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Maui Ban GMO & Fracking Dangers in BC! Nov 7/14 Print E-mail
Environmental Healing
Friday, 07 November 2014 13:21

Maui Ban GMO & Fracking Dangers in BC! Nov 7/14

Maui bans GMO crops

Cdsapi’s Added Comment:  A very significant win at the ballot box.   Now these brave people in Maui are talking my language.  They called a spade a spade. They called a Poison “a Poison”. And they won in the Ballot box.

They told people the unequivocal, undeniable naked TRUTH  -  the one that  people began to understand as the REAL issue  - They Were Being Poisoned By Monsanto’s GMOs And Its Associated Chemicals! ….their lands were being poisoned! …. their families were being poisoned!....and their planet was dying under the Monsanto assault of Poisons.

Monsanto has been poisoning the planet and everything that lives on it for many decades – almost half a century.  Criminal politicians that it has been able to bribe or scare into compliance had legalistically sanctioned and PROTECTED this “poisoning of the population and environment” by and passing the “Monsanto Protection Act”   which basically states in legalistic terms that no one, anywhere, ever, will be permitted to stop the expansion of Monsanto’s GMO and Chemical poisoning enterprises. Such brazen insanity has never before existed on this planet – the USA government ranks first in such insanity.

In the face of this legalistic numbojumbo, the people of Maui have stood up and declared in no uncertain terms “Monsanto get out of here with your damn poisons.  Period!  You will not be tolerated here.  You will no longer be permitted to Poison us.!  GET OUT!!!”

Now it is up to rest of us to do the same. 
It is impossible to label GMOs as food BECAUSE they are not food -  foods, by definition, nourish the body.  GMOs destroy the bodies of whatever consumes them because they are toxic -  that is, poisonous to living organisms..

No more pussyfooting with, ”Please label the GMO poisonous food so that we can know when we are eating it!”  It becomes “No more GMO poisons masquerading as food.  Get GMOs out of the food supply and the environment. Permanently.”

For those who believe that Bill Gates is a great philanthropist, donating billions $ to feed and vaccinate the whole planet, think again
Bill Gates is one of the biggest investor in Monsanto  and in Big Pharma’s Vaccine Industry (worth over 50 billion $ annually). 
Along with these health-destructive industries, Bill Gates openly speaks of genetically engineered
Smart Vaccines that will help to “solve the over-population problem”  -  and he is not referring to saving the poor children in the Third World. 
You wonder why I classify him as one of biggest philanthropic frauds of the century.

For now, let’s follow in the footsteps of Maui -  the TRUTH shall win, and it will set us free again.  But the TRUTH has to be spoken loudly enough that all people can hear it -   disseminated by us!!!!.

Election Bang: Maui bans GMO crops

By Jon Rappoport
November 5, 2014

Note: To those few of you who are spending big bucks to fund GMO-labeling ballot measures, I'm taking you to school in this article.  Read the whole thing, especially the last part.  If you want more lessons, get in touch.

Okay. Here we go.

They got into Monsanto's face.  They accused Monsanto/Dow of spreading poison.

They didn't say, "You have a right to know what's in your food and we're all nice people, and reasonable people have a right to disagree."

They hit it hard.

The Maui SHAKA Movement and and other activists won by a very narrow margin---and instituted a temporary ban on new Monsanto/Dow GMO crops in Maui County.

Their corporate opposition spent $300 for every vote they got.  And lost.

A tip of the hat and a bow to Maui County activists.

You know what you're doing.  You're local.  You experience, first-hand, the Monsanto Roundup poison.  You see something, you do something.

The ban/moratorium can only be overturned after an environmental impact statement is submitted to the Maui County Council, and after a 2/3 vote to overturn.

Without doubt, the Maui activists will monitor that process very closely and expose corrupt Council members and the upcoming parade of low-life Monsanto lawyers, PR flacks, and bagmen carrying cash for bribes.

Ultimate victory isn't guaranteed by any means, but this is a real battle, not a mock one.

Colorado lost its GMO labeling ballot measure last night, and so did Oregon.

But Maui proved, in its own backyard, that banning poison is more powerful than labeling it.

The major funders of the labeling campaigns should write some fat checks to and SHAKA, and then also buy ads on big websites: MAUI KNOWS HOW TO BEAT MONSANTO.

Let the world know.

