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Canadian Residual Income Bank For U & Non Profits! Nov 18/14 Print E-mail
Galactic Friends
Tuesday, 18 November 2014 16:04

Canadian Residual Income for You & Non Profit Projects! July 19/14

I will be posting RV Bank training for Canadians shortly. USA RV Bank updates Bank training

Friends we will be offering full time residual income opportunities through our online international bank that will be offered across Canada and around the world. All nonprofit organizations and charities who agree with our project outlines goals below are encouraged to contact us with your focus of interest participation. These funds will be the same for men and women and all groups who set up account with our bank. We will post bank links to join as soon as our legal team gives me the green light to do so. Then we can also arrange a visit to our bank here in BC for Nonprofit, media and government representatives. After that is done the general public will be able to come and visit our Galactic University site where our bank resides.

Each individual and nonprofit organizational address will only get one residual checking savings account so please go through categories below and check the correct link to register your account as your interests require. The rewards and prizes will be disclosed in our up and coming advertising locally, federally and globally.

Parents can set up an account for each child however they will not be able to access their funds until they are 18 years old.

We wish these funds to go to the people not hoarding opportunistic administrators or corrupt government people or departments!

We also wish to hire honest reliable money managers to assist our customers in each country who signs onto our bank. Plus we want to hire Sales personal as well as call center and bank personal where needed.

Eliminating Proverty Funds Program:

This focus will address everyone in Canada who is on Social Assistance, Disability, Unemployment assistance and old age pensions as well as our veterans. We will assist with getting this residual income and restitution funds in Canada to all below 28,000 a year including working poor who visit the food banks first.  After that anyone who wished to have these funds can register an account. These funds come with mandatory free healing through our free healing centers as well as sponsored money management training so people do not lose their money. The healings are to ensure you remain on the right timeline during ascension so you can indeed receive your proper abundance in 100% light as well as be able mentally and physical to enjoy your life and absorb your teachings. We will need cooperation with new post Nesara government departments to attain these goals. This will free up those government department expenditures to eliminate taxes and other slavery applications like toll bridges, highways and user fees.

We are asking food banks to help us distribute food replicators to the poor while utilizing them for the masses who frequent the food banks. As well as distribute to food kitchens and churches who offer free meals across the country. This will take the strain of many heart centered facilities helping the poor. Parks and recreation can also help through community centers regionally and federally free of charge!

We will need to reform our housing industry and stop foreign influences that have created imbalances in our market and supply for our citizens.

Eliminate low wage slavery and child labour as well as sweat shops globally. We will pay 15 hr minimum in Canada.

Reform landlord tenancy branch to support tenants more and property owners less that are detrimental to our health and well being. (example no proper sound proofing, no smart meters, no smokers, animal permission, bed bugs and rodents plus proper heat and size of suites as well as appliances ) Put Canadians first for all subsidized housing and reform immigration that impact us negatively this way. Stop high rent gouging at all age levels.

We want to support the respect and equality for girls and women in Canada and around the world that has nothing to do with religion. Any person, religion or country that oppresses the rights of women weaken themselves and their countries. Women have sole sovereignty of their own bodies no one or state has the right to intervene in this spiritual right.

Eliminate homelessness and joblessness for all age groups.

Make sure every precious child and teenager who have been stuck in foster care or orphanages find a new loving home receive advanced healing and education with job training.

The Galactic’s can help build free self sufficient safe educational centers in areas that prevent this like Africa, Middle East, South America and Asia. Healing centers are also available to eliminate all disease globally with the permission of mother earth.

Help around the world as well!

Comply with Mother Earths code of conduct regarding land use and ownership.

Space of Love funds:

There will be training about developing a space of love for each person in Canada and around the world. This includes gardening healing and unification with mother earth’s kingdoms for health and happiness for all communities. Free land, free clean water, air, free energy and food is our god given rights all else is slavery.

We will support the development sharing and storing networking of food seeds globally. Any Government interferance will meet with crimes against humanity charges

To attain these goals we must eliminate all Chem Trails, fossil fuel and gas drilling and usage globally to regain planetary balance with healthy oxygen and water levels for all beings on Gaia as well.

We must stop all unnecessary reckless mining and waste storage practices across Canada and around the world

We must stop all dumping of chemicals and sewage into our water ways as well as stop all nuclear energy and radioactive waste in water and land. New technologies can deal with these issues

We must stop all farming chemical spraying killing bee’s and creating unnecessary imbalances in our soil and food supply. (Free Training will be provided to all farmers who ask.)

We must stop all GMO development and distribution into our food chain for Prime Creator and mother earth know what is healthy for our bodies. Eat locally grown foods only that resonate with your bodies.

We must stop all nano tech in our food, air, water and products across the planet no excuse to violate our god given healthy divine blueprints with Dark ET controls.

We must stop the sale and development of all dirty dozen chemicals in our food like MSG, aspartame and any other alternative. Improve market place by banning dangerous goods like cigarettes, e-cigarettes, caffeine drinks and drugs and vaccines that do more damage than help.

We must stop the use of fluoride in our water, tooth paste and chlorine in our drinking and recreational facilities.

We must demand the ending of all bio warfare development and storage globally.

We must rescind any government legislation that allows corporate blunder in our parks in Canada.

Mandatory compliance of Mother Earth’s code of conduct

Animal Respect Funds

Learn to communicate with all our beloved animal friends. We will be building a cetacean whale dolphin Mer people learning center in Middle America as well as Canada. Our Galactic University will be offering many courses in communication and veterinarian healing. Our Galactic Friends can build an animal facility in your area if you wish it with free training.

Eliminate all animals from shelters to good loving homes stop killings do to unethical rental regulations.

We must phase out Military sonar that is killing and hurting our whales dolphins and Mer people. We also must stop all whale and dolphins hunting and killing this is disgraceful and hurts our planet more than people know.

We must phase out eating our animal friends and promote meat alternative products (some without wheat) and vegetarian restaurants. Our Galactics will introduce vegetables that can taste like whatever meat you are used to eating.

We must stop all animal slavery globally for profit like Raju in India. (Especially Elephants) We must demand government protections from this behaviour and expedite all slavery rescues.  We must prevent animal  hunting death and abduction from all natural habitats. (encourage natural habitat visitation industries instead of captivity)

We will support all animal rescue and rehabilitation organizations. We hope to phase out all aquarium and zoo captivity slavery for profit.

We must stop all capture torture and slaughter of all minks and foxes for the fur trade. This is despicable and does not need to continue globally.

We must stop all companies in Canada USA and around the world from supporting this violation of earth and spiritual law of killing dogs and cats for skin in China for profit against our animals family. This unethical despicable means of doing business is disgusting and must stop!

We must stop all hunting and slaughter of seals in Canada and around the world for commercial purposes this does not need to continue globally.

We must prevent all sport hunting and animal part commerce on the planet. Mother earth has cures for every ailment on the planet. (Soon to be offered via Anastasias Remedies more powerful than Laminine.)

