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Mnt Goat RV & Zap News! Jan 16/15 Print E-mail
Truth & Growth Education
Friday, 16 January 2015 15:57
UU3223 – “An Economic War”   by Mnt Goat  Part 1

Hi Everyone,

I know today’s news, like the past couple news letters, is not all very pleasant. It is sad what is being done to Iraq as I believe the USA is medaling in their internal affairs too much and using the stalling of the RV for political reasons and leverage outside of Iraq’s benefit. 

There is not much more for Iraq to do for RV and I will try to explain just what I mean by this statement in today’s news letter.

I hope everyone also read my last news letters dated 01/12 since this is a continuation of this ongoing saga.   

Today’s News

Today is Friday Jan 16th   and we end the week with a new window of opportunity for a possible RV.
Why do I say this?  I will tell you.

In my last couple news letters I stated we were in a good window to possibly see the RV from last weekend.  I based my information on many factors one of which was a targeted “go live” on the Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX) with international trading.

Well we now know this was just another attempt to go live for international trading but it could not be pulled off. This was due to not having their currency first as international.

How can you trade stocks and currency on international markets when you do not have a fare market rate value and are not linked to the exchanges. How can the BUY and SELL transactions work when the brokerage systems can not research (or link to) the current market values of your currency.

The completed RV rollout process will give them this capability. It is the final missing piece. We now also know for a fact the ISX is tied to having the RV in place so this is no longer a rumor. So it makes total sense that when they talk about the ISX rollout once again we should pay close attention.

I am now hearing there is going to be yet another attempt on Jan 20th for  ISX rollout. That is next Tuesday. This is now why I am saying another window of opportunity has opened up for an RV.

The RV must occur prior to any international trading in ISX.

So the window is from today Friday Jan 16th thru Jan 20th. Will they meet this new target this time and begin international trading on the ISX?  We wait and see.

You see they are desperately trying to sync up events prior to pushing out the RV. On one hand you have the gov’t negotiating oil deals, parliament trying to work through needed legislation, the CBI building up reserves and stabilizing the rate, the finance ministry working with the budget and other corruption matters.  

2015 Budget Saga

So there are many items to talk about today concerning the progress being made and those other events we should be paying attention to besides the ISX rollout.

First let’s talk about the 2015 budget implementation. As I said in prior news letters I totally believe the budget is done and has been done for many weeks now only they have to make adjustments for the sudden decline in oil prices.

They can not open the budget and announce it because there is a greater plan  and the plan includes other events happening in synchronization. I follow the budget saga with you in my news only because I know when they begin to announce something pertaining to it, it then gives us an indication, a timeframe for the final voting. Again this event is worth paying attention to.

For me these budget events are the triggers for “ready to RV”. This timeframe has been announced as Jan 20th for the final vote on the budget. So we wait and see if in fact it does take place and what happens next.

So Iraq has to constantly make excuses to tell their citizens why the budget is not yet ready. Certainly they can not tell them the USA is medaling once again in their internal affairs. They know all about the support the USA gave Maliki and how it all turned out. They do not trust the medaling USA anymore to help them.

So why has the USA not pushed the RV button already?

There is an economic blackmail going on right under our noses. If you pay attention to the news from Iraq, the BBC  and your local news media channels you can read between the lines.

Just remember the basics of what is going on here. The USA wants to control the oil in the Middle East. There is a new pipeline under construction and it must pass through Syria and many other countries. The goal is to bring the oil to Europe and avoid much of the high cost of shipment. Russia does not want them to control it. Control of the oil is money, huge money. Money is power. We are witnessing now this power unleashed and what it can do.

This recent news today about the Swiss decision to de-link the franc from the Euro was a surprise for everyone. It should be of no surprise since why should the Swiss artificially boost the Euro any longer. There is no other reason.

All players must play in this rebalancing and Swiss feels they have done more than their part while other countries resist the needed changes (hint – USA? ). Simple put the people of Switzerland voted the referendum to keep shoring up the EURO. It is their money and they no longer believe it is being spent appropriately.

Note of caution - This news from the Swiss is not about the Cabal breakdown or the Swiss going on a the gold standard, as many have already taken credit for. It is predictable that whenever there is such an event they will try to take credit for it.

Again, as I told you, these weirdoes in this group of people have other motives and agendas in mind and will take credit for anything that happens to show they are in charge.

The fact is they have absolutely no power just an agenda for more power. So be careful of this group in the nonsense they put out. The reality is we do not want to live in their version of the world afterwards.
Signs of the Economic War

We are witnessing the Russian ruble tank as oil prices continue on a downward slide. Then we hear about president Putin’s possible resignation. Could this be what they really wanted from Russia?