In the end, this isn't a consumer campaign, it's a war against lying corporate poisoners.

Saying Monsanto can keep poisoning doesn't cut it.

Update: Ballot Measure P in Humboldt County, California, passed by a wide margin.  Measure P "prohibits the propagation, cultivation, raising, or growing of genetically modified organisms in Humboldt County."

Good work, Humboldt. Another ban.

***Let me explain something.  The GMO-labeling ballot measures are really PR campaigns, and they keep some degree of awareness alive about GMO crops.

They're not full educational campaigns, because the amount of teaching they do is superficial, despite their claims to the contrary.

PR is slogans.  Education is much, much deeper, and it certainly includes aggressive information about the horrendous effects of Roundup, among other GMO issues.

Education requires getting people to stand still long enough to actually learn something important.  It isn't a brush-off.

So here's the point.  If these GMO-labeling ballot campaigns are really PR, then why not redirect the PR against Monsanto and the other corporate criminals, instead of monotonously hammering away on "the right to know what's in your food"?

There's nothing to lose (after labeling defeats in California, Washington, Colorado, and Oregon), and everything to gain.

Monsanto is building this reality: GMO foods are wonderful and safe and the planet benefits.

So far, the counter-reality is: let Monsanto and their allied farmers grow their food, as long as the consumer can ID it on the label and reject it, if he wants to.

That's going to win the day?

That's the superior new reality?

That's suicide through lack of imagination and courage.

Take a few million of the dollars now being spent on pro-labeling campaigns and, instead, put it into video web ads that play all over the world:

For example:

A destitute farmer (and his family) stands in front of his wasted, dusty, super-weed-choked field, states his name, and says: "I'm an American farmer. Monsanto lied to me and killed my farm and my livelihood with their poison called Roundup.  And it doesn't even work.  The weeds it was supposed to knock out are bigger than ever.  Monsanto strangled my soybean crop.  They ruined my farm. And my daughter is sick from the Roundup poison..."

Then...boom. A few of your cold-eyed, take-no-prisoner attorneys stroll into the frame, and one of them looks into the camera and says, "Hello, Monsanto.  Thinking of suing us for this ad?  Bring it, baby."

Last Updated on Friday, 07 November 2014 13:24

Jekyl Hyde Info & Truth Congress Event! Nov 5/14 Print E-mail
Truth & Growth Education
Wednesday, 05 November 2014 15:03

Goose bumps, spinal chills, and butterflies in the


Initial enrollment in the First Congress of Freedom Force has been deeply gratifying. It already has progressed to the point where we no longer have to worry about meeting the minimum number for a quorum. Yahoo! It's unfolding exactly as planned, and the excitement is building.

Alan Donelson, who is one of the enrolled Delegates to the Congress, expressed this excitement exquisitely when he wrote:

God bless and keep all of us who join in the noble endeavor of Freedom Force. ... [In anticipation of attending the Congress] I shall welcome and entertain goose bumps, spinal chills, and those "butterflies in the stomach" that a great British actor once acknowledged, without which he declared he would not go on stage!

In case you have missed our previous announcements, the big deal that is causing goose bumps, chills, and butterflies is nothing less than launching the world's first organization based on enumerated principles of freedom and with a Freedom Academy to teach and perpetuate those principles. For those of us who have been in the ideological trenches fighting against collectivism and loss of personal liberty, it is a very big deal, indeed. Nothing like this has ever happened before in history, and it is going to occur on December 12 and 14 in Paso Robles, California,

You are invited to be there, not as a passive observer, but an active participant.

The thought of being able to participate in such a historic event really is enough to cause goose bumps, but, if you are not familiar with Freedom Force International and its unique mission, none of this will make sense to you. If that is the case, please put the rest of this message on hold until you spend some time on the Freedom Force web site. Only then will you see what makes us optimistic about the future in spite of the gathering storm.

Go to:

If you already are familiar with Freedom Force and are ready to stand for liberty, read on.

The first step in Operation Lift-Off is the creation of the First Congress of Freedom Force International and the selection of the Leadership Council. This will happen on December 13 and 14, 2014, in Paso Robles, California, and you are invited to attend as a Delegate. Details are provided on the Enrollment page, but here are a few updates to the information previously published.

The original deadline for the best price has passed, but the hotel and caterers have given us a few more days before they up their price for late enrollments. Sooo...
Here are the revised deadlines:
November 7 for the lowest enrollment price.
November 14 absolute deadline.
See Enrollment page for details.