Eliminate all food industry torture abuse of animals no small pen standards and no physical abuse of animals who have given their spirits for us to survive only to be abused.

Eliminate animal torture through Science experimentation

Eliminate abuse and consumption of horses. Feed housing nail in the head death march and rodeo abuse along with racing usury.  Leave free range animals alone. All animals must agree to any sport event not slavery for profit. Where would humanity be without the support of horses and many other loving animals?

Mandatory Compliance with Mother Earths code of conduct globally!

Innovations Canada Funds

We must develop free safe clean energy sources for our vehicles, homes and businesses. Our goal is to eliminate dangerous EMF energies presently being used in all technologies presently. All people who have opted out of the smart meter agenda will get first consideration for free installation. We must stop all electric company slavery like BC Hydro.

We must develop new internet, computer software that is based in even harmonics fair safe avenues for all on the planet. New quantum applications base on heart and mind unity that cannot be hacked or molested from dark controls. (stop US controls in every area of commerce that is detrimental Monopolies come to mind)

We will create a safe free communication network base on safe crystalline harmonics with new phone applications for reading, speaking and learning. Gaming will be more educational then violence based.

We will encourage all Canadian inventors to step forward to assist with these ideas and present their own in our Galactic University Teen and Adult Innovations departments. (local facilities also available)

We will introduce new space technologies that will not be controlled by Cabal controlled organization like Nasa and their affiliates like Canadian Space Agency. If these controls are eliminated and minds refreshed then consideration will be addressed.

We will introduce flying Cars and flying buses as well as global shuttle craft for world travel in minutes with absolute sensor safety from all dark applications.


Last Updated on Thursday, 27 November 2014 15:44

Ben Fuflord Global Asia report RV & Bank Theft?! # 1 Nov 18/14 Print E-mail
Whistle Blower
Tuesday, 18 November 2014 15:56



November 18, 2014

The completion of all the requisite agreements, treaties, sign-offs and other functions of the Global Reset have been completed, and the advent of the

new TRN (Treasury Reserve Note) is scheduled to be implemented on November 20, 2014.

We have been apprised that the schedule of the GCR (Global Currency Reset) after the official announcement of the TRN is measured in days if not hours.

After the GCR, the official historic bond redemptions will be announced. At this time, all six official channels for this official redemption period are on
standby and completing the required loading of funds to the redemption accounts before the announcement. It is anticipated that this will occur in the next week.

It is also anticipated that the RV (Revaluation) of the dinar, dong and other currencies will follow the GCR more or
less in parallel.
The process will complete well before the Christmas holiday season, and all currencies will become Basel III compliant.

This global event has been decades in the making, and the royal families and other sovereigns in concert with the Chinese Family have finally "broken

through" the various obstacles placed before them in the implementation of the Global Reset. All institutions, agencies, and regulatory authorities are now
on standby to support the transition.

Landa Project fundings will begin by end of this month as first funds to accounts are underway now. It is estimated that it will take about one week to set

the infrastructure in place after clearance of first funds.

Further information will be posted as it arrives and is confirmed.
Thank You


APPALOOSA wrote - ROCKER - You say your trader friend is saying the same thing as the Landa Global?

Rocker66 wrote -Appaloosa - They are an bond firm. I am in touch with a trader. He says the same thing
as Landa.     

APPALOOSA wrote - If ROCKER is saying he's hearing the same info from a trader friend of his......maybe
the info is good.

Catwoman1 wrote - Landa is NOT tied to Nesara. ( Nesara is close after the GCR Tami )

Benjamin Fulford – 11/17/2014

G20 meeting was a total defeat for the cabal, Bush and Cohen crime families on the run.

Posted by benjamin

November 17, 2014

The G20 meeting that just ended in Australia was a total defeat for the cabal and its agenda, multiple
sources say. The cabal tried to use the Ukraine as an excuse to start war against Russia as a way to
rebuild Western economies and keep itself in power.

However, instead, the French, British and Germans abandoned the cabal controlled Americans and
joined with the vast majority of the planet to support a BRICS led initiative for a new Marshall plan
for the planet, the sources say. The attempts to inflame the sentiment for war using the Ukraine and
ISIS went nowhere with most world leaders.

The BRICS and APEC summits week ended up focusing on stopping tax evasion by multinational
corporations and increasing resources for fighting poverty and ending environmental destruction.

Furthermore, the US military has been in a state of shock and demoralization after a top of the line Aegis class US warship was turned into a crippled sitting duck in the
Black Sea earlier this year, according to French and other reports.

As a Russian general explained “the more complicated an electronic system is, the easier it is to
interfere with it.” The obvious implication here is that much of the US military’s highly computerized
military equipment can all be electronically scrambled, making it no more dangerous than
refrigerators. It is as if that Arthur C. Clarke 1951 science fiction story “Superiority,” about an army
that lost because of its reliance on untested high tech equipment, has come true. That story used to
be mandatory reading for US military officers.

In any case, the Russians and others are saying that when the Russian navy stationed a fleet near
the G20 meeting in Australia the Americans were too scared to send their own fleet to respond.

Not only that but detailed evidence was presented to world leaders showing the Malaysian Airlines
flight 370/17 incidents were nuclear blackmail carried out by the Bush and Cohen crime families of
Florida, P2 Freemason lodge and pentagon sources say. The Pentagon has reacted to these
revelations by carrying yet another restructuring of its nuclear forces in order to stop any more
Bush/Cohen nuclear terror.

According to the P2 Lodge, the United States is now run by seven crime families. Of these families, it
is the Bush and Cohen families that are now standing between the people of the world and freedom,
the P2 lodge sources say.

The Bush/Cohen hardline faction in the cabal has now been reduced to a few slaves like Prime
Minister Abe of Japan, Abbott of Australian and, to this writers’ deep regret, Harper of Canada.

Abe returned to Japan only to find a mutiny against him inside the ruling Liberal Democratic and
Komeito parties, according to Japanese right wing sources. The anti-Abe faction has been leaking
news of a planned general election in December while Abe himself has been fighting tooth and nail to
prevent that from happening, they say. The ruling coalition is split between two large factions and
the pro-Abe faction is losing support fast.

The latest economic numbers showing that Japan’s economy shrank at an annualized 1.6% in the
July to September quarter. This means Japan is officially in recession and Abenomics has been a
failure. In fact, Abenomics has been nothing more than wholescale looting of Japan’s pensions and
other financial assets aimed at supporting the cabal in the US. If Abe is removed, then it is game ov
er for the Bush/Cohen Nazionist faction.

That is why there is expected to be heavy duty infighting in Japan over the coming weeks.

It is also interesting to note that a senior Mossad official was sent to Tokyo last week to meet with a
White Dragon Society representative. This official has been completely out of contact since the March
11th, 2011 tsunami and nuclear terror attack against Japan. It was immediately after this terror
attack that Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu phoned Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan
to demand that Japan hand over all of its holding in US Treasuries. If he did not, Netanyahu
threatened to destroy all of Japan’s nuclear reactors. Kan duly handed the Treasury certificates over
and I guess the cabal thought they had emerged victorious.

