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Galactic Friends Updates
Consciously Participate Sirian Update Aug 29/14 Print E-mail
Galactic Federation
Friday, 29 August 2014 16:09

Consciously Participate Sirian Update Aug 29/14

Remember folks the NAA means Negative Alien Agenda what I have warned everyone about the Satanic programming on the planet that is still being acted out via various Islamic, religious groups, governments, corporations and individuals that believe they can do what ever they want to who ever they want when ever they want. We the people are the power that can reverse this. Canadian First contact is very close with ET discernment high on our list! Tami

Consciously Participate by Lisa Renee Guardian input

As we began our next projects, in alignment to the planetary “Mothers Mitochondria source code” transmissions, the planetary body had a series of magnetic influxes and events that energetically manifested as a part of the change in the core architecture in the atomic levels of the planetary body. Many of these events on the surface were at cost to human lives and create terrible destruction through the chaos and confusion which is generated from a lack of comprehension of the nature of consciousness evolution and the process of ascension.

These painful global events are shouting at us that we must adapt to these new frequencies and change our behavior and actions which promote intentional harm to others. We cannot continue to survive as a species while acting out horrible acts of brutality and cruelty against humanity. The only chance we can survive is to collect our human and natural resources and expand our consciousness to learn to live in harmony and principles of Unity with each other. It must start with each of us in the most simplest of ways, however being mindful of harmlessness every day, promoting behaviors of kindness as we interact with the inhumane structures in 3D.

Most humans on this planet do not understand that the collective consciousness fields on planet hold extremely dense bodies of negative ego thoughts, as well as primarily selfish materialistic motivations that are used to mind control us every step of the way. Humans are manipulated by the very negative thoughts we create, by the Imposter Spirit and the NAA forces, in order to generate destruction to sabotage personal development and create further levels of division between each other. Certain patterns of psychologically warped Tyrannical Despots and their abuse of power continue to explode onto center stage to be observed showing us what must be dismantled, while the earth and water elementals adjust to reflect accumulated human abuse recorded in the surrounding land mass. Life as we know it on this planet is being altered and adapting to transformation is mandatory without one’s personal ego choice, we must learn how we can consciously participate.

Most of the Power Elite and collective have been ignoring the message to evolve our personal value systems and respect the “natural laws” for way too long. The choice has been given to us in how we could experience our evolution in relationship to the ongoing planetary evolution. However humanity’s actions (whether manipulated though mind control or not) demonstrate we consistently choose devastation and cataclysm in order to change our intrinsic behavior and values. God punishes no one, we make causal choices that have an energetic consequence to our collective actions, whether human beings are coherent about this fact or not.

As the planet is now evolving into an open architecture with an open operating system, it means larger and more frequent exchanges with other intelligent life streams in our Universe (and Multiverse) is ready to happen more frequently. We have created new energetic frequency as a type of new currency for the planet. Advanced cultures that exist all over the Universe, do not have a monetary system of enslavement as we do on planet earth. Higher knowledge, consciousness and technology is the accepted currency, and many cultures are extremely interested in the genetic diversity as well as the influences of most of the hidden extraterrestrial influences upon this planet.

The Conflict of Hidden becoming Revealed

What has transpired is a huge change in the core Cosmology of our Universe, and heralds a change that evolves many levels of Hierarchies, and there is now an incredible level of support from the Hierarchies of Compassion and Unity, which are serving the Christos and God Forces.

One of the results of this Cosmological and Hierarchal Shift created a large tumultuous conflict and confusion with multiple planetary and stellar bodies and those entities that have been “administrating to them” at consciousness and energetic levels. There are disagreements and resistances to the Open Architecture and the relocation in time fields that is required to establish the best alternatives of ascension and achieving true unity consciousness in the GSF timeline. This conflict is also being demonstrated below in the physical earth plane in a variety of ways as power conflicts. It requires subservience to the evolutionary ascension and GSF God plan, and to be of service to others beyond yourself.

There are two main hierarchal lineages that are a part of the Original Prime Creators of this Universe, namely the Luminaries of the Arcs – The Architects and Inspirers of Form, (The Heart of Cosmologies of Christos, The Ascended Arc Lights) and the Builders of Form in the lower worlds that are within a total conflict of authority and power in the matter worlds. (The Descended Arc Lights or the Mind Cosmologies and its Lower Manifestation– what is seen by external senses and not experienced directly through the inner senses of the heart consciousness.)

