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Galactic Friends Updates
Benjamin Fulford Global Report May 26/14 Print E-mail
Whistle Blower
Monday, 26 May 2014 14:14

Benjamin Fulford Global Report May 26/14

New energy technology moving ahead even as financial chaos deepens

Last week saw major cabal set-backs in the financial war together with several big moves on the energy front.

On the financial front, former World Bank lawyer Karen Hudes and lawyer Winston Shrout tried to sue the World Bank into returning 1000 tons of gold deposited with it by the government of Japan, according to CIA and Japanese government sources (Ms. Hudes did not answer an e-mail asking for confirmation of this). However, the US Treasury Department, the de facto controllers of the World Bank, refused, saying the gold Japan had deposited with the World Bank was stolen from the dragon family, the sources said.

In any case, the dragon family has not gotten its gold back either, so the fact remains the United States corporate government has stolen all the gold it held in trust for the planet and is bankrupt. The only rational option for the United States is now to bankrupt the corporate government, nationalize the Federal Reserve Board and start issuing greenbacks. The cabal, of course, will use all its power to prevent that from happening so continued financial turbulence is inevitable until the whole structure collapses (more about that below).

On the energy front things are looking much better: it has now become clear that the suppressed energy technology genie is out of the bottle. A major Japanese manufacturer contacted the White Dragon Society last week to say they were going ahead with the production of Tesla Quantum Energy Generators. The WDS has still not been able to test such a device though.

On a different front, a major Japanese government research organization has started, in conjunction with the Pentagon, to manufacture a one meter by two meter sized nuclear reactor that

uses so-called spent nuclear fuel rods and is capable of generating 50,000 megawatts (enough for a city), according to a senior researcher. The devices will be built on US military bases to prevent cabal interference, he said. The US Navy will start by using them in submarines and battleships, he said.
This move coincides with the announcement of a successful attempt by the US navy to create aviation and rocket fuel out of sea-water using electricity generated by a nuclear power plant.

It also turns out that Tokyo Gas has already begun marketing fuel cells that provide houses with both heating and electricity. The official Tokyo Gas website says these fuel cells run on natural gas but Japanese government sources say the electricity is generated by extracting hydrogen from water.

The other big move in the energy sector was the announcement by newly elected Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi that every household in India will have solar power by 2019. Modi, who is banned from entering the US by the cabal, is definitely not going to go along with the cabal on many other issues, not just solar power.

If India can do it, so can the rest of the world. If the US had a real government, most US houses could also be solar powered within 5 years. No matter what though, with both China and India now going full speed ahead with solar power, the oil and gas industries can no longer keep the price of solar panels artificially high.

The oil and gas industry also saw some big changes come to light last week. The biggest was the announcement by the US Energy Information Administration that US shale oil reserves were only about 30% of what was previously talked about.

This means any US talk of replacing Russia as a supplier of gas to Europe is just talk. In this context, Lord Peter Mandelson, described by MI5 as a representative of the Rothschild family, cited US (non-existent) shale oil as part of his backing for a public threat to “freeze Russia out of the global financial system.”

In specific, he threatened that $700 billion worth of Russian corporate external debt would “not be rolled over.” This is pure bluff. According to the MI5 source, the UK has also been vastly exaggerating its shale gas reserves. It is also clear that it is the Rothschilds, not Russia, who are being frozen out.


Mnt Goat RV News May 23/14 Print E-mail
Nesara Canada
Friday, 23 May 2014 12:22

Mnt Goat RV News May 23/14

What Kind of Government Do You Want?

Here's little something to look at during this political season. This ought to make a person think one more time before walking into the voting booth. This country should be returning to a republic with a new constitution by and for the people in Canada, as a part of this money shift.

Mnt Goat tells it like it IS.

5-23-14 Mountain Goat: Hi Everyone. In my sleepy village we are now seeing the awaking, like a rebirth, of the summer months. We know what lays ahead. The lazy days of summer. The mountains are now greener, the cool creeks are now flowing. My favorite hiking trails are once again clear of snow.

If you look on the horizon you can still see that some of the cold white snow lingering high on the mountaintops. Those that live here know that this bitterness of winter still exists in the Alpines even throughout the summer months. As natives we know it will always be with us, as these bitter parts of life never melt away.

Today I come to you to give you a brief update on the news I am hearing about the Iraq dinar revaluation process.