They were wrong. The Mossad agent was told that Netanyahu and the other individuals responsible
for that attack would face criminal prosecution. He was also told that there was going to be no
pogrom, but that the highly brainwashed section of the Jewish population would have to be
re-educated based on actual historical fact.

The fact is that Hebrew and Yiddish are Germanic languages from central Europe, not Middle-Eastern
languages. The only people in the ancient Middle East who spoke an Indo-European language were
the Hyksos who worshiped a goat faced being with a forked tail. That is the image we now associate
with Satan. The people of Judea whose story the Torah tells spoke Aramaic.

The Hyksos invaded and ruled Egypt for a while and when they were kicked out they took a bunch of
Egyptian slaves with them. The implication here of course is that for millennia, Jews have been
unwitting slaves of a Satan worshipping ancient Hyksos cult. The Mossad agent was told that once
the Jews learned this, they would finally be freed from millennia of slavery.

The Mossad agent also asked why US President Barack Obama was so anti-Israel. He was told
Obama was just a spokesperson for the US military. It was explained to him that the US military was
angry about such things as 911 and the USS Liberty incident.

The Hyksos/Satanist factions are now being purged both in England and from the Vatican according
to multiple sources. Pope Francis has removed thousands of pedophile priests from the Vatican,
cleaned up the Vatican bank and otherwise ended their influence on that organization.

In England, stories that used to be on the far fringe of so-called “conspiracy theory” are now
appearing in newspapers and even in the BBC. The stories talk about a pedophile ring filled with high
ranking political, military and other figures killing and raping young boys

Scotland Yard is investigating and mass arrests are expected, MI5 officials say.

When the same sorts of incidents are prosecuted inside the United States and the rest of the EU, then
the horror perpetrated by these cultists will finally come to an end.

On a final note, this writer was offered first class tickets to go to the UK and testify in the Michael
Shrimpton trial about nuclear terror threats to the 2012 London Olympics. However, I was warned in
a phone call from London that the trial might be trap set by Tony Blair and other Bush minions in the

Some of us have known this would take place, and I sent several emails about government banks....  My funds are in a credit union bank and a state based bank.

This is quite long, but since it affects all of us, I believe you should read it. The link is at the bottom    Janis


16 Nov, 2014 by Dave Hodges
The headline is not a mistake. Yes, you can still go to the ATM and withdraw funds. You can take small amounts of cash out of the bank without the IRS seizing everything you own. However, because of new rules that went into effect this morning, your bank deposits have no insurance and it is a matter of time until they are stolen right from under your nose.

The G20 Just Stole Your Bank Account

Can you find yourself in the                  picture?

Can you find yourself in the picture?

With the G-20 summit coming up this weekend in Brisbane, Australia, it might be worth wondering if you can have too much money in the bank, or, whether you should any money in the bank at all!
As of this morning all nations belonging to the G20 will immediately submit and pass legislation that will fulfill a
new investment program. This new program creates a whole new paradigm and set of rules whereby banks will no longer recognize your deposits as money.

Russell Napier is declaring November 16th as “the day money dies,” and this constitutes today’s Zero Hedge’s headline. According to Zero Hedge, Napier says the G-20 will announce “that bank deposits are just part of commercial banks’capital structure, and also that they are far from the most senior portion of that structure.” Pay close attention America this means that following a bank failure, “a bank deposit is no longer money in the way a banknote is.”

This G20 legislation will formally push down bank accounts through the capital structure to a position of being mere material capital risk in any ‘failing’ institution. In our last financial crisis, deposits were de facto guaranteed by the state, but beginning November 16th holders of large-scale deposits will be just another creditor fighting to regain their share of the assets of a failed bank,” according to Zero Hedge. And how much will your former money be worth when you come to make your claim? For reasons that will become apparent as you weave your way through this article and its conclusions, if you have $100,000 in a bank account, you will take home under $1200!  This is why for the past 18 months I have been telling the nation to not deposit your paycheck into the bank. The prudent thing to do is to only put enough money in the bank to pay your basic bills and do other things with the remainder of the money, such as pay off your mortgage or pay off your car loans. If you have not been doing this, then you are almost out of time for the banksters have recently practiced how to steal your bank account.

The Federal Reserve and the Bank of England Have Already Rehearsed the Theft of Your Bank Account

bank-holiday2The theft of the people’s money has already been rehearsed by the powers that be in the banking industry. Regulators from the United States and the United Kingdom got together in a war room to see how they will cope when the next big bank fails.

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, on this past Monday (11/10), ran a joint exercise simulating how they would prop up a large bank (e.g. Bank of America) with operations in both countries that has landed itself in trouble. Also taking part in the “bank failure drill” was Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, and the heads of a large number of other regulators, in a meeting hosted by the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Your Bank Account Has No Protection

fdic protection
The FDIC has only about $25 billion in its deposit insurance fund, which is mandated by law to keep a balance equivalent to only 1.15% of insured deposits.

If a banking collapse were to be on the near horizon, the banksters are not going to notify you because they would not want to incite a bank run. With only 1.15% of all deposits being insured by the FDIC, your money would be left vulnerable and only the elite would be warned as they quietly transfer their money to a safer haven, such as gold. How do I know this? Please read on.

Goldman Sachs Opened the Gates to Hell

Silver prices have dropped dramatically covering an aggregate period of 18 months. Panic selling dominated the market as investors and financial institutions could not dump their holdings of silver and gold fast enough. The market clearly shows signs of mass manipulation by the Globalists.  The globalists have been moving their fiat currency holdings to gold since the Spring of 2013. The price of gold was artificially manipulated by Goldman Sachs to drive down the price of gold in order to make it cheaper for the powers-that-be to purchase gold cheaply. You see, they know that very soon, there will no money left in the banks. You want proof? The best proof that the globalists are manipulating the price of gold comes from “Goldman Sachs (who), in the Spring of 2013, told their  that they recommend initiating a short COMEX gold position.”

This has been going on for over 18 months!


goldman and plutocrats

Please remember that this is the same Goldman Sachs that shorted its stocks on 9/11. This is the same Goldman Sachs that placed put options on Transocean stock the morning of the Gulf oil explosion. This is the same Goldman Sachs that got caught shorting the housing market in advance of the housing bubble burst. Basically, when Goldman Sachs starts shorting anything, we should all become apprehensive particularly if our individual investments are anywhere in the neighborhood of the commodities being impacted by shorting. When Goldman Sachs begins to short anything, it is time to take your money and run for the hills. That time would be now.


Why Would Goldman Sachs Dramatically Drive the Price of Gold Down?

