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Racial Hiring Immigration Myths & Degrade Isis in Canada! Feb 11/15 Print E-mail
Whistle Blower
Wednesday, 11 February 2015 16:34

Racial Hiring, Immigration Myths & Degrade ISIS in Canada! Oct 12/14

Folks there are all kinds of discrimination. Sadly there is still a lot of ignorance about spiritual, gender, business and galactic matters on the planet. Many still scoff at our Residual income offer, galactic influences into our government business area which has much to do with mind control making absurd incorrect decisions about policies and people. For my issues people who continue to violate my rights in anyway due to these unconscious idiotic judgments my way will be charged I have had enough.  I have a legal team primed to take actions in Canada, USA and international if needed. If you want to continue to be criminal in your choices you will pay with a variety of measures even regarding immigration in Canada. There will be no amnesty or immunity contrary to criminal negotiations.! Tami

If It’s OK to Degrade ISIS in Iraq, Why Not Degrade It In Canada?

Canada’s Parliament has just voted to approve a 600 member Canadian combat mission in Iraq to counter the actions of ISIS.

It remains to be seen whether this will be a wise move or not.

As readers will see in the quotation below from a Muslim, a significant ISIS-Like presence already existed in Toronto 11 years ago . It is undoubtedly much larger today. So what is Canada’s Parliament going to do about that?

The Muslim population in Canada has increased very quickly. Unnecessary immigration from Muslim-dominated countries is the cause of that increase. In the period 2001 to 2011, Canada’s Muslim population went from 579,000 to more than 1 million. Unmonitored immigration from those countries is also the major cause of any increase in Canada’s ISIS-like supporters. In 2011, Toronto had the largest population of Muslims, at just over 424,900. Montréal had just over 221,000 and Vancouver about 73,200.

A dramatic cut in Canada’s overall immigration intake would go a long way to reducing the threat of ISIS in Canada. Once again, in sending a combat mission to Iraq, Canada is acting internationally when it should be acting domestically to clean its own house.

“IT WAS A COLD January morning in 2003 as I walked through ankle – deep icy snow into the Toronto Convention Centre. I was attending a conference of Muslims arranged by groups allied to the Saudi – based World Assembly of Muslim Youth – WAMY. The freezing temperature and frosty welcome I received at the hands of the young Islamists had not prepared me for the chilling lecture I was about to hear. The speaker, a Kuwaiti politician, said: “Western civilization is rotten from within and nearing collapse…it [the West] will continue to grow until an outside force hits it and you will be surprised at how quickly it falls.

“The crowd burst into applause. Just sixteen months beforehand, an “outside force” had hit the New York Twin Towers on 9/11, and here was Tareq Al Suwaidan, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood from Kuwait, rubbing salt into the wounds of the West. The audience of more than two thousand young Canadian Muslims, many of them associated with the Muslim Students Association (MSA), carefully segregated into male and female sections, listened in awe. Suwaidan used elaborate charts to draw projections about the impending collapse of the West. They lustily cheered the Kuwaiti Islamist as he predicted the doom of the very civilization these young men and women were living in.

“Why were these Muslim youth, (who were) born and educated in Canada, cheering the fall of the West? Did they not consider themselves to be part of the West? If they did, why would they be cheering its imminent collapse and who were they expecting to carry out the “outside force” attack? How could they, as citizens of a democratic Western country, allow a Kuwaiti politician to write the obituary of the West, but also cheer him on as he did so?”

← UBC Prof’s Evidence Damns Business Immigrant Programme

Preferential Hiring   (what I witnessed is immigrant discrimination rampant against white Canadians with our government help Tami)

The Pursuit of Division: Race, Gender and Preferential Hiring in Canada by Dr. Martin Loney, McGill-Queen’s University Press, 1998

Dr. Martin Loney is the author of “The Pursuit of Division: Race, Gender and Preferential Hiring In Canada”, the most extensive study of Canada’s employment equity (known elsewhere as affirmative action) and preferential hiring policies. Dr. Loney shows that current policies which have affected the lives of thousands of Canadians were based on the idea that “systemic discrimination against visible minorities” existed in hiring in Canada’s workplaces.

He examines a large body of data and shows that the “systemic discrimination” claim is ideologically driven, and that a number of visible minority groups were actually in employment positions superior to those of the majority population. As groups, they were actually doing better economically. Other visible minorities were doing just as well. Although some visible minorities were doing poorly, the fact that this was happening did not show that “systemic discrimination” existed. It clearly did not demonstrate that there was a need for employment equity legislation which has resulted in race-based hiring throughout Canada’s public service and in Canada’s private sector. This campaign began in the late 1980′s, has permeated all three levels of government as well as the private sector, and continues today.

However, as Dr. Loney shows, the entire Employment Equity programme, so- named to elicit a programmed politically-correct response, should have been seriously questioned at the time it was being considered. It clearly should have been rejected because it is based on a selective use of statistics, not facts. Dr. Loney demonstrates that Canada’s Employment Equity programme has created inequity for a large number of Canadians because it is institutionalized discrimination against white males. He also asserts that this preferential hiring legislation is a major divisive force in Canadian society. Canada’s federal government should be pursuing policies of unity, not division.

The following is Dr. Philip Resnick’s brief review of “The Pursuit of Division”. Dr. Resnick is a professor of political science at the University of British Columbia and author of “Twenty-First Century Democracy”.

“In this explosive study of identity politics, Martin Loney argues that an improbable alliance of radical feminists, multicultural bureaucrats, and politicians chasing ethnic votes has produced a divisive political agenda at the expense of a shared Canadian community. He examines changes to government policies that have placed race and gender at the centre of Canadian discourse and shows that ‘fraudulent claims, nepotism, shoddy research, and self-serving rhetoric have propelled a politics of grievance’ to the detriment of those who really need government assistance, Canada’s poor.

“‘The Pursuit of Division’ is a well-researched and well-argued challenge to prevailing orthodoxy on equity politics and identity politics in Canada. Loney does an extremely effective job of debunking the selective approach to data that characterizes too much of the discourse in favour of preferential treatment and brings a long overdue comparative dimension to the discussion by situating the Canadian treatment of minorities within a global framework.”


MYTH #1 :

Canada needs large numbers of immigrants because it will face massive shortages of skilled labour in the coming decades.

The facts:

There will be no such shortages if more Canadians acquire the needed skills, which can be accomplished if wages, government policies and other conditions encourage them to do so and the jobs are not filled by immigrants. With a few exceptions—such as the present and temporary shortage of medical workers—Canada has both the human resources and educational infrastructure to meet our skilled labour needs.