I have tried to tie some of the other global events to the revaluation process in my last news letter dated 5/20 and so you might want to re-read that first if it is not fresh on your mind.

Many question the validity of what I bring to you and I do understand the many pessimist since this picture is much larger than most can imagine. It is even much larger than I could possible right in this news letter so I condense and attempt to highlight.

However we all keep asking why the stalling? Why have we not already seen the active rates so we can all go exchange?

In this Iraq election process we keep banging our heads against the wall. We get on that roller coaster every weekend. Maliki is out, then Maliki is in. We hear intel from many sources but  we have hope and wish it was correct.

What is the definition of insanity?  Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

Today’s News

In order to help everyone understand what is going on with this election process and thus the connection with our long awaited revaluation process,  I need to bring out a few points that you may find interesting.

Is Maliki going to get a 3rd term as prime minister?

What impact does this have on the revaluation of the IQD?

To decide let up realistically look at all the evidence we have been seeing over the last couple years.

First let us look at the news media in Iraq- we all should know that the Nori Al- Maliki’s and his goons own over 75% of the news media in Iraq. He can pick and choose any news that suits his party’s purpose. This news often travels to the USA via regular news channels or via so called intel sources.

So how accurate is this news?  There are not many media channels in the USA  that will not even challenge the news from Iraq and just report it. So what we hear in USA on the news about Iraq is not always accurate.

All these recent articles coming out of Iraq seem to indicate that no way in hell he could possibly serve a third term. Yet now we are hearing he is prime minister again? So based on this  I kept asking  myself - Did I just miss something or is something wrong with this picture?

Is someone or some entity from Iraq intentionally lying to us now on the election results?  What is really going on here. Is there a conspiracy going on once again in Iraq? Is Maliki up to his monkey business once again?

Secondly- can we all agree that Maliki is desperate. He is fully aware of his own lack of achievements and corruption in the last 4 years. He knows about he files that document it all and the witnesses that can testify against him. Do you think he might be spreading propaganda about himself to get more support? Do you think he might be a bit overly optimistic in his reporting of the news?

Last week however we heard the news of final results from the high electoral commission of Iraq. This seemed odd since the news came to us so soon. It told us that the voting process went as smooth as silk and was now entirely completed and the results were final.

Maliki’s party had won the election and had the majority of seats in parliament. Seems that Maliki was bound for a third term. But if we paid attention they did say this was preliminary results and not the final results.

Then around Friday/Saturday 5/16-5/17 timeframe the scuttlebutt  from Iraq came across that Maliki did in fact win a third term by being nominated by his own State Law Coalition, and the Islamic Dawa Party. They said it was all over and we would see the revaluation soon.

This could not be farthest from the truth. Actually what did happen is the party offered him possible support for the pm position if he could push the RV and assist in the final part of currency reform project working with the CBI. They gave him a timeline to accomplish these tasks.

This is all funny news to me since I was just reading for weeks prior, article after article about Maliki’s slim chances of gaining another  third term as prime minister. So what is going on?

Thirdly - I want you to go back in time, to about April 2012. What was going on then?

What was the big news in Iraq at this time. Do you remember ? It was about the no- confidence vote and the effort to get rid of Maliki. This effort did not stop and in fact only has intensified since. The plot to get rid of him is stronger then ever.

I also know that there has been a long and hard effort by the Sadarist movement combined with the National Islamic Council beginning around April 2012 to see to it that he did not have a third term. Do you remember all the articles about the no-confidence vote?

Does this seem like they wanted Maliki back for a third term even back then? Do you seriously think that they put up with Maliki for 4 years to turnaround and do it all over again? Of course this is just my opinion but see what you think when I give you some more facts.

Fourth - Do you remember the protestors in Iraq ? What was the #1 item of on their list of demands? It was to get rid of Maliki.

I remember that in an effort to prevent more riots,  Maliki announced that he will not run for a third term in 2014, and called for a constitutional term limit. This term limit was then written and voted on by his own Shiite  members in parliament and was ratified into law.

Maliki then took an about face and began apposing  the new law as unconstitutional since he never actually thought it would be enacted.

Fifth- What about the recent meeting that Maliki had with the Kurdistan president Massoud Barzani just prior to the elections. The purpose of the meeting was to plea with the Kurds for their support.

It is my understanding the Kurdistan leader refused to even see Maliki.. Maliki then followed up with a 30 pages request to the Kurdistan president for support. This too was rejected.