Beside trading and bartering, if the dollar and the Euro were to collapse tomorrow, what currency of exchange would the left standing? The obvious and simple answer would be primarily, gold, and secondarily, silver. Ask yourself this question, if you knew that paper monies all around the world were to collapse, what action would represent your best option? The obvious answer would be to dramatically drive down the price of gold and silver if one had the ability to do so, and then buy as much as gold as one possibly could. Goldman Sachs has the ability to do so by utilizing their ominous shorting strategy and it is precisely what they have done.


goldman sachs us treasury

Additionally, your bank account has been collateralized against the derivatives debt. Hence, you had, in 2008, former CEO of Goldman Sachs and the Secretary of Treasury, Hank Paulson, telling a closed session of Congress that if they did not authorize the bailouts, there would be tanks in the street an ultimately, REVOLUTION! This was necessitated by the credit swap derivatives Ponzi scheme and the debacle that followed.
Further, the bankruptcy reform laws stemming from the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2005, the credit swap derivatives counter-parties are given preference over all other creditors and customers of the bankrupt financial institution, including FDIC insured depositors.  This is why the G20 effectively stole your money this morning!

In the action taken by the G20 nations, this morning, your bank account is no longer considered to be money.  The bankers holding the bag on the credit swap derivatives will move to the head of the FDIC compensation line. Therefore, the regulations requiring that your money be insured by the FDIC are no longer in effect! This devaluation of “money to something other than money gives what the experts call “super priority” in terms of the line of succession from which to collect bankruptcy monies.   TAKE YOUR MONEY OUT OF THE BANK! But do not do so until you read my next article because you could go to jail if you make a mistake.


To make matters worse, Bank of America has conspicuously co-mingled their credit swap derivatives debt with your savings account and as such they have every legal right use your money to cover their debt. The derivatives debt is conservatively estimated to be one quadrillion dollars which is about 16 times the entire GDP of the planet. Even before today, your money is as good as gone. Today’s action by the G20 only further cements this new reality that you, your labor your possessions are all slave capital to the banksters. Your value as a human being has been monitized.

To The Dumbed Down Sheep of America

We have recently discovered that JP Morgan is in the same exact boat as Bank of America as is Wells Fargo. Oh, they would never do that and steal your money, you say?  I have bad news for the uninformed sheep of this country, they already have done that very thing.

In the MF Global debacle, the reason that MF Global  customers
lost their segregated account funds was because the MF Global debt load was caused primarily because of their credit swap derivatives debt which, under bankruptcy laws, gave derivatives claimants super-priority in the bankruptcy proceedings.  This is why Corzine and his fellow criminals did not go to prison as former Goldman Sachs executive, now the head of the Securities and Exchange CME gave Corzine, a former Goldman Sachs executive, a free pass on the theft of investors money at MF Global. This was a beta test.

As of this morning, every bank account in America became an MF Global. You are now playing in a game with no rules.

Some of the sheep might                  actually wake up when they lose their bank account.

Some of the sheep might actually wake up when they lose their bank account to the latest in banking conspiracies.

Remember, sheep of America, as you are driving to work tomorrow, you are doing so in order that to have the privilege to earn money and give it to Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and JP Morgan Chase.

Working for Goldman Sachs.

Working for Goldman Sachs.

In short, you do not matter and as of this morning, your money is not really money and your bank account is no longer in your control.


Before this week is over, I will be revealing how you can save some of your money. It is too late to save all of your money as that ship sailed some time ago. However, it is still possible to save much more that the 1.1% that your government is going to give you as compensation. Did I mention that 401 k’s and your retirements are next?


Last Updated on Wednesday, 19 November 2014 16:30

Navy EMF Dangers & BC Smart meter Lawsuit ! Nov 18/14 Print E-mail
Environmental Healing
Tuesday, 18 November 2014 15:48

Navy EMF Dangers & BC Smart meter Lawsuit ! Nov 18/14

Re. US Navy RF warfare training: more open houses and meetings are scheduled, plus there are more opportunities for comments, etc. I hope everyone will take a few minutes and provide comments, with links to studies that will refute the Navy’s misleading, deceitful statement that RF is just fine for all living creatures. It seems quite concerning to me that there has been no feedback or comments from our MLAs or MPs on this issue. They have been sent the articles and information – and I hope you will write yours .


2) As the member who sent this in asked, where is a good hacker when you need one? Electricity bills wiped out for many Turks.

3) In Massachusetts plans are underway to provide the fastest, most efficient and safest internet access and that is through fiber optic cable.

4) A very important concern from a member:


I just sent a legal letter to Greg Reimer with my cheque for the extortion fees.  Since the weather is below zero here the extortion is actually a threat

to bodily harm which is how I worded this to him.  So I signed the cheque under extreme duress.

I look forward to his response or lack of response so I can take my next step.  With the actual threat to bodily harm now (pay this or die in the cold)

this adds another interesting dimension.


5) The Sask. government is paying for damages caused to homes by the $$meters, just as BC Hydro has done. How can they use public money to pay for damages done by the meter? Why isn’t Sensus paying in Sask. and ITRON in BC?


6) Resisters in Texas are telling San Antonio to be a “Wise City” and not a “$$mart one” and they are prepared based on all the problems the rest of us have had with $meters.



Sent: November-16-14 1:40 PM
To: 'Weaver.MLA, Andrew'
Cc: 'John'; ''
Subject: discrimination


Dear Dr. Weaver,


As my MLA I hope you will take the time to read the letter I have embedded below from the office of Bill Bennett (not included in update. This is the one sent separately). I think it indicates clearly that the Legacy Fee being charged is contrary to the Utilities Commission Act which calls for equal treatment for all.


The information in the letter is misleading when it states a small number of the smart meters are being read manually at no charge. This small  number is,  I believe, closer to 70,000 smart meters being read manually at no charge to the customer. How is that equal treatment for all.  That is a lot of meters being financed by those of us paying the exorbitant legacy fees, I believe the highest in north America.


For those of us who can afford the extra fees it is not a life style hardship but for many the legacy fees are more than their hydro usage.  This is just ridiculous and these people need someone to stand up for them.

My concerns are more related to the health and safety aspects that the Liberal government are somehow ignoring. I have sent numerous e-mails related to the fire issues and not heard back! I know you are busy and a one man team at present but these are important to the safety of all British Columbians.


With regard to the health issues I hope you have time to glance at the following article with the latest information out of Europe :


I hope you have time to become educated to these issues that are important to public and environmental health.  Thanks for your time.


“A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of the truth.”

Albert Einstein

Subject: Update 2014-11-13 Bennett's office admits legacy fees are because we won't accept smeter -- they are punishment!!
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2014 00:11:44 -0800

1) THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!! An admission by Bill Bennett’s office that the legacy fees are punishment and not due to additional services being given those with legacy meters and no one else.  Please see letter below. This is so very significant and I think we must push the NDP to take this issue up. Write, call, visit your NDP MLAs, and your liberal ones, too. Numbers do count when it comes to emails, letters and visits from constituents. Please, get writing.  Your MLA info can be found at


Tell them we’ve had enough of this deceit, this extortion. The farce is over – we now have the government admitting that the fees were implemented under false pretenses. And copy the media. I have asked for a list of media contacts to be put on our website It isn’t there right now but keep checking, it will be.