MYTH #2 :

Canada is sparsely populated and can support a much larger population.

The facts:

Despite Canada’s large surface area, much of it is not suited for human habitation. It would require a large input of food and energy for any significant number of people to live there and this would have both economic and environmental costs.

A large majority of recent immigrants have chosen to live in large cities, most notably Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, because of the wider range of social services, the higher quality of life, economic opportunities and the presence of relatives and immigrant communities in these locations.

This does not result in net benefits for most of the residents of these large cities and increases pressure on educational and health care facilities as well as adds to housing costs, commute times and environmental problems.

MYTH #3 :

With an aging population and lower fertility rates, Canada needs high levels of immigration to provide the workers and tax base required to support social services for retirees.

The facts:

While it is true Canadians are living longer and having fewer babies, research shows that immigration has almost no impact on offsetting the costs of an aging population. Immigrants themselves grow old and draw on social support services while on average they have families as small as those of other Canadians.

For immigrants to make a net contribution to the support of social services, they would have to pay more in taxes than they receive in benefits. In recent years this has not been the case as newcomers have usually earned substantially less than native-born Canadians and have drawn significantly more in social services than they have paid in taxes.

The only ways to deal with the effects of an aging population involve increases in productivity and raising the age of retirement to accord with improvements in the population’s health and longevity.

MYTH #4 :


High levels of immigration are required to ensure Canada’s prosperity.

The facts:

A country’s prosperity does not depend on a growing population or workforce. This is particularly true in the case of Canada since we are a trading nation and do not require an increasingly large domestic market to achieve economies of scale. Our prosperity depends rather on sound economic policies that stimulate productivity, make good use of capital investment and maximize the potential of the existing workforce.

This information was created by Canada’s Centre for Immigration Policy Reform ( Their full set of 15  MYTHS is available on their web site.

Here is a previous bulletin which deals with five other Immigration Myths :

UBC Prof’s Evidence Damns Business Immigrant Programme

Posted on September 28, 2014

UBC Prof’s Evidence Damns Business Immigrant Programme

1. Canada and other countries began giving immigration priority to Business Immigrants (BI’s) in the late 1970′s. In UBC Professor David Ley’s book, Millionaire Migrants”, he refers to the BI as “homo economicus”, that is, “economic man” whose economic capital was prized over the social/educational capital that many traditional immigrants had brought here. This new type of immigration indicated a change from permanent immigration to temporary and circular immigration.

2. Canada is one of 30 countries that have business immigrant programmes.

3. David Ley’s focus is on economic migrants who came from Asia, particularly Chinese from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Over 33 million Chinese have migrated to other countries, 7 million outside of Asia.

4. In 2001, 73% of Chinese Canadians lived in Toronto (410,000) and Vancouver (343,000), a result attributable in part to the BI programme.

5. Although Canada’s motive was to stimulate its economy, the motive of many of Vancouver’s BI’s was to get Canadian citizenship which they regarded as an “insurance policy” against Mainland China’s potential interference in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

6. Canada soon saw that its objectives and those of the Chinese BI’s were opposite. David Ley says : “Departure from the bull markets of East Asia to the slow if steady returns and high taxation of Canada was a dubious economic proposition, and migration was seen much more as an a project to maximize family objectives : geopolitical security, educational options for children, quality of life for the nuclear family and often (a better place for) ageing parents.” (P.26)

7. In 1988, Vancouver’s EXPO 86 lands (about one-sixth of Vancouver’s downtown area) were sold to Hong Kong billionaire Li Kashing at a bargain price. He had been involved in property purchases in Vancouver and other Canadian cities on a small scale in the late 1960′s. David Ley says that in the same year, David Lam was appointed Lieutenant Governor of B.C. This was a very clear symbolic counterpart to the sale of the Expo lands and a clear signal to Asia that B.C. was open to entrepreneurs. (P.55)

8. Between 1980 and 2008. about 400,000 immigrants entered Canada through the BIP. Canada’s high BIP numbers are attributable to how easy it was to enter Canada. (BI’s had to get only 35 points to satisfy immigration requirements compared to 67 for skilled immigrants). (Pp.58-59)

9. Between 1980 and 2001, most immigrants (about 78%) went to three areas : Toronto–40%; Montreal–14%; Vancouver–14.2% Most refugees went to Toronto (35.8%) and Montreal (18.5%). Only 7.0% went to Vancouver. (P.60)

10. Language inability is correlated with failure : 57% of BI’s could not speak French or English, compared to 44% of all immigrants.

11. Korean entrepreneurs were more successful than the Hong Kong and Taiwanese groups because they worked in non-ethnic areas. (P.111) Vancouver and Richmond entrepreneurs recorded the weakest performance because they competed with one another. Their experience confirmed European experience where “breaking-out” of the enclave was seen as a necessity for success. (P.112)

11. Surveys showed that relatively few BI’s (62%) were planning to work here, thus subverting government objectives. This compared to 76% of all immigrants and 85% of skilled workers. Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and South Korea accounted for most of BI’s to Toronto (58%), Montreal (54%), and Vancouver (80%). Most South Koreans came as entrepreneurs. Vancouver took 15,000 more BI’s than Toronto between 1980 and 2001. This was to cause significant increases in Vancouver’s housing market, and make most housing unaffordable. (P.63)

12. A national panel study of more than 12,000 immigrants who landed in 2000-2001 found that 37% of BI’s in Vancouver had purchased single family housing within 6 months, compared with 17% for other immigrants and refugees. (P.64).

13. Canada’s senior immigration officer in Hong Kong incorrectly described Business Immigrants as immigrants landing on their feet running. (Pp.64-65)

14. Ottawa boasted about all of the money that BI’s brought with them : from 1986 to 2005, $8.7 Billion had been registered in subscriptions and about 25,000 jobs maintained or created. It would not be long before officials suspected that the job creation numbers were inflated. About $27 Billion was brought to the Vancouver area in the years 1988 to 1997. (P.70) Huge inflows of billions arrived at banks. (P.71) BI’s sought ways to put money into safe places in order to avoid taxes. Peter Newman’s book, “Titans”, portrayed Asian BI’s as success stories. The Vancouver Sun ran abridged segments of Newman’s book on its front pages. David Bond of the Hong Kong -Shanghai Bank of Canada boasted that if he were the czar of immigration, he would send a fleet of Boeing 747′s to Hong Kong to pick up BI’s. All of this hype was false. Ottawa assumed that these people would be revealing their assets and that it would be receiving significant revenue from Business Immigrants, but that did not happen.