So we must remember the past since the 2010 elections edged on the support from the Kurds. This one of the primary reason why Maliki was even allowed a second term.

This was the final determining factor. So what now will happen in the final conclusion to this election without the support of the Kurdistan region? It does not look good for Maliki.

Six - Let me now go back to the news we heard just prior to the elections on the involvement of the UN in the voting process. I guess they suspected that someone would try fowl play ( I wonder who?) and so they had over 600+ UN reps throughout Iraq monitoring the process. This was not only for security   reasons but also to ensure no monkey business with the ballots.

So in brief here is how the process went.

When someone cast a vote it  actually was cast in triplicate. One copy went to the electoral commission of Iraq and one copy to the UN. I am not sure where the third went.

After the polls closed in each province the UN took their ballot boxes, sealed them and had the Iraq electoral commission certify the seal. The electoral commission of Iraq took their boxes too.

The UN boxes remained sealed until just recently when representatives from the electoral commission of Iraq gathered with the UN representatives present opened the boxes and both parties began to re-count and validate the votes.

All three ballot boxes from each province should now match….right?  This is the first level of control. Next even if they did match was the ballot legitimate? The second level of control.

Here is why it is taking so long to get the final results of the elections to us, Here is what they found.

1)      they have found over 2 million invalid ballots cast by dead people. Most of these votes were cast for Shiite members

2)      they found that the paper ballot itself  were invalid since they were not legitimate ballots in the first place. Only so many ballots were sent to each province based on the census count. So how could you have more ballots than people voting?

3)      Each ballot was printed on custom paper including a custom “watermark” sent from the maker of the paper. Most did not even know this was done.  Millions of votes were discovered as invalid due to lack of proper watermark. These were again mostly cast for Shiite members.

Is this sounding fishy yet?

Certification of Election Results

So what I am trying to tell you is that the final validation of the ballots is a lengthy process. We were told it would take about 10 days to complete once started. This must be done to certify the results. I am told we are nearing the end of this 10 day period. The final certification is due to be completed on May 25th.

Seven -  In the meantime negotiations between parties are taking place. Unlike the elections in the USA, Iraq has a parliamentary form of election process.

The citizens vote on the a) parliamentary  members and 2) the party that will best represents the new government has the most seats in parliament and thus gets to build the new government.

So once the final ballot counts are certified and announced the winning party will then form the new government. This must still be done within the guidelines of the constitution.

Unlike the basic 2 party system in the USA, in Iraq there are many more parties. So after the elections the preliminary results get announced (already done) then the bargaining begins.


BC Smart Meter Protests and Class actions! May 16/14 Print E-mail
Environmental Healing
Friday, 16 May 2014 16:45

BC Smart Meter Protests and Class actions! May 16/14

Circle June 14 for our Day of Protest against this undemocratic, invasive and dangerous program!! In Shuswap, a driving caravan is being planned. I will let you know about Nanaimo and Vancouver as soon as venues are finalized. In Victoria we are planning on holding it at the Leg, 12-2.   Please pass word, tell people to keep that date and time open. More details will be provided as available. If you can help out, handing out flyers, putting up posters, etc. email to  WE’RE MADE AS HE** AND WE’RE NOT TAKING IT ANY MORE!!


1)   Info from a member:

Regarding the part of your update (2014-05-03)   with  the following statement from a customer ,  ’my husband noticed a small white pickup ON OUR DRIVEWAY’.

Due to safety  reasons with children, pets, etc. Utility companies are NOT  permitted  to park their vehicles on customer’s private property or driveways.

In the years I worked for a utility company,  some installers  got time off work without  pay, for parking on customer’s driveway, after the customer complained.

2)   A very interesting map a member discovered that shows AMR (one way communication) and AMI (2-way communications, like our stupid program) $$meter programs around the world. Raises the question:  why all at once?,-4.21875&source=embed

3)   On the Coalition website there are some very interesting comments. Please feel free to add at In one, someone mentions that a Corix installer lied to her about not having any analogs, only digitals. When she refused, he said a new batch of analogs would be in tomorrow so she said, great, she’d wait. The miraculously he remembered he had 4 analogs in his truck. Why the lie? All of this is very odd.  Sure wish Hydro would explain what really is going on.