Time is running out for best choice of accommodations. The Paso Robles Inn is a popular resort hotel, especially during the Christmas season. The block of rooms held for us at special rates now is down to only a few more traditional rooms, two spa rooms, and four suites. There are other hotels in the area, and our Event Coordinator, Annaliza Spiga, can help you find alternate accommodations if necessary but, if you want to be at the Paso Robles Inn, time is of the essence. The group rate expires after November 7.

To learn more about the First
Freedom Force Congress, click here.

If you are familiar with this background
and want to go directly to enrollment, click here.


May the Force of Freedom be with you.

G. Edward Griffin


Why didn't I send
this to you in 2012 ?

The topic of this email is cutting-edge and controversial. It's at the center of one of the most heated debates ever witnessed among economists, politicians, bankers, and philosophers.  That's because it's about the nature of money. To be more specific, it's about what the nature of money should be.

The reason for raising the issue of why I did not send this analysis to you in 2012 is to focus on two facts. The first is that, if I had done so and if you had acted on it, you would have made a lot of money. In fact, your investment would have multiplied twenty-five times!

The second fact is that, in 2012, I didn't have enough information to offer an opinion on this topic, and I didn't want to endorse something that I didn't fully understand. There are risks with any investment, but this one is unique because it represents something entirely new, something that never previously existed in history. That means there also are risks that previously never existed, and I wanted more time to find out what those might be before entering into the debate.

The experience of the last two years has provided the answers. It now is possible to identify, not only the unique risks with this investment, but the unique advantages as well. To explain what those are is the purpose of this report.


By now, you undoubtedly have heard about Bitcoin, usually described in the news as crypto-currency or digital money. You have heard that some people became wealthy from it, that some lost money when a dealer went bankrupt, and that the Chinese government recently told its banks to stop accepting it as money.

By following the links in this report, you will learn exactly what Bitcoin is and what makes it unique in the historical evolution of money. You also will see the status of this global money system after absorbing the shockwaves of a bankrupt dealer and
the China declaration.

In my view, Bitcoin is an important experiment in monetary freedom.  It offers a potential alternative to the world's national fiat currencies that now serve as mechanisms of legalized plunder on behalf of governments and their banking partners. 

I would like to state clearly that I do not endorse Bitcoin as a “get-rich-quick” scheme, nor do I believe that it is without risks, which I will identify shortly.  Because of these risks, it would not be wise to place all of your savings in Bitcoin.  Bitcoin is not gold.  It has not been around for thousands of years. It has not stood the test of time and proven that it will hold value.  It is volatile.  It is unpredictable. It is brand new.  

Here is a summary of the risks associated with Bitcoin as I see them.

❶ Bitcoin has no intrinsic value, which means it has no use except as money. Intrinsic value is one of the time-tested characteristics of successful money systems. The arrival of the digital age may lessen the importance of this feature but, if there should be a long-term collapse of the Internet (think EMP or X-Class solar flare), Bitcoin could not function. However, the same can be said of checkbook money, savings accounts, credit cards, stocks and bonds, and just about everything else except precious metals and life-necessities in one's physical possession.

Governments recognize that Bitcoin is a threat to their fiat currencies and will attempt to demonize it (through the media) and place legal barriers against its use. However, the same can be said of precious metals and food stockpiling. In both cases, citizens eventually may have to choose between becoming lawbreakers or protecting their savings.

Although it may be impossible for the number of Bitcoin to be increased beyond the built-in limit (which is what holds the currency's value over time), imitators will enter the market with new currencies based on the Bitcoin model. This process already has begun. Competition is healthy, because it allows freedom-of-choice and insures that only the best options succeed. Eventually, it is likely that two or three of the most popular crypto-currencies will become the market champions. The potential down side is that the total number of spendable units in all of the currencies combined would not be as limited as if there were only one. Even so, the inflationary effect of this phenomenon would not even be close to the devastating loss of purchasing power that is built into fiat currencies. In fact, the addition of a second or third crypto-currency actually might be beneficial because it would allow the gradual expansion of the money supply in response to the expansion of goods and services. The net effect would be similar to mining more gold in response to rising gold prices caused by consumer demand for more gold money.