2) A major new study just released which confirms that radiation from cell and cordless phones can greatly increase chance of brain cancer especially for those who begin using them while young. This radiation is the same as that from $$meters and other wireless devices. The scientists are calling for this radiation to be classified as a Class 1 (definite) carcinogen.


more details about the study at:


and the complete study as submitted can be read at:


3) Important acknowledgement of the dangers of microwave radiation from wireless devices from the 200,000 members of the United Federation of Teachers, New York City.  Members also include registered nurses and child care providers.


4) A retired cancer researcher presented his concerns about $$meters to the Okanagan Regional District.


5) Hydro is hiring a “PR” person to, no doubt, disseminate more of the “BS” that has been spread widely over the last 4 years. Note that one duty is writing letters to the editors. I bet this includes writing comments in blogs, etc. using false names.


6) Saskatchewan NDP calling for $$meters to be removed more quickly given last week’s fire.


7) Scientists warn about the health effects of the electro-smog in which we are living:

Johansson went on: "The allowed radiation limits throughout the world are insane, to say the least.

"We are talking about values up to 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 (10 to the 18th) times higher than nature's background radiation, to which the

human body has adapted through many 100,000 of years, and within a couple of decades, we have all been surrounded by biblical levels of artificial

radio-waves, well knowing that they have major impacts on both human and animal health."


8) New volunteer to be a contact. Grand Forks, Don Pharand, email The contact list on has been updated. Please let me know if you see that there is no contact for your area and you’d be willing to help out.



“A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of the truth.”

Albert Einstein

-12 Special update on Class Action Lawsuit
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2014 23:27:14 -0800

Class Action Lawsuit

This newsletter is to bring you up to date on the current status of the Class Action Civil Lawsuit against BC Hydro, to inform you of the court timeline for submissions and court hearings, and to let you know we are going to need every one of you who believes in justice, truth and freedom to keep supporting this lawsuit with your time, effort and valuable donations! We cannot allow ourselves to be divided and conquered, so we are asking as we never have before that you get on board with this lawsuit and keep it alive, so we will have the chance of winning back our rights, no matter which political party is in power.

The political climate in BC these days is extremely troubling to say the least. Never before have BC Hydro customers been disconnected when their full electrical usage charges have been paid, with little prior warning. This is happening now to people all over BC who have refused to pay the extortion fee for keeping an analogue or RF off meter.

Both the Coalition and Citizens for Safe Technology have consistently encouraged people to meet this challenge by joining the Class Action Lawsuit against BC Hydro, and to pay the extortion fee in the meantime, noting that the payment is made under duress in writing on a separate method of payment. We have been very concerned that people who did not pay the opt out blackmail payments would find their power disconnected and then be forced into taking a microwave smart meter as a condition of reconnection, thereby removing any possible choice of analogue or RF off meter. Even though the extortion fee is completely unjust, the consequences of being forced to take a microwave smart meter would be intolerable and even deadly for people who are electrosensitive. Winning choice for all via this lawsuit is the only way we can see at the moment of helping people in this situation return to a non-RF meter.

These actions are indeed abuses of the person, driven by a BC Liberal political agenda to forcibly roll out the lucrative Smart Grid, even if it means trampling on our society’s cornerstone rights and freedoms and intimidating anyone who stands up against such abuse.

At this time, the Class Action Lawsuit against BC Hydro is the only assertion of the civil rights of the people in British Columbia who are being forced against their will to suffer a risk in their home from smart meter radiofrequency microwave radiation emissions.  The Class Action Lawsuit is based on our constitutional principles of a free and democratic society. Where the facts support a possibility of harm, that risk is sufficient to trigger the right of the homeowner, or the business owner, in their own domain, to invoke the precautionary principle for themselves, and to control that risk for themselves. This amounts to the right to choose.  Controlling our own environment, to have the right to choose the risks we are exposed to within our own home or place of business, is the heart of our constitutional rights.

The BC Liberals assert that BC Hydro’s intrusion into our rights is allowed by legislation, legislation which clearly infringes upon and violates Sections 7 & 8 of the Federal Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
In short, when the rights and security of the person have been violated by any legislation created by government, then that legislation must be struck down to protect the very constitutional foundations of our society. To allow unconstitutional legislation to continue unchallenged in court is to invite certain and even worse government abuses in the future. This principle is true whether or not you support the Smart Grid.

No law should allow a utility to come onto or into a person’s property and subject those working or residing therein to questionable health risks and impacts. The right to choose rests on the unavoidable conclusion that there is a reasonable basis for concern. It is impossible for BC Hydro to avoid the fact that radiofrequency microwave radiation emissions from smart meters are a World Health Organization Class 2B, possible human cancer risk, even if they argue that risk is small. We must retain our rights within our homes and workplaces to choose the risks we will allow, and push back a reckless government attempting to usurp our Charter rights with unconstitutional legislation. We must do this for our families, for our children and grandchildren, if not for ourselves.

BC Hydro has attempted to negate risk by comparing the Class 2B coffee risk (bladder cancer) with the risk from smart meter emissions. No government agency would have the right to come into one’s home or place of business and force those inside to drink coffee throughout the day, against their will. The right of choice to drink coffee, with its risks, has to remain the right of the individual. It is the same situation with microwave smart meters.

The BC Liberals will spare no expense in fighting our lawsuit. They are using our public money to fight us, the public who are seeking to protect our democratic and constitutional right of choice within our own personal premises. BC Hydro is instructing their lawyers to make this litigation cost as much as possible, and argue every point. Their intention is to grind us, the people, to the point where we cannot afford to keep going. They wish to make their own legislation more powerful than the laws which run our country. This is why we continue to need donations so urgently, so they can’t stop this lawsuit with their manipulations.

We decry our current predicament where freedom of choice is being trampled upon by the BC Liberals’ regime in the name of the Smart Grid. We must not cease our struggle to regain and protect our constitutional backbone so that right to choose to live safely is respected for one and all. Please support this lawsuit by joining us at this link:,2,3107

If you have already joined or do not wish to join, you can still take a stand for the right of freedom of choice by making a donation either via the PayPal Donate button on the front of the CST website, or by mailing cheque or money order to Coalition to Stop Smart Meters, PO Box 52061, Beacon Avenue RPO, Sidney, B.C. V8L 5V9. All donations are used to fund the lawsuit. We at CST and the Coalition are working on your behalf as unpaid volunteers.


Human Rights Tribunal Decision

The Human Rights Tribunal made a ruling early on in 2012 whereby the Human Rights Class Action was restricted only to those with EHS, a ridiculously tight parameter which cut out all the myriad of health concerns we initially submitted that needed the protection of a non-RF meter home (seizures, heart conditions, implants, cancer, Parkinsons/Alzheimers, brain tumours...)