For eons those that have been the Builders in the lower densities have also been the holders of esoteric knowledge, and have prevented its hidden knowledge from becoming exoteric and generally known to the common man. Many of us understand the tyrannical abuse of power (i.e. Atlantis, Egypt, Now) and the negative ego that distorted most of these Law of One teachings to be subverted into selfish motivation or parceled into twisted half-truths in violent religions. It is believed in many of these building hierarchies, both human and non-human that exist in multiple planes, that only the “entitled” races are able to access such esoteric truths, and that has been the practical understanding of the teaching of Mystery Schools through the ages as the levels of “dark evolution” were upon us.. Competent Mystery School’s always emphasize the importance of the comprehension and direct experiencing of the material, and the unifying concepts of its value to know the Nature of Humanity as a unified God being. As one chooses and delves into esoteric studies on the spiritual pathway, it is the nature of the Universe, the nature of the core essence, the nature of the True Self as the Inner God self is slowly revealed to the inspired and disciplined devotee.

This is why it is mandatory to purify your heart to expand consciousness and to be disciplined to moral and ethical objectives to support humanity as a whole, as these are not mere judgments of character - they are imperative understandings to not abuse the power of knowledge that has been hidden in the esoteric Sacred Spiritual Sciences. The Law of One is that such Sacred Spiritual Science and it has been revealed to our planet in dispensation as a part of God’s plan - to the common human, and to those who would consider themselves the elected or entitled ones to dictate and control its usage or content. Without comprehension of the teachings, without the heart being the foremost priority of its application, the study is immediately corrupt and limited to the planes of the egoic mind.

This is where the two hierarchies of “Architect” and “Builder” are now represented in current physical forms and within this conflict of revealing esoteric truths are attempting to merge the polarities of ancient conflicts which stem all the way from the Orion Wars and invasion histories of Lyra and Vega. It is one major reason of purpose of multiple manifestations of bodies of work that are supporting the Law of One on planet earth to integrate the forces of polarity. The Three Principles of Creation must Merge into One Unified Expression within these lineages, One that is free of elitism, exclusivity and mind control by Impostor Spirits. The truth must be told. Both Hierarchies are required to build matter, and the conflict between these two lineages is Ancient. The Builder decided they did not want to build by the laws of Architect and set forth their own hazardous creations, which promptly died. These dead creations required others energies to live, which is the basis of consumptive modeling, the parasitism of others to create. Those on the ascending timeline are unable to continue to feed others creations, and are being extracted from those circumstances which encouraged parasitism.

The Law of One - the Natural Laws of God - ultimately supports the eternal Heart consciousness as the true creator, and renders everything else as finite to nonexistent. Any supposed sacred knowledge rendered from the mind will ultimately die, digress or distort. The open heart of expanded consciousness will enliven knowledge throughout eternity – as God Spirit is the Cosmic Heart of our Universe and the compassionate witness to all.

We are building the diamond heart intelligence fields through our Mother of God principle in new levels now. More of us in human bodies are able to meditate, be inspired to receive ancient words, comprehension of larger truth about our relationship to the Universe, connect with vast intelligences, and this all is a part of the plan of this Ascension Cycle.

God excludes no one whom asks for self-knowledge and spiritual communication and in this evolutionary cycle will not accept exclusionary models. However, the caveat to this open source connection is that self-responsibility and accountability for one’s direction is mandatory, and without it, the doors to self-knowledge slam shut. At certain thresholds of spiritual and self-knowledge the training wheels are removed and one must stand on their own merit and source field.

More levels of the esoteric and hidden are designed to become exoteric to be revealed now to more people that are being offered a choice point. Many humans and other beings are still confused and angry about this truth revealing in those things that were previously hidden in one’s life. As those people may try to regain portions of control through manipulation of the ego games, the dark attacks increase and in such cases continue to escalate in destructive ways. The more we seek to control people and things, the worse it’s going to get as the days of these energetic hierarchies existing in these same ways as sucking other people’s energies cannot continue.  Those still enmeshed in these parasitic relationships will have a choice point or exit point in their learning cycle.

How Can We be of Service?

The dedication and discipline to maintain the higher focus of non-judgment and an attitude of service to others - beyond all human fears and frailties - is more than a full time job. It requires every last drop of our essence to be dedicated to serve God Spirit and truly accountable to our own consciousness power. Truly many of us are emanating the new supernal luminescence from the realms of the Superhuman, the Inner Christos. It is our destiny to be Superhuman, as the Inner Christ Spirit is the emanation of the miraculous by product of God-Spirit. Our God Spirit is a Consciousness Technology Supreme that overrides all lesser technologies. These recent events give us lots to ponder and meditate upon as change starts from within us. As we move forward with the intention of being a GSF sovereign model of service to others, we commit to continue to purify ourselves to become the experience and comprehension of greater truths that emanate from within our own inner light. That we seek to share unselfishly what we have been given that has shown us abiding love and inner peace, with others around us.