❹ Bitcoin accounts are computer based and, as such, could become targets of sophisticated hackers. If hackers break into a dealer's computer, it would be possible to transfer credits to other accounts without a trace of where they went or who did it. However, the same can be said of online bank accounts, savings accounts, and brokerage accounts.

Bitcoin is still a new phenomenon and may contain additional risks not yet perceived.

Now let's look at the advantages of Bitcoin. Here is the question:

In spite of the risks and the powerful forces loyal to fiat money, does Bitcoin have the potential to advance the freedom movement and, at the same time, improve your personal financial position?

Allow me to introduce you to Max Wright who is in the best position to answer that question. I first learned about Bitcoin in 2012 from Max who, incidentally, has been a member of Freedom Force for many years and who helped organize the first Australian Freedom Force Meet-Up in 2006. His excellent understanding of monetary history gives him a solid foundation for explaining how Bitcoin fits into the evolution of currency.  Max has written and spoken on this topic worldwide, and he is the reason I first became interested in the technology.

Max recently published an excellent report that shows just how big the potential of Bitcoin is, and he has agreed to send you a free copy. You can get your copy [here]. 

When you receive this report, you also will find a link to a short video in which Max reveals his predictions for Bitcoin in the next 12-24 months.  These are just predictions, of course, but they are well worth considering.

Does this mean that I have given up on gold as the ideal money? Not at all! I am still the same Gold Bug I always have been. However, here is something to think about.

When gold and silver rise in value, it generally is a result of a decrease in purchasing power of fiat currencies. An ounce of gold today buys approximately the same basket of goods it bought a hundred years ago even though the number of dollars it represents is much greater. Acquiring gold or silver, as good as that is for protecting the purchasing power of your savings, does nothing to improve your wealth. For that, you need an income, a source of revenue, a profit on your investment. Except in times of economic panic, when the masses rush to exchange their fiat currency for anything of intrinsic value in the last stages of currency collapse, gold and silver do not produce an income.

If Bitcoin becomes widely accepted as money, it will become exactly like gold and silver in this regard. Possessing or spending it will not produce income. Like all good money, it will be passive in that regard. It's total function will be to measure the value of goods and services and be available as a medium of exchange.

Right now, however, Bitcoin could experience an upsurge in value during the transition period leading to its universal acceptance, and therein lies the potential for a stunning growth in value from an increase in demand that far outpaces its supply. In that event, real income would be the result   ̶̶  just as it occurred over the last two years.  We do not have to abandon faith in gold and silver to realize that, if we have funds somewhere that we can afford to risk, it might be smart to acquire Bitcoin.

As stated at the beginning, if I had sent out this information two years ago when the price of Bitcoin was $12, it may have made a big difference to your savings or retirement account, given that one Bitcoin now is worth over $300. According to Max’s predictions, there still is a lot of room for growth. 

I hope you enjoy learning about this new technology.

And don’t forget to get your [free download] now.

G. Edward Griffin


Disharmonic Wifi Dangers to Health! Nov 5/14 Print E-mail
Healing Body
Wednesday, 05 November 2014 14:56

Cdsapi’s Added Comments:  Whether we are addressing the issues of GMOs, herbicides and pesticides,  EMFs,  Microwave WiFi , Food Irradiation,  Fluoride,   Aspartame, Mandatory Medications, especially Psychotropic drugs,  Mandatory Vaccinations,  Total Surveillance, Chemtrails and HAARP, genetically engineered Pandemics,  etc. etc., the same profile emerges every time – loud and clear
They know the destructive facts are real
They are concealing the destructive facts with ingenious stealth.

They are USING the destructive facts for an ulterior motive and agenda.
And it goes beyond just profit –
it strategically targets the society as we know it - in their pursuit of producing their “super-human race” – transhumanism.!

These policies and technologies are all reliably HEALTH DESTRUCTIVE while being propaganda-camouflaged under “Public Health”, Safety, Security and the hidden under the classified secrecy of “National Security” and “patented proprietary information”.

The soundly established, verifiable SCIENCE  and the independent research Scientists are quasi banned, and attacked by government and corporate propaganda entities, slick, polished and disarming. 
Blatant Lies become the norm and replace the real facts. 
As Ed Bernay, the father of PR Propaganda, said “
A redefinition of ethics is necessary . . .  the subject matter of the propaganda need not necessarily be true.”