4)   This is just one of many emails I’ve received today about Corix installing digitals. I suggest that this person demand an analog. Hydro has them and if he had an analog before, he has every right to demand another one. We must protect our analogs and with more than rings, which are being cut off. Take a look at under Printables, toward the bottom for ideas about what you can do.


Just out of the house for a short while and low and behold, when I return, we have had a new meter installed by Hydro. It does not look similar to a smart meter but it is digital and not analog. I have a letter posted underneath my meter stating that I want to keep my analog meter with my signature added and the date of Dec. 2013. The letter also states that I have informed B.C. Hydro of my decision (which I have done). They have also cut down some wisteria that grew along my kitchen window which did not grow anywhere near the meter. Right now I am furious and hoping that I can do something but I don’t know what. I did everything that was recommended and still they come on my property and remove the analog meter. If you can offer any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.

5) In Spain some groups are really thinking smart and green.

6)   A new battle to resist $$meters is beginning in Illinois. Each day more groups are forming. We can stop this grid.


Sent: May 4, 2014 5:58 PM
Subject: Re Meter Replacement Notification

Dear Mr. Reimer

I have received your letter dated April 29, 2014, in which you are advising me that the seal on my analog has expired.

Could you please provide me with the records showing the certification of my meter. You may email it to me at your earliest convenience.

Until I have a chance to see for myself exactly when my seal expires, I will be holding on to my current analog meter, at least until you have shared the above information with me.

My information is as follows:


Account # XXXXXX

Meter # 00000


Maker of meter: Sangamo K2S

Should my analog seal indeed be expired, I would ask for the make and model and certification date of what the replacement analog would be, yes I would require an analog exactly as I currently have, as your lawyer has shared with BCUC that you have several thousand still in your possession, I trust this is no problem.  (I have copied BCUC in on this email)

Finally, if my analog seal has indeed expired, I would appreciate a set appointment as well as a licensed BC Hydro electrician to exchange the meter. I am not only looking out for your property, but more importantly, mine as well.

For now, I'm looking forward to seeing the records of the certification of my current analog meter.

Subject: BC HYDRO CLASS ACTION / BCUC :: Citizens for Safe Technology,97,0

A world-first clincial study into the harmful effects of Smart Meters

Subject: update 2014-05-12 Please contact the media about what is happening.
Date: Mon, 12 May 2014 23:27:14 -0700

1)   From a member who took photos of the “refurbished” meter. I suggested that he contact CBC, CTV, Chek, Global, Bill Good, etc. in addition to complaining to BCUC and his MLA. BCUC has a duty to get involved – this is (supposedly) not part of the $meter program, rather ordinary maintenance!!  CTV’s Lynda Steele ; CBC local news call  604-662-6801 in Vancouver; Global Email or  Call  at 604-420-2288. Bill Good at It is impossible to have confidence in anything Hydro is doing.  Please protect your analogs.

I have donated to the defense fund and had sent the letter to Greg Reimer re replacement of our present analog meter.

I followed up with a phone call requesting that an appointment be made also before installing the "new" meter.

All of this was ignored and this morning at 0855 two Corvix employees showed up with a replacement meter.

It was covered in green mold and had a spider nest in the back of it. (photos were taken but are not included in this email due to size.)

They could not tell me when it would expire and when they phoned Hydro no one there could say as well. I refused them entry to install it as the meter is and has been for over 20 years, inside our house.

They informed me that it would cost me $65.00 and left.

That meter looked like it had just be taken out of a garbage can and certainly had not been calibrated.

This is simply harassment.

2)   Finally a letter got published refuting Tom Fletcher’s article celebrating the BCUC’s refusal to reduce the fees.  Way to do, Lori! Please provide comments.

3)   Another collector found, this one in Richmond on old Westminster Hwy, on the north side, nearest address is 22031 Westminster Hwy.

A special letter:

(Susan Foster has fought to have cell transmitters removed from Fire Stations across the US, when firemen were suffering cancers at alarming rates. She has long argued against the power of the telecommunications companies who have almost unlimited power in both Canada and the US. This lawsuit is a major one.

If each of you could donate just $10 Edna would have enough to pay for the travel of the experts so badly needed to support her case. Her battle is our battle. Her victory will be our victory.)