15. In fact, a senior Citizenship and Immigration manager said that gov’ts did not know if the BIP was working—-even after 15 years. (P.108)

16. Many BI immigrants were cheated by immigration consultants. Ottawa knew about this, but did nothing for 24 to 25 years. In 2004, it required consultants to organize themselves into a self-regulating association. “Among the paradoxes of the BIP is how a programme so revered by senior governments has contributed so much anguish among its clients.” (P.120)

17. David Ley conducted two surveys of BI’s. The first was on 24 immigrants. The second was on 90. The results did not flatter the programmes. A large number of BI’s did not file tax returns because they were no longer here. They had satisfied minimal requirements and then left to pursue better opportunities elsewhere. Another study by Marger did a panel study of 70 entrepreneurs in the early 1990′s. Seven years later, half of his panel had disappeared. The majority of the missing were from East Asia.

18. Australia and New Zealand have recorded similar outcomes. Quality of life and better educational opportunities for their children were considered more important than satisfying government objectives.

19. Ottawa tried to introduce laws requiring all Canadians to disclose assets, particularly those being held offshore, but a lobby developed among millionaire migrants in Vancouver, not among WASP lawyers in Toronto, to oppose such legislation. The Chinese lobby was supported by the Glen Clark NDP government in B.C. and by the federal Liberals. By 1998, after China had re-taken Hong Kong and fear of China had eased, investor and entrepreneur immigration from Hong Kong and Taiwan had fallen by 94% and 78% respectively. Many wanted to keep their offshore assets secret in order not to pay their share of taxes. British Columbia MLA Jenny Kwan stated that “the Chinese are very private with their money. This law goes against our culture,” implying that the Chinese should be allowed to operate in Canada by a separate set of rules !! (P.96)

20. Between 1987 and 1997, Hong Kong had been the largest source of immigrants to Canada, reaching 30,000+ per year. However, after 1997, this number fell to 2000 per year. (Pp.73-74) Ottawa’s foreign assets disclosure laws and the Asian Financial crisis that began in 1997 were two important reasons. (P.77)

21. David Ley says ” The economic circumstances of immigrants among the ethnic Chinese population in Canada have been poor. Tax returns in 2000 showed average incomes of $15,000, half the average for the entire population. BI’s reported even lower incomes, around $13,000 with many households declaring incomes below the official poverty line.

22. Entrepreneurs had to show success within two years. They were supposed to be monitored by officials every 6 months. Such monitoring often did not occur, but Ottawa allowed them to stay. To avoid not staying in Canada for the required time each year, business immigrants would go to the U.S., fly to Asia and later return to the U.S. and enter Canada without the perusal of immigration authorities. Many immigrants paid consultants to remove immigration requirements for them and later acquired citizenship illegitimately. CIC was aware of hundreds of cases of fraud, but did little.

23. By the late 1980′s, 50,000 to 60,000 Canadian university graduates worked in HK. Other estimates said that over 200,000 Hong Kong residents held Canadian passports. (P.226) For many HK’ers, return is a distinct possibility; for some, an intended probability. David Ley says that a 2007 study by the Chinese-Canadian Historical Society of B.C. includes the startling estimate that two thirds of Chinese-Canadian males with Canadian citizenship but of Hong Kong origin, and between the ages of 25 and 44, live and work outside of Canada. (P.92)

24. Price Waterhouse reviewed the entrepreneur and self-employed streams in 1989 and found that over half of its list who had landed in the past 2 to 3 years did not respond. Of the other half interviewed, only half were meeting the requirements while only 35% of these businesses were profitable. The consultants concluded that the annual BI scorecard was significantly inflated. In 1992, Ernst and Young concluded that the Investor Immigrant programme exaggerated by three times its actual employment benefits. In 1999, a senior forensic auditor from the World Bank told CIC that its Investor programme contained systemic corruption. It was “a massive sham. The middlemen made hundreds of millions of dollars….Claims about the benefits of the programme in terms of job creation and investment have been widely inflated.” A CIC administrator said that the availability of large capital funds and weak supervision led to “a feeding frenzy, driven by provincial corruption and hungry lawyers, a very dirty programme that brought out the worst in our legal and business group”. (P.121)

25, Smelling money, CIC Department employees left to become immigration consultants.

← Immigration Has Caused Vancouver’s Astronomic Housing Prices


The Vaccination Psyop & Ramtha Truth Feb 11/15 Print E-mail
Healing Body
Wednesday, 11 February 2015 15:53

Recently there has been media spin promoting disease programming through the aggressive creation of fear and the push for legalizing forced vaccinations of children. Many articles have been posted recently in the news by medical professionals urging you to vaccinate, with a variety of public relation messages to urge people to trust your health to the medical system professional. This implies the person has no intelligence (is stupid) in regards to managing their own health and body, and to give your power fully over to the people that make multiple billions in revenue from the drug and medical system. Who with common sense can truly believe that these drug companies have your families health and wellbeing as their priority? This is a perfect example of psychological warfare (mind control) on the public to create panic around the medical agenda to prescribe as many pharmaceuticals and vaccinations as possible, without people questioning or performing due diligence on what they are being injected with or swallowing. The question really is to ask who is benefiting from this propaganda and why are they pushing vaccinations and commercials for “friendly doctors you can trust” so hard in the media now?

We all have seen the many televised commercials for drugs repeating the phrase “Ask your Doctor” for what pharmaceutical may be right for you or your family. The Big Pharmas invest a ton of advertising money in pushing their drugs on the public. They really don’t care if it works or not, they just want consumers.  From the World Health Organization (WHO) website:

“The global pharmaceuticals market is worth US$300 billion a year, a figure expected to rise to US$400 billion within three years. The 10 largest drugs companies control over one-third of this market, several with sales of more than US$10 billion a year and profit margins of about 30%. Six are based in the United States and four in Europe. It is predicted that North and South America, Europe and Japan will continue to account for a full 85% of the global pharmaceuticals market well into the 21st century. Companies currently spend one-third of all sales revenue on marketing their products - roughly twice what they spend on research and development.

As a result of this pressure to maintain sales, there is now, in WHO's words, “an inherent conflict of interest between the legitimate business goals of manufacturers and the social, medical and economic needs of providers and the public to select and use drugs in the most rational way”. This is particularly true where drugs companies are the main source of information as to which products are most effective. Even in the United Kingdom, where the medical profession receives more independent, publicly-funded information than in many other countries, promotional spending by pharmaceuticals companies is 50 times greater than spending on public information on health.”