Never mentioned in the mainstream media is the reality that these technologies and official policies all synchronize and conform with the “Global Elites’ Population Reduction Program Agenda  - that Bill Gates, the Rockefellers, the Bilderbergers, Council of Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission, etc., the eugenicists,  openly discuss, promote and finance.

How better to facilitate their agenda to “rid the planet of useless eaters”,  than to intentionally orchestrate policies that DESTROY HEALTH - especially the health and REPRODUCTIVE CAPACITY of the youngest generation  -  the health of the children .  Destroy the children and society implodes and crumbles.  Globalist Mission accomplished!

Under the radar and never mentioned by the mainstream media is the anomaly that when destructive laws protecting destructive technologies and policies are conceived and passed, they carefully ‘legally’ exclude the ELITES, the legislators, the upper bureaucrats, etc.

Thus the Billionaire Elites don’t eat Genetically engineered GMOs, and corporate CEOs don’t eat the JUNK that their corporations produce for mass consumption,  they have no “fly-lists,  they don’t drink fluoridated water, they are excluded from the legislated Mandatory Health Insurance Plans and controlled medications,  they send their kids to special schools that don’t expose their kids to WiFi all day long,  etc. etc., etc.

Please read Barrie Trower’s Report very carefully , realizing that the criminal travesty surrounding  the EMF, RF, Wireless technology and Wireless surveillance is just one arm of this Global Elite Octopus and its agenda.

(This email is also attached as a document file)

Barrie Trower WiFi Report - 
Humanity At The Brink

Wi-Fi –

A Thalidomide in the Making.

Who Cares?

By Barrie Trower
September 2013

With Deference to all Scientists:
this Research Report has been written
for all students and non-scientists to understand.


As stated by University Researchers, Government Scientists and International Scientific Advisors;
a minimum of 57.7% of schoolgirls exposed to low-level microwave radiation (Wi-fi) are at risk of suffering stillbirth, foetal abnormalities or genetically damaged children, when they give birth.
Any genetic damage may pass to successive generations.


Wifi - a Thalidomide in the Making - Who Cares?

Professor John R Goldsmith, International / Advisor Consultant for R.F. Communication, Epidemiology and Communications Sciences Advisor to the World Health Organisation, Military and University Advisor, Researcher; wrote concerning the low level exposure of microwave irradiation (below thermal level) incident upon women:

Of the microwave-exposed women, 47.7% had miscarriages prior to the 7th week of pregnancy....”(1)

The level of irradiation incident upon the women was stated, as from, five microwatts per centimetre squared.  This level of irradiation may seem meaningless to a non-scientist; however, when I say that it is below what most schoolgirls will receive in a classroom of wi-fi transmitters, from the age of approximately five years upwards, this level becomes more meaningful.

A distinction here must be made and a very important one: schoolgirls are not women.  Schoolgirls are children and children are both neurologically and physiologically different from adults.  A child’s brain tissue / bone marrow has different electrical conductivity properties than adults due to the higher water content (2) (this renders the Specific Absorption Rate obsolete).
Children’s absorption of microwave radiation can be ten times higher than adults.  Permanent low-level microwave exposure can induce chronic nitrosative and oxidative ‘stress’, thence, damage the cellular mitochondria (mitochondropathy).  This ‘stress’ can cause irreversible mitochondrial DNA damage (mitochondrial DNA is ten times more susceptible to oxidative and nitrosative ‘stress’ than the DNA in the cell nucleus).  Mitochondrial DNA is irreparable due to its low histone protein content, therefore any damage (genetic or otherwise) can be transmitted to all successive generations through the maternal line. (3)

Hence, we are subjecting each successive female generation to harm.  Whether these two ten-fold increases ‘merge’ to become 57.7%  or are additional, thence equal 67.7% of those to suffer, is a moot point.  Either way we are facing the equivalent of a pandemic
I was invited to present a lecture at Brighton University recently and one Doctor commented on a +60% foetal birth rate damage from exposed farm animals. All mammalian species will of course suffer the same consequence resulting from low-level microwave irradiation.  There is very little difference ‘biologically’ between our embryonic cells.

I invite the Reader to peruse my diagram and / or read my simple explanation concerning the microwaving of the ovarian follicles in schoolgirls.