Last Updated on Friday, 29 August 2014 16:24

Poofness Zap RV & Bond progress! #1 Aug 25/14 Print E-mail
Truth & Growth Education
Monday, 25 August 2014 15:24

Poofness Zap RV & Bank Traps updates Aug 25/14

I will be posting RV Bank training for Canadians shortly. USA RV Bank updates Bank training

8-28-14 LANDA GLOBAL: We are pleased to report that historic bond closings have begun in earnest in Zurich. Boxes of historic bonds have already been authenticated, and are in the TTM (Trailing Twelve Months) stage now. The official bond redemption period is expected anytime now. Thank You.

8-28-14 Omegaman: The IMF IS to release the funds for H. Bonds tonight...Bonds will be funded...yeah baby. Expect the announcement tonight...the announcement will be for the platforms, from the IMF, that the funds are released...this should trigger everything else to move forward.

This announcement is for the Trading platforms, and will trigger everything...including RV. There will be an announcement, or formal letter that is to be submitted to all the trading platforms for which the Historical Bonds will be used as collateral for projects...I still believe pbx Tuesday...and groups this weekend.

8-28-14 Carden: All central banks and all over the world are on "alert" and have passed that alert down to every bank in their network. The "alert" reads: ATTENTION: PENDING RATE ADJUSTMENT: VND, IQD, RUP, ZIM, USN... and more.

These alerts are for currency exchange centers, primarily, and in big, major banks. There are main locations working with the largest traders for currency. These are in every country. Did you know there is twice as much currency trading volume than trading in stocks and bonds?

I called it a week ago. I haven't changed my mind since then. It's been one unbelievable delay/obstacle after another. Followed by nimble leaps over those same obstacles like a well-trained GOLD-MEDAL winning athlete. I haven't lost my enthusiasm. I've been smiling like every other happy person every day since then with momentary dips. The sustainability is only relative to the news I hear daily. The good news is constant and committed to the very BEST OUTCOME POSSIBLE so how could I not continue to be charged up and confident?

We can agree that this GCR isn't about IRAQ anymore. It's about a global reorganization of the monetary system. It's about the global watershed event about to take place that will rock this world and be the lightening up of all the dark hiding places for financial crimes/theft and improper dealings that have been shielded for far too long. It's about the launch of a rocket ship to the STARS that lifts all of humanity out of poverty. This is what it's all about. AMEN. Bretton Woods meeting is PROOF that changes are HERE NOW

Greetings and Salutations;


You can depend upon the current intensity and push that is

on-going. Many of those who were blocking the progression of all of

these endeavors have recently turned their attention toward finalizing

the shift that is underway. They may not understand the total shift,

the larger overview but they are now aligned and that will make a big



We have been down to the wire for some time now. This has

always been the case, the glitches show up; the show stops and the

engine stalls and the whatevers take over. But then they get that

fixed and it moves forward or rather lurches forward only to get

stopped again and again. That has been the method by which this has

been kept afloat for years. But the work has developed and the lines

of communication have evolved and the blockages removed everywhere.


They are moving this forward. Many significant pieces occurred

this week in the meetings both in China and in USofA. Many. There

should be some significant news breaks and news broadcasts coming

through on all of this. Being on the sidelines, we wait. Just like you



At some level one could say that it will be finalizing this

week. The positives take a while to underscore. There is nothing on

the horizon, now, that does not look to be in our favor....P...






































Susan and Zap contact

Potential Bank Traps with RV

POTENTIAL BANK TRAPS:  Several people have asked what the 'traps' might be when you go in to exchange at contract rates. I did a little research and this is the consensus:

1.  Do NOT negotiate for a rate higher than the Contract rate, which Tony will announce when the 800 numbers are posted (probably).

2.  Do NOT mix currencies in one account;  have separate accounts for each currency.  Dinar exchanges are tracked differently.

3.  ONLY use the currency labels IQN, VNN, ZWN.

4.  Say that you are there for 'currency exchange';  do NOT use the words 'cash in'.

5. If at all possible, find a bank that can verify your currency on site;  don't let it be sent away for verification.  Before you leave, you want to see the money in your account.

6.  Ask to see the bank screen so that you KNOW what rate you are getting.

7.  Do not ask for $10,000 or more in cash -- that gets reported.  Ask for 5-6000, and make it an random number, such as $5,732 (rather than a rounded number).

NOTE:  Above all, do NOT go into the bank and say "Tony said..."  <joke>

Other tips:

1.  If you are paying taxes, make sure to set aside at least 50% right from the start -- maybe more if you live in a state with personal income tax, such as California.  Set aside at least half the remainder to create a lifelong income.  Then spend from the remaining 25%.