It is blaringly obvious that there is a massive conflict of interest between the public’s health and wellbeing that stands between the billions of dollars generated to the Pharmaceutical companies. No sane person can refute this, it is fact. Happy drug commercials with smiling paid actors to hide following the trail of money is just one of the agendas at work to pull the wool over people’s eyes. We are not even addressing the sinister levels of the NAA eugenicist program that is actually behind this vaccine and pharmaceutical agenda. This is just about plain common sense and following the money to see who actually gets paid to carry this agenda out.

Let’s look at some of the vaccine ingredients. Different vaccines contain different ingredients that can include lab altered live or inactivated viruses and bacteria, chemicals, metals, proteins, antibiotics and human, animal and insect DNA and RNA. Vaccines typically contain many of the following fillers: * aluminum hydroxide * aluminum phosphate * ammonium sulfate * amphotericin B * animal tissues: pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain, * dog kidney, monkey kidney, * chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg * calf (bovine) serum * betapropiolactone * fetal bovine serum * formaldehyde * formalin * gelatin * glycerol * human diploid cells (originating from human aborted fetal tissue) * hydrolized gelatin * mercury thimerosol (thimerosal, Merthiolate(r)) * monosodium glutamate (MSG) * neomycin * neomycin sulfate * phenol red indicator * phenoxyethanol (antifreeze) * potassium diphosphate * potassium monophosphate * polymyxin B * polysorbate 20 * polysorbate 80 * porcine (pig) pancreatic hydrolysate of casein * residual MRC5 proteins * sorbitol * tri(n)butylphosphate, * VERO cells, a continuous line of monkey kidney cells, and * washed sheep red blood.

Common sense and a thinking brain will clearly tell people/parents, that most of these are ingredients that are not safe ( and at the very least questionable) for injection into the body, let alone the vaccine dose schedule suggested for babies and children. Does anyone really want these chemicals, animal and insect DNA injected directly into their blood stream?

The incredible statistic from the National Vaccine Information center states that in 1990,  1 Child in 555 was diagnosed with Autism. In 2013, 1 Child in 50 was diagnosed with Autism.

The recent measles outbreak at Disneyland became the vehicle for the momentum of jumping on the vaccination bandwagon, and the media has been milking this for all its worth to get scared parents and people running to their local pharmacy or doctor for shots. Right now, California legislators are trying to pass a bill removing exemptions from vaccinating children, which means they are trying to remove the parents rights to not vaccinate their child. These are a few such media stories of many, that paints the parents that choose to not vaccinate their child as responsible for killing others, by putting other children at risk to die. Its the blaming game of Victim-Victimizer mind control programming, trying to create divide and conquer between parents of vaccinated and non-vaccinated children. When parents are terrified that their non-vaccinated child will be ostracized and lose their (vaccinated) friends at school from irate parents and faculty – will they fall into the pressure to vaccinate? This psychological warfare tactic is despicable.

It is important to not "jump on the bandwagon" with a conspiracy rhetoric on every case, but to compile this information and study it with common sense and objectivity. Look at who is saying the words, who they represent and why they are saying it. Why the push now? Who is really benefiting and how much money is behind it? The sad thing is many doctors and people think that vaccinations and drugs are a good thing, with no awareness of the larger agenda to completely disconnect the human nervous system from activating spiritual functions in the physical body. It is hard to observe the alien machine at work, but I feel its positive for us to see this machinery and to observe its agenda as its happening.

Sometimes,  humor can help take the edge off serious material when there is a difficult message to deliver. It is positive that in the mainstream, someone is willing to take a look at this problem in the medical system with honesty, albeit with humor. John Oliver does a good job on his "Marketing to Doctors" youtube here:

Also, sharing a relevant blog today posted from Jon Rappoport:

“The complete failure of this year’s flu vaccine, even by conventional standards, is a major scandal at the CDC. To distract the press and public, we now have a fake epidemic of measles, and pressure to take the vaccine, take all vaccines all the time. This is called a psyop. Psyops build fake realities.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

Being informed, awake and aware is always the best choice in the matter. May we pray for our children to be protected. Much love and prayers for true health and spiritual wellbeing, Lisa Renee ( Folks I have not done videos or updates due to no financial support to fix and upgrade website dark interference with youtube emails and cutting of my electricity due to denying smart meter. NO donations mean this site will go off the internet if our money release is not done immediately. Tami)

Cdsapi’s Comment to the attached article: The Vaccine Conspiracy

An absolute MUST READ if you want to extricate yourself from the media measles-compulsory-vaccine hype  - to understand what is REALLY going on.
I know it is long – but necessarily so.  Please take the time.

The attached article is one of the easiest to understand regarding the REAL GOAL of the NEW WORLD ORDER Cabal – and regarding this relentless drive to empower the Medical Mafia to secure MANDATORY VACCINATION  LAWS -  while the public is still programmed to be sacred to death of EVERY infectious agent  - presented in the media as “life-threatening” -  for what use to be  “childhood diseases” – one week inconveniences – that we all went through as children. 
Repeat a lie often enough and people will believe it. 
Their tactic!   The Cabal needs to secure an Accepted and Mandated DELIVERY SYSTEM.

There is absolutely no doubt that the infant vaccination program has given rise to the explosion of a host of many newly emerging  illness – neurological, immunological, metabolical – together with all the other intentional, deliberate assaults on health.

However, this “ASSAULT on HEALTH Scenario” has to be viewed from a TOTAL perspective – all emanating from the same CABAL Octopus and its simultaneously operating arms --  all of them aimed at cementing CONTROL and weakening the health of the population - easier to control, pillage and fleece.

The Same OCTOPUS has many arms: all of them “health destructive”! All denied as such.

The same people who are pushing the Mandatory Vaccination and Medications Agenda , 
are also pushing the Global Imposition of the GMO – genetic engineering – Agenda; 
and the Smart Grid – Smart Meters – Smart Appliances Agenda with the Mandatory Imposition of microwave-EMF communication technologies;
and the Implanting of Microchips into all consumer products, all plastic cards, and incrementally in all people Agenda;
with the simultaneous Imposition  of Severe Restrictions on all competing Natural Healing modalities Agenda;
and the MONOPOLIZING of Agribusiness Agenda, with its toxic chemicals and practices;
and the Agenda of Perpetual War that demolish the infrastructure of country after country, leaving death, destitution and ‘depopulation’ in its wake;
and the Geoengineering, Weather/Climate-Manipulation Agenda  - chemtrails and HAARP;
…to name just a few of the Synergistically and Simultaneously Operative Arms, working towards the Same End  - the morphing into the New World Order Dictatorship under THEIR unchallenged and unchallengeable CONTROL.

If you don’t fight this imposition of Medical Mafia Control over your body, you will very soon be in no position to fight against anything.