We can now see the Saudi and Iraq competition for buyers of their oil. We are now hearing we can expect oil prices to drop to as low as $25-30 a barrel and bring gas to pre-2008 prices at the pumps.   

Is this an economic war? . The question is not if there is a war but rather how far will it go and what will be the final outcome?

It is now very apparent. There are some major adjustments being made as are result. I am not an economist and I do not have all the answers. Much of what we are witnessing baffles me too. But I do not just sit and wait. I reach out and investigate and look for the reasons why. Always I point to the same question – Why?

I have talked to many economist and financial guru’s. They all tell me the same as to why the value of the US dollar  is now so high in the midst of all this turmoil. 

They say the USA used the shale oil production to force the drop in middle eastern oil prices. A brilliant move on the part of USA president Obama only now it is no longer cost effective to produce oil from shale. These efforts will most likely shut down. So what is the next move?  This must have been predicted.

What we do know for sure it was economic blackmail and used as leverage. The US economy is so very much tied to the price of energy. When the cost of energy is low the dollar goes up. Let me explain the ripple effect going on here.

My question is this now. Can the USA be middle east independent of its oil? There is talk about the USA putting together its own oil market, controlling prices for North American oil outside of the middle eastern countries. 

You see the new plan is all about where you market the oil as to how much you pay for it. So for the middle eastern oil with markets in India, China and Europe there will be one market. 

Then for oil consumed in North America another market. Each market separates its cost of production separately. Thus oil in the USA stays low as needed for the economy to rise.

Why am I telling you this?

I am trying to explain what is happening behind the scenes. What we now witness on our TV screens is not coincidental. They are actually showing us the method but we do not see the big picture. 

We can not piece together the puzzle since we do not have all the pieces. Let me give you  few more pieces so you can begin to see the larger picture.

There is a plan to separate territories of the globe into 5 currency regions. Most people have no clue as to this plan and how it is taking effect right in front of our noses. They will use the excuse to implement this plan as to decrease this rising energy costs for North America and to handle the uncontrollable massive debt of the USA.
UU3223 – “An Economic War”   by Mnt Goat  Part 2

About the Amero Coin

Time to put this conspiracy to rest……lol…There is also a plan to form the “North American Union” and to rollout a single currency for Canada, USA and Mexico. However this is something for the future. This new currency is not the “Amero” currency as some say it is already minted. 

Various warnings about the USA, Canada and Mexico losing their sovereignty, merging into a North American Union and switching to a single currency known as the Amero.   A video by Hal Turner claims that these are already in use in trade agreements with China.   

The Truth is this an  eRumor is based on a collector's coin and on fears that the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement could be the first step toward loss of sovereignty for the United States. 

The Amero coin does exist, but is not American currency.  It is a collector coin designed by a man named Daniel Carr and available for sale on a web site called the Amero Currency Site.  This product is marketed for coin collectors and coin enthusiasts but it is not legal tender.
The Amero Currency site says that visitors can "Buy Ameros for educational purposes, as novelties and conversation starters at the first tee !!!"  The site says that the coin is being sold to raise awareness of the NAFTA trade agreements between Canada, United States and Mexico but the marketing of this coin has spun into a conspiracy theory.

Moving on…

We will see shortly how they first will separate these oil markets since the impact would be too great on the interdependencies of the middle eastern oil as it would/could drag down the new North America Union currency of the future

We are now seeing the first step in this process as we watch this economic war on oil being played out. The separation of  the markets is taking place. I believe pressure will be put on this separation in order to keep shale oil production up in North America unaffected by middle eastern oil prices. Think this is really weird? Think again !

In short- when the dollar goes up there is a higher demand for goods. This has happened due to a drop in oil prices. Companies then reach out for loans to begin their production cycles. When production is up and goods are sold the value of investment stocks rise. Speculation that more is to come.

The demand for the US dollar goes up even more as the economy picks up. I have been saying this to myself for over 10 years. If the US really wanted to do something about the economic recovery why not just figure out a way to bring cheap energy into the market. This is now being done. We are witnessing the impact.

I know one thing for sure-  the USA will not step in to aid or assist Russia this time . They are on their own unless they pull out of the Ukraine and guarantee to stay out of any of the former Soviet Union Block countries. Somehow president Putin seems to think the cold war is still on. His resignation may also be another demand.

Past Iraqi budget surpluses – Where did all the money go?

This week also the Iraqi finance committee announced that they have audited their banks on past budget surpluses. They have come up with over 180+ trillion dinars missing. They were hoping they could use these funds to fill the gaps for 2015 budget. They were hoping to find that the banks receiving the funds go back as far as 2004 still maintained the funds since many planned projects were never completed.

Their findings so far show that there are trillions of dinars unaccounted for. Does this surprise us? They pledged to take up the effort of finding the parties responsible and bring them to justice.

