting booth. This country is returning to it's constitution, as a part of this money shift.

Current Events

Walter J Burien Accountant Auditor The Biggest Game in Town ( Government Extortion and fraud) This video is 2 hrs 15 minutes long well worth listening to. He explains clearly how our Government swindle us out of our hard earned money through non disclosure. This clarifies why we need Nesara and how we can operate with little to no taxes and how we have all been lied to regarding budgets and taxes!

The Cafre Swindle 15 minutes  Jerry Day

Superior Court Judges Served in LA Oct 21/11

Gold is one reason for middle east issues, economic invasions and takeover attempts to relinquish countries sovereignty like Canada for our huge gold and resources here. Tami

Change is on the Horizon Part 1 all video’s are close to an hour long Nesara background & intro! Very important information everyone must know! Cheers Tami

Part   2   The American Federal Empire

Part   3   The Farmer Claims Program

The ESF Exchange & Stabilization Fund and Its History Part 1 9 min 7 seconds

ESF Part 2    8 min 54 seconds

ESF Part 3   11 min   21 seconds

ESF Part 4   18 min 41 seconds

John F Kennedy was going to expose the Good ET support and corrupt societies that prevent healing of our world. He was killed the fatal shot from government operative driver in the front of his car which is why Jackie was trying to climb out of the back of the limo that day instead of hiding in the car away from outside shots.! He did the honourable thing not playing the games with the dark cabal as many have done since. Rather setting the seeds of integrity for others like myself to carry the ball from there to set more constructive seeds of change for our children. Google has continuously tried to censor free expression by independent film makers. If you get a incorrect copyright message type in name of title and get clip there from you tube thanks cheers Tami 10 min   57 seconds

Kennedy Speech Never Delivered included Aug 11/11


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