This is a battle we have to win  -  or we will have lost the war

See the Overarching Picture  -  and know that this is a Life and Death Issue
- and it’s not the “measles”.

Please circulate this article  -  not just the link. 
Give important people – politicians, doctors, teachers……  printed copies
and request a reply comment.

Thanks for the reminder...

- Ramtha’s predictions on vaccinations and manufactured viruses are chillingly accurate

- “Certain companies need for you to take a vaccination”
“There will be an outbreak of a new horrible virus because certain companies need for you to take a vaccination.
That outbreak oddly will come out of the northern countries and will start in the northern latitudes.
It will no longer use Japan and China as its laboratories. It will come out of a northern European country and will be brand-new, but it is manufactured.”

- Ramtha
May 6, 2011
Yelm, WA
Ramtha’s Critical Update
- “All diseases and all viruses are custom-made”
“How do you march against viruses and bacteria that have evolved much faster than you? There have been many predictions about a third world war, which is heavy with everyone, but I want to tell you that it will not happen in armies. There is no army superior enough to the West. There isn’t. The next war will be a war of viruses and plagues because that is the only army that has outwitted guns and lasers and that is the army that is going to lay waste to the world. That is the true Armageddon on the Plain of Sharon. That is the true Babylon burning, and the sailors watch from the sea and weep a thousand tears.

“There are viruses that are intelligent that can change so fast. You don’t change but they do. They are the host that is going to feed upon what is not going to change and they are going to destroy you. How do you then prepare for a marching army that is silent, quiet, deceptive, and invisible? You have to be beings whose consciousness is so clean that there is no environment for such an army to march upon. That is the only way you are going to survive what is about to happen to the West.”
“It isn’t about country anymore; it is about attitude. Get ready . . . Now it is time to change. Now it is time to be clean. It is time to be clear. It is time to be that which nature will preserve because this army is going to outwit every great mind in the world.”

“All diseases and all viruses are custom-made to match the first three seals . . . And they won’t come with open swords, war-horses, and battle-axes. No, they won’t look like that. They are invisible.”
- Ramtha
March 2000
Yelm, WA
Primary Retreat
Excerpt from: Fireside Series, Vol. 4, No. 3, The New March, Developing a Mind Worth Preserving
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Last Updated on Thursday, 12 February 2015 15:05

Canadian Residual Income Bank for U & Non Profits Globally! Feb 10/15 Print E-mail
Galactic Friends
Tuesday, 10 February 2015 16:20

Canadian Residual Income for You & Non Profit Projects! July 19/14

Friends we will be offering full time residual income opportunities through our online international bank that will be offered across Canada and around the world. All nonprofit organizations and charities who agree with our project outlines goals below are encouraged to contact us with your focus of interest participation. These funds will be the same for men and women and all groups who set up account with our bank. We will post bank links to join as soon as our legal team gives me the green light to do so. Then we can also arrange a visit to our bank here in BC for Nonprofit, media and government representatives. After that is done the general public will be able to come and visit our Galactic University site where our bank resides.

Each individual and nonprofit organizational address will only get one residual checking savings account so please go through categories below and check the correct link to register your account as your interests require. The rewards and prizes will be disclosed in our up and coming advertising locally, federally and globally.

Parents can set up an account for each child however they will not be able to access their funds until they are 18 years old.

We wish these funds to go to the people not hoarding opportunistic administrators or corrupt government people or departments!

We also wish to hire honest reliable money managers to assist our customers in each country who signs onto our bank. Plus we want to hire Sales personal as well as call center and bank personal where needed.

Eliminating Proverty Funds Program:

This focus will address everyone in Canada who is on Social Assistance, Disability, Unemployment assistance and old age pensions as well as our veterans. We will assist with getting this residual income and restitution funds in Canada to all below 20,000 a year including working poor who visit the food banks first.  After that anyone who wished to have these funds can register an account. These funds come with mandatory free healing through our centers as well as sponsored money management training so people do not lose their money. The healings are to ensure you remain on the right timeline during ascension so you can indeed receive your proper abundance in 100% light as well as be able mentally and physical to enjoy your life and absorb your teachings. We will need cooperation with new post Nesara government departments to attain these goals. This will free up those government department expenditures to eliminate taxes and other slavery applications like toll bridges, highways and user fees.

We are asking food banks to help us distribute food replicators to the poor while utilizing them for the masses who frequent the food banks. As well as distribute to food kitchens and churches who offer free meals across the country. This will take the strain of many heart centered facilities helping the poor. Parks and recreation can also help through community centers regionally and federally free of charge!

We will need to reform our housing industry and stop foreign influences that have created imbalances in our market and supply for our citizens.

Eliminate low wage slavery and child labour as well as sweat shops globally.

Create safe quiet healthy respectful Housing for Gay people and retirees.

Reform landlord tenancy branch to support tenants more and property owners less that are detrimental to our health and well being. (example no proper sound proofing, no smart meters, no smokers, animal permission, bed bugs and rodents plus proper heat and size of suites as well as appliances ) Put Canadians first for all subsidized housing and reform immigration that impact us negatively this way. Stop high rent gouging at all age levels.

We want to support the respect and equality for girls and women in Canada and around the world that has nothing to do with religion. Any person, religion or country that oppresses the rights of women weaken themselves and their countries. Women have sole sovereignty of their own bodies no one or state has the right to intervene in this spiritual right.

Eliminate homelessness and joblessness for all age groups.

Make sure every precious child and teenager who have been stuck in foster care or orphanages find a new loving home receive advanced healing and education with job training.

The Galactic’s can help build free self sufficient safe educational centers in areas that prevent this like Africa, Middle East, South America and Asia. Healing centers are also available to eliminate all disease globally with the permission of mother earth.

Help around the world as well!

Comply with Mother Earths code of conduct regarding land use and ownership.

Space of Love funds:

There will be training about developing a space of love for each person in Canada and around the world. This includes gardening healing and unification with mother earth’s kingdoms for health and happiness for all communities. Free land, free clean water, air, free energy and food is our god given rights all else is slavery.

We will support the development sharing and storing networking of food seeds globally.

To attain these goals we must eliminate all Chem Trails, fossil fuel and gas drilling and usage globally to regain planetary balance with healthy oxygen and water levels for all beings on Gaia as well.

We must stop all unnecessary reckless mining and waste storage practices across Canada and around the world

We must stop all dumping of chemicals and sewage into our water ways as well as stop all nuclear energy and radioactive waste in water and land. New technologies can deal with these issues

We must stop all farming chemical spraying killing bee’s and creating unnecessary imbalances in our soil and food supply. (Free Training will be provided to all farmers who ask.)