The original Tribunal member (who was favourable to our claim), was replaced by a “hired gun” to take over from her and basically deferred the claim back into the realm of the BC Utilities Commission. It is clear from numerous interactions with the BCUC, that they are not independent, and indeed are puppets of the BC Liberal regime. Other than the courts, there is no independent body willing to protect the public’s right to freedom of choice in this matter.


Although a decision in favor of the political status quo was rendered by the HRT, it is clear they are treading on dangerous ground with the Tribunal Member’s opening statement in paragraph 41 of the decision:


"I accept that there is a real issue of potential harm to the human body arising from exposure to EMS frequencies."


This HRT statement supports the right of freedom of choice in the lawsuit. We now have only one legal action to focus on, which is the civil lawsuit. Please note that no donations to the Class Action Lawsuit were used to fund the Human Rights Class Application.

What Happens Next?


With the HRT sham behind us, we MUST go after choice for EVERYONE in the Class Action Civil Lawsuit. Now we have a single, razor honed focus on the Class Action Civil Lawsuit to win back choice for ALL, not only those suffering with EHS. We can put all our efforts, our money, our minds, our hearts and prayers into fighting this in the Supreme Court. We just spent hundreds of hours putting together personal affidavits supporting this action which spell out the misrepresentations and manipulations of BC Hydro, providing evidence that people have been bullied, tormented and terrorized in attempts to force smart meter microwave radiation technology onto homes and businesses.


At this link, you will find our latest Class Action Lawsuit court filing:,25,4061


At this link, you will find the Lawsuit timetable showing you what will happen next:


We have come a long way since filing two years ago! Our lawyer continues to discount his hourly rate by 42% in support of our cause, and now we need to fund the next leg of the journey. The Class Action hearing in front of the judge in court is scheduled to take 5 days. This is very expensive for us, with no worries of the same for our opposition. However, we have raised enough funds up to now to keep going, and KEEP GOING WE MUST! Our goal is to raise $50,000 to get through the final approval process to attain the court sanctioned Class Action status by April 2015. You can rest assured that donations are used to pay for legal costs, all CST and Coalition representatives being volunteers. So ask yourself if this is worth fighting, if it is worth $10, a $100 or even $1,000 donation to push back a truly evil and corrupt political regime. This is our only chance, and now it’s up to you to affirm with your donations that you want us to continue to represent you in the funding and management of this Class Action Lawsuit.


If you have not joined the Class Action Lawsuit so far, now would be a great time to do so. The more people this lawsuit represents, the more weight we will carry on your behalf into the Class Action court hearing in April 2015. Donations can be made at the CST website via Paypal,, or by mailing a cheque or money order to the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters, PO Box 52061, Beacon Avenue RPO, Sidney, B.C. V8L 5V9.


Above all, do not allow yourself to give up, to resign, to bow down to bullying or to feel victimized. We will be victorious through everyone’s efforts joining together to retake our constitutional right to freedom which will push back these oppressive BC Liberal policies. We must, we have no other choice before us, if not for ourselves then for our children and grandchildren. Onwards!

Una St.Clair                                                               Sharon Noble

CST Executive Director                                           Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

November 12, 2014                                                   November 12, 2014



Does it matter why the smart meter burns your home? Or just that it does?

“How many fires are enough, Mr. Bennett?"


Aspartame Ban & Coca Cola Deceptions? Nov 18/14 Print E-mail
Healing Body
Tuesday, 18 November 2014 15:42

Subject: Coke Attempts to defend artificial Sweeteners

I'm always amused by Coke's PR Department.  Their advertising campaign didn't work this last time and now they are trying it again.  They just keep on adding insult to injury.  Don't they realize that the first thing a consumer will do is google aspartame dangers and the game is over.
For instance, here is the National Soft Drink Assn's protest and the email to Dick Adamson, of  American Beverage (formerly  NSDA) which he never answered/ Perhaps he is still taking the fifth! How do you go against 30 years of independent research and the FDA's own records.  We have two congressional hearings on aspartame on Giants can fall too, especially when the public realizes they have been lied to all these years.  Having a proxy to attend the stockholder's meeting I even held up the 1000 page medical text, "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic" by the late H,. J. Roberts, MD.  It's on tape of their meeting. 

I also remember Lucky Vanous, called the Diet Coke hunk, when he came to Atlanta.  I threw him a decorated box with the records and this protest of the National Soft Drink Assn so he would realize that these kids trying to get his autograph would also be using the product.  On Hardcopy 58 days later, Lucky Vanous already had another job.   Betty

Coca-Cola Attempts to Defend its Artificial Sweeteners through a New Ad

Coca-Cola Attempts to Defend its Artificial Sweeteners through a New Ad

Kevin Winslow November 13, 2014 Report, World

Current trends show that along with soft drinks, there has also been a considerable decline in the sales of diet drinks and Coca-Cola is one such soft-drink manufacturer that has been dealing with the wrath of slowdown in soft drink and beverages industry. In order to protect its line of diet drinks, the leading soft drink maker has released an ad that attempts to defend its line of diet drinks. The print ad developed by the company will run on this Wednesday. The ad clearly signals that the company is not just having issues with its soft drinks, or the diet drinks that it sells.

Idea behind the Ad Campaign

The soft drink leader has been reportedly dealing with various challenges related to sales and growth across its line of both non-sugary and sugary colas. The company has now planned to roll out the newspaper ad for next several days. Through the ad, the company wants to convey the message that its diet drinks are made of aspartame, which are completely safe. The ad also claims that aspartame is considered safe based on over 200 studies conducted in last four decades. The print ad is expected to be featured on different issues of USA TODAY that are circulated in Atlanta region. After the ad releases this Wednesdays, it will appear on The Atlanta Journal Constitution on the next day and in the coming week the print ad by Coca-Cola will also appear in Chicago Tribune.

Prime Objective

It is being said that Coca-Cola is referring to this move as a calculated business strategy for battling the competitors and critics who are unnecessarily causing the consumers to move away from all kinds of soft drinks. The ad’s headline conveys the message that Coca-Cola offers high quality products that the consumers can feel good about.

The ad also offers to share the third party studies conducted on their colas in a bid to show that they market only those products that contain either low calorie or no calorie sweeteners. This ad is also said to be representing the company’s next phase of campaign that was started back in January to push back all the critics who claim that the soft drinks manufactured by Coca-Cola increase obesity rates.

Decline in Sales

Beverage Digest says that there has been a considerable decline in diet drinks and they have seen high loss in sales compared to regular soft drinks. Last years’ Coke’s sales volume plunged 1% and that of Diet Coke fell 3%. Pepsi saw a decline in 3.4% and Diet Pepsi plunged 6.2%.