Common Law Proclamation in Kanata ( Canada!) Jan 14/14 Print E-mail
Nesara Canada
Wednesday, 14 January 2015 16:08

Canada is Proclaimed a Sovereign Republic:
Crown authority is nullified, Common Law established as supreme authority

The Proclamation establishing Kanata

Winnipeg: January 14-15, 2015

After nearly two years of preparation, a new nation emerged today as the Republic of Kanata was publicly proclaimed in dozens of Canadian communities.

From Amherst, Nova Scotia to Port Alberni on Canada's west coast, Republican organizers are occupying town halls and court houses to proclaim Kanata.

A Proclamation of Independence and three accompanying Acts are being read that have nullified ties with the British crown, established the Republic, and created a High Court of Justice to enact common law courts across Kanata.

"The corporation called Canada is null and void. As of today, the only lawful authority here is the Republic and its common law" said a representative of the Provisional Council for the Republic in Winnipeg this morning.
Nearly one thousand citizens of the new Republic are now actively establishing common law courts in every region and preparing delegations to the first General Congress of the new nation, to be held in Winnipeg from June 30 - July 3, 2015.

For information : ,


Kevin Annett was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2013 and 2014. Messages for him can be left at 386-323-5774 (USA). His personal website is and his biography is:

See the evidence of Genocide in Canada and other crimes at and at the website of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State at

See also, the website for the Republic of Kanata.

Kevin's award winning documentary film Unrepentant can be viewed at .
The complete Common Law Court proceedings of Genocide in Canada are found at: - Common Law Court Proceedings - Genocide in Canada  (Part One) - 1 hr. 46 mins. - Common Law Court Proceedings - Genocide in Canada  (Part Two) - 1 hr. 47 mins. - Final Court Verdict and Sentencing - 8 mins. 30 secs. - Authorizations and Endorsements of ITCCS/Kevin Annett by indigenous eyewitnesses - 10 mins. - Irene Favel, Eyewitness to the incineration of a newborn baby by a priest at Muscowegan Catholic Indian school, Saskatchewan, 1944 - Other key testimonies from our Court case against genocide in Canada

The first excavation at a mass grave residential school site: Mohawk school, 2011
An International, multi-lingual ITCCS site can be found at:

See also an insightful personal interview "Who is Kevin Annett?" (2013) at:


Mnt Goat RV & Benjamin Fulford Global Reports! Jan 13/15 Print E-mail
Truth & Growth Education
Tuesday, 13 January 2015 16:20

UU4777 – “What we can expect this week”  by Mnt Goat

I will be posting RV Bank training for Canadians shortly. USA RV Bank updates Bank training

Hi Everyone,

Thanks everyone for your kind words. I will always try to be here to help in the effort to bring you the truth as I know it. The majority of you are truly blessed people.

Today I wanted to give everyone an update on certain matters as they progress concerning the Iraq dinar revaluation process.  I hope everyone also read my last news letters dated 01/09 (LINK) since this is a continuation of this ongoing saga.

Please read the entire news letter since it will eliminate much confusion and questions that can easily be answered JUST BY READING THE NEWS LETTER.

Remember I am no longer going to reply to email questions concerning issues I just explained in this news letter or any previous news letter. If you are really concerned about your investment you will then be responsible enough to take the time (as I do) to read the news and absorb it. This is not a date and a rate news letter however if you are smart you can see where all this news is heading.

Today’s News

Today is Jan 12th and surprise, surprise no RV! In my last couple news letters I stated we were in a good window to possibly see the RV from last Thursday thru to Sunday. I based my information on many factors one of which was a targeted “go live” on ISX with international trading.

ISX Update

I stated this since I knew for a fact Iraq was targeting to go live with the Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX) global sector and they needed to have a current global rate for the IQD or a rate indicative of a true value to their currency and not this toilet paper rate they have been using since 2003.

We heard about the software changes the ISX needed to go global and the needed connections in order to make it compliant to interface with (talk to) the rest of the international global exchanges. We read articles these software links where put in place and later that they were not yet activated (on –hold). Many of the “intel gurus” at this time also though they were going to go live with it (thus needed an RV rate) but were very disappointed when later they found out it was only a planned software rollout and was never intended to be activated at that time. So this caused more hype and disappointment as we also witnessed this past weekend.

So what really happened this past weekend?

Over this past weekend the plan was to begin trading on this date using the new software links they previously rolled out, as I mentioned above. This was the plan. This was a target they established a month or more ago once they had the new software linkage in place.

You see they are desperately trying to sync up events. You have the gov’t on one hand negotiating oil deals, parliament trying to work through needed legislation, the CBI building up reserves and stabilizing the rate, the finance ministry working with the budget and other matters like ISX completion and so on so forth.