We must stop all GMO development and distribution into our food chain for Prime Creator and mother earth know what is healthy for our bodies. Eat locally grown foods only that resonate with your bodies.

We must stop all nano tech in our food, air, water and products across the planet no excuse to violate our god given healthy divine blueprints with Dark ET controls.

We must stop the sale and development of all dirty dozen chemicals in our food like MSG, aspartame and any other alternative. Improve market place by banning dangerous goods like cigarettes, e-cigarettes, caffeine drinks and drugs and vaccines that do more damage than help.

We must stop the use of fluoride in our water, tooth paste and chlorine in our drinking and recreational facilities.

We must demand the ending of all bio warfare development and storage globally.

We must rescind any government legislation that allows corporate blunder in our parks in Canada.

Mandatory compliance of Mother Earth’s code of conduct

Animal Respect Funds

Learn to communicate with all our beloved animal friends. We will be building a cetacean whale dolphin Mer people learning center in Middle America as well as Canada. Our Galactic University will be offering many courses in communication and veterinarian healing. Our Galactic Friends can build an animal facility in your area if you wish it with free training.

Eliminate all animals from shelters to good loving homes stop killings do to unethical rental regulations.

We must phase out Military sonar that is killing and hurting our whales dolphins and Mer people. We also must stop all whale and dolphins hunting and killing this is disgraceful and hurts our planet more than people know.

We must phase out eating our animal friends and promote meat alternative products (some without wheat) and vegetarian restaurants. Our Galactics will introduce vegetables that can taste like whatever meat you are used to eating.

We must stop all animal slavery globally for profit like Raju in India. (Especially Elephants) We must demand government protections from this behaviour and expedite all slavery rescues.  We must prevent animal  hunting death and abduction from all natural habitats. (encourage natural habitat visitation industries instead of captivity)

We will support all animal rescue and rehabilitation organizations. We hope to phase out all aquarium and zoo captivity slavery for profit.

We must stop all capture torture and slaughter of all minks and foxes for the fur trade. This is despicable and does not need to continue globally.

We must stop all companies in Canada USA and around the world from supporting this violation of earth and spiritual law of killing dogs and cats for skin in China for profit against our animals family. This unethical despicable means of doing business is disgusting and must stop!

We must stop all hunting and slaughter of seals in Canada and around the world for commercial purposes this does not need to continue globally.

We must prevent all sport hunting and animal part commerce on the planet. Mother earth has cures for every ailment on the planet. (Soon to be offered via Anastasias Remedies more powerful than Laminine.)

Eliminate all food industry torture abuse of animals no small pen standards and no physical abuse of animals who have given their spirits for us to survive only to be abused.

Eliminate animal torture through Science experimentation

Eliminate abuse and consumption of horses. Feed housing nail in the head death march and rodeo abuse along with racing usury.  Leave free range animals alone. All animals must agree to any sport event not slavery for profit. Where would humanity be without the support of horses and many other loving animals?

Mandatory Compliance with Mother Earths code of conduct globally!

Innovations Canada Funds

We must develop free safe clean energy sources for our vehicles, homes and businesses. Our goal is to eliminate dangerous EMF energies presently being used in all technologies presently. All people who have opted out of the smart meter agenda will get first consideration for free installation. We must stop all electric company slavery like BC Hydro.

We must develop new internet, computer software that is based in even harmonics fair safe avenues for all on the planet. New quantum applications base on heart and mind unity that cannot be hacked or molested from dark controls. (stop US controls in every area of commerce that is detrimental Monopolies come to mind)

We will create a safe free communication network base on safe crystalline harmonics with new phone applications for reading, speaking and learning. Gaming will be more educational then violence based.

We will encourage all Canadian inventors to step forward to assist with these ideas and present their own in our Galactic University Teen and Adult Innovations departments. (local facilities also available)

We will introduce new space technologies that will not be controlled by Cabal controlled organization like Nasa and their affiliates like Canadian Space Agency. If these controls are eliminated and minds refreshed then consideration will be addressed.

We will introduce flying Cars and flying buses as well as global shuttle craft for world travel in minutes with absolute sensor safety from all dark applications.



We will support science research in the areas of Quantum physics, planetary energetic and origins, astronomy energetics, geologies, humanities and anthropology, herbology without pharmaceutical applications. DNA RNA origins, And of course free energy without hydrogen, water or fossil fuel applications.

We must demand the closure of all space wars and military war applications development and sales. Stop all wars on the planet!

We must introduce free healing centers globally to raise the vibration on the planet and end suffering for humanity. We will also offer home diagnostic technologies for maintaining optimal health.

We will introduce safe cleaning technologies to eliminate much arduous work and chemical usage. This will help all restaurants, hotels, property maintenance and industry. Not to mention all house wives around the world.

We would like to introduce new crystalline computer software that teaches Heart mind computers programming for children and adults for all new systems being brought forward

We will share all water treatment and supply technologies especially for cities and rural people with limited water sources. We wish to eliminate all disease due to shortage to clean drinking water globally. We will also introduce safe sewage elimination transformation as well as garbage dematerializing tech.

Many more healing and other technologies will be introduced as we evolve. If you have any ideas or inventions you would like to develop come to us for support instead of foreign or US controlling our business in Canada.

Mandatory compliance with Mother Earths code of conduct!

Canada First Funds:

We must take back our sovereignty in Canada to benefit all Canadian born citizens. Being usurped by foreign and US corporations and trade policies must end. Cancel all detrimental trade agreements not voted on by Canadians.

We must arrest all treasonous government operatives who benefited by throwing all of us under the bus regarding government policies, laws, tariffs and immigration policies that hurt all of us emotionally mentally, physically and financially.

We must reform and change our government system and electoral process. We need to limit foreign involvement in our governments by immigrants stationed to support non Canadian racial groups and foreign businesses. We cannot be passive none evolved citizens that cannot work in a free sovereign republic. We must be involved in every policy law and legislation brought into being.

We also need to outlaw all secret society groups and satanic cult operations in our land that has utilized our immigration, government, corporation and human rights departments.

We need to outlaw all lawyers judges and police personnel from participating in our government.

We need to outlaw money lobbying from self serving business groups to corrupt our republic.

We need to reform dual citizenship that does not benefit Canadians. Outlaw diplomatic and legislative immunity!

We need to reform all unfair free trade controls imposed upon Canadians like excise taxes and handling fees.

We need to set up Council of Patriotic Canadians!

We need to eliminate all USA military influences in our Provinces and country. We need to retake our country on the west coast that was stolen from us.