My Friends,


Last Updated on Saturday, 31 May 2014 16:54

Mnt Goat Letter Actions to Push RV May 12/14 Print E-mail
Nesara Canada
Monday, 12 May 2014 15:31

Mnt Goat Letter Actions to Push RV May 12/14

US Treasury guilty of crimes against humanity! Tami

Hi Everyone,

The news letter today is very long but I assure you that it is something that now must be told since the stalling of the rollout of the final steps of the RV process is still continuing.

If you are told the process is progressing those that tell you are lying. We all have wished and hoped that any illegal ambiguities  in the process would have been corrected by now since those involved are well aware of the problems.

Nothing has been done. The stalemate continues.

My sources are telling me now that if the citizens of the USA and around the world do not stand up for justice and demand that an investigation on this matter take place as soon as possible, we may not see the conclusion to this  RV process until maybe 2015, if even then, if we are lucky. This will drag on and on.

It is hard to give up the goose that is laying the golden eggs.

Let me also give you an historical perspective on this revaluation process since I have been following this now for many years. This is important to understand and it can give you a good perspective to how messed up and manipulated this RV process really is and who messed it up.

Clearly the process is owned by  the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI). The USA in only suppose to administer the technical process since they control the software necessary to roll this out to the world. The IMF is the referee and so is working with both parties.

So the USA maintains and owns the technical software and controls the rollout process to the banks and money exchanges. Should they now be making decisions as to when to roll out this RV to the international community or just follow directions as given by the CBI and the IMF?

What really is their capacity? Are they overstepping their legal capacity by having the means to control the process by controlling the software needed to roll this out?

So the USA controls the final link to getting the new rates international. The USA also controls the web site for the CBI and so this site too can not be updated with the new rates until the USA completes the rollout to all downstream applications.

Having said all this can you now see why the USA unofficially and indirectly controls the process. This is not the way it is supposed to be and must stop immediately.

So there is no sense to look for the CBI site updated until the USA decides to update it.  This is why Iraq can not force the RV.

There is talk that the CBI is contracting with a company now to build their own site and roll it out very soon with the new rates to advert the USA influence. The IMF is encouraging this as a means to ensure they can control their currency independent of the USA, which has proven time and time again to be irresponsible in the handling of this rollouts process.

Historical Background

First let me say that as far back as 2011 the acting governor of the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) at the time, Dr. Sinan Al-Shabibi made a request of the Iraq parliament to restore the Iraq dinar to its pre-war value or higher. He did this as a courtesy since the CBI does  not have to ask permission of parliament to do its job. They have charter with all member countries which dictates their responsibilities.

This restructuring process is a multi-step process and would take many months to complete. But he could now officially begin the process.

The primary objectives of the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) is to ensure domestic price stability and foster a stable competitive market based financial system. The CBI shall also promote sustainable growth, employment and prosperity in Iraq.

The functions of the CBI in addition to achieving its primary objectives are:

-Implement the monetary policy and the exchange rate policy of Iraq.
-Hold gold and manage the state reserves of gold.
-Issue and manage the Iraqi currency.
-Establish, oversee, promote a sound and efficient payment system.
-Issue licenses or permits in addition to regulating and supervising the banking sector as specified by the Banking Law.
-Carry out any ancillary tasks or transactions within the framework of Iraqi law

Remember this – Who owns the central banks around the world? This link will tell you. It’ss no secret. .

Keep reading ( I know it is long) but I am hoping you will see the internal fight going on between the owners of the CBI and the USA and how this all progressed over the last couple years  into a huge mess.

You wanted to know why the hold up of the RV process? Who is holding it up? Well I am trying to tell you.. Are you listening? Do you really want to know?

There is an ongoing effort by certain parties (a sector of the USA government) to circumvent the Federal Reserve. Their future plans call for turning over the handling of the monetary policy of the USA back to the US Treasury.

We are now seeing signs of this with the new gold backed notes (also part of the new IMF asset backed currency policy). We all know this is not going to happen overnight and is a long process. There are a lot of changes to take place. They have a very tight stronghold on the USA and the final outcome is still uncertain.

There are certain items now up for contention that must be released by these families (or entities) in order for the apposing sector to allow the RV to happen. One of these items is to cut the currently owed massive US Federal debt in half, essentially erasing half of the debt owed to these families thus eliminated a large portion of the interest paid to  in maintaining this debt.

Next to go back to a balanced budget (intentionally in the red to rack up massive debt as a scam to pay the high amounts of interest). it all boils down to this – Do you kill the goose that has been laying the golden eggs and have no eggs.