2.  Do NOT let the banker have a Power of Attorney over your account, or control your money.  YOU must keep control.

3.  Do NOT put your money into a brokerage account unless you have complete control to authorize all transactions;  you don't want the broker or private banker gambling with your money and making commissions with silly trades.

4.  Go to the bank with a list of cashier's checks to pay your major bills and/or deposit in your personal account.

5.  Every bank will charge a standard 2% fee on the exchange.  Don't attempt to haggle about this. However, feel free to negotiate every other fee or service charge! The bank wants your money to play with, so they will be flexible about fees.

Last Updated on Thursday, 28 August 2014 17:41

Bank Residual $ for You & Non Profits Globally! #1 Aug 25/14 Print E-mail
Galactic Friends
Sunday, 24 August 2014 19:50

Canadian Residual Income for You & Non Profit Projects! July 19/14

Friends we will be offering full time residual income opportunities through our online international bank that will be offered across Canada and around the world. All nonprofit organizations and charities who agree with our project outlines goals below are encouraged to contact us with your focus of interest participation. These funds will be the same for men and women and all groups who set up account with our bank. We will post bank links to join as soon as our legal team gives me the green light to do so. Then we can also arrange a visit to our bank here in BC for Nonprofit, media and government representatives. After that is done the general public will be able to come and visit our Galactic University site where our bank resides.

Each individual and nonprofit organizational address will only get one residual checking savings account so please go through categories below and check the correct link to register your account as your interests require. The rewards and prizes will be disclosed in our up and coming advertising locally, federally and globally.

Parents can set up an account for each child however they will not be able to access their funds until they are 18 years old.

We wish these funds to go to the people not hoarding opportunistic administrators or corrupt government people or departments!

We also wish to hire honest reliable money managers to assist our customers in each country who signs onto our bank. Plus we want to hire Sales personal as well as call center and bank personal where needed.

Eliminating Proverty Funds Program:

This focus will address everyone in Canada who is on Social Assistance, Disability, Unemployment assistance and old age pensions as well as our veterans. We will assist with getting this residual income and restitution funds in Canada to all below 20,000 a year including working poor who visit the food banks first.  After that anyone who wished to have these funds can register an account. These funds come with mandatory free healing through our centers as well as sponsored money management training so people do not lose their money. The healings are to ensure you remain on the right timeline during ascension so you can indeed receive your proper abundance in 100% light as well as be able mentally and physical to enjoy your life and absorb your teachings. We will need cooperation with new post Nesara government departments to attain these goals. This will free up those government department expenditures to eliminate taxes and other slavery applications like toll bridges, highways and user fees.

We are asking food banks to help us distribute food replicators to the poor while utilizing them for the masses who frequent the food banks. As well as distribute to food kitchens and churches who offer free meals across the country. This will take the strain of many heart centered facilities helping the poor. Parks and recreation can also help through community centers regionally and federally free of charge!

We will need to reform our housing industry and stop foreign influences that have created imbalances in our market and supply for our citizens.

Eliminate low wage slavery and child labour as well as sweat shops globally.

Reform landlord tenancy branch to support tenants more and property owners less that are detrimental to our health and well being. (example no proper sound proofing, no smart meters, no smokers, animal permission, bed bugs and rodents plus proper heat and size of suites as well as appliances ) Put Canadians first for all subsidized housing and reform immigration that impact us negatively this way. Stop high rent gouging at all age levels.

We want to support the respect and equality for girls and women in Canada and around the world that has nothing to do with religion. Any person, religion or country that oppresses the rights of women weaken themselves and their countries. Women have sole sovereignty of their own bodies no one or state has the right to intervene in this spiritual right.

Eliminate homelessness and joblessness for all age groups.

Make sure every precious child and teenager who have been stuck in foster care or orphanages find a new loving home receive advanced healing and education with job training.

The Galactic’s can help build free self sufficient safe educational centers in areas that prevent this like Africa, Middle East and Asia. Healing centers are also available to eliminate all disease globally with the permission of mother earth.

Help around the world as well!

Comply with Mother Earths code of conduct regarding land use and ownership.

Space of Love funds:

There will be training about developing a space of love for each person in Canada and around the world. This includes gardening healing and unification with mother earth’s kingdoms for health and happiness for all communities. Free land, free clean water, air, free energy and food is our god given rights all else is slavery.

To attain these goals we must eliminate all Chem Trails, fossil fuel and gas drilling and usage globally to regain planetary balance with healthy oxygen and water levels for all beings on Gaia as well.