We need to demand the Bank of Canada to operate legally and ethically properly (charge all criminal enablers in this regard)

We need to enforce mandatory English writing, speaking and reading outside Quebec and French inside Quebec before any benefits are allowed to immigrants. If they do not want to integrate into our values and laws then do not come to Canada. The days of Racism and discrimination against Canadians due to not mandating these things must be over.

We must expose underground job market for Asians and foreigners excluding Canadians. We must eliminate foreign language papers and media that support racism and economic discrimination against Canadians.

We must expose organizations that support disrespect to Canadians in both these issues like any issues with Asian group Success in Vancouver supported by our local government.

We must reform change or eliminate freedom of Religion as it applies presently. It have been corrupted and used by Dark ET Satanic agendas.

We need to rescind and reform all government benefits as they apply presently and demand restitution from all government people who milked the system. Change government working schedule.

We need to research all benefits to immigrants not offered Canadians and demand charges and restitution for these crimes. (class action apply against all Government parties)

We need to rescind any trade agreement that gives foreign corporations or governments the right to dictate policy to our government, if they do not like the agreement don’t come here for Canadians rights and sovereignty must be respected at all times. Any government that agrees to this must be charged with treason.

We need to research all immigrant businesses in Vancouver and every province territory who only hire other immigrants and refuse to learn our language and or fly our flag or promote Canada or Canadian businesses. Frequent lies about no Canadians wanting jobs.

We need to deport all immigrant criminals and their families gang warfare has escalated in Vancouver.

We need to make it a crime for any government to give bids contract preference to foreign immigrant businesses over Canadians.

We need to charge all government minions who support the violation of Canadians rights in CRA, EI, Immigration, Health Canada, BCUC, BC Hydro, CRTC, courts, security, Police departments, Social Services, WCB, ICBC and all government departments that operate from willful blindness and not share their first and last names.

We need to take back ownership of all Canadian owned infrastructure treasonously sold to foreigners  without our permission like our ports, railways, airports operations, water and resources to some degree. These reckless government decisions have created divisive unhealthy unsafe issues for Canada and Canadians all to make them and corporate friends rich big changes are on the horizon.

We need to eliminate the Monarchy from all currency, stamps, schooling, banking and governmental procedures in Canada to retain our sovereignty of a republic.

We need to stop foreign ownership of our land, real state across Canada to straighten out that industry for Canadians. We need to discern how much of our corporations and resources are foreign owned with disrespectful agreements against Canadians sovereignty.

We encourage Canadians to buy from and support 100% Canadian owned and operated businesses. We will support our business partnerships with these priorities.

We must change all career education options it is hard to find employment support offices for Canadians in all areas of Vancouver.

We need to stop all immigration to Canada to clear this treasonous mess our governments have created against our will.

We will offer awards for new name for our province and new flag to eliminate illuminati controls and symbols from our republic.

We will support the development of new constitution and bill of rights that align with mother earth’s code of conduct and our new republic without British interference.

We will offer awards to any Canadian whistle blowing on any of these issues. We will also support any person, group or organization that promote Canadian Sovereignty and Values that refuse to allow foreign disrespect to such indeed and policies. See below

Mandatory Mother Earth Code of compliance!

Ambassador Awards Funds:

We will develop whistle blower awards in every province and territory. This award brings to light any and all criminal behaviour and actions against Canadians rights. Each territory media will be asked to submit requests for the best disclosures annually.

We will develop Sovereignty Awards to anyone who exposes people, groups or businesses or non profits that support foreign countries, foreign businesses and immigrants over Canadians. Also, any government policy that promotes foreign support over Canadian Sovereignty will be looked at. Both awards will have a first second and third prizes annually in each region.

We want to support an adult bully program that people can safely out people who bully in jobs, groups, internet, sport teams etc. (example DGC and Iaste film union people and employees, immigrant tenants, landlords and management)

We will support our Arts community and Olympic Teams with financial support both through our bank and special sponsorships. Women hockey and soccer come to mind due to more money always pouring in for men.

We want to sponsor the ability for all children to participate in music, painting, dance, film, martial arts and athletics.

We will encourage a better training system for all children in soccer across Canada to finally win in the world cup. We need to support all our Olympic athletes more for more success globally. We want feedback from all athletes about how we can achieve these goals.

Please also go to Ambassador Awards link left hand side of webpage.

First Nations Remedy Funds:

We need to eliminate all poverty and segregation issues in our indigenous communities. Many still believe they are somehow more important special regarding land ownership in this country. This is simply not the case and breaches Canadians rights given to all from mother earth. Yes we need the governments to pay restitution for their past crimes against all indigenous groups. Yet all of humanity has been violated in many ways. We all must comply with Mother Earths code of conduct no one owns mother earth. We must address any indigenous group who tried to financial benefit via corrupt oil gas and mining companies still raping mother earth against her will. Plus we need to stop discrimination against Canadians abilities to earn a living in fishing and land as well. Much healing and teaching needs to take place so we will offer much support this way local and regionally via our centers with the Masters.

We will support proper housing education and health options for all indigenous groups.

We do need to join forces to stop all corporate rape pillage and plunder of our environment globally.

We will also financially support all global indigenous groups and help with any destruction to mother Gaia and her kingdoms in any part of this land and around the world

Mandatory compliance with Mother Earths code of conduct straight from her and her kingdoms!

All the above categories can be expanded as we evolve so please submit your suggestions and if you are already working in any of the areas suggested above please let us know and I will help network and support your efforts. We need to all come together through common ground and stop fostering elitist self important segregation posturing. This loving goal will surely heal our families, communities and beautiful planet.


Tami Dickson

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Canadian & Global Projects Outlines! Feb 10/15 Print E-mail
Galactic Friends
Tuesday, 10 February 2015 16:18

Global Changes Outline in Canada! July 17/13

I wish to clarify that all my projects in Canada and around the world for those who request it are not about control or profit driven. All Projects are about maintaining the harmony and integrity of serving the highest good for all of humanity and all of mother earth kingdoms in 100% light love and truth. Profit sharing will go into local communities and any location our technology businesses go globally for their local initiatives as well. This includes First contact Canada with 100% light beings only!

Local Regional and Federal Healing and Coordinating Centers.

Objective: To heal people and promote collaborative empowerment for each community it is erected in. Plus to coordinate all technology, environmental, humanitarian projects for local and regional needs.