Lots of hands multi tasking, lots of moving parts all trying to get Iraq completed to meet USA and UN satisfaction. Think of Abadi and the two other presidents as the traffic cops and the catalysts and motivators.

Gosh this sounds like real leadership!

The are desperately trying to keep things moving along to make forward movement. But at times one hand (a ministry) does not talk much to the other hand (GOI, parliament or another ministry) and only hopes other events they are working on are also completed on time to sync up with their plan. So you understand?

So this past weekend we witnessed yet another example of bad timing with the finance ministry with ISX planned implementation. So to pacify would-be investors, over this past weekend the finance ministry came out with a note on the ISX screen stating that trading was to be held up due to the economic reforms now in progress. Don’t know if many realize it but this was actually amazing news.

I have translated this note from Arabic to English many times using many different translators and what I present is a rough translation but I think I have it spot on as to what they are trying to tell us. So what does this tell us?

It tells us a couple things. One is we now know that the RV is in fact tied to the ISX currency trading of the Iraq dinar going global. So this is no longer just a rumor. Second we know why the RV did not yet happen as planned this past weekend or on the 11th.  It’s all good as the glass is “half full” not “half empty”….lol…..

Rumor (just rumor for now) that Iraq is going to try again on Jan 15th  for the global activation of ISX. They will need an RV prior. Will this happen. I do not see a chance in hell of this happening. Just my opinion and I will explain more in this news letter as you see the other items need too.

Anbar Update

I want to emphasize the situation in Anbar is still ongoing. The governor or Anbar providence has arrived back already from the USA from talks about further support. The USA has obligated many weapons, ammo and most important more advisors (up to 500 more) to assist in the effort. Are they really advisors?  My prediction is we should see this Anbar situation begin to wind down soon.

Many articles are now coming out about this situation. Anbar is a sore spot for the former prime minister Maliki since it was the beginning of the major peaceful protesting that turned into rioting against his government’s policies. Anbar is where the attacks on 150+ civilians occurred with merciless shootings and “barrel” bombs released from helicopters on the protesting crowds by his security forces and the Iraqi Army. Do you remember this mess?

This was the breaking point for the citizens. Soon after this event a list of demands was delivered to the government of Maliki.  The number one demand was for Maliki to step down. Other demands included the full implementation of the Erbil agreement and many of the reforms we have seen recently implemented (or planned) since but by the new Abadi government.

To make a long story short since these protests, Maliki’s security forces cracked down on Anbar and has had control over it ever since. When ISIS and DAASH infiltrated he gladly turned over the providence to them. This  is basically how ISIS got control over this area. It is time to rid ISIS of these terrorist. They soon will be free of them and begin building their own “FREE” decentralized security forces to deal with any  improper takeover from the centralized government in the future. This has been the plan for all the major provinces. This is hoped will prevent such centralized power in the hands of the GOI and abuse of the provinces.

So this is where we stand currently in Anbar. Mosul also is winding down now and many of the forces defending that providence are to be moving in the Anbar region to fight. These were the two last strongholds for ISIS. Abadi has vowed to rid Iraq of ISIS in the near future and I totally believe he will fully accomplish his goals.

These 26 generals too we hear in the news about Amnesty (or lack of Amnesty) demands by USA are involved in this massacre. They have spilt blood on Iraqi countrymen on their hands along with the one on top who gave the orders…..Maliki. Amnesty will not apply to anyone who spilt blood of a citizen.

Ongoing 2015 Budget Saga Update

As we heard Jubouri and Abadi are constantly pushing to get this 2015 budget done and implemented. For the first time in 8 years they want a budget to operate the government by. The USA is also demanding it. Let there be no misunderstanding. The USA will not complete a currency reform with Iraq until they have a workable budget accepted my the majority (which means passed by parliament).

Let me also settle the ongoing dilemma many have in their minds about the budget and RV connection.

Let me only state this one more time since I have repeatedly ironed this out already in many of my past news letters. Please stop listening to this other garbage and hype concerning this topic and you will not get confused. You are confusing yourselves !

So here it is one more time:

-       first of all the budget does not need an RV to be implemented. If they wanted they could easily open the budget now as is and begin spending it at the current dinar rate (1166ish), but it must first be passed by parliament and posted in the Gazette to be legal. There is no RV’d rate in the budget !

-       However having said this Iraq would luv to sync up events and pop out the RV in timing for the implementation of the budget but it is not really needed. But the Budget is not the lone event they are attempting to sync up. There are other items too and I have talked about these many times. We now see article 140 is on the hot bed. I will discuss this later in this news letter. Would an RV be nice- yet is would give them much more buying power too on all these upcoming projects scheduled for 2015.