We must stop all unnecessary reckless mining and waste storage practices across Canada and around the world

We must stop all dumping of chemicals and sewage into our water ways as well as stop all nuclear energy and radioactive waste in water and land. New technologies can deal with these issues

We must stop all farming chemical spraying killing bee’s and creating unnecessary imbalances in our soil and food supply. (Free Training will be provided to all farmers who ask.)

We must stop all GMO development and distribution into our food chain for Prime Creator and mother earth know what is healthy for our bodies. Eat locally grown foods only that resonate with your bodies.

We must stop all nano tech in our food, air, water and products across the planet no excuse to violate our god given healthy divine blueprints with Dark ET controls.

We must stop the sale and development of all dirty dozen chemicals in our food like MSG, aspartame and any other alternative. Improve market place by banning dangerous goods like cigarettes, e-cigarettes, caffeine drinks and drugs and vaccines that do more damage than help.

We must demand the ending of all bio warfare development and storage globally.

We must rescind any government legislation that allows corporate blunder in our parks in Canada.

Mandatory compliance of Mother Earth’s code of conduct

Animal Respect Funds

Learn to communicate with all our beloved animal friends. We will be building a cetacean whale dolphin Mer people learning center in Middle America as well as Canada. Our Galactic University will be offering many courses in communication and veterinarian healing. Our Galactic Friends can build an animal facility in your area if you wish it with free training.

Eliminate all animals from shelters to good loving homes stop killings do to unethical rental regulations.

We must phase out Military sonar that is killing and hurting our whales dolphins and Mer people. We also must stop all whale and dolphins hunting and killing this is disgraceful and hurts our planet more than people know.

We must phase out eating our animal friends and promote meat alternative products (some without wheat) and vegetarian restaurants. Our Galactics will introduce vegetables that can taste like whatever meat you are used to eating.

We must stop all animal slavery globally for profit like Raju in India. We must demand government protections from this behaviour and expedite all slavery rescues.  We must prevent animal  hunting death and abduction from all natural habitats. (encourage natural habitat visitation industries instead of captivity)

We will support all animal rescue and rehabilitation organizations. We hope to phase out all aquarium and zoo captivity slavery for profit.

We must stop all capture torture and slaughter of all minks and foxes for the fur trade. This is despicable and does not need to continue globally.

We must stop all hunting and slaughter of seals in Canada and around the world for commercial purposes this does not need to continue globally.

We must prevent all sport hunting and animal part commerce on the planet. Mother earth has cures for every ailment on the planet. (Soon to be offered via Anastasias Remedies more powerful than Laminine.)

Eliminate all food industry torture abuse of animals no small pen standards and no physical abuse of animals who have given their spirits for us to survive only to be abused.

Eliminate animal torture through Science experimentation

Eliminate abuse and consumption of horses. Feed housing nail in the head death march and rodeo abuse along with racing usury.  Leave free range animals alone. All animals must agree to any sport event not slavery for profit. Where would humanity be without the support of horses and many other loving animals?

Mandatory Compliance with Mother Earths code of conduct globally!

Innovations Canada Funds

We must develop free safe clean energy sources for our vehicles, homes and businesses. Our goal is to eliminate dangerous EMF energies presently being used in all technologies presently. All people who have opted out of the smart meter agenda will get first consideration for free installation. We must stop all electric company slavery like BC Hydro.

We must develop new internet, computer software that is based in even harmonics fair safe avenues for all on the planet. New quantum applications base on heart and mind unity that cannot be hacked or molested from dark controls. (stop US controls in every area of commerce that is detrimental Monopolies come to mind)

We will create a safe free communication network base on safe crystalline harmonics with new phone applications for reading, speaking and learning. Gaming will be more educational then violence based.

We will encourage all Canadian inventors to step forward to assist with these ideas and present their own in our Galactic University Teen and Adult Innovations departments. (local facilities also available)

We will introduce new space technologies that will not be controlled by Cabal controlled organization like Nasa and their affiliates like Canadian Space Agency. If these controls are eliminated and minds refreshed then consideration will be addressed.

We will introduce flying Cars and flying buses as well as global shuttle craft for world travel in minutes with absolute sensor safety from all dark applications.

We will support science research in the areas of Quantum physics, planetary energetic and origins, astronomy energetics, geologies, humanities and anthropology, herbology without pharmaceutical applications. DNA RNA origins, And of course free energy without hydrogen, water or fossil fuel applications.

We must demand the closure of all space wars and military war applications development and sales. Stop all wars on the planet!

We must introduce free healing centers globally to raise the vibration on the planet and end suffering for humanity. We will also offer home diagnostic technologies for maintaining optimal health.