This will start with healing children with degenerative diseases, handicaps mentally or physically example autism along with there parents.  Also, we will be healing elderly people with any degenerative disease dementia or Alzheimer’s.  Then we will address everyone above 18 years and below 55 years. We will coordinate schedules for everyone day and night shifts for healing center. Plus there will be all natural products as well as healing technology through each center to utilize suggested by healing professional from your body’s energetic scans. All patients will get print outs to see and know what the problem was and how it was addressed and cleared along with follow up preventative measures. This is the same format for Medical and Dental departments. We will invite Doctors , nurses and any other therapeutic modality that would like to train in energetic medicine in our centers and Galactic University in BC. The healing center will operate 8 am to 10 pm seven days a week as needed. Office workers hrs will be 8 am to 8 pm to cover different time zones.  There will be staggered shifts for each department 24 hr 36 hr work weeks. Breaks will be One half hour lunch with two 15 minute coffee breaks per 8 hour shift. Lower hours will offer one half hour lunch. Once we get going feedback from team members will change or adjust break and schedules times

Manufacturing Distribution of Technology and Inventor Innovations centers!

Objective: To empower each citizen, region and country with safe healthy Technical Development wisdom that encourages environmental and human harmonious health.

Each manufacturing center will educate locals in new robotic and alternative tech alternatives. All centers will manufacture more than one product. On each facility property there will be a transfer business opportunity for engineers and or mechanics to train and replace fossil fuel engines with free  energy safe reliable generators for all truck, car vehicles gas, diesel or propane. This also includes electric vehicles presently available. It is my goal to enhance the sovereignty of each region across Canada giving them their own facilities for their territory. Check employment link that will be enhanced with website upgrade. Business entrepreneurs and inventors are encouraged to submit proposals as soon as you can after announcements and disclosure confirms my projects for Canada. ( Also confirms completion of coordinating office healing center in Vancouver.)

Galactic Interstellar Convention University and Space command Facility in BC Canada!

Objective: To Educate Humanity about Galactic Society Principles as well as influence ascension wisdom through the knowledge and expansive development of personal and country sovereignty via shared technology development that encourages the spiritual empowerment of self and planet. Also, teaching understanding the complexities of the Galactic Community and how to create a safe nurturing joyful society.

The Galactic University will offer free education, and accommodations for all participants. This Facility in British Columbia will be a tropical warm destination all year round. Their will be opportunities to experience the Canadian winter activities if people wish as long as this climate is available on earth.Once Galactic disclosure takes place we will offer free P/U and return home via our shuttle crafts. This is due to the importance of the training and technologies needed globally. Workers who are accepted will have free accommodations as well.

There will be conference center for Interstellar and planetary meetings for all countries and Galactic civilizations okayed by Mother Earth. Each curriculum, business, facility and staff member working within out facility will comply with Mother Earth’s code of conduct and authentic spiritual laws. This applies also to all healing coordinating healing and manufacturing centers as well.

Our facility will host our global defense future Soldier training and space command development. They will train Three months a year and be given two uniforms with planetary logo and country flags. Each participant will be asked to volunteer at university site as well as in each country they reside to promote healing and education. Recruits are allowed to bring partners and family to participate in healing and training in our facility as well.  All will be given free medical, dental healings, as well as accommodations. Recruits will be able to bring dogs, cats or birds with them all will be scanned and healed at our Galactic Veterinarian center.

Businesses and Training Facilities staff needed!

Water Park surfing, swimming and dolphin healing communication! Manager & staff

Galactic Veterinarian Facility: Manager, doctors, assistants training & staff

Facility Dome Technology manager Training

New Crystal communication Training phone & internet network local and global staff

Building Maintenance training & energy application apartment facility and house modification training Manager & staff

Grounds Horticulturist training and staff local & (Tropical)



Convention Center Manager & special event coordinators staff (Outdoor Concerts also)

Convention Center New Hotel, Restaurant Technology Training & staff ( Chefs)

All Vegetarian Some with cheese some not & Gluten Free Restaurant Entrepreneurs managers and staff Meat alternatives welcome! Plus Seafood including mussels, clams, oysters, scallops, lobster, and crab these last two will be fazed out over the coming months. (Music pub & comedy also available there as well as dancing dinner club)

Galactic Educational &Training Games Development Manager & Staff

Animal communication space of love training facility Manager & staff

Internet Network server software operational training manager and staff

Recreational Facilities Manager and staff various sports

Dance & Martial Arts studio Manager & staff

Acting & Film Showing Theater Manager and staff

New Sound, Music Therapy & Production studio New Tech Training Manager and staff

New TV, Film & Radio Production House training Manager & Staff (new tech for circus as well as travel  TV media )

Flying Car Training instructors training

Flying Bus Training instructor training

Flying Shuttle Craft globally Training instructor

New Boat and Ship building Training Instructors, manager and staff

Manufacturing clean safe alternative energy change over instructor, Manager & staff

Food Manufacturing change over instruction

Working with Mother Earths Resources education instructors

Elimination of all nuclear power plants and waste products instruction

Elimination of military complex for profit and destruction of eco systems instruction

Healing Center for Medical Dental patients and professional instruction & Practicum Manager & staff

Elderly Getting Younger Center Manager & staff

Teen Innovations & arts club staff

Children’s Space of love daycare and Arts educational center

Food Cultivation on site space of love instruction staff

Space Command Technology Development Technology development Manager & staff ( Instruction)

Manufacturing home appliances and array of other tech center training this includes Food Truck alternative energy vehicles training Manager & staff

Galactic's will be developing Pamper Salon for male and female massage, mud baths, reflexology, facials, eyebrow threading, pedicure, manicure, haircuts & style plus all natural ingredients make up make overs!

Icecream business for all natural flavours, plus gelato, and yogurt options lots of flavours! manager & staff

We will have our own bank to deal with all local residents and international currencies!

Galactic Course Global Business to Planetary Service instructor Training

All math’s, sciences, sociology, history, anthropology, languages, astronomy, and especially Quantum Physics in understanding the timeline, energetic dimensional reality will be offered. Plus all mother earths’ kingdoms will be explored from a spiritual energetic perspective along with space travel and interrelations. Engineering and community planning changes will be heavily taught.  Personal development will be linked to our planet with many components pronounced transcending the drug model to heart planet existence.

A Complete curriculum will be posted after comprehensive meetings with all concerned. This is but a blueprint to start from to give everyone a base to potentially participate in.

We need very integrity based heart centered staff to join us. No smoking, excessive alcohol or drugs will be appreciated. Healing will be available for interested parties who want to participate with these maladies. No weapons of any kind will be allowed onto shuttle craft or University.  We will not invite people affiliated with dark ET groups or false prophet supporters. All will be in 100% Light love and truth working with the and Galactic Friend Allies! If you have course suggestions let us know!

Sincerely, Tami Dickson Gaia Global Defense Ambassador & Canadian First Contact coordinator!

Last Updated on Tuesday, 24 February 2015 15:39

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