-       The budget is only being stalled from a final vote based on issues. Part of it was the deficit reductions they required. With the fluctuating oil prices it is making it hard to manage. They already had the two official, required readings. I am hearing they do not intend to have a 3rd reading and will go to a voting session next. This could happen this week and probably will.

-       Since the second reading, the opposition is nitpicking any early budget agreement and wants to stall it for political reasons. These are of course still Maliki’s goons in parliament, same old tactics from the past. However there will come an end point to these changes and I believe it has been reached. They will not have their way.

-       House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, said at a news conference on Sunday that on Monday Jan 12th will be the end of the revisions from the second reading of the budget law. They are not going around and around again with this budget. This is excellent news.

-       Iraq can do whatever they damn well please with the budget. Investors are not going to dictate to them how they will handle this budget just because they want an RV. They have never officially announced or opened a completed budget in the past but they still continue to operate and pay bills. They might just do the same now in 2015. Who the hell knows?  We only know what they are telling us and noone has a crystal ball.

But if you have some common sense and USE IT it helps to figure it all out. I do not think this old approach from the last 4 years with the budgets is however  the path they now desire to take since the USA and IMF are  forcing a formal operating budget from them. Jubouri and Abadi are allowing these revisions since they vowed to have a non-sectarian government and so this is proving it to the world once again. However enough is enough and they are about to crack down and complete it. Don’t believe me? Wait you will see.

Article 140 Update

Excellent, excellent news on this long awaited topic came out this past weekend. I am assuming everyone knows that the article 140 issue is called “article 140” issue because it was written in their constitution in article 140 how to handle the disputed oil rich regions on the boarder between Iraq and its neighbors. Oil is not the only reason though. These contested areas are full of immigrants who settled in these regions, mostly of Kurd nationality. But it is really the oil everyone wants and is concerned over. Also in reality the constitution clearly states how to handle these disputes only they do not yet have any sound legislation to implement for a workable solution in the real world.

So low and behold this past weekend president Masuom came onboard and requested Abadi begin to address this issue and get this legislation going. I have been waiting a long time for this news. Why did he do this?

He now came out because the USA once again this past week told Iraq this item is still high on the priority list of items to get done prior to completing economic reforms. They will need to form a committee to do this work. I believe we will shortly read about this in the upcoming articles about this new committee and its agenda for the next sessions of parliament. This is something now to watch for and track in the news. This is the last big piece to this puzzle (not the only piece)  to get moving on for economic reform completion.


Last Updated on Tuesday, 13 January 2015 16:32

Canadian Humaitarian Bank Residual income for U & Non profits Globall! Jan 12/15 Print E-mail
Galactic Friends
Monday, 12 January 2015 16:32

Canadian Residual Income for You & Non Profit Projects! July 19/14

Friends we will be offering full time residual income opportunities through our online international bank that will be offered across Canada and around the world. All nonprofit organizations and charities who agree with our project outlines goals below are encouraged to contact us with your focus of interest participation. These funds will be the same for men and women and all groups who set up account with our bank. We will post bank links to join as soon as our legal team gives me the green light to do so. Then we can also arrange a visit to our bank here in BC for Nonprofit, media and government representatives. After that is done the general public will be able to come and visit our Galactic University site where our bank resides.

Each individual and nonprofit organizational address will only get one residual checking savings account so please go through categories below and check the correct link to register your account as your interests require. The rewards and prizes will be disclosed in our up and coming advertising locally, federally and globally.

Parents can set up an account for each child however they will not be able to access their funds until they are 18 years old.

We wish these funds to go to the people not hoarding opportunistic administrators or corrupt government people or departments!

We also wish to hire honest reliable money managers to assist our customers in each country who signs onto our bank. Plus we want to hire Sales personal as well as call center and bank personal where needed.

Eliminating Proverty Funds Program:

This focus will address everyone in Canada who is on Social Assistance, Disability, Unemployment assistance and old age pensions as well as our veterans. We will assist with getting this residual income and restitution funds in Canada to all below 20,000 a year including working poor who visit the food banks first.  After that anyone who wished to have these funds can register an account. These funds come with mandatory free healing through our centers as well as sponsored money management training so people do not lose their money. The healings are to ensure you remain on the right timeline during ascension so you can indeed receive your proper abundance in 100% light as well as be able mentally and physical to enjoy your life and absorb your teachings. We will need cooperation with new post Nesara government departments to attain these goals. This will free up those government department expenditures to eliminate taxes and other slavery applications like toll bridges, highways and user fees.

We are asking food banks to help us distribute food replicators to the poor while utilizing them for the masses who frequent the food banks. As well as distribute to food kitchens and churches who offer free meals across the country. This will take the strain of many heart centered facilities helping the poor. Parks and recreation can also help through community centers regionally and federally free of charge!