Simple Explanation

Imagine you are five years old, in school and sitting with a wi-fi laptop near your abdomen.  Theoretically, your ovaries can become irradiated until you leave school at aged 16-18 years old.  When you become pregnant, every one of your follicles (to become eggs) will have been microwaved.  Hence, you may or may not deliver a healthy child.

Should you become a pregnant as a student, your embryo (for its first 100 days ­ if it is female) is producing approximately 400,000 follicles (within its ovaries) for future child-birth.

The problem is that these developing follicle cells do not have the cellular protection of mature adult cells.  Consequently your ‘Grandchild’ may have had every single follicle cell irradiated and damaged prior to its conception.  Therefore when your child becomes an adult (with its irradiated follicles) there is a greater likelihood of its child (your Grand-daughter) suffering the ailments previously mentioned, during conception / embryonic and foetal development stages.

Beyond Belief

The shocking truth is, not only was all of this known and documented long before wi-fi was ever put in front of children, but the dangerous biological effects were concealed (as they are to this day) from the general public, in order to protect the industries profit.

Professor Goldsmith writes:

.....effects from exposure to RF radiation in certain populations: reproductive effects.....increased spontaneous abortion.....increased incidence of childhood and other cancers.....” (1)

Confirming this with more than 2000 references is the Naval Medical Research Institute in their document: ‘Bibliography of Reported Biological Phenomena (Effects) and Clinical Manifestations Attributed to Microwave and Radio-Frequency Radiation’ highlight ‘......Altered Menstrual Activity / Altered Foetal Development.....’ (4)

The World Health Organization’s ‘International Symposium’ Research Agreement No. 05-609-04 ‘Biological Effects and Health Hazards of Microwave Radiation’ emphasizes in its 350 pages:  Biological effects, health and excess mortality from artificial irradiation of Radio Frequency Microwaves. Section 28 deals with problems concerning Reproductive Function.

This document was classed as ‘Top Secret’ and its contents withheld by WHO and ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection). (5)

Eldon Byrd, a scientist for the Naval Surface Weapon Centre of the US Navy, in one of his 1986 lectures on the effects of low-level microwaves, is referenced as stating:

.....we can alter the behaviour of cells, tissue.....cause up to six times higher foetus mortality and birth defects....’. (6)

Finally, the Mobile Telecommunications Industry carried out a very thorough and exhaustive scientific study on its own product.  This industry’s conclusion was:

Sec. 7 “ can be concluded that electro-magnetic fields with frequencies in the mobile telecommunications range do play a role in the development of cancer.

.....Direct damage on the DNA as well as influences on the DNA synthesis and DNA repair mechanisms.....” (7)

(Note I have underscored the relevant words here.)

Note: DNA synthesis is essential for healthy embryonic / foetal / child’s growth.

With these few of the roughly 8000 research articles showing this phenomena; in order to protect these industries’ profit, the United States Defence Intelligence Agency sent a ‘document’ to ‘advanced nations’ describing the problem and suggesting ‘how to deceive the public’.

It read:

.....if the more advanced nations of the West are strict in the enforcement of stringent exposure standards, there could be unfavourable effects on industrial to microwave radiation below thermal levels experience more.....” (8)

NB: Industrial output is of course...profit.  A very relaxed exposure standard also makes it very difficult to take the industry to court.

This (and two other documents with ref. 8) then continues to list many physiological and neurological dangers from low-level: below thermal, microwave irradiation inc: blood disorders, heart problems, psychiatric symptoms and ‘menstrual disorders’.

***Wi-fi is of course, below thermal low-level microwave irradiation.***

In order to appease the US Government, some Governments adopted the ICNIRP guideline, whereby, the only safety limit is just six-minutes of warming.  Which means: if you do not feel too warm in six minutes, wi-fi is deemed to be safe.

No consideration at all has been given to the published ‘below thermal’ cellular interaction as listed by several countries including the United States; which were (and are) known to cause: cancer,  severe neuropathological symptoms,  foetal defects and  literally hundreds of illnesses related to cellular disorders.

Countries following ICNIRP continue to argue that their six minute warming effect is all that is required regarding microwave irradiation.

Should the Reader be wondering whether I am ‘as mad as a box of frogs’ and thinking ‘no government would ever harm its citizens for money, especially pregnant women’; I invite the Reader to investigate Government decisions behind: smoking, asbestos, BSE (mad-cow disease), lead in petrol, experiments on 20,000 UK serving military personnel serving in the 1960’s, thalidomide and of course Agent Orange sprayed over the food crops in Vietnam.  To this day, many global birth defects stem from these Government / Government Scientific / Military decisions: with industrial advisors.