Or can you be happy with taking just some eggs and leaving some for the goose to nest on and reproduce thus create yet more wealth in the future. Then feed the goose so it is healthy and can lay yet more eggs?

To do this means giving up more monetary decision making power and giving it back to the UST. This is what is at stake.

At times there is a close agreement but often they fail to want to give up the power they now have over the USA but controlling the monetary policy. They are once again using the RV as a political maneuver, a pressure point  to get what they want.

Remember power always lies to who controls the money. So this is the deadlock. Who will ultimately give in? So as long as the UST is given directions to stall they will continue to find excuses to hold up the final rollout.

I know some of you reading this news letter will fail to want to know the truth or have the capacity to understand it even if it were so obvious it could bite you in the nose….lol.. but this is your fault due to your education. I will not suppress the truth as a mere convenience to satisfy your ego. Maybe it is time to get educated.

So now let me continue tell you the story of how this mess began.

So at this time DR Shabibi was granted permission to begin this project.   So it was now   was endorsed by Parliament and the Iraq Finance Ministry. This had to be a joint effort between the CBI and the Finance Committee.

We know by Iraq law there is no necessity to make such a request for permission to the Council of Ministers (Maliki’s ministries),  In fact if they did get involved and began to dictate monetary policy it would only be a conflict of interest and legally they should  be prevented from such actions. This is a control mechanism in their constitution as a check of balance of power (to prevent a would be dictatorship).

Later in 2011, a couple weeks after this permission was granted, the Prime Minister Maliki and Dr.  Shabibi began intense arguments over the restructuring project and the timing of the final rollout.

This rollout would be a significant increase in value of the dinar. At this time, Maliki decided to use the RV as political leverage in getting the country out of sanctions Chapter VII. He had no intensions of letting the currency RV while still being in Chapter VII. Was this a requirement?  No – Dr. Shabibi had every rite to RV while still under sanctions..

The financial world stood up and noted that perhaps after the USA troop withdrawals in late 2011 that there was the first real possibility of seeing this currency restructuring project come to revaluing the currency.

Then in the spring 2012 we noted again Dr. Shabibi along with the Finance Ministry announcing that the lower denominations would be distributed in September of that year. He obviously fully intended to revalue the currency prior to this timeframe since the lower denominations can not be distributed without some kind of significant  increase in the value of the dinar.

So for those who dispute this fact I have to tell you this. Who do you believe the governor himself of the CBI or some intel hype?

At this time Dr. Shabibi did begin to move forward on this process and set in motion many of the planned activities necessary to eventually restructure (or revalue) the currency. We all read about these activities in articles and we go excited.

It seemed we were on track for an RV by mid 2012 and I believe this was the plan.

There was a reason for why Dr, Shabibi was being so aggressive in rolling out the RV’d currency.

He was fully aware of the political and economic ramifications to Iraq as well as the fraud and the many vultures that would flock down and prey upon the currency to try to make billions off the speculation of an impending RV.


In December of 2012 we note that Maliki then stepped in to manipulate the restructuring process by alleging Dr. Shabibi supported criminal activities within the CBI and so while the present governor was away on vacation in Switzerland, Maliki put out a warrant for his arrest and justified appointing Dr. Abdul Basit Turki  as the new acting governor of the CBI.

Dr. Abdul Basit Turki  also headed the  banking and finance over site committee. Maybe a conflict of interest?

Remember Maliki manipulated the judicial system in Iraq so anything was possible. The World Bank warned the Iraqi government from interfering in the performance of the Central Bank of Iraq.

So now we see the beginning of the process of circumventing the CBI and its decision to RV the currency.

We then saw article after article about the postponement of the RV until early 2013.

In April of 2013 we were told of an impending RV and we all prepared for it. Maliki once again held off the RV pushing first for relief from sanctions.

In June 2013 we saw the official lifting of Chapter VII sanctions. We all saw an impending RV in the very near future. Hurry we all thought…finally !

During the entire summer of 2013 we witnessed the ongoing saga of the UST attempting to scramble to update the needed software applications that would be used in the final international rollout process.

I kept asking myself why in hell did the UST wait so long to begin these tasks?

So very shortly after the UST made its first attempt to test the software in the rollout process. We witnessed some very high rates on the bank screens and laughed at intel gatherers (like Okie end others) telling us about these very high rates.


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