We will need to reform our housing industry and stop foreign influences that have created imbalances in our market and supply for our citizens.

Eliminate low wage slavery and child labour as well as sweat shops globally.

Reform landlord tenancy branch to support tenants more and property owners less that are detrimental to our health and well being. (example no proper sound proofing, no smart meters, no smokers, animal permission, bed bugs and rodents plus proper heat and size of suites as well as appliances ) Put Canadians first for all subsidized housing and reform immigration that impact us negatively this way. Stop high rent gouging at all age levels.

We want to support the respect and equality for girls and women in Canada and around the world that has nothing to do with religion. Any person, religion or country that oppresses the rights of women weaken themselves and their countries. Women have sole sovereignty of their own bodies no one or state has the right to intervene in this spiritual right.

Eliminate homelessness and joblessness for all age groups.

Make sure every precious child and teenager who have been stuck in foster care or orphanages find a new loving home receive advanced healing and education with job training.

The Galactic’s can help build free self sufficient safe educational centers in areas that prevent this like Africa, Middle East, South America and Asia. Healing centers are also available to eliminate all disease globally with the permission of mother earth.

Help around the world as well!

Comply with Mother Earths code of conduct regarding land use and ownership.

Space of Love funds:

There will be training about developing a space of love for each person in Canada and around the world. This includes gardening healing and unification with mother earth’s kingdoms for health and happiness for all communities. Free land, free clean water, air, free energy and food is our god given rights all else is slavery.

We will support the development sharing and storing networking of food seeds globally.

To attain these goals we must eliminate all Chem Trails, fossil fuel and gas drilling and usage globally to regain planetary balance with healthy oxygen and water levels for all beings on Gaia as well.

We must stop all unnecessary reckless mining and waste storage practices across Canada and around the world

We must stop all dumping of chemicals and sewage into our water ways as well as stop all nuclear energy and radioactive waste in water and land. New technologies can deal with these issues

We must stop all farming chemical spraying killing bee’s and creating unnecessary imbalances in our soil and food supply. (Free Training will be provided to all farmers who ask.)

We must stop all GMO development and distribution into our food chain for Prime Creator and mother earth know what is healthy for our bodies. Eat locally grown foods only that resonate with your bodies.

We must stop all nano tech in our food, air, water and products across the planet no excuse to violate our god given healthy divine blueprints with Dark ET controls.

We must stop the sale and development of all dirty dozen chemicals in our food like MSG, aspartame and any other alternative. Improve market place by banning dangerous goods like cigarettes, e-cigarettes, caffeine drinks and drugs and vaccines that do more damage than help.

We must stop the use of fluoride in our water, tooth paste and chlorine in our drinking and recreational facilities.

We must demand the ending of all bio warfare development and storage globally.

We must rescind any government legislation that allows corporate blunder in our parks in Canada.

Mandatory compliance of Mother Earth’s code of conduct

Animal Respect Funds

Learn to communicate with all our beloved animal friends. We will be building a cetacean whale dolphin Mer people learning center in Middle America as well as Canada. Our Galactic University will be offering many courses in communication and veterinarian healing. Our Galactic Friends can build an animal facility in your area if you wish it with free training.

Eliminate all animals from shelters to good loving homes stop killings do to unethical rental regulations.

We must phase out Military sonar that is killing and hurting our whales dolphins and Mer people. We also must stop all whale and dolphins hunting and killing this is disgraceful and hurts our planet more than people know.

We must phase out eating our animal friends and promote meat alternative products (some without wheat) and vegetarian restaurants. Our Galactics will introduce vegetables that can taste like whatever meat you are used to eating.

We must stop all animal slavery globally for profit like Raju in India. (Especially Elephants) We must demand government protections from this behaviour and expedite all slavery rescues.  We must prevent animal  hunting death and abduction from all natural habitats. (encourage natural habitat visitation industries instead of captivity)

We will support all animal rescue and rehabilitation organizations. We hope to phase out all aquarium and zoo captivity slavery for profit.

We must stop all capture torture and slaughter of all minks and foxes for the fur trade. This is despicable and does not need to continue globally.

We must stop all companies in Canada USA and around the world from supporting this violation of earth and spiritual law of killing dogs and cats for skin in China for profit against our animals family. This unethical despicable means of doing business is disgusting and must stop!

We must stop all hunting and slaughter of seals in Canada and around the world for commercial purposes this does not need to continue globally.

We must prevent all sport hunting and animal part commerce on the planet. Mother earth has cures for every ailment on the planet. (Soon to be offered via Anastasias Remedies more powerful than Laminine.)

Eliminate all food industry torture abuse of animals no small pen standards and no physical abuse of animals who have given their spirits for us to survive only to be abused.