If further evidence is required, I invite the Reader to read documents released under the Freedom of Information Act; namely, Operations:   Pandora,   MK Ultra,   MK Chaos,   Cointelpro,   MK Delta,   MK Naomi,   MK Search,   Bluebird,   Artichoke,   Chatter,   Sleeping Beauty   and Grill Flame.

Here, secret experiments carried out by the Military / Government scientists upon unsuspecting civilians, namely: students, servicemen, psychiatric patients, poor, children over the age of 4 years, pregnant women, Muslims, Catholics, prisoners, handicapped, deaf, blind, homosexuals, single women, elderly, school children, ‘marginal groups’ and dissidents; served to increase their knowledge and understanding of; what is commonly known as...Stealth Warfare.

Progress on the study of illnesses caused by low-level microwave irradiation continues to this day.  One current study on cancer and neurological harm continues until 2018 and involves women who could be pregnant. (9)

Progress Reports are also fed back to Governmental Scientists:

.....students will understand the nature of RF…...bioeffects research, including human / animal studies......students will become familiar with current state of knowledge on potential health effects RF, such as cancer, memory loss, and birth defects.” (10)

NB:  RF has become a generic term (Radio Frequency) to avoid using the term ‘microwave’.  It poses less ‘safety queries’ as the word ‘radio’ itself, which used to refer to ‘long wave radio’ was domestically non threatening.

Intentional Ignorance

Governmental Intransigence forces a moratorium upon the risks of exposure to future generations.  Both the Communications Industry and Governmental studies have proved that protein synthesis (the using of chemical structures to ‘build’ the roughly 4050 foetal and 4500 adults designated biological / neurological structures) can be influenced by low-level microwave irradiation.  This moratorium seems to spread to organizations either relying on Governmental funding, or for whatever reason; acquiescence.  However, not all research departments suppress the truth.

A brilliant paper published by Dundee University confirms that low-level microwave irradiation, unable to cause any heating (thermal) effect, can affect cellular signalling processes. (11)

The Main Risks to Children

These biological processes described as being ‘influenced’ by low-level microwave irradiation may not just damage foetal growth; relying on the same biological processes are:

Blood Brain Barrier - requires 18 months to form and protects the brain from toxins.  It is known to be effected.

Myelin Sheath - requires 22 years to build its 122 layers.  It is responsible for all thinking, organ and muscle processes.

Brain ­ requires 20 years to develop (I can assure you, cell phones do not help in its development).

Immune System - requires 18 years to develop.  Bone marrow and Bone Density are known to be affected by low-level microwaves as are the immune systems’ white blood cells.

Bones - requires 28 years to develop ­ as mentioned the moisture content of children makes both the ‘soft bones’ and marrow particularly attractive to microwave irradiation.  Bone marrow produces blood cells.

Clearly, our decision makers are overlooking a child illness pandemic hitherto unknown in our 40,000 generations of civilization; which can involve over a half of the World’s exposed mothers / children.

The Very Sad Truth

I have been very honoured to address approximately 40 Royals, Governments, Leaders of Governments, Leaders of Peoples and Government Officials over the years.

My address (text) to one King concerning the numbers of ill children was placed on the internet. (12)

I referenced over 200 cancer / leukaemia clusters in schools (up to the time of data collection) from low level microwave transmitters in schools.  There were many different types of cancers, leukaemias, miscarriages and breast cancers of staff.  These continue, mostly only recorded locally, to this day.

When this was discussed in the English Parliament (as one of the EU Countries involved), a Minister dismissed it and lied to the House of Commons.  My request to prove this lie was denied.

Possibly, the most respected children’s charity in the World: UNICEF, joined forces with the World’s leading authority on the effects of harm from low-level microwave irradiation:

The Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection: in their research document ‘Health Effect on Children and Teenagers’ found;

85% increase in Central Nervous System Disorders

36% increase in epilepsy

11% increase in mental retardation

82% increase in blood immune disorders and Risk to Foetus. (13)

NB. The Reader may think that the cell phone irradiation is different from wi-fi as it has more power.  In fact wi-fi can be more harmful because of its lower power!  Low power can enter the body and cause harm.  All electromagnetic waves are accumulative.  If they are below the body’s threshold to cause activation of the necessary proteins required to defend and repair tissues, the damage accumulates very slowly and is undetectable like a cancer.  Think of sunbathing on a cloudy day, you can still burn your skin.