We will introduce safe cleaning technologies to eliminate much arduous work and chemical usage. This will help all restaurants, hotels, property maintenance and industry. Not to mention all house wives around the world.

We will share all water treatment and supply technologies especially for cities and rural people with limited water sources. We wish to eliminate all disease due to shortage to clean drinking water globally. We will also introduce safe sewage elimination transformation as well as garbage dematerializing tech.

Many more healing and other technologies will be introduced as we evolve. If you have any ideas or inventions you would like to develop come to us for support instead of foreign or US controlling our business in Canada.

Mandatory compliance with Mother Earths code of conduct!

Canada First Funds:

We must take back our sovereignty in Canada to benefit all Canadian born citizens. Being usurped by foreign and US corporations and trade policies must end. Cancel all detrimental trade agreements not voted on by Canadians.

We must arrest all treasonous government operatives who benefited by throwing all of us under the bus regarding government policies, laws, tariffs and immigration policies that hurt all of us emotionally mentally, physically and financially.

We must reform and change our government system and electoral process. We need to limit foreign involvement in our governments by immigrants stationed to support non Canadian racial groups and foreign businesses. We cannot be passive none evolved citizens that cannot work in a free sovereign republic. We must be involved in every policy law and legislation brought into being.

We also need to outlaw all secret society groups and satanic cult operations in our land that has utilized our immigration, government, corporation and human rights departments.

We need to outlaw all lawyers judges and police personnel from participating in our government.

We need to outlaw money lobbying from self serving business groups to corrupt our republic.

We need to reform dual citizenship that does not benefit Canadians. Outlaw diplomatic and legislative immunity!

We need to reform all unfair free trade controls imposed upon Canadians like excise taxes and handling fees.

We need to demand the Bank of Canada to operate legally and ethically properly (charge all criminal enablers in this regard)

We need to enforce mandatory English writing, speaking and reading outside Quebec and French inside Quebec before any benefits are allowed to immigrants. If they do not want to integrate into our values and laws then do not come to Canada. The days of Racism and discrimination against Canadians due to not mandating these things must be over.

We must expose underground job market for Asians and foreigners excluding Canadians. We must eliminate foreign language papers and media that support racism and economic discrimination against Canadians.

We must expose organizations that support disrespect to Canadians in both these issues like any issues with Asian group Success in Vancouver supported by our local government.

We must reform change or eliminate freedom of Religion as it applies presently. It have been corrupted and used by Dark ET Satanic agendas.

We need to rescind and reform all government benefits as they apply presently and demand restitution from all government people who milked the system. Change government working schedule.

We need to research all benefits to immigrants not offered Canadians and demand charges and restitution for these crimes. (class action apply against all Government parties)

We need to rescind any trade agreement that gives foreign corporations or governments the right to dictate policy to our government, if they do not like the agreement don’t come here for Canadians rights and sovereignty must be respected at all times. Any government that agrees to this must be charged with treason.

We need to research all immigrant businesses in Vancouver and every province territory who only hire other immigrants and refuse to learn our language and or fly our flag or promote Canada or Canadian businesses. Frequent lies about no Canadians wanting jobs.

We need to deport all immigrant criminals and their families gang warfare has escalated in Vancouver.

We need to make it a crime for any government to give bids contract preference to foreign immigrant businesses over Canadians.

We need to charge all government minions who support the violation of Canadians rights in CRA, EI, Immigration, Health Canada, BCUC, BC Hydro, CRTC, courts, security, Police departments, Social Services, WCB, ICBC and all government departments that operate from willful blindness and not share their first and last names.

We need to take back ownership of all Canadian owned infrastructure treasonously sold to foreigners  without our permission like our ports, railways, airports operations, water and resources to some degree. These reckless government decisions have created divisive unhealthy unsafe issues for Canada and Canadians all to make them and corporate friends rich big changes are on the horizon.

We need to eliminate the Monarchy from all currency, stamps, schooling, banking and governmental procedures in Canada to retain our sovereignty of a republic.

We need to stop foreign ownership of our land, real state across Canada to straighten out that industry for Canadians. We need to discern how much of our corporations and resources are foreign owned with disrespectful agreements against Canadians sovereignty.

We encourage Canadians to buy from and support 100% Canadian owned and operated businesses. We will support our business partnerships with these priorities.

We must change all career education options it is hard to find employment support offices for Canadians in all areas of Vancouver.

We need to stop all immigration to Canada to clear this treasonous mess our governments have created against our will.

We will offer awards for new name for our province and new flag to eliminate illuminati controls and symbols from our republic.

We will support the development of new constitution and bill of rights that align with mother earth’s code of conduct and our new republic without British interference.