Eliminate animal torture through Science experimentation

Eliminate abuse and consumption of horses. Feed housing nail in the head death march and rodeo abuse along with racing usury.  Leave free range animals alone. All animals must agree to any sport event not slavery for profit. Where would humanity be without the support of horses and many other loving animals?

Mandatory Compliance with Mother Earths code of conduct globally!

Innovations Canada Funds

We must develop free safe clean energy sources for our vehicles, homes and businesses. Our goal is to eliminate dangerous EMF energies presently being used in all technologies presently. All people who have opted out of the smart meter agenda will get first consideration for free installation. We must stop all electric company slavery like BC Hydro.

We must develop new internet, computer software that is based in even harmonics fair safe avenues for all on the planet. New quantum applications base on heart and mind unity that cannot be hacked or molested from dark controls. (stop US controls in every area of commerce that is detrimental Monopolies come to mind)

We will create a safe free communication network base on safe crystalline harmonics with new phone applications for reading, speaking and learning. Gaming will be more educational then violence based.

We will encourage all Canadian inventors to step forward to assist with these ideas and present their own in our Galactic University Teen and Adult Innovations departments. (local facilities also available)

We will introduce new space technologies that will not be controlled by Cabal controlled organization like Nasa and their affiliates like Canadian Space Agency. If these controls are eliminated and minds refreshed then consideration will be addressed.

We will introduce flying Cars and flying buses as well as global shuttle craft for world travel in minutes with absolute sensor safety from all dark applications.



We will support science research in the areas of Quantum physics, planetary energetic and origins, astronomy energetics, geologies, humanities and anthropology, herbology without pharmaceutical applications. DNA RNA origins, And of course free energy without hydrogen, water or fossil fuel applications.

We must demand the closure of all space wars and military war applications development and sales. Stop all wars on the planet!

We must introduce free healing centers globally to raise the vibration on the planet and end suffering for humanity. We will also offer home diagnostic technologies for maintaining optimal health.

We will introduce safe cleaning technologies to eliminate much arduous work and chemical usage. This will help all restaurants, hotels, property maintenance and industry. Not to mention all house wives around the world.

We would like to introduce new crystalline computer software that teaches Heart mind computers programming for children and adults for all new systems being brought forward

We will share all water treatment and supply technologies especially for cities and rural people with limited water sources. We wish to eliminate all disease due to shortage to clean drinking water globally. We will also introduce safe sewage elimination transformation as well as garbage dematerializing tech.

Many more healing and other technologies will be introduced as we evolve. If you have any ideas or inventions you would like to develop come to us for support instead of foreign or US controlling our business in Canada.

Mandatory compliance with Mother Earths code of conduct!

Canada First Funds:

We must take back our sovereignty in Canada to benefit all Canadian born citizens. Being usurped by foreign and US corporations and trade policies must end. Cancel all detrimental trade agreements not voted on by Canadians.

We must arrest all treasonous government operatives who benefited by throwing all of us under the bus regarding government policies, laws, tariffs and immigration policies that hurt all of us emotionally mentally, physically and financially.

We must reform and change our government system and electoral process. We need to limit foreign involvement in our governments by immigrants stationed to support non Canadian racial groups and foreign businesses. We cannot be passive none evolved citizens that cannot work in a free sovereign republic. We must be involved in every policy law and legislation brought into being.

We also need to outlaw all secret society groups and satanic cult operations in our land that has utilized our immigration, government, corporation and human rights departments.

We need to outlaw all lawyers judges and police personnel from participating in our government.

We need to outlaw money lobbying from self serving business groups to corrupt our republic.

We need to reform dual citizenship that does not benefit Canadians. Outlaw diplomatic and legislative immunity!

We need to reform all unfair free trade controls imposed upon Canadians like excise taxes and handling fees.

We need to set up Council of Patriotic Canadians!

We need to demand the Bank of Canada to operate legally and ethically properly (charge all criminal enablers in this regard)

We need to enforce mandatory English writing, speaking and reading outside Quebec and French inside Quebec before any benefits are allowed to immigrants. If they do not want to integrate into our values and laws then do not come to Canada. The days of Racism and discrimination against Canadians due to not mandating these things must be over.

We must expose underground job market for Asians and foreigners excluding Canadians. We must eliminate foreign language papers and media that support racism and economic discrimination against Canadians.

We must expose organizations that support disrespect to Canadians in both these issues like any issues with Asian group Success in Vancouver supported by our local government.

We must reform change or eliminate freedom of Religion as it applies presently. It have been corrupted and used by Dark ET Satanic agendas.

We need to rescind and reform all government benefits as they apply presently and demand restitution from all government people who milked the system. Change government working schedule.