FDA Answers Petition to Ban Aspartame After 14 Years

When I first saw their report on Google from Law360 there were only two paragraphs. Later the rest of the release was added  on google news and I realized FDA was actually responding to my 2002 petition for the toxic sweetener to be banned. FDA mentions also Dr. K. Stoller's petition but omitted the vital fact that Stoller is an M.D.

I appreciate Law360 for revealing FDA's long delayed answer to my petition. FDA apparently doesn't want to communicate directly to me because I have their records and can expose their coverup.  They won't even answer a FOIA request from 2010. By law a citizen's petition for ban must be answered in 180 days. FDA had told me they had more important things to do.  The imminent health hazard amendment in 2007 that is suppose to be answered in a week or ten days was ignored.

I just wrote a long and detailed report answering what I had read from Law360 showing FDA's many lies: Now having read the rest mentioning my petition this is part two.  Some of their additional absurd remarks need to be explained. Basically they have denied the petition saying aspartame doesn't cause cancer because they know it's against the Delaney Amendment to approve something that does.  In the first part  I quoted Dr. Adrian Gross, FDA's lead scientist and toxicologist, who clearly stated aspartame causes cancer. FDA lies about this to protect the poison producers, letting the public sicken and die. In 2009 I received a call from FDA's Michael Delaney upset that I had added the imminent health hazard amendment.  He made everything clear when he said: "We have to depopulate!"  
On five acres in Elberton, Georgia stand the Georgia Guidestones which display Ten Guides to an "Age of Reason."  The first is: "Maintain Earth's population at 500 million" a call to kill 93% of the eight billion humans now on Earth. Apparently FDA is in agreement.
It is tragic aspartame is addictive.  The methyl-ester  immediately becomes free methyl alcohol when consumed and is classified as a narcotic causing methanol poisoning. This affects the dopamine system of the brain  creating  addiction.  A waitress told me: "if there are two groups, one drinking Coke and the other drinking Diet Coke, the Diet Coke group will drink three times as much." 

Aspartame is a neurotoxic drug that damages the mitochondria, powerhouse of the cell, and interacts with drugs and vaccines.  These  facts are laid out in the 1,000 page medical text Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic by the late illustrious H. J. Roberts, M.D.,

Now read the whole short release, and below it, I will answer what I had not read.  

FDA Rejects Ban On Diet Soda Sweetener Aspartame

Share us on: By Jeff Overley
Law360, New York (October 27, 2014, 6:58 PM ET) -- The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has rejected calls to ban low-calorie sweetener aspartame, finding no evidence that the widely used diet soda additive causes cancer.
In responses released Friday, the FDA shot down two citizen petitions that urged regulators to recall the ingredient and to revoke a regulation that allows its use in food. Aspartame is sold under the brand name NutraSweet, is a component of coffee sweetener Equal and is commonly used in popular soft drinks, including Diet Coke.

One of the FDA's responses addressed a petition originally lodged in 2002 by Georgia-based Mission Possible World Health International, a group focused in large part on the purported dangers of aspartame consumption. That petition attracted more than 1,000 public comments, although most have not been published by the FDA.

According to the FDA, the petition blamed incidences of brain tumors and seizures on aspartame but failed to back up its allegations with concrete data.

The anecdotal accounts of adverse effects of aspartame cited in the citizen petition are not supported by scientific evidence, FDA officials said.

Regulators at times suggested that the concerns are nothing new, writing that some of the alleged health risks were raised roughly 30 years ago and addressed in detail at the time.

Over the past decade, almost 200 adverse events tied to aspartame have been reported to the FDA, but there is little reason to give much credence to those supposed side effects, according to Fridays response.

FDA has not identified any causal link between aspartame consumption and the reported adverse events, and does not know of an established mechanism that would explain how aspartame is associated with the reported adverse events, the agency said.

One of the petitions specific concerns was that consuming aspartame results in harmful production of methanol, but the FDA said that such production is small compared to methanol that results from eating perfectly safe foods, such as apples and pears.

In any event, data reviewed by the FDA shows that methanol in aspartame or in fruits and juices does not accumulate in the body and is easily metabolized by the body's metabolic capacities, Fridays response said.

A second response posted Friday was directed at petitioner K. Paul Stoller, who in 2009 requested revocation of the aspartame regulation. Much of the response discussed a study conducted by an aspartame-focused group called the European Ramazzini Foundation, with the FDA saying that it has not been able to access full study data and that the studys integrity appears to have been compromised.

Despite your many assertions, you have not identified any scientific data or other information that would cause the agency to alter its conclusions about the safety of aspartame, the FDA wrote to Stoller.

Although aspartame has been used abundantly around the world for many years, lingering worries about its safety have forced companies that use the artificial sweetener to constantly defend the ingredient. The Coca-Cola Co., through its Beverage Institute for Health & Wellness, promotes aspartame as helpful to dieters and calls the additive "one of the most thoroughly studied food ingredients in the world."

Still, concerns have presented a business opportunity for some corporations, including Israel-based SodaStream International Ltd. Some of the company's do-it-yourself soda syrups include labeling that prominently says, No aspartame.

--Editing by Philip Shea.

Martini continues:  The release says: " According to the FDA, the petition blamed incidences of brain tumors and seizures on aspartame but failed to back up its allegations with concrete data."  First of all, it was the FDA themselves who revoked the petition for approval based on the brain tumor  issue and the fact it had caused brain tumors and brain cancer in original Searle studies.  Go to my web site and read the entire 50 pages where the FDA discusses their own concern about aspartame causing brain tumors: Scroll down to the banners. Secondly, one of the reasons the FDA tried to have G. D. Searle indicted for fraud was that as the rats developed brain tumors they would excise the tumors, put the rats back in the study and when they died they would resurrect them on paper.  Thirdly, why would anyone not think aspartame triggers brain tumors when the molecule breaks down to diketopiperazine, a brain tumor agent? 

Actually in the original report I wrote  about this release, URL above, I went into other studies and reports on the subject in detail.  Having taken the cases for over 20 years from those who suffered aspartame brain tumors I have never forgotten the case of a young 28 year attorney Kelli Motluck who had a head full of aspartame brain tumors who also discussed with me many other aspartame users she knew who had brain tumors.  G. D. Searle sold to Monsanto in 1985 and was the owner at the time Kelli called me.  In her last conversation she said to me, "I want to live, I want to live, I want to live, but if I die promise me you will tell the world Monsanto murdered me."  After her death I lectured in the UK in 2000 and in the lecture to the Green Party and press I did this. 

Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D., author of 'Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills'
says about aspartame and brain tumors on page 212 - 213:

"It is interesting to note that the first experiments done to test the safety of aspartame before its final approval in l981 disclosed a high incidence of brain tumors in the animals fed NutraSweet. In fact, this study was done by the manufacturer of NutraSweet, G. D. Searle. In this study 320 rats were fed aspartame and 120 rats were fed a normal diet and used as controls. The study lasted two years. At the end of the study twelve of the aspartame fed rats had developed brain tumors (astrocytomas), while none of the control rats had. This represented a 3.75% incidence of brain tumors in the rats fed aspartame, which was twenty-five times higher than the incidence of spontaneous brain tumors developing in rats (0.15%). "

"The study divided the rats into those exposed to low doses of aspartame and those exposed to a high dose. In the low dose group five of the rats developed brain tumors for and incidence of 3.13%. In the high dose group, seven developed brain tumors (4.38%). This indicates a dose related incidence of brain tumors. The higher the dose of aspartame, the more brain tumors were induced. "

"When Dr. John Olney pointed out these findings to the FDA "Aspartame Board of Inquiry" he was told that the high incidence of tumors was the result of spontaneous development of brain tumors in rats. That is, that some rats develop brain tumors naturally, just as humans do. Dr. Olney is a trained neuropathologist as well as a neuroscientist. He reviewed the incidence of spontaneously occurring brain tumors in rats and found that out of seven studies using a total of 59,000 rats and only 0,08% developed brain tumors - the aspartame fed rats had a forty-seven fold higher incidence. But to be fair, he even accepted G. D. Searle's references for spontaneously developing brain tumors in rats and arrives at a figure of 0.15%. This was still a twenty-five fold higher incidence in the aspartame fed rats than in the controls. "

"It was then observed that when brain tumors develop spontaneously in rats, the rate at which they appear begins to accelerate after two years of age, exactly when the Searle's study ended. Importantly, brain tumors are extremely rare before age one and one-half in the rat. So in truth the incidence of spontaneously occurring brain tumors would be even less than cited above. Yet, the aspartame fed rats developed two tumors by sixty weeks of age and five tumors by seventy weeks."

"In a collective study of 41,000 rats no tumors were seen to occur before sixty weeks and only one by seventy weeks. The fact that 320 aspartame fed rats developed six brain tumors by seventy-six weeks indicates an "incredible and unprecedented" occurrence. Within the final twenty-eight weeks of the study six more brain tumors occurred in the aspartame fed group. Dr. Olney notes that "one must assume that many more (brain tumors) would have occurred after 104 weeks. "

"It became obvious that the G. D. Searle Company was trying desperately to protect their potential billion dollar plus money maker. They claimed that more brain tumors were found because they searched the pathological slides so diligently. But, they searched just as diligently in the control rats and found none. Besides, neuropathologists examining the slides later stated that the tumors were large enough to be seen with the naked eye. "

"Because of the criticism submitted by Dr. Olney, the G. D. Searle company conducted a second study which was designed to be more comprehensive. Instead of a two-year study, this would span the entire lifetime of the rats, from intrauterine life to death. The results of this study can only be characterized as bizarre. This time they reported five brain tumors in 120 control rats (an incidence of 3.13%) and four brain tumors in 120 control rats (an incidence of 3.33%). While this was designed to show that aspartame was not the cause of the brain tumors, if accepted, the study would indicate that both groups had a brain tumor incidence thirty times higher than the known rate of spontaneous brain tumor occurrence in rats."

"But the story gets even more interesting, Dr. Olney hypothesized that one possible cause of the tumor induction was a by-product of aspartame metabolism called diketopiperazine (DKP). When nitrosated by the gut it produces a compound closely resembling a powerful brain tumor causing chemical - N-nitrosourea. "

"The G. D. Searle company conducted a separate study to test the carcinogenicity of diketopiperazine (DKP). The results of this study were not submitted to the FDA until after aspartame had already been approved for general use by the American population. This study was not a lifetime study but rather a 115 week study which consisted of feeding rats their normal feed mixed with DKP. There were 114 control animals and 216 that supposedly ate the DKP. (Not all of the animals were even examined for tumors.) There were two brain tumors in the controls (1.62% incidence) and three (1.52% in the DKP groups. But strangely enough, the incidence of brain tumors found in both groups were sixteen times higher than would be expected from spontaneous occurring tumors. That did not make sense."

"So how can we explain these strange findings? It is instructive at this point to know that in l975 the drug enforcement division of the Bureau of Foods investigated the G. D. Searle company as part of an investigation of "apparent irregularities in data collection and reporting practices." The director of the FDA at that time stated that they found "sloppy" laboratory techniques and "clerical errors, mixed-up animals, animals not getting the drugs they were supposed to get, pathological specimens lost because of improper handling, and a variety of other errors, (which) even if innocent, all conspire to obscure positive findings and produce falsely negative results."

"The drug enforcement division carried out a study under the care of agent Jerome Bressler concerning Searle's laboratory practices and data manipulation (known as the Bressler Report  He found that the feed used to test DKP had been improperly mixed so that the animals would receive only small doses of the chemical to be tested. (I have seen a photograph of the feed mix and can attest to the "sloppy" method used.) The commissioner also charged G. D. Searle company with "failure to maintain control and experimental animals on separate racks and failure to mark animals to ensure against mix-ups between experiments (animals fed aspartame and DKP) and controls." This vital and telling report was buried in a file cabinet, never to be acted on by the FDA."

"Such poor techniques would explain why both control animals and those eating aspartame had exceptionally high brain tumor rates, since they, most likely, were both eating the aspartame feed. What is ironic is that the FDA would accept studies from a company with an obvious heavy financial interest in having aspartame approved. But even more amazing is that they would depend on the same company to provide studies that they, FDA, knew beforehand were highly questionable and possibly fraudulent upon which they would make such an important public safety decision."

"Thus far, no independent studies have been done to examine this vital issue. As a neurosurgeon I see the devastating effects a brain tumor has, not only on its victim, but on the victim's family as well. To think that there is even a reasonable doubt that aspartame can induce brain tumors in the American population is frightening. And to think that the FDA has lulled them into a false sense of security is a monumental crime." (end of quotes from book)

Searle's shenanigans and fraud were so bad because they couldn't prove aspartame safe they needed help to coverup the issue so on August 4, l976 they met with the FDA and convinced them to allow them to hire a private agency, University Associated for Education in Pathology (UAREP). As described by Florence Graves (l984, page s5500 of Congressional Record l985a):

"The pathologists were specifically told that they were not to make a judgment about aspartame's safety or to look at the designs of the tests. Why did the FDA choose to have pathologists conduct an investigation when even some FDA officials acknowledged at the time that UAREP had a limited task which would only partially shed light on the validity of Searle's testing? The answer is not clear."

In other words, UAREP was sworn to silence, and how much did they get to be quiet? They received a half a million dollars!!!

Searle was intent on getting aspartame approved. They had invested 19.7 million dollars in an incomplete production facility and 9.2 million dollars in aspartame inventory. On Dec 8, l975, stockholders filed a class action lawsuit alleging that G. D. Searle had concealed information from the public regarding the nature and quality of animal research at G. D. Searle in violation of the Securities and Exchange Act (Farber l989, page 48).

Aspartame also triggered mammary, uterine, ovarian, pancreatic, testicular and thyroid tumors just for starters, not just brain tumors. There were also pituitary adenomas.


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