We will offer awards to any Canadian whistle blowing on any of these issues. We will also support any person, group or organization that promote Canadian Sovereignty and Values that refuse to allow foreign disrespect to such indeed and policies. See below

Mandatory Mother Earth Code of compliance!

Ambassador Awards Funds:

We will develop whistle blower awards in every province and territory. This award brings to light any and all criminal behaviour and actions against Canadians rights. Each territory media will be asked to submit requests for the best disclosures annually.

We will develop Sovereignty Awards to anyone who exposes people, groups or businesses or non profits that support foreign countries, foreign businesses and immigrants over Canadians. Also, any government policy that promotes foreign support over Canadian Sovereignty will be looked at. Both awards will have a first second and third prizes annually in each region.

We want to support an adult bully program that people can safely out people who bully in jobs, groups, internet, sport teams etc. (example DGC and Iaste film union people and employees, immigrant tenants, landlords and management)

We will support our Arts community and Olympic Teams with financial support both through our bank and special sponsorships. Women hockey and soccer come to mind due to more money always pouring in for men.

We want to sponsor the ability for all children to participate in music, painting, dance, film, martial arts and athletics.

We will encourage a better training system for all children in soccer across Canada to finally win in the world cup. We need to support all our Olympic athletes more for more success globally. We want feedback from all athletes about how we can achieve these goals.

First Nations Remedy Funds:

We need to eliminate all poverty and segregation issues in our indigenous communities. Many still believe they are somehow more important special regarding land ownership in this country. This is simply not the case and breaches Canadians rights given to all from mother earth. Yes we need the governments to pay restitution for their past crimes against all indigenous groups. Yet all of humanity has been violated in many ways. We all must comply with Mother Earths code of conduct no one owns mother earth. We must address any indigenous group who tried to financial benefit via corrupt oil gas and mining companies still raping mother earth against her will. Plus we need to stop discrimination against Canadians abilities to earn a living in fishing and land as well. Much healing and teaching needs to take place so we will offer much support this way local and regionally via our centers with the Masters.

We do need to join forces to stop all corporate rape pillage and plunder of our environment globally.

We will also financially support all global indigenous groups and help with any destruction to mother Gaia and her kingdoms in any part of this land and around the world

Mandatory compliance with Mother Earths code of conduct straight from her and her kingdoms!

All the above categories can be expanded as we evolve so please submit your suggestions and if you are already working in any of the areas suggested above please let us know and I will help network and support your efforts. We need to all come together through common ground and stop fostering elitist self important segregation posturing. This loving goal will surely heal our families, communities and beautiful planet.


Tami Dickson

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BC Smart Meter Saga & Lawsuits! Aug 22/14 Print E-mail
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Thursday, 21 August 2014 20:45

BC Smart Meter Saga & Lawsuits! Aug 22/14

Classaction Lawsuits for small business and individuals go to: or to get involved Tami

Subject: Update 2014-08-19 Prominent scientist calling for RF to be a 2a (probable) carcinogen
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2014 23:19:56 -0700

1)   A well-known researcher is interviewed about RF, especially the dangers associated with use of cell phones. He, along with many others, asserts that the evidence is sufficient to classify RF radiation as a 2a carcinogen (probably carcinogenic to humans). This is the same RF emitted by $$meters, wifi, cordless phones and baby monitors.

2)   Medicine Hat, Alb. suspends $meter program to investigate safety of $meter.

3)   Sask Power was allowed, via an exemption, to allow unqualified people, just like Corix installers, to install their $meters. This exemption has been withdrawn.

4)   In Sask. fires occurred during pilot project. It appears that those who should have known about the fire hazard allowed the installations to proceed. This sure sounds like harmful negligence, to me. Shouldn’t someone be held accountable for allowing lives and property to be put in danger?,-Sask.-Party-MLAs/1

Sent: August 16, 2014 1:24 PM
Subject: Lack of Information

Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner of BC

Victoria, BC  V8W 9A4

August 16, 2014

Dear Commissioner Denham,

In face of the overwhelming mountain of information and evidence concerning the smart meter, smart grid, smart ‘everything’ wireless protocols, none of which has been positive, one wonders where the agents responsible for alerting the citizens of Canada and in our case Brutish Columbia, have been hiding for the past half dozen years or more.

If the mandate of the Freedom of Information Act is to bring to the public’s attention certain risks involved in various governmental and corporate programs, then the OIPC and you, the Commissioner, Sir, along with all the governmental watchdogs and checks and balances have been sadly delinquent in the execution of the duties for which you have been mandated.

The Precautionary Principle “…… implies that there is a social responsibility to protect the public from exposure to harm, when scientific investigation has found a plausible risk. These protections can be relaxed only if further scientific findings emerge that provide sound evidence that no harm will result.” This principle has been made law in some European Union jurisdictions but never to my knowledge has it ever been practiced as a sensible consideration in this entire nation and certainly not in the Hansard record of the BC Legislature.

The alarming negative conclusions of an enormous number of documented accounts of scientific and medical research carried out under strict procedures by world class scientists and technicians with nothing to gain except the truth, has been unequivocally ignored by our government, its agencies and the corporate masters to which they bow and scrape.

The question is: When will the insanity be brought to a screeching halt and when will those honest and erudite individuals who wield even a modicum of authority stand up and be accountable or…..perhaps be allowed to stand up and be accountable.

Commissioner, the electorate is growing impatient.

So sincerely it makes me sick…….literally!

Edgar Murdoch (name included with author’s permission)

Enderby, BC

Please read from the bottom up.

Sent: August 18, 2014 11:41 AM
To: Complaints BCUC:EX
Subject: Re: Re Failed Meter Installation Charge

Thank you Mr. Wruck!

My phone number is -----

I give you consent to my privacy information.

I have emailed BC Hydro as well as Mr.Reimer and neither responded. My correspondence with BC Hydro has been via email so that I have a track record with them.

My account is in good standing and has been for 15 years, I have paid the legacy meter charges from the beginning, BC Hydro is very aware that I do not wish to have a smart meter. They are also aware that if they need to remove my analog that they replace it with another analog.

To date, the only representative from BC Hydro who has been by my house has been a meter reader on July 31 at noon. No one else has been by. The meter reader specifically said he was there to read the meter only and joked about not exchanging my meter.

There has been no attempt to exchange my meter, as well as no attempt to let me know they were here and ask me to turn my power off so they could replace my analog.

There has been no notice left anywhere on my property that they attempted to change the meter, nor was there a date on the 'failed installation charge of $65 on my bill.

I have expressed that I wish to have this charge plus GST of 3.25 taken off my bill. This is a charge for services NOT rendered.

I have not resisted another analog if BC Hydro so requires it, however I DO very much resist a charge for something that has not happened.

I appreciate you stepping in on my behalf

----- Original Message -----

From: "Complaints BCUC:EX" <>


Sent: Monday, August 18, 2014 10:25:44 AM

Subject: RE: Re Failed Meter Installation Charge


Thank you for your email to the BC Utilities Commission regarding your concerns about a failed installation charge.

Commission staff can help investigate your concerns through our complaints process. In order to move ahead with your complaint, please send in the following information:

* Your telephone number

* Your consent to your information, including correspondence, being shared with the company (privacy consent)

* A description of the contacts you made with the company and reasons, from your viewpoint, why your complaint remains unresolved

The British Columbia Utilities Commission and Utility Customer Complaints

The Commission receives complaints from utility customers and works to resolve these complaints where they fall within the Commission's jurisdiction. Commission staff investigate customer complaints to ensure utilities are following their tariffs and the Utilities Commission Act . For more information on the Commission’s complaints process, please visit our website at: .

Thank you again for contacting the Commission.


Patrick Wruck

Customer Service Specialist

British Columbia Utilities Commission

6 th Floor, 900 Howe Street, Box 250

Vancouver, B.C. V6Z 2N3


Phone: 604.660.4700 | Fax: 604.660.1102 | Toll Free: 1.800.663.1385

Please consider the environment before printing this email.

The information being transmitted may contain confidential and/or privileged material and is intended only for the person or organization to which it is addressed. If you receive this e-mail in error, please delete the material from the receiving computer and contact the sender.

-----Original Message-----

From: XXX

Sent: Wednesday, August 13, 2014 1:34 PM

To: BC Hydro Customer Service

Cc: Horgan.MLA, John LASS:EX; Commission Secretary BCUC:EX; Wruck, Patrick BCUC:EX;;;

Subject: Re Failed Meter Installation Charge

To Whom it may concern.

I received my BC Hydro bill in the mail today. Upon examination of the charges, I see a failed meter installation charge of $65.

Please note:

there is no date of when this failed installation was to have occurred.

there was no notice left by BC Hydro that you had attempted to install another meter.

I am home at all times and the ONLY BC Hydro person who came by was on July 31/2014 to read the meter. At least that is what he told me when I went outside to check.

I object to a charge of $65 for something that has not occurred.

Please credit my account in the amount of $68.25 ($65. plus 3.25 GST).

Should you wish to replace my current analog with another analog, please make an appointment and I'll be more than happy to accommodate you. Please note I said analog meter.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to your reply via email.


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