We need to research all benefits to immigrants not offered Canadians and demand charges and restitution for these crimes. (class action apply against all Government parties)

We need to rescind any trade agreement that gives foreign corporations or governments the right to dictate policy to our government, if they do not like the agreement don’t come here for Canadians rights and sovereignty must be respected at all times. Any government that agrees to this must be charged with treason.

We need to research all immigrant businesses in Vancouver and every province territory who only hire other immigrants and refuse to learn our language and or fly our flag or promote Canada or Canadian businesses. Frequent lies about no Canadians wanting jobs.

We need to deport all immigrant criminals and their families gang warfare has escalated in Vancouver.

We need to make it a crime for any government to give bids contract preference to foreign immigrant businesses over Canadians.

We need to charge all government minions who support the violation of Canadians rights in CRA, EI, Immigration, Health Canada, BCUC, BC Hydro, CRTC, courts, security, Police departments, Social Services, WCB, ICBC and all government departments that operate from willful blindness and not share their first and last names.

We need to take back ownership of all Canadian owned infrastructure treasonously sold to foreigners  without our permission like our ports, railways, airports operations, water and resources to some degree. These reckless government decisions have created divisive unhealthy unsafe issues for Canada and Canadians all to make them and corporate friends rich big changes are on the horizon.

We need to eliminate the Monarchy from all currency, stamps, schooling, banking and governmental procedures in Canada to retain our sovereignty of a republic.

We need to stop foreign ownership of our land, real state across Canada to straighten out that industry for Canadians. We need to discern how much of our corporations and resources are foreign owned with disrespectful agreements against Canadians sovereignty.

We encourage Canadians to buy from and support 100% Canadian owned and operated businesses. We will support our business partnerships with these priorities.

We must change all career education options it is hard to find employment support offices for Canadians in all areas of Vancouver.

We need to stop all immigration to Canada to clear this treasonous mess our governments have created against our will.

We will offer awards for new name for our province and new flag to eliminate illuminati controls and symbols from our republic.

We will support the development of new constitution and bill of rights that align with mother earth’s code of conduct and our new republic without British interference.

We will offer awards to any Canadian whistle blowing on any of these issues. We will also support any person, group or organization that promote Canadian Sovereignty and Values that refuse to allow foreign disrespect to such indeed and policies. See below

Mandatory Mother Earth Code of compliance!

Ambassador Awards Funds:

We will develop whistle blower awards in every province and territory. This award brings to light any and all criminal behaviour and actions against Canadians rights. Each territory media will be asked to submit requests for the best disclosures annually.

We will develop Sovereignty Awards to anyone who exposes people, groups or businesses or non profits that support foreign countries, foreign businesses and immigrants over Canadians. Also, any government policy that promotes foreign support over Canadian Sovereignty will be looked at. Both awards will have a first second and third prizes annually in each region.

We want to support an adult bully program that people can safely out people who bully in jobs, groups, internet, sport teams etc. (example DGC and Iaste film union people and employees, immigrant tenants, landlords and management)

We will support our Arts community and Olympic Teams with financial support both through our bank and special sponsorships. Women hockey and soccer come to mind due to more money always pouring in for men.

We want to sponsor the ability for all children to participate in music, painting, dance, film, martial arts and athletics.

We will encourage a better training system for all children in soccer across Canada to finally win in the world cup. We need to support all our Olympic athletes more for more success globally. We want feedback from all athletes about how we can achieve these goals.

Please also go to Ambassador Awards link left hand side of webpage.

First Nations Remedy Funds:

We need to eliminate all poverty and segregation issues in our indigenous communities. Many still believe they are somehow more important special regarding land ownership in this country. This is simply not the case and breaches Canadians rights given to all from mother earth. Yes we need the governments to pay restitution for their past crimes against all indigenous groups. Yet all of humanity has been violated in many ways. We all must comply with Mother Earths code of conduct no one owns mother earth. We must address any indigenous group who tried to financial benefit via corrupt oil gas and mining companies still raping mother earth against her will. Plus we need to stop discrimination against Canadians abilities to earn a living in fishing and land as well. Much healing and teaching needs to take place so we will offer much support this way local and regionally via our centers with the Masters.

We do need to join forces to stop all corporate rape pillage and plunder of our environment globally.

We will also financially support all global indigenous groups and help with any destruction to mother Gaia and her kingdoms in any part of this land and around the world

Mandatory compliance with Mother Earths code of conduct straight from her and her kingdoms!

All the above categories can be expanded as we evolve so please submit your suggestions and if you are already working in any of the areas suggested above please let us know and I will help network and support your efforts. We need to all come together through common ground and stop fostering elitist self important segregation posturing. This loving goal will surely heal our families, communities and beautiful planet.


Tami Dickson

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