The Good Guys

I have a list of nine countries (some of whom I am working with) who are actively, either taking wi-fi out of schools or in the legal argument-stage of this process.  I decline to publically name these countries as my actions may interfere with their legal negotiations.

The Parliamentary Assembly (Assemblee Parlimentaire) Council of Europe Document 12608, published on 6.5.2011 in section 8.3.2. states:

.....ban all mobile phones, DECTphones or Wi-Fi or WLAN systems from classrooms and schools.....

For legal reasons this had to be changed to a ‘wired system is preferred’.  However, the meaning is clear.

In a translated document, Professor Yuri Grigoriev of the Russian Committee for Non Ionizing Radiation Protection wrote on 19.6.2012

.....recommend the use of wired networks and not networks using the wireless broadband access systems, including wi-fi, in schools and educational establishments.

A document dated 25.3.2013 (updated from 19.3.2013) by the Executive Committee of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine wrote a letter to the Los Angeles Unified School District with the following recommendation: not add to the burden of public health by installing blanket wireless internet connections in Los Angeles Schools.

Just prior to this in December 2012, the American Academy of Pediatrics (representing 60,000 Paediatricians) wrote to Congress requesting more protection from low-level microwave irradiation for children and pregnant women:  with regard to wi-fi in schools, they write:


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The INCONVENIENCE OF OUR CONVENIENCES is being exposed here....

The last thing you should want to buy is a TV that has a better memory than youI have, as well as a bigger MOUTH....

Samsung ‘Smart TV’ Records “Personal” Conversations & Sends Them to Third Parties.
Company's new privacy policy causes consternation

by Paul Joseph Watson | November 3, 2014

Samsung’s new global privacy policy for its line of Smart TVs states that a user’s personal conversations will be recorded by the device’s microphone and transmitted to third parties.

A 46-page privacy policy which is now included in all newly purchased Samsung Smart TVs states that voice recognition technologymay capture voice commands and associated texts” in order to “improve the features” of the system.

The policy, a summary of which is also posted online, ominously advises users to, “Please be aware that if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information, that information will be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party through your use of Voice Recognition.”

Writing about the privacy policy for, Michael Price, counsel in the Liberty and National Security Program at the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law, said he was now “terrified” of his new TV, noting that voice recognition is just one feature that could be used to spy on users.  The television also logs website visits, has a built-in camera for facial recognition and uses tracking cookies to detectwhen you have viewed particular content or a particular email message.”

“I do not doubt that this data is important to providing customized content and convenience, but it is also incredibly personal, constitutionally protected information that should not be for sale to advertisers and should require a warrant for law enforcement to access,” writes Price, adding that current privacy laws offer little protection against “third party” data.

Price also draws attention to comments made in 2012 by former CIA director David Petraeus, who hailed the “Internet of things” as a transformational boon for “clandestine tradecraft”.  In other words, it will soon be easier than ever before to keep tabs on the population since everything they use will be connected to the web, with total disregard for privacy considerations.  The spooks won’t have to plant a bug in your home or your vehicle, you will be doing it for them.

As we have documented, the Internet of things is the process of manufacturing every new product with a system that broadcasts wirelessly via the world wide web, allowing industry and the government to spy ubiquitously on every aspect of your existence.

In recording private conversations for potential third party use, Samsung is merely mimicking what games console makers have done for years.

Since its launch in 2010, Microsoft’s X-Box Kinect games device has a video camera and a microphone that records speech.  The company informs its users that they “should not expect any level of privacy concerning your use of the live communication features,” while Microsoft also “may access or disclose information about you, including the content of your communications.”

Last year, Microsoft was forced to deny claims that the Xbox One’s Kinect camera could see gamers’ genitals after video footage emerged which suggested the device’s IR camera was so sophisticated that it could capture the outline of a user’s penis.

Gamers also complained that Kinect was monitoring their Skype conversations for swearing and then punishing them with account bans.

With Christmas fast approaching, millions more people will splash the cash on games consoles and smart TVs completely oblivious to the fact that they are paying to have their private conversations recorded and potentially transmitted to